5 Best Online Magic Classes 2023

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This post will help you choose from the best 5 online magic courses of 2022.

There are many online magic classes to choose from, so it might be hard to decide which one to take. Thus, we have searched the web for the best magic courses available online in order to provide you with a complete database.

Coin, card, and rope tricks, along with many more, have been discussed (plus much more). An emphasis was placed on showmanship, trickery, and sleight of hand. Moreover, I considered the fact that my level of competence ranged from that of a novice to that of an old hand.

We can’t afford to delay; let’s go straight in.

5 Best Online Magic Classes

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5 Best Online Magic Classes 2023

Here are our top online Magic Course recommendations:

  1. The Magic Tricks & Easy Card Tricks for Beginners course by Matt McGurk is available on Udemy
  2. The Art of Magic with Penn and Teller (MasterClass)
  3. The Complete Magic Masterclass is taught by Sergio Sastre (Udemy)
  4. Sleight of Hand Magic is taught by Tim Domsky (SkillShare)
  5. Advanced Card Magic with Tim Domsky (SkillShare)

1. To learn how to perform simple card tricks, see Matt McGurk’s video tutorials (Udemy)

Magician Matt McGurk, who has won the prestigious “Outstanding Achievement” award, is one of the most in-demand performers in the whole of the United Kingdom.

For 15 years, he has been performing magic professionally as the British Magical Champion, a title he has held all around the globe. Whenever he isn’t on stage, Matt is teaching magic at London’s Magic Circle.

You’ll learn how to do:

  • Make up some easy card and coin tricks in no time!
  • Card manipulations range from the simplest shuffle and cut to the most complicated.
  • From what I’ve read, commonplace items may be used to do extraordinary feats everywhere in the world.


  • Educator and performer: a chance to study with a legendary magician
  • The system provides a solid foundation upon which to grow, while simultaneously enhancing abilities in a steady manner.
  • Some of these strategies are straightforward to pick up and immediately put into action.
  • There’s a “pro talents” area if you wish to hone your skills.
  • Learn the fundamentals of magic and all its nuances.
  • The nitty-gritty of each technique is laid out for you.
  • Questions and Answers (Q&A) and discussion forums (forum) are great places to get assistance on the web.
  • On the whole, it was an outstanding adventure.


  • Is geared toward beginners (though this is not a disadvantage if you are one of them).

2. The Art of Magic by Penn and Teller (MasterClass)

Together, Penn & Teller have been entertaining audiences for over half a century. They have amazed audiences on Broadway and in Las Vegas with their live performances, and they have performed on a number of different television shows.

This MasterClass will teach you some of the techniques they use to perform their incredible feats of magic.

You’ll learn how to do:

  • Work on your sleight of hand and illusions.
  • Card, coin, and rope magic are just some of the options at your disposal for dazzling your guests.
  • It’s crucial that you grasp the “how” behind every “what” technique.
  • Make your own unique regimen by improvising on established methods.
  • Keep an eye on Penn & Teller’s tricks while they perform magic.


  • Thanks to a special guest appearance, you may pick the brains of not one, not two, but three of the most accomplished experts in your profession.
  • With the information in this book, you may perform a wide variety of magical effects.
  • Anywhere will do for stunts that don’t need anything out of the ordinary.
  • Making slow but steady progress at learning the subject matter.
  • The theoretical and applied elements are equally weighted.
  • Highly entertaining to the eye.
  • Creations by Johnny Thompson
  • Using film from real-world occurrences, the techniques may be honed.
  • Making films with a cinematic feel by shooting close-ups from different perspectives.


  • According to Penn & Teller, anyone can profit from this course, but we think beginners and intermediates will get the most out of it.

3. The Complete Magic Masterclass is taught by Sergio Sastre (Udemy)

In his five years as a professional magician, Sergio Sastre has honed his skills. As a result of his extensive live and television performance experience, he has earned the title of Magic Champion in five different states around the United States.

You’ll learn how to do:

  • Agility and versatility in performing a number of various tricks
  • Work your magic with common household items.
  • Create your own special routines and stunts.
  • Get comfortable in front of an audience and you’ll be amazed by their responses to your performances.
  • Master the card game like an expert.


  • Mastering the utilization of low- or no-tech fixes may greatly increase your utility.
  • Some suggestions for developing one’s own novel approaches
  • You should start with studying the fundamentals before attempting more advanced skills.
  • The question is why these strategies are successful, and how they might be improved.
  • Gives an idea of what it’s like to perform the stunts in front of an audience.
  • After you finish the course, you’ll have the option to join a closed Facebook group where you may continue discussing what you’ve learned.
  • Producing videos of the highest standard


  • There may be a few more close-ups of the card manipulations.
  • Intermediate and advanced yogis will benefit the most from this.

4. Tim Domsky teaches Sleight of Hand Magic (Skillshare)

A magician by the name of Tim Domsky has worked for ten years now. To Tim, there’s nothing better than seeing someone’s face light up with admiration because of what he’s done. This man thinks everyone can make a difference.

You’ll learn how to do:

  • Confidence tricks and sleights of hand are required.
  • Perform amazing illusions using playing cards, money, and other commonplace items.
  • Take special care in arranging your card deck.
  • To fine-tune your techniques, you need to know how they function.


  • Sleight-of-hand techniques like magic with cards and household items are among the many topics covered in this book.
  • You don’t need any special equipment to perform many of these tasks.
  • Tricks are explained thoroughly and accurately.
  • Tricks can be customized in a few ways.
  • Exciting and fun to watch!


  • Focuses mostly on beginners, which isn’t a bad thing if you’re one of them.
  • At only 38 minutes, this is an extremely short lesson.

5. During his Advanced Card Magic class, Tim Domsky teaches a number of other skills as well (Skillshare)

You’ll learn how to do:

  • Represent a variety of impressive card tricks.
  • Complex magic may be performed using commonplace items.
  • Recognize the significance of considering the many psychological influences on performance.
  • Improve your efficiency.


  • This workshop is designed for practitioners with some experience who want to take their game to the next level.
  • Detailed and precise explanations of tricks are provided.
  • Forcing you to push yourself and think beyond the box.
  • People in the audience watch while the magician performs his feats.
  • Slow-motion videos are a great tool for absorbing information more thoroughly and rapidly.


  • Focus on card sleights (though not exclusively)
  • The techniques taught in Sleight of Hand Magic are required (above)

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Conclusion: 5 Best Online Magic Classes 2023

If you want to study Magic online, you may choose from a large range of resources.

Penn & Teller offers over a hundred different classes via the masterClass.

From chefs to musicians to filmmakers to authors, there is no shortage of people from whom to gain knowledge on every topic imaginable.

We’ve attempted to summarise the finest of the many magic courses accessible on Udemy and SkillShare, but you should know that you have a lot of freedom to choose from.

The first person that comes to mind is Matt McGurk. Tim Domsky’s Sleight of Hand course is a great place to get started if you’re curious about magic.

I hope this article helped you choose the best online magic class for you!


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