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Are you looking forward to learning new things? Are you looking towards online learning of different courses? Do you want to sit in comfort at home and learn from online courses instead of boring lectures?

Have you ever wondered why online courses and videos are more interesting than offline lectures from teachers?

If your answer to all of these questions is yes, you need to know what I will tell you here. We also have discounted coupon codes on this website, so read this to the end.

Purpose of the Website

Let me tell you first something about me and why I am writing this. I am Jacob Keifer, and I am writing here to help you out. A few years back, I was teaching at a reputed university as a successful professor until I realized how bad our education system has become.

Since I am from the education field, I know how problematic it is for the students and why offline learning is so hard. As soon as I realized that many things need to be corrected in every country’s education systems across the globe.

After a lot of research, thinking, and surveys conducted personally by me that included my students and fellow professors and some internet research surveys, I found an important alternative to offline learning.

I don’t think I need to tell you what problems students face with offline learning. Yes, there are problems with online learning, but they can be easily rectified, but this is not the case with offline learning.

As soon as I figured out everything, after a little research, I found the best option in online learning is online courses. These are the future of the globe.

There will definitely be a time in the future where the importance of offline learning will drastically drop-down, and computers and online learning will take over.

Looking forward to this, I decided to make my own online courses and decided that every course must be perfect. However, it was new and difficult for me, plus I lacked time. So, I decided to leave my job as a university professor and started working on this.

When I was working on courses, I realized one more important thing, that most courses available on the website are poorly written or are incorrectly written.

I was furious and decided to leave my course-making thing, take as many courses as possible, and start doing reviews for online courses and a few other stuff. With time, it turned into a hobby.

I want my viewers to understand, not all courses are good. Even though some courses take a lot of money, they still may not be up to the mark. So, here on this website, I started writing reviews.

What Can You Find on this Website?

For the first couple of years, I worked really hard to construct this website and make different courses. But it was all worth it.

Today, I have hundreds of reviews on my platform that can help you out. All these courses are constructed so that they are interesting and motivate students to study more and more. You will find reviews for almost any field, and all you need to know about each course is here.

More About the Author – Jacob Keifer

Jacob Keifer

The owner of this website, Kawa College of Education, is Jacob Keifer. Earlier, he was a professor and left his job to work on course reviews and promote online learning.

Today, he spends most of his time on online course reviews and learning new skills. Apart from these, he is a professional chess player. He has been to many chess tournaments.

Also, he is a great skateboarder and spends a lot of time with it. He likes to keep his mind attentive and sharp all the time.