Best Digital Marketing Courses For Marketers

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Have you been looking for digital marketing courses that can help you take your writing career to the next level?

Writing is an art, but the way it’s shared and promoted is a science. Digital marketing has become increasingly essential to promote writing, whether you’re a freelance writer, a content marketer, or an author. It’s not enough to create great content; you need to know how to get it in front of the right people. With the right digital marketing courses, you can learn the skills necessary to promote your writing more effectively online.

This guide will provide a comprehensive overview of the best digital marketing courses for writers. It’s important to note that these courses are not just for writers–anyone can benefit from them. But since our audience is primarily made up of writers, we want to make sure we’re providing resources specifically tailored to their needs.

Let’s take a look at some of the best digital marketing courses available for writers today.

Best Digital Marketing Courses For Marketers 

Hubspot Academy

HubSpot academy- best digital marketing courses

Hubspot Academy is an all-in-one training platform for marketers who want to stay up to date with the latest trends and strategies in digital marketing.

This digital marketing course is designed with beginners in mind and offers an in-depth look at all aspects of digital marketing. You’ll learn about topics such as SEO, content creation, email marketing, analytics, social media tools and strategies, and more.

This comprehensive course also includes hands-on exercises and quizzes so that you can practice what you’ve learned as you go along.

It offers dozens of free courses covering everything from SEO basics to advanced tactics like retargeting campaigns and organic traffic analysis. In addition, it also offers certifications on various topics such as HubSpot Email Marketing Certification or SEO Certification which provides valuable credentials for those looking for a job in the industry.

Hootsuite Academy

Hootsuite academy- best digital marketing courses

Hootsuite Academy is another great source for digital marketing training courses.

They offer both free and paid training programs that cover various aspects of social media management including creating content strategies, building campaigns, analytics tracking, monitoring conversations, managing multiple accounts at once, and more.

This four-part course from Hootsuite Academy provides an introduction to leveraging social media across multiple platforms such as Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram. The course covers topics such as creating effective campaigns, understanding paid advertising options on various platforms, and understanding how to measure success through data analysis.

By the end of this program, you will have all the skills necessary to create successful social media campaigns that engage current readers while growing your audience base.

Their courses also include certification exams for those who want to prove their proficiency in social media management. Additionally, Hootsuite offers one-on-one coaching sessions with certified coaches if you need help getting started or need advice on specific challenges you are facing in your business.

Moz Academy 

moz academy

Moz Academy provides in-depth (and free!) online classes on SEO and other digital marketing tactics. The course covers everything from keyword research and content optimization to link building and technical SEO.

You have the option of self-guided learning or instructor-led classes, giving you complete control over your learning experience. Plus, they have tons of resources available on their website, including case studies and white papers, so you can dive even deeper into the topics covered in class.

Digital Marketing Institute (DMi)

The Digital Marketing Institute (DMi) provides professional development programs designed specifically for marketers who are looking to gain expertise in digital marketing concepts like web analytics, search engine optimization, content strategy, etc.

DMi offers both self-paced online courses as well as live virtual workshops where students can interact with experienced professionals in the field. Additionally, DMi also has a certification program that allows marketers to demonstrate their competency in the field of digital marketing and earn recognition from employers and peers alike.

 Lynda’s Online Marketing Fundamentals Course

Lynda digital marketing course

Lynda has an online marketing fundamentals course that covers all areas of digital marketing from SEO to analytics and more.

This course will teach you how to design effective campaigns using various strategies such as keyword research, link building, A/B testing, user segmentation, and more. It will also provide helpful tips on how to track results so that you can adjust accordingly for future projects and campaigns.


Digital marketing is an ever-changing landscape—one that requires writers to stay informed about current trends if they want to achieve success in their chosen field. Investing in yourself by taking one or more of these courses could be just what you need for your career as a writer.

With these top digital marketing courses for writers at your disposal, you will expand your skill set while gaining valuable insights into the world of social media marketing, SEO copywriting, content creation strategies, and more!

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