5 Best NLP Training Or Neuro Linguistic Training & Courses In 2022 (TOP-RATED)

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If you are curious to know more about Best NLP Training Courses Or Neuro-Linguistic Training & Courses, then you are at the right place. I have done a lot of research into it and shall explain it to you in detail. So let’s begin. Neuro-Linguistic Programming abbreviates to NLP.

Here are some of the top NLP courses that you must check out.


Transform Destiny is one of the NLP training institutes that intends to align the inner-mind for success, affluence, satisfaction, and eternal bliss.

Best Value

This program helps you jump deeper into the psychology of mind and behavior and thus assists you in your journey of self-awareness.

This word is an amalgamation of three words; Neurology, Language, and Function. Neuro-Linguistic Programming is a riveting domain of education studied by an individual to comprehend human behaviour and to interact productively with people.

We may often feel that we understand the relationship we share with our minds. But considering the restlessness that is surrounding our lives today, we can never be sure that the communication happening with our minds is going in a rather right direction. 

Let’s consider a simple example of ordering food in a restaurant outside your country where you do not understand the local language.

Maybe you choose a dish as per your understanding, but while the restaurant serves it to you, it may seem to be entirely against your choice and assumption. 

Similar to this, we may feel we have “ordered for” a healthy life, happy relationship, successful career, and peace of mind. However, you can’t be sure that these would be served, until the communication between you and your mind is aligned correctly. 

After all, lack of communication causes a lack of coordination. 

So, there is a need for a structured way of helping people to communicate with themselves, and their minds to keep the physical, mental and emotional components of the body in sync. 

NLP is one such program that helps you become so fluent in the language of the mind, that you will automatically understand what you want from your life. 

Thus, NLP can be defined as a process of learning the language of our minds. It sets coordination in our lives through channelling proper communication with our minds. 

Why You Should Learn and Practice NLP?

NLP is an effective and step-wise, process-oriented guide to bring about a gradual change in your thinking and communication, and thereby achieve greater happiness and success in your life.

It enhances both the conscious and unconscious mind so that your thought process strengthens to the level of breaking blocks and barriers that are holding you back from living your life to the fullest.

Some practical applications of NLP are:  

  1. Helps improve life skills and become more efficient in day-to-day activities.  
  2. Improves social and business skills like leadership goals, managing people, etc. 
  3. Helps battle personal phobias like drugs, drinks, smoke, weight-loss, etc. 
  4. Helps improve the quality of relationships. 
  5. Improves the quality of life by inculcating healthy habits. 
  6. Helps people in sports to stay motivated, so that they could reach and maintain their best performances. 

Following are the building blocks of NLP 

  1. Function -The process of organizing your actions, thoughts, and past experiences in a programmed or sequenced manner to achieve certain goals in the best possible way.
  2. Attitude – Helps maintain the best emotional and physical state during different contexts of life. 
  3. ModellingThe techniques in NLP are modelled using the life pattern of influential people, to achieve similar kinds of results. 
  4. Techniques– Passion and a good attitude would help people practicing NLP to come up with more pronounced techniques of self-awareness, which would not only help the people themselves but also those around them.

Top 5 Best NLP Training Courses in 2022:

It is very essential for any professional course to have tutorials and classes. Tutorials go through all the topics extensively. They have incorporated – detailed explanations, case studies, anecdotes, examples, challenging questions for you to retain the concepts.

Classes give an opportunity to have better learning, which otherwise wouldn’t be that effective through self-study.  

NLP is one such course that requires you to learn through tutorials. In a professional course like this, it is important to have a set curriculum that has updated knowledge from rightful sources, only then would your learning be validated as it can be effectively implemented while practicing. 

It needs extensive research on the types of NLP training that has to be imparted to the public so that it is not too overboard on the minds of people. 

Here are the five best NLP training sessions available and a brief description of them.  

 1. Transform Destiny 

Transform Destiny is one of the NLP training institutes that intends to align the inner-mind for success, affluence, satisfaction, and eternal bliss.

 The transform destiny NLP program is a real-life coach to get better results in every aspect of your life. The events and programs conducted under transform destiny are some of the best-in-class programs to step ahead in your personal and professional arenas.

These programs help you to fill the emptiness in your life. They help you to find that missing piece of your life that can transform you rather profoundly.  

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Best Best NLP Training Courses - Transform Destiny

Transform destiny helps people become Master Practitioners, Master Trainers, and Hypnotherapists. And this transformation happens under the trainers who are themselves experts in these areas. 

Their mission is to transform the world through their thought processes and techniques which aim at transforming dreams into destiny. They believe that lives can be transformed by shedding negative emotions, unwanted beliefs, irregular habits, and behaviours. 

Also their “train the trainer” kind of programs are meant to train people to help other people around them and bring about an exponential change in the world around them.

The programs offered under Transform Destiny are 

  • NLP certifications
  • Personal growth and development
  • Business and Sales NLP
  • One-on-one sessions

Some of the ongoing sessions are as follows 

  • THE INNER CIRCLE: Coaching to transform into successful business owners
  • ACCELERATE NLP COACHING PROGRAM: One-to-one coaching and Mastermind program on how to build your NLP/Coaching practice.
  • SUCCESSFUL PRACTICE SECRETS: A group coaching session.
  • PROFESSIONAL ONE-TO-ONE NLP, HYPNOTHERAPY, AND EFT SESSIONS: Helps in changing habits, weight loss, stress relief, fear elimination, and mindset correction. 

Neuro-Linguistic Training & Courses - Transform Destiny  Live Events

All the sessions here in Transform destiny are conducted by expert speakers and influences who are all Master Practitioner certified. They have helped thousands of people switch from the auto-drive mode and take control of their lives and emotions. 

Having said that, the mentors excel in the knowledge of Time Techniques.

Time Techniques are those techniques that help you to learn NLP thoroughly, they assist in dealing with negative emotions by striking a balance with positive affirmations and urging the realizations of disqualification of positive happenings.

Along with this, the techniques help you form a wide and healthy belief system. 

Here is a list of the things that would be covered in the tutorials:

  • Influencing and leading people
  • Developing hypnotic bonds with strangers, instantly
  • Negotiation and getting what you desire.
  • Develop effective communication skills.
  • Selling your products and services seamlessly!
  • Bagging extra income in unimaginable and effortless ways.

In this certification course, tutorials will cover the following topics extensively:

Best Best NLP Training Courses - Transform Destiny  Certification Program

  • NLP or Neuro-linguistic programming – The tutorials are packed with a range of tools that you would require to practice NLP. These tutorials are not just oriented to personal growth but also help to practice professional therapy and coaching.
  • Time techniques – As mentioned above time techniques help strike a balance in thinking, weighing the negatives against the positives. 
  • Conversational Hypnosis – From the teachings of Milton. H Erickson, a great hypnotist, the lessons are incorporated in the tutorials. Learn how to hypnotize through a regular conversation with people. 
  • Emotional Freedom Techniques –  Emotional Freedom Techniques or for short EFT, teaches how to balance energy and get rid of any addictive dependency such as alcohol and cigarettes. 
  • Success and life coaching – Learning to coach yourself and others to handle difficult life situations and reach your milestone with a strong will.  

Inside the tutorial!

#1 Audio programs

#2 Video Courses

#3 Email and phone support

All the trainers and therapist here are certified with the following credentials

  • Certified Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)
  • Certified Master Success and Life Coach 
  • Certified Practitioner of TIME Techniques
  • Certified Hypnotherapist
  • Certified Practitioner of Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT)
  • Certified by the International Board of Coaches and Practitioners.

2. NLP Training & Certification for Practitioner 

This is ICF International Coach Federation and International NLP Association accredited NLP Training Practitioner Certification.

Best Best NLP Training Courses - NLP Training & Certification for Practitioner 

Some highlights of this course are:

  • It comprises 12 Modules, 17 Videos,  77 Audios, and 100+ webinar sessions and all these are made available in the course library.
  • All the sessions are imparted online, you can transform your lives at the comfort of your home. 
  • Learn at your own pace, there is an individual attention given.  
  • Lifetime access to all the NLP learning material
  • Round-the-clock live support services, for you to reach out to, in case of any doubts.
  • Reverse learning sessions with other students, to ensure that your understanding has happened in the right direction. 
  • Course content is created by experts in this field.
  • Easily understandable course content. 
  • Certificates are provided at the end of the course. 

NLP Training & Certification for Practitioner 

This course differs from the other courses because it is agile, authentic, and diversified. Although the course is online, it provides adequate supervision.

While most of the other courses provide you with videos and demonstrations for you to learn on your own, this course makes sure to provide you with guided and supervised course content. 

Apart from teaching, there would activities which would make you apply the concepts that you learned through the course. There would be reports generated to understand the progress of your learning and help you to cope with areas that you are struggling with.

The tutorial’s assessments have real questions, not multiple-choice questions, this makes you apply the knowledge and understand which concept needs more work. INLP focuses on learning that can be implemented in real practice situations.

That is why the teaching is not just limited to the tutorials. The NLP trainers are readily available for you to solve any queries or clear any conceptual doubts.

This is a flexible online format that runs as an ongoing, integrated, fully supported, and certified training, that helps you tweak your personal and professional life in a more confident and disciplined way.

The certificates for the NLP Training and Practitioners course are printed and mailed to the candidates right after the completion of the course. The certification validates you to be a certified practitioner of neuro-linguistic programming. 

NLP Training & Certification for Practitioner - Certificate

3. Neuro-Linguistic Programming Certification

This certification is designed by New Skills Academy to help people to surpass the hurdles in their life, have a healthy social life, understand themselves better and take in-charge of their lives, irrespective of their age, gender, or personal situation. 

This is a niche course that imparts everything that needs to be known about NLP. It includes a detailed description of how NLP functions, the various stages of self-development, and some practical demonstration of how life changes after this course. 

Best Best NLP Training Courses - Neuro-Linguistic Programming Certification

This course makes sure to introduce to you both, the brighter side and criticism that NLP carries with it. Be it for self-awareness or to start a career as an NLP coach, this course will make sure to leave you well-equipped with all the needed details of NLP.

 This online course is for everybody –  all ages, all backgrounds, and all types of lifestyles. The course is essentially designed to get you industry-ready and become a practitioner of NLP.

What to expect out of this course?

  • How NLP works and six layers of change that a person undergoes.
  • Understanding the various elements of NLP with some practical examples.
  • The advantages of understanding and NLP and how society perceives it. 
  • How to introduce the NL practices into your daily life post the course. 
  • Insights about various job opportunities as an NLP practitioner. 

Neuro-Linguistic Programming Certification trustpilot score

Benefits of taking this course:

  • Helps you overcome your anxieties, insecurities, and emotional blockages.
  • Helps you to have a better connection with your loved ones and maintain healthy relationships
  • Helps you better your focus and thus level up your professional goals
  • Helps you resolve all your personal and professional confusions and march towards a new life, with more clarity.

Different modules in this course are 

  1. Introduction to Neuro-Linguistic Programming
  2. Various components and techniques involved in NLP.
  3. Benefits and Criticism that NLP carries with it. 
  4. Practical applications of NLP. 

There is no time limit set for completion of the course one can go at their desired pace. The online course is compatible with all the devices and operating systems. Assistance is provided in case of any problem-solving required. 

The certification for this course qualifies you to be a practitioner of neuro-linguistic programming. With this certification, you can practice NLP and spread the knowledge of self-awareness, eliminating negative emotions and helping others with their personal growth. 

4. NLP Master Practitioner Certificate (Advance to Specialist)

NLP Master practitioner certificate (Advance to Specialist) is designed by Udemy. This course gives you an insight into the advanced skills of Neuro-Linguistic Programming. It helps you gain more authority over yourself and your thought process.

Best Best NLP Training Courses - NLP Master Practitioner Certificate (Advance to Specialist)

This program guides you towards becoming more confident and builds in you qualities that transform human behaviour to a great extent. 

Like any other NLP program, even this program guides you both in your personal and professional growth.

It helps you to figure out the purpose and direction of your life and also helps enhance your skills, leadership, communication, and influential skills.

The course is intended towards :

  • People who want to enhance their influential skills. 
  • People who want to build resilience and build a tough personality.
  • People who want to drive their professional growth to an advanced level.
  • People who want to enhance their self-discipline. 
  • People who are seeking ways to develop their critical thinking. 
  • People who want to make breakthrough advances in their career as an NLP coach. 

Major take-away from this course :

  • Strengthens your socio-personal awareness.
  •  Frame your thought process to achieve maximum success and discipline.
  • Gain expertise in language persuasion and influence. 
  • Learn to put forth your views as you learn to reject any opinions from others.
  • Understand the niche to build a successful career as an NLP practitioner/coach.

This course helps you to enhance your communication skills. Effective goal setting is incorporated throughout the tutorials. Procrastination and lack of motivation are addressed and explained in the online course. 

In this course you will be provided with:

  • 43 hours of the online video course 
  • 10 articles related to the subject
  • Lifetime access to the course 
  • Accessible on any device.

Student feedback - NLP Master Practitioner Certificate (Advance to Specialist)

This course upskills you to teach neuro-linguistic programming. It is a master’s certification in neuro-linguistic programming. You can teach in academies or create your own courses and teach them online.

This is the course that makes you a specialist in NLP. 

5. NLP Practitioners Certification Course (Beginners to Advanced) 

NLP Practitioners Certification Course (Beginners to Advanced) is designed by Udemy. This program helps you jump deeper into the psychology of mind and behaviour and thus assist you in your journey of self-awareness.

 It is a full-fledged NLP practitioner training program that mainly aims at helping people revisit their beliefs, attitude, perception, and thought process thus helping them become more aware of their lives.

Best Best NLP Training Courses - NLP Practitioners Certification Course (Beginners to Advanced) 

This course helps people run through life differently, and take a step ahead towards their personal growth. 

The course makes sure to get you going from basics to some of the high-level principles of NLP which would help you achieve your personal and professional goals with ease. 

This course is intended towards 

  1. People who want to understand themselves better, improve their self-awareness, and lead a life with clarity and confidence.
  2. Those who want to switch careers or start as an NLP coach will benefit largely from this course. 
  3. Speakers, HRs, Lawyers, Teachers, Therapists who need a structured way of dealing with people in their domains, would get better guidance by the steps and procedures that are followed here. 
  4. Business owners who want to bring about some fast-paced growth in their operations can follow these techniques of NLP to understand their needs and goals 
  5. People in sports, who need proper guidance of mind, through their games would be able to benefit to a great extent by following this course’s content. 
  6. Students who need to alter their mindsets to focus better will see a great change in their concentration levels post this course. 

Some of the main take-aways from this course are: 

  • It helps you to learn the language that acts as a stimulus to change. 
  • It teaches you to become more empathetic about people’s needs and build authentic relationships with them.     
  • Helps you build a deep self-awareness and also effective social awareness.
  • Helps you to set and accomplish certain goals to motivate yourself. 
  • Helps break through some habits that hinder your growth. 
  • Helps you understand the working of the brain and how mind and behaviour are interconnected. 
  • Help you organize your life and shift your focus towards your overall well-being. 

take-aways from NLP Practitioners Certification Course (Beginners to Advanced) 

The training and the materials provided to you would consist of a roadmap for your journeys ahead. It would leave you with heightened self-awareness and the confidence to step ahead in your lives.

Also, it provides you with exercises and demo videos that would help you gain some practical experiences about the concepts that are taught along the course. 

The course makes sure that you exit it with clarity of perception about yourself, your opinion, and the life you want to lead. 

This Academy of Modern Applied Psychology certified training course is a 42 hours video training course,

It comprises a very wide and awesome range of Neurolinguistic Programming supplementary resources that can be downloaded and applied in your lives or targeted towards people to whom you would lend this knowledge. 

This course is made available online and would let you access it from any form of device. 

Best Best NLP Training Courses - Inatructors at NLP Practitioners Certification Course (Beginners to Advanced) and NLP Master Practitioner Certificate (Advance to Specialist) - 1 Inatructors at NLP Practitioners Certification Course (Beginners to Advanced) and NLP Master Practitioner Certificate (Advance to Specialist) - 2

Basic prerequisites of this course are:

  • Anyone who sees the need to learn NLP can join the course irrespective of any prior knowledge of it. 
  • Learners are instructed to be clear about what they expect out of this course, before its onset. 
  • A stable internet connection is needed for seamless transmission of the course content.
  • Tablet, smartphone, or desktop, a dedicated device is needed to get a personal touch to this course. 
  • An open mind that can accept and assimilate new approaches towards life. 
  • Patience and perseverance to get going towards the next new phase of your life. 

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Online Course includes:

  • 43 hours video lessons
  • 10 articles related to the course for reference.
  • 200 Resources that give in-depth knowledge for the curriculum
  • Lifetime access to the course. 
  • Accessible on any device

Student feedback - NLP Practitioners Certification Course (Beginners to Advanced) 

Getting certified in this course makes you immerse in the knowledge of psychology and become aware of the mind and the behaviour. You become a certified practitioner of Neuro-linguistic programming. 

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FAQs | Best NLP Training Courses

🔥 Are NLP courses worth it?

Yes NLP courses are worth it. If you are interested in it then definitely go for it

😨 Is NLP hard to learn?

Natural Language processing is considered a difficult problem in computer science. It's the nature of the human language that makes NLP difficult

👉 Can You Teach Yourself NLP?

You can technically teach yourself NLP by studying some of the prestigious books written by neuro-linguistic programming founders and other world-famous practitioners. However, it is important to acknowledge that the best way to learn NLP is from a certified and accredited NLP trainer or practitioner.

👍 How many steps of NLP is there?

The five phases of NLP involve lexical (structure) analysis, parsing, semantic analysis, discourse integration, and pragmatic analysis.

💁‍♀️ What is the future of NLP?

Demand for NLP is going to rise very high. the growth in the chatbot and the virtual assistant market would be robust.

✅ What is NLP example?

Natural language processing (NLP) describes the interaction between human language and computers. It's a technology that many people use daily and has been around for years, but is often taken for granted. A few examples of NLP that people use every day are: Spell check.

Conclusion | Best NLP Training Courses & Certification

Here are the 5 Best Neuro-Linguistic Training & Courses In 2022. There are a significant number of benefits when obtaining an NLP certification. Do have a look at this article and find the best course according to your interest.

NLP is an effective and step-wise, process-oriented guide to bring about a gradual change in your thinking and communication, and thereby achieve greater happiness and success in your life.It enhances both the conscious and unconscious mind so that your thought process strengthens to the level of breaking blocks and barriers that are holding you back from living your life to the fullest

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