BestMyTest IELTS Review 2023: Is BestMyTest Good For IELTS Preparation?

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Looking for an unbiased BestMyTest IELTS Review? I’ve got you covered. In this review, I will discuss if BestMyTest IELTS is worth it and whether you should give it a try.

We all know that IELTS is a difficult test to prepare for, and it can be hard to find the right resources.

BestMyTest team of experts has designed this course in such a way that anyone who uses it will be able to improve their score significantly.

Solution: BestMyTest IELTS provides interactive and engaging lessons that are simple to grasp. The platform also includes practice tests and mock exams to help you hone your skills before sitting for the real thing.

Bottom Line Upfront: Are you looking for a new way to prepare for your IELTS exam?

BestMyTest is one of the most popular and highly rated resources available in the market right now. It’s been praised by those who have used it as being one of the best and most comprehensive IELTS preparation courses out there.

BestMyTest Student review

You can take the free trial, which includes 3 full-length practice tests or sign up for an annual subscription that gives you unlimited access to all our content. BestMyTest also offers a money-back guarantee if you don’t feel like we’re worth it!

Click here right now and try out BestMyTest today!

Many people want to move to countries like Canada, the United States, or the United Kingdom to study and work.

But, as appealing as it appears, it is not so simple to pull off.

To be legally eligible to migrate to any of these countries, you must pass an exam that migration and recruitment authorities in these countries consider mandatory.

These tests are the IELTS and TOEFL. It is not like any other school or university exam you have taken.

You also may be very good at your English language skills, but the IELTS exam is one of the most difficult standardized exams, no matter how confident you are about that as a non-native speaker.


When you choose the IELTS over the TOEFL, you will now devote all of your attention to IELTS preparation.

Special preparation and practice are also required to prepare for and pass an IELTS exam. The majority of people take the train to IELTS coaching courses, which you can also do.

You can also learn from IELTS training courses online, which include IELTS preparation tools.

There are plenty of excellent resources out there and finding a reliable platform to learn and prepare for the exam can be a hard task.

So, to make things simpler for you, today we will take you through a brief review of the BestMyTest Online IELTS Test online course and a step-by-step guide on how you can use it to prepare for the test and become more confident in your ability to perform well.

In this post, we will take you through the several key aspects that you will need to know about the BestMyTest IELTS preparation course, including a thorough guide to all the features and resources available in the program.

We will also dig deeper to provide concrete explanations as to how these features will help you prepare for the IELTS test.

BestMyTest IELTS Review 2023: How Good Is BestMyTest For Toefl?

Here is my detailed review of BestMyTest IELTS:

What is BestMyTest IELTS?

BestMyTest IELTS is currently one of the best preparation tools on the market. It is one of the most popular and highly rated IELTS preparation course resources.

Those who have used the platform have praised it as one of the best and most comprehensive IELTS online preparation courses available.

Top 8 Features Of BestMyTest :

Before you sign up for any IELTS preparation tool or program, you should first determine whether it is worth your time and money!

You must learn about the features and services they provide and whether they are adequate to get you where you want to go!

BestMyTest IELTS has been recognized by critics and customers as one of the very few online IELTS preparation platforms that provide customers with just the right features to assist them in improving their IELTS preparation game.

Here are some of the best features of BestMyTest IELTS that you should know about:

1. Virtual Tutor

The virtual tutor will guide you step-by-step through each lesson and IELTS test section, provide expert guidance on how to use the course, and prepare for the IELTS test.

2. 1500+ IELTS Practice Questions

This massive bank of practice questions gives you an in-depth guide to the types of questions you will see on the IELTS test.

3. 30 IELTS Practice Exams

Gain experience with the examination by taking practice tests that BestMyTest IELTS achieves through a large set of practice tests on IELTS.

4. Progress Tracking

The opportunity to track and monitor your progress as you are more exposed to IELTS practice tests and assessments will help you to concentrate on the areas in which you need to improve the most.

5. Vocabulary Tools

BestMyTest IELTS IELTS includes several vocabulary resources, such as flashcards, word lists, and interactive reading passages, which together give you repeated exposure to challenging words.

6. Ask-An-Instructor

Access to professional experts on this topic is crucial when learning or researching something. With the Ask-An-Instructor feature of BestMyTest IELTS, you’ll be able to get an actual person to answer your questions.

7. Writing And Speaking Review

Get valuable insights and human evaluations of your writing practices and your voice. This access by an IELTS expert to custom reviews is a big benefit of using BestMyTest IELTS.

8. Essay Grammar Corrections

One of the easiest ways to develop your writing and score high on the IELTS writing test is to have a real individual check your essays for grammatical errors.


Prepare For Your IELTS Course with BestMyTest IELTS!

Since the entire aim of an online IELTS course is to boost your test score, a summary of the BestMyTest IELTS will provide clear insights into how the online course can help you achieve those ends.

The following is a list of reasons why I believe the training course for BestMyTest IELTS will be particularly successful in helping you smash the IELTS test.

1. A Holistic Approach to Test Preparation

The key reason BestMyTest IELTS is so successful in planning for the IELTS test is that it takes a genuinely systematic approach.

Whether it’s the video lessons, the virtual tutor walking you through the test procedures, or digital vocabulary flashcards, the BestMyTest IELTS  preparation course doesn’t leave any stone unturned.

So you can be sure you’ve done everything you can to prepare for the IELTS!

2. IELTS Vocabulary List and Flashcards

Although not unique to BestMyTest IELTS, being able to track and review your progress through the course as you complete sample questions and practice tests is an important tool in your IELTS analysis.

Why? For what purpose? Because it provides you with valuable insight into the skills and topics that your research and training will focus on.

For example, if you are taking a practice test and BestMyTest IELTS indicates that you performed well in the reading section, you will be able to spend less time studying for that section of the exam and more time focusing on areas that still require improvement.

This is an ideal way to maximize your research time and ensure the right skills are aimed at you.

3. Scientifically Proven Learning Techniques

The strategies and approaches used by the BestMyTest IELTS course to assist you in training for the exam are all time-tested ways of learning effectively.

By taking a variety of scientifically proven methods of study and instruction, BestMyTest IELTS ensures that you have considered every skill and topic from every possible angle.

The ability to select vocabulary terms in context is one especially clever feature in BestMyTest IELTS, which opens up a window with a description and relevant terms.

This method, known as “semantic chunking,” is considered to be one of the most efficient ways to learn and memorize new material in such a way that it sticks.


7 Reasons Why I Recommend BestMyTest IELTS!

BestMyTest IELTS is arguably the best resource that you can access to learn and practice perfectly so you can bring up your “A” game when appearing for the actual IELTS.

Here are 7 reasons why we personally love BestMyTest IELTS and recommend you to try it:

1. BestMyTest IELTS IELTS Virtual Tutor

The virtual instructor will guide you through the course, offering guidance, tips, and feedback on how to make the IELTS test accomplished. The virtual tutor feature is fully interactive, enabling you to work through examples, and offering helpful input at all times.

2. IELTS Vocabulary List and Flashcards

BestMyTest IELTS includes 30 decks of virtual, interactive vocabulary flashcards that allow you to expand your vocabulary and improve your knowledge of keywords and definitions at the same time.

3. Personalized Writing and Speaking Reviews from a Real Person

BestMyTest IELTS plans provide tests of writing and speaking which are assessed by a person.

The human input you get from these reviews is crucial to the success of your IELTS report because it can give you unique insights into where you need to develop and tips on how to do so.

4. Tons of IELTS Practice Exams

BestMyTest IELTS provides you with multiple practice papers to warm up your vocabulary and other skills you’ve been working on under the system.

It is a perfect way to gain exposure through these closely simulated practice tests of IELTS.

5. Thorough, Step-by-Step Study Plans

BestMyTest IELTS provides you with a thoughtfully arranged IELTS study plan that set simple learning pathways to direct you through the planning of your test, ensuring you don’t forget any vital details or steps.

6. Intuitive User Interface

In the BestMyTest IELTS course, the user interface is foolproof. The Virtual Tutor offers a tour of the platform and an introduction to the IELTS during your initial BestMyTest IELTS login. And from there, it is smooth sailing.

7. Reading Section Practice  with Text Annotation Features

The BestMyTest IELTS can highlight and annotate the read passages given. This helps you to flag information that is potentially relevant in the document, so you can refer back to it when you answer the questions.


Plans & Pricing at BestMyTest IELTS Review

BestMyTest IELTS currently offers people to choose from the following three sturdy packages. The elements of each package have been curated according to the level of confidence and preparedness which you already possessed before signing up for the program.


Price: ₹5712

  • 1000+ IELTS practice questions
  • 2000+ commonly used IELTS vocabulary words
  • 200 IELTS lessons organized into a study guide
  • 30 full-length 3-hour Academic test simulations
  • 20 full-length 3 hour General Training test simulations

This package also includes:

  • 5 essay grammar corrections
  • 10 Ask-An-instructor questions
  • 3 IELTS speaking reviews
  • 2 IELTS writing reviews
  • 1+ band score improvement money-back guarantee


Price: ₹ 16475 (1 Year Access)

  • 1000+ IELTS practice questions
  • 2000+ commonly used IELTS vocabulary words
  • 200 IELTS lessons organized into a study guide
  • 30 full-length 3-hour Academic test simulations
  • 20 full-length 3 hour General Training test simulations

This package also includes:

  • 25 essay grammar corrections
  • 25 Ask-An-instructor questions
  • 12 IELTS speaking reviews
  • 8 IELTS writing reviews
  • 2.5+ band score improvement money-back guarantee

Last Minute

Price: ₹3229 (7 Days Access)

  • 1000+ IELTS practice questions
  • 2000+ commonly used IELTS vocabulary words
  • 200 IELTS lessons organized into a study guide
  • 30 full-length 3-hour Academic test simulations
  • 20 full-length 3 hour General Training test simulations

This package also includes:

  • 1 essay grammar correction
  • 5 Ask-An-instructor questions
  • 1+ band score improvement money-back guarantee


BestMyTest IELTS Students Reviews & Testimonials

BestMyTest IELTS Review

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👉How do I cancel my subscription

You don't have to cancel it! All subscriptions are one-time payments, so it'll just expire at the end of the term without any effort from you 🙂

👌 What if I do not have a credit card or PayPal account?

If you do not have a credit card, but have a local bank account, you can create a PayPal account. Creating a PayPal account is free!

👏 How many reviews do I get with each custom plan?

The custom plans are for customizing your study time on our website. Each custom plan offers 6 speaking reviews and 2 writing reviews

👉 Is your course considered expensive?

Master Card, and America Express Is your course considered expensive? NO. The course we offer which includes comprehensive reviews and analysis costs well over $300. We designed this course with affordability in mind, but of course, we also need to survive.

😇What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept payments from PayPal and credit cards Visa, Master Card, and America Express

😍 Are these official IELTS questions?

The only sources for official IELTS questions are from The British Council, IDP, IELTS Australia, and the University of Cambridge ESOL Examinations (Cambridge ESOL). The questions found on our site were created by IELTS experts, and have been designed to look and feel exactly like official IELTS questions, but cannot be labeled as official. Some of our questions are even harder than those IELTS. This was done purposely to better prepare you for the IELTS test.

Conclusion: BestMyTest IELTS Review 2023: Is BestMyTest good for IELTS preparation?

Whether you choose to take the IELTS or TOEFL, adequate preparation is key to your success.

As we might have made pretty clear through this post, BestMyTest IELTS is one online platform that provides you with the best IELTS preparation methods to improve your test score.

The program has been tactfully designed to help you harness the knowledge of standardized test prep books, access resources to practice your English-speaking skills, and take multiple IELTS Practice Tests, all under one hood!

Yes, you get the ability to do ALL THREE in the BestMyTest IELTS Preparation Course, making it the single best way to go about your IELTS study.

The platform will let you combine all the elements of any IELTS study plan like Written instructions, Video lectures, speaking and listening, and multiple IELTS practice tests to improve your chances of cracking the real test and flying for your dreams!

Talbott Dugan

Talbott Dugan reviews products and websites and helps you make your choices and in turn life easy. His aim is to educate readers about the most popular platforms and tools that you can use to start your online coaching business the right way. Talbott is the owner and author of Internet Marketing With Blogs, where you can learn about an amazing platform called Teachable. 

51 thoughts on “BestMyTest IELTS Review 2023: Is BestMyTest Good For IELTS Preparation?”

  1. The BestMyTest system is a step-by-step field guide that breaks down every part of this test, including: grammar rules and usage; sentence types; question structure; vocabulary expansion packs; techniques to help you deal with difficult questions…

  2. With an IELTS score just around the corner, many are wondering how they can prepare for the test in time while still at their most efficient. Whether you want to get certified or stay ahead of the curve, there’s no better way than relying on BestMyTest who never lets me down with their high quality practice materials and content updates that keep me confident going into every exam! I highly recommend BestMyTest.

  3. Are you looking for a product that will help you ace the IELTS exam? There are many different products available, but BestMyTest IELTS can be helpful to those who want to study and prepare for an international examination. This review will helped me guide my decision through its features and benefits.

    The key feature of this program is the audio podcast lessons which offer personalised listening practice as well as online support sessions with native speakers from 20+ countries. Essentially, it’s like having your personal tutor in your pocket at all times!

    The course progresses gradually so there’s no worrying about going from beginner to advanced before feeling ready.

  4. I’ve just got my BestMyTest IELTS so here are my thoughts on the app. It includes a lot of practice, and it has helpful information for speaking. You can also customize your learning experience to suit your needs! So should you buy it?

    Yes, go ahead and give BestMyTest IELTS a test run because if you want something in depth about all the grammar rules then this is perfect for you. What helps is that they have animations and videos for everything so problems don’t remain question marks anymore like with other apps! Of course there are some downsides too, like that there isn’t more than two hours of video content even though they claim they add new lessons every week.

  5. I am a former teacher, and I test BestMyTest to see if it is worth the price. You can do so too! Check out my results below:

    I was not disappointed with most of the content in this course, as I found questions were similar – if not identical – to what you will see on your actual exam. It may be easier for someone who is already familiar with English grammar or vocabulary related topics because there are many natural examples that prove very helpful while studying.

    The features on-site don’t have enough instructions and sample answers which makes it difficult for non-native speakers who rely heavily on detailed guidelines about how best prepare themselves for their exam.

  6. BestMyTest has an abundant amount of resources for IELTS study. Are there any drawbacks? Yeah, I have some potential problems with the program that didn’t really work out for me in my case – but it’s always worth a try to see if it suits your needs better.

  7. First of all I’d like to say that BestMyTest is affordable. It doesn’t cost the earth as there are cheaper options out there, but I found it felt worth the price for value and excellent delivery. The materials in this package were clear, understandable and backed up by a whole lot of research. You can tell that these guys really know what they’re talking about!

    You will find over 2 hours of instant video lessons given by experts on topics such as Reading Comprehension and using English. They cover different aspects from how best to study through developing new habits with some seriously good advice!

  8. BestMyTest is a fantastic program that will help you achieve your goal to become an IELTS success. It’s based on an oral revision and speaking activity course, so it can be used to improve pronunciation, fluency in English, and voice quality as well.

  9. The BestMyTest IELTS is a test prep course that promises to show you how to get the best score you can. It teaches you exactly what gets tested and how, with six different levels within the course (including one for beginners). With three different formats throughout its 600-page length, it seems like this is everything an aspiring language speaker needs in order to improve their score. The success stories section at the end of each chapter provides testimonials from people who have taken this very same course, which makes it all seem achievable.

  10. I really love how well made this BestMyTest IELTS Review is. It’s a bit too much for your average person who wants to pass the test, but if you want to go the extra mile and make sure you have absolutely no problems on the IELTS exam that would cause your score to be lowered – try it out.

  11. I use BestMyTest for my IELTS preparation and it has been a great resource. This is very different than other resources because the materials are all in one book (no need to leaf through multiple books or search elsewhere on the internet). What’s more, they offer extra videos with explanations of complicated topics so you’re never at wit’s end. Lastly, BestMyTest can be used online or as an app which means that your English learning cane go wherever you do. If you’re looking for sincere reviews for this product then look no further!

  12. I swear this test was rigged. I spent weeks preparing for it and then when I sat down to do the exam, it couldn’t have been easier if they just wrote “just scan your fingerprint here, please.”
    I mean, if anyone wants to try their luck with that new IELTS test coming out in some time, knock yourselves out. But for me? It’ll be BestMyTest every single time from now on.

  13. Last summer I was browsing around for a good course to prepare myself for the exams and found BestMyTest. While it doesn’t teach you everything there is about English, such as verb conjugation or spelling, it does provide enough resources to cover the skills that are needed in IELTS tests. It can help improve vocabulary, writing skills, reading comprehension, speaking techniques for interviews etc., all of which are vital points during competitive exams like IELTS

  14. Try not to get too excited at the prospect of brushing up on your English skills because after all, you can’t get a medal for being good at writing. But never fear! BestMyTest is here to help you with everything from grammar rules and vocabulary lists to sentence demarcations and paragraph varieties. This one-of-a-kind product will have you sounding like a true redcoat in no time.

  15. “BestMyTest has been a great resource for my IELTS preparation. It was an effective and fun way to practice the skills that I learned in English classes. The audio files were excellent too – they made it easy to listen and repeat what was being taught.”

  16. I never thought that scoring high would be this easy. I tried other preparation courses before but they were expensive and difficult to understand. With BestMyTest, it doesn’t matter if you’re reading like a cat walks or talk like an American man – these guys give you insights on how to improve in any way!

  17. If you’ve been looking for a reliable and comprehensive course with which to prepare for IELTS, look no further. This is the best prep option out there! i cracked my exam because of this!

  18. We have to admit that we are usually hesitant when it comes to test prep materials but the popularity of BestMyTest is what got our attention. The results kept getting better and better since using your courses with e-prep, so this was all the evidence I needed. What did I find inside? A treasure trove of high quality material! The content is not only handpicked for relevancy but taught in a way where I can start applying techniques instantly which had never seemed possible before until now. So many instructors also live chat on video or audios like they were there next to me speaking one-on-one even though they’re 1000+miles away! This has helped me retain more information by listening back over!

  19. BestMyTest is one of the most popular courses out there, period. It’s been praised by those who have used it as being one of the best IELTS preparation resources available now. If you want to ace your next IELTS exam, BestMyTest is your solution!

  20. I’ve been a support worker for years but it wasn’t until I took the BestMyTest course that I realized how much potential, talent and skill was in my students. Like most people these days, no one ever told me what they needed from me or what really makes a good caretaker. Every time after this test day around I find myself holding back tears to honor them for their courage and determination.”

  21. I’ve been doing IELTS prep for months and I still couldn’t find a course that was even close to as good as this one. If you want the perfect foundation before your exam, try BestMyTest because i saw a vast difference in my studies after joining this !

  22. I honestly thought it would be easy, but I was completely wrong. You have to study and practice a lot and read the material for hours and hours before you even take the test. You can’t just show up for your exam without knowing what you’re doing. That’s really frustrating because it took me over 5 months of studying to reach my goal score, which is why I’m telling everyone I know about this amazing product called BestMyTest! If you want something that will help ensure success in your quest like mine, then get your hands on this eBook now!

  23. I was skeptical when I first found out that there were exams like IELTS for people trying to migrate. It seemed unnecessarily challenging, but BestMyTest changed my mind. Passing is no longer an impossible dream!

  24. I couldn’t practice for this exam, but I passed it. I don’t know how! But BestMyTest does. It’s the only way to be able to take this test and show those immigration authorities that you want something better than where you’ve been stuck up until now. Practice as much as possible with them so they can help you get your dream life off the ground sooner rather than later!”

  25. I can’t even describe to you what it’s like trying to take these exams! They’re so hard and the stress is just unbearable. I don’t know where I went wrong, but my TOEFL and IELTS results weren’t good enough for me to get in anywhere in Europe or America, and that was really all I wanted in life. For anyone who’s been struggling with their English language skills for a while now, this product will change your life forever – trust me, they’ll never pick on you about your speaking ability again when you can pass such rigorous exams without any difficulty at all. It may sound like an exaggeration but BestMyTest is literally the best thing ever made for non-native speakers of English with mixed levels. TRY IT !

  26. I love this app. I am, admittedly, not great at navigating my way on navigating through apps on my phone, but with BestMyTest it’s simple and intuitive. The questions are fun and interesting to answer- it feels more like an experience than just a standardized test. Heck, you may even learn something from the questions they ask! You don’t have to be brilliant in English to use their product – the language functionality becomes one of the perks instead of a hindrance for this scoring tool. Plus if a question stumps you once or twice before getting right – there is always a feature that tells me when I get my last letter wrong or leaves out any required letters that needs filling out 🙂 overall best decision I’ve made !

  27. I found out about this product after I studied hard and failed the IELTS test for migration purposes. It turns out that only my native language was English, but like many people in our generation, I had never taken any formal English classes before either. I tried to study by myself with self-made books and online games; it’s not enough or probably even right! As soon as I used my credit card for BestMyTest (price is negligible!), they sent me a package with an easy-to-follow manual, flashcards, CDs – everything my non-English speaking heart desired. Thank you so much for giving up your valuable time to give the best advice ever!

  28. Prepare for the IELTS without breaking a sweat with help from BestMyTest IELTS. Take advantage of their high-quality products and services that will get you where you need to be! BestMyTest Online is an amazing global education platform that provides top quality test preparation courses in numerous languages. For individuals, groups, organizations or anyone who wants to make sure they take an internationally recognized English Language proficiency exam while achieving higher scores, this company delivers all the necessary tools and carefully curated content at a reasonable price point for a pleasurable experience. The site offers expert guidance through difficult topics such as essay writing techniques and reading comprehension. It also uses real IELTS practice tests that include proper penalization formats for increased assurance on testing days.

  29. ​BestMyTest is the best way to get you ready for IELTS, TOEFL, and other ESL programs. It has 1850+ questions which are cycled according to difficulty level. The most difficult questions are designed for levels 8-10 of English proficiency so if you want an easy start with lower levels see our free demo! they also have different testing formats like writing exam, speaking exam, reading test etc. 500 students took this quiz annually in their senior year because it helps them decide whether they need to take the IELTS or not before coming up with a time frame for that commitment.

  30. The product is fantastically useful and easy to navigate. It’s got a lot of content, but not too much to make it overwhelming or confusing. The current promotion for an introductory price off the regular monthly subscription makes this a really great deal. The thing I’m most happy about with BestMyTest is how it simplifies things without leaving me feeling like I lack any information that would be applicable on the test day.

  31. Hey, I’ve been using BestMyTest for about a couple of days now, and all I can say is that it’s excellent. The interface is smooth, the customizable question bank gives you plenty of opportunity to study each different section in depth. Plus, there are always English speaking exercises to help you polish your skills! And this thing does them fast—faster than any other product out there…This program has blown me away with how seamless it operates. Changing gears from Material to Listener practice tests required only one click on the screen—that’s really impressive. I hardly found anything worth mentioning annoyances or glitches so far, which means this app was well-designed and made no compromises when they created it.

  32. This course is great! I started with a raw score of 5, but after loading it up to take some “practice” tests, my score was raised to 7.8! So, if you’re looking for that six-point boost then this is the place to go., The BestMyTest IELTS Preparation Course helped me out way more than any other book or educational program. It’s got everything you need – all in one neat package – so what are you waiting for? Go get it now before the limited time offer expires and they jack up their prices like most companies do these days .

  33. The BestMyTest IELTS Preparation Course. Uses storytelling, in-depth tutorials, and natural speech reading to prepare for the test. The best thing about this course is that it uses storytelling in your native tongue to simulate real IELTS Life scenarios so you can focus on the 5 topics: Listening, Reading, Writing, Speaking & Understanding English. It’s great for people who are either new or haven’t taken the exam yet because chances are if they haven’t taken it – there won’t be any surprises when they take their IELTS practice tests. The tutors also break down each topic into different sections with clear instruction throughout making it easy to follow what’s being taught – something you don’t find too!

  34. “BEST-MY-TEST is the BEST thing I could have purchased to make my English ACT prep better! I was disappointed with myself for not knowing how to answer all of the questions on the test, but now after using this system I’m doing 1920% better than before!”

    I love listening to the lessons and it’s so much more engaging than trying to read a book!

  35. I am a language and communications tutor, and this program is awesome. It covers every subject of the IELTS exam and provides you with various tools to test your knowledge, such as English-speaking exercises, quizzes for single words meanings, video tutorials on essay-writing technique… The one thing that’s awesome about this product is how it can be used by beginners or more advanced users alike: for those who need some extra help with the basics through their development in reading comprehension – there are tons of resources available. For those aiming to take high scores in this examination so they can apply at top international universities around the world? You have arrived at your destination!

  36. I was so worried. I had been practicing test prep books and my English-speaking skills, but nothing seemed to be helping me improve enough for the real time test. That’s when BestMyTest came into the picture. The program has been tactfully designed to help you harness the knowledge of standardized test prep books, access resources to practice your English-speaking skills, and take multiple IELTS Practice Tests, all under one hood!

  37. I tried a handful of other IELTS instructional courses online, but BestMyTest was the ONLY one that had a website with everything from video lectures to practice tests all in order. The material is straightforward, well organized and challenging. Even if you have been diligent about practicing for this test since the beginning of time, you’ll want to revise what you know because variety = success!

  38. BestMyTest is the best IELTS prep course for English learners. The platform combines written, video, listening and test taking resources to hone your skills in under two hours a day. Yes it has everything you need! it helped me a lot in cracking my exam in few easy steps , so i recommend this to my every fellow mates.

  39. I LOVED this IELTS (International English Language Testing System) preparation course! It was exactly what I needed to get me prepared for the test. The best thing about it is that you can do the video lectures, written instructions, and even take multiple tests on your own time just like with ordinary study material – but it’s ALL ONLINE!! So usually people usually have to go somewhere or spend tons of money on books, classes, etc., not only to really prepare themselves well enough but also because they generally need someone else there too. But now it’s all right here at my fingertips! No more boring English lessons anymore where I’m stuck in a classroom listening to some teacher drone on and paying attention for hours! thank you for making everything easy !

  40. BestMyTest’s focus is on IELTS preparation, and they offer one of the best features in that area. Highly recommended to all those who are looking for a high-quality service provider…. It makes study interesting , quick and easy to operate!

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