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Looking for an unbiased Bionic Turtle Review? I’ve got you covered. In this review I will discuss if Bionic Turtle is worth it and whether you should give it a try.

The FRM exam is a tough one. It’s hard to know what to study and what resources to use, especially when you have a busy schedule.

It’s easy to get overwhelmed and not know where to start. You need someone to help you break it down and explain the process in detail.

The Bionic Turtle FRM Study Planner is the most extensive planner available on the market. It provides everything you need to pass the FRM exam, including daily questions, instructional videos, learning resources, practice tests, and more.

In this post, I have featured my honest Bionic Turtle Review 2023 that covers:

  • Bionic Turtle overview
  • Best features of Bionic Turtle
  • Should you consider Bionic Turtle?
  • How much does Bionic Turtle cost?
  • Bionic Turtle pros and cons
  • And more much.

So let’s dive in.

Bottom Line Upfront: 

The Bionic Turtle FRM Study Planner is your best resource to prepare for the FRM exam. Their organized, stress-free planner provides the largest and most diverse collection of FRM study materials including daily questions, instructional videos, learning, spreadsheets, and more.

Bionic Turtle Facebook Review

Many people are afraid to take the FRM exam because they don’t know what to expect or they don’t have time for studying. The Bionic Turtle Study Planner can help you plan for success on the test.

To see you succeed in the FRM exam.

Click here to get started with Bionic Turtle!

What to look for in an FRM Prep Course?

A good FRM prep course should:

  • include both lectures and in-class discussion topics with small discussion groups.
  • provide access to instructors and mentors.
  • highlight the use of case studies and examples from actual experience in the financial services industry.
  • include a variety of topics related to the Financial Risk Manager certification exam like Corporate Finance, Portfolio Management, Quantitative Analysis, and Credit Risk.
  • include plenty of hands-on exercises that will help you when it comes time for the certification exam.

About FRM Exam & Timeline

The FRM exam is divided into 3 sections that are all broken up into 2 parts.

The first section of the FRM exam is Quantitative Reasoning.

This section tests your skills in mathematical calculations, technical reasoning, and data visualization.

FRM Part 1
FRM Part 1

The second section of the FRM exam is entitled Ethics & Regulation Module.

This section tests your knowledge on topics including ethics at work, professional standards for financial planners, suitability vs suitability, suitability requirements, understanding regulatory requirements for financial planning, and fiduciary obligations of financial planners.

The last section of the FRM Exam is called Financial Topic Module 1. This part covers topics such as retirement planning strategies- saving & investing; risk management; tax topics; portfolio construction; and insurance for individuals.

FRM Part 2
FRM Part 2

The FRM Exam has multiple components that you must pass to receive your official designation.

You must pass 3 sections; each section consists of 2 parts (a score of 50% is needed on Part 1 and a score of 50% is needed on Part 2). The Quantitative Reasoning section has 11 questions. It is conducted via computer and you have 170 minutes to complete it.

The Ethics & Regulation Module has 35 multiple-choice questions and there is no time limit. You must score at least 70% to pass this section.

The Financial Topic Module 1, also known as the Core Concepts of Financial Planning has 55 multiple-choice questions. It is computer-based and you have 170 minutes to complete it.

Bionic Turtle Review 2023: Is It Worth Your Money?? (Must Read)

Here is our detailed review of Bionic Turtle:

Bionic Turtle Overview

Bionic Turtle was originally founded by David Harper in 2004. It is a preparation website for students to help them pass the FRM exam.

It was one of the first FRM preparation providers to teach their students with videos and e-learning tools. This is the most active FRM forum because they constantly add practice exam questions and provide new tests regularly.


The main goal of this company is to provide quality-based materials at an affordable price. Their study material and video lectures provide you with an explanation of the complicated topics.

This will help you in the long run when you work as a certified FRM. The examples given in the lectures are very easy to follow. 

You can get a solution to any practice problems along with that they will make you understand the concept of those problems which is really awesome. That makes those problems super easy to solve.

All the study materials are part of this course. They have the largest FRM test bank in this industry because the number of practice questions is over 4,400. You will learn the material, understand the concept, and practice the questions all at the same time.

Bionic Turtle Facebook Review

Top 7 Best Features of Bionic Turtle  

Here are some of the key features of Bionic Turtle:

1. Question Sets

The best thing about this feature is that the CEO, David Harper, writes and adds questions daily throughout every week. Their database of questions is increasing day by day.


The practice questions are easy to understand and solve. The constant addition of practice questions is the best thing about Bionic Turtle

If you are a paid member then you don’t need to open the forum for questions because they provide thousands of questions in PDF bundles. In those PDF bundles, they also add links to the discussion forum for each one of them.

The majority of the questions are linked to the topics and you will find them once you are studying that particular topic. They have quizzes, global topic reviews, and also mock tests in PDF format.

Bionic Turtle User Review

They have more than 4,000 practice questions available for their subscribers. The study planner makes sure that you structurally follow every topic which means without completing a topic you cannot access the other one.

2. Structured Study Planner

They have an organized and structured study planner for their subscribers. It is like a visual path for students.

They always have something planned for them. The core materials are an essential part of your preparations for the financial risk manager exam.

The structure of the study materials is very simple and easy to follow. You will be able to finish all the topics within a few days before the final exam.

Are you struggling with the PMP exam and want a course that can help you ace it? Then check out our review of the Brain Sensei PMP course and find out if this course can be of any help.

3. Study Notes

All the notes available on Bionic Turtle are downloadable and in unprotected PDF format. It is because they don’t want any inconvenience to their customers.

bionic turtle FRM Study Planner

The notes are the fresh content in the market means that all the materials inside them are new for subscribers and you will learn for the first time with Bionic Turtle.

Most of the material you find on the internet is most likely to be duplicated but here at Bionic Turtle, you will get only fresh material to study.

These notes are focused on concepts. The notes are in the format of media like images, videos, and more. They also provide you with examples and helpful tips for you. They make you follow the FRM Learning Objectives.

4. Interactive Quizzes 

Bionic Turtle offers its students a difficult question set and the difficulty level of those questions is a little bit higher than the actual exam.

This is because if you can do more difficult questions than the real examination then it will be much easier for you to pass the examination. They also provide interactive quizzes.

Bionic Turtle User Review 1

These quizzes are a realistic version of the actual examination. In quizzes, the difficulty level of the questions is nearly as same as the actual exam and you can’t see the answers to the quiz until you complete the quiz. The format of these quizzes is completely different than the practice set questions.

These quizzes are mostly shown on the website in your final week of preparations. These quizzes boost your reading skills before the exam.

5. Instructional Videos

Most of the lectures available on Bionic Turtle are in the format of videos. They provide instructional videos to their customers.

These videos have been globally recognized as best-in-class. They are continuously developing videos to deliver the most difficult FRM concepts in an easy format.

Most of the instructional videos are in the format of reading text to you which is a passive form of knowledge transfer because reading yourself compared to someone else reading it for you are two different things and the initial part is the most effective way of gaining knowledge.

These videos contain examples and images for a more efficient review.

6. Focus Review Videos

There are two different parts available on the website for the FRM exam. This feature focuses on both part 1 and part 2. It means you can flag any review video available on Bionic Turtle as a focus review video.

Sometimes it happens when you don’t understand a difficult concept and then it will be hard for you to understand the following concept videos.

So to avoid that you can just easily flag a video for focus review and they will make you understand the concept in the easiest way possible. This feature does not replace the structured program.

7. Learning Spreadsheets

Learning Spreadsheet in Bionic Turtle

They have a huge library of custom-built learning spreadsheets. They were the first in this industry to do that. These spreadsheets are in the format of excel and online format both. Advanced learners use these spreadsheets to learn quickly about FRM.

The quantitative concepts of the actual exam are in those spreadsheets. The concepts are in a way that even formulas and words can’t express it. That’s why only advanced learners use this. They are not meant for a beginner.


  • Instructional Videos to make you understand the most difficult concepts
  • Amazing Study Materials
  • Over 4,000 Practice Questions Available
  • Huge Community Forum where you can connect with other students


  • No Offline Material
  • It does not include all GARP curricula.

Who Should Consider Bionic Turtle? 

Bionic Turtle Facebook page

The course program offered by Bionic Turtle is good for FRM clients. If you already have some experience in this field then we think it will be best for you. But if you have a lot of experience then the only thing you will require is Bionic Turtle’s review course.

Aside from Bionic Turtle, you may also want to use the GARP core books for additional study materials and the combination of both of them will definitely help you in passing the FRM exam.

If you want to dive deep into the concepts then it is the best place for you to learn all these concepts in a very comprehensive way.


But if you are a beginner and not familiar with the topics of financial risk management then you will need the basic supplement of Bionic Turtle’s review course.

The reviews available on the internet of Bionic Turtle is very great and most of the students got better results from enrolling in one of Bionic Turtle’s review courses. The study notes and videos provided by them are great and easy to understand.

Bionic Turtle Discount

Bionic Turtle does provide some discounts to full-time students, veterans, and international learners from low-income nations. Make sure you’re eligible for the discount. Check out our article and explore the latest discounts for Bionic Turtle through this link.

Free Bionic Turtle FRM Courses

You may create an account for free at Bionic Turtle. There are several free FRM resources available there, including:

Bionic Turtle FRM Review Study Planner

The Bionic Turtle FRM Study Planner is your best resource to prepare for the FRM exam. Their organized, stress-free planner provides the largest and most diverse collection of FRM study materials including daily questions, instructional videos, learning, spreadsheets, and more.

Bionic Turtle offers a risk-free trial with Bionic Turtle’s Money Back Guarantee. Bionic Turtle also has a thriving community where you can upload answers as you go and get feedback from other FRM STUDENTS!

As of now, Bionic Turtle has over 100+ testimonials for their product on their website. Bionic Turtle proudly pays for itself in less than 10 hours of use! Bionic Turtle’s Bionic Turtle review is favorable.

Bionic Turtle has been helping students pass their FRM exam for years, and Bionic turtle is constantly updating to provide the latest and greatest materials including the new advanced learning platform.

Bionic Turtle is and continues to be an excellent resource of study notes, videos, flashcards, etc that will help you pass your FRM exam. Bionic Turtle’s business model has been carefully constructed to provide the best value to customers in the industry.

The Bionic Turtle FRM Success Rate

The Bionic Turtle FRM Success Rate is a success story. Bionic Turtle reports an average of 60% of their students passed the FRM exam, and 100% of Bionic Turtle customers recommended Bionic Turtle to a friend or colleague. Bionic Turtle’s Success Rate is better than the standard 50%.

Customer Support

The customer support provided by Bionic Turtle is really good. You can ask your queries regarding study materials from the teachers.

They have an option available for frequently asked questions which mostly solves all of your queries but if you do have a query that is not covered in FAQs then you can send it through an email and within a few hours you will get answers to your queries which is really good.


They also have a blog where they have posted answers to questions like why you should take the FRM exam, the importance of it, and more.

These posts will help you clear any doubts regarding the exam or course. Additionally, they have provided a list of jobs you can get by passing the exam which definitely help you out shortly.

Why do I recommend Bionic Turtle? Is Bionic Turtle Worth It?

The benefit of using Bionic Turtle’s review courses is that the study plan provided by them will save you time and money and increases your passing rate. As we all know that the FRM exam is a really difficult exam to pass and also it must be passed to get an FRM certificate.

The bionic Turtle FRM course is a program in which you can study all by yourself.


GARP provides core readings on the concepts of FRM and for a beginner they can be overwhelming.

Because most of the readings are over 100 pages long and the content on those pages is very difficult to learn but Bionic Turtle offers study notes which include only the important points of those GARP readings.

This means that you don’t have to read full GARP readings. You will have to go through that material which is important for the final exam.

They also offer many other FRM course materials aside from GARP readings. They have daily practice questions written by the owner David himself and they come twice per week.

Bionic Turtle Student Review

Every practice question set is different from one other and they contain questions on GARP readings. All these things will lead you in getting the full knowledge of the FRM course and it will be really easy for you to pass the examination.

Bionic Turtle Pricing Plans: How Much Does Bionic Turtle Cost? 

There are basically three pricing plans available on Bionic Turtle. There is no free trial available but there is partial access available for free users on the website.


Bionic Turtle Pricing Basic

For Part 1 or Part 2, it cost around $349/year and for both, it cost $349/year. The features you will get from this plan

  • Full Forum Access
  • Question Sets
  • Study Notes
  • Interactive Mock Exams


Bionic Turtle Pricing Advanced

For Part 1 or Part 2, it cost $399/year, and for both. The features you will get from this plan

  • All The Features Of the Basic Plan, Plus
  • Instruction Videos
  • Interactive Quizzes


Bionic Turtle Pricing Professional

Part 1 or Part it cost $549/year and for both, it cost $799/year. The features you will get from this plan

  • All The Features Of Advanced Plan, Plus
  • Focus Review Videos
  • Learning Spreadsheets

These are the pricing plan. They are expensive but for the FRM exam the materials they provide are one of the best and the price will be worth it.

Bionic Turtle Facebook Review 1



Quick Links:

Bionic Turtle vs Kaplan Schweser

Here is a comparison between Bionic Turtle and Kaplan Schweser for the best FRM course:

Course Material

The Kaplan Schweser course is more of a general review of the material. The Kaplan Schweser course covers more information about the topics that you’ll be tested on, but they do very little to give you any tricks on how to strategically find and use specific types of information.

Kaplan Schweser is a good choice if you’re looking for something more than just a quick refresher and don’t want to go through an entire curriculum again.

Bionic Turtle is slightly different. They provide over 1500 pages worth of materials that cover everything from scratch before moving into condensed lectures at the end.

Bionic Turtle has videos, reading material, and other resources available online (for example their sister company offers pre-recorded live webinars featuring mock exams, tutoring, and other resources).

Study Packages

The Kaplan Schweser course can be purchased via Amazon or directly through checks sent out by Kaplan Schweser.

Your local CFA Institute member society may also offer it as part of their program for studying for the exam (check with them to make sure before purchasing).

Or you can go through one of Kaplan Schweser’s partners. The cost varies depending on your financial situation but generally ranges from $800-$2,000.

Bionic Turtle offers a few different study packages. The cheapest option is their home study package which includes online videos in addition to books that are available at any major bookstore. Then they have live in-person courses that range in price depending on the location you choose.

The Bionic Turtle course materials can be purchased a la carte from their homepage.

All supplementary items are included in these packages which makes it easy if you’re going with the home-study option since all of the books/materials arrive in one shipment. I would recommend going through the homepage to make sure you get the best deal.

Practice Exams

Kaplan Schweser offers practice exams and questions that can be found on their official website (they also provide other resources such as test-taking advice). The costs for these vary depending on how many you buy. Generally around $20 per exam or question set.

Bionic Turtle has a set of practice exams available for a small price on their official website (the links to these can be found within each package).

Like Kaplan Schweser they also provide other resources like test-taking advice and live webinars with mock exams. Most people recommend using these materials together with your self-study efforts.

I purchased the Bionic Turtle materials along with the Mock Exams 1 & 2 to use as my training guide (I would recommend doing this over buying one of their full packages because it will give you more flexibility).

Then I signed up for two mock exam seasons which consisted of 4-5 mock exams each. The first season was free for Bionic Turtle students but the second required a payment of around $150. For more information, check out their homepage.

FAQs About Bionic Turtle Review

What Is Bionic Turtle?

Bionic Turtle was originally founded by David Harper in 2004. It is a preparation website for students to help them pass the FRM exam.

Who Should Consider Using Bionic Turtle?

If you already have some experience in this field then u think it will be best for you. But if you have a lot of experience then the only thing you will require is Bionic Turtle.

What is the pricing of Bionic Turtle?

There are basically three pricing plans are available on Bionic Turtle. There is no free trial available. The basic plan starts from $299 per year.

Is Bionic Turtle enough for FRM?

Bionic Turtle is a company that provides top quality FRM materials. They also provide personalized forum support. Many people buy GARP core books from them, while others feel that their FRM materials are enough to learn the concepts to pass the exam on their own.

Is bionic turtle free?

Bionic Turtle offers three plans. There is a free trial available for some parts of the website, but not all parts are available. For PART 1 or PART 2, it costs $299/year and you need to pay $399/year if you want both parts.

What is the FRM certification?

FRM is a certification for risk managers. It is offered by the GARP. The FRM certifies that you can manage risks well..

Why should I choose Bionic Turtle for my FRM preparation?

The Bionic Turtle FRM Study Planner is your best resource to prepare for the FRM exam. They have everything you need such as daily questions, instructional videos, and more. You will be prepared for the exam with this planner.

Does Bionic Turtle provide hard copies of study materials?

Bionic Turtle will not send you paper copies of their materials. They are all available online in the Study Planner and you can have them for one year after your purchase. If you want to view or print the materials, they are always downloadable.

Bionic Turtle Review 2023 | Is Bionic Turtle Worth Your Money??

The exam of Financial Risk Management is one of the toughest exams in the industry. So it becomes necessary for you to find the best course material to prepare for it.

Bionic Turtle Facebook User Rating

Many FRM course preparations are available on the internet but they do not provide authentic materials like Bionic Turtle.

As a student, you want to practice those questions which you have never seen before and Bionic Turtle provides you with new practice questions handwritten by the CEO David himself twice per week.

Bionic Turtle Testimonials

That is why it is one of the best FRM course preparations available on the market. The study material offered by them is structured way means you can not access a topic until you complete the previous one.

They provide quizzes and that is the main thing that differentiates them from others. As a course preparation platform, they are the best in the market. It doesn’t hurt to try out the free partial access to get to know Bionic Turtle a little.

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51 thoughts on “Bionic Turtle Review 2023: (Pros & Cons) | Is It Worth The Money??”

  1. I’ve been using the Bionic Turtle FRM Study Planner for about 4 months now in preparation for exam day, and I enthusiastically recommend it! Using the step-by-step instruction videos, I learned how to solve so many of those complicated problems thanks to its interactive learning resources.

    The best part is that it’s time-saving with a whopping 2,080 questions across 120 chapters—practicing hard investments are totally worth it. Every time my confidence improved from practicing on these problems was an accomplishment. I severely doubt any other study guide will be as comprehensive and high-quality as this one!

  2. Finally, there’s an exam prep product that can actually help you crack the FRM. Working on my Bionic Turtle planner this weekend was tremendously useful; I passed with flying colors. The questions are difficult- just like the real thing so your reactions will be spot on! I ended up recommending it to my sister, and even though she doesn’t have a clue what FRM means (I had to explain).

  3. I’ve been struggling to pass the FRM exam for months. But after just one week using this planner and following its helpful instructions, I nailed every question on the practice test. This is by far the most comprehensive study tool I’ve seen yet!

  4. The Bionic Turtle FRM Study Planner is an all-inclusive resource to prepare for the FRM. It includes over 100 hours of instructional videos, 1200 questions from previous exams, and challenging spreadsheets that will help you master the material in no time.

  5. The Bionic Turtle FRM Study Planner is perfect for those who want to be confident on exam day. This planner has everything you need and don’t want when studying for the FRM exam.

  6. Bionic Turtle FRM provides everything you need to pass the exam–daily questions, instructional videos, learning resources, practice tests, and more. The quiz bank has nearly 1000 flashcards for over 400 financial terms with an interactive timer that helps you keep track of what you’ve memorized and what needs work.

    With video tutorials on how to master data-based qualitative issues as well as hours of instructional videos walking you through problems from beginning to end (regardless if they’re really difficult or not), no one could ask for anything more! \

  7. Bionic Turtle is the only place you should consider when it comes to the FRM exam. From learning options, study questions, and restful days filled with easy to complete and understandable materials that make it worth every penny spent on the planner. You don’t have think about how you’re going to spend your week or where you need to go next since all of this has already been laid out in this beautifully well written piece of work!

  8. My brother recommended the Bionic Turtle study planner to me and I’ve been using it each day. It’s made an instant difference in how much more prepared I feel going into my exams, plus they have a great team of support for you if you need any help along the way.

  9. I was so impressed by their materials. I felt like the information just flowed into me and it wasn’t a struggle to learn at all. Then they had these quizzes with review articles that would summarize how you did on the quiz! I’m not kidding – I actually learned more with Bionic Turtle than when I attended my courses in school!

  10. I really like Bionic Turtle FRM because they always go the extra mile to engage students. With videos, quizzes and tests available online it’s easy to study in your own time and at your own pace.

  11. I just read the manual for this thing, and it seemed like so much work. I’m not sure what’s so “bionic” about this turtle, but there is seriously no offline material… Who has time to do all that reading? I know my daughter doesn’t.

  12. It has all the materials you need in one place without leaving your desk. I couldn’t be happier with the decision to purchase Bionic Turtle for myself!

  13. The FRM Study Planner is the best! I love how it came with a ton of study materials for me to use and that it’s organized in such a cool, logical order. My favorite tool that the planner provides are the daily questions because they’re perfect for helping you stay motivated and engaged while learning higher level concepts like risk management. If you’re looking to pass your FRM exam this is definitely my ultimate recommendation!

  14. The Bionic Turtle FRM Study Planner is the only planner you need! I’m so glad I found this and didn’t waste my time on other services. A stress-free schedule with tons of material makes it so easy to prepare for the exam even when you’re working full time. If not, they have a magic button that does all your work for you which is perfect!

  15. The Bionic Turtle is so much eco-friendlier than its prey, it’s shocking people still call them “iguanas.” With a more streamlined shape and a cardboard stomach, the Bionic Turtle puts cardboard on top of all your desk worries! This brand new invention comes with an instruction booklet right out of the box – no need to be left guessing how it works. The FRM Study Planner will eat up all of your time without any negative effects on you or sea life! It’s especially good for those who end up eating their weight in squid one day and then barely nibbling at cheese two days later, as the card board provides less nutrition per square inch…It saves a lot of time!

  16. I have to admit I never thought a planner would be this helpful in studying for, and passing the FRM exam. But after using it for a few weeks I’m hooked! It’s so easy- you just flip through, find what you need to study each day, then when it’s time take out your phone and watch the video or do the practice questions. Sure there are other methods that people swear by but if none of them work for you then these planners are worth looking into.

  17. The Bionic Turtle was a great purchase. Who needs to be stressed out before one of these tests? Thanks to the impeccable organization and huge resource list, you can just slide into that chair without worrying too much about how well you’ll do on the test. It’s good place to start for anyone thinking about certification through IIFRM.

  18. When I wanted to do well on my FRM, the Bionic Turtle Study Planner was there every day to give me a little push in the right direction. The daily questions and instructional videos help me identify holes in my understanding and stay engaged with the material. It’s perfect!

  19. Welcome to the most practical and cost-effective prepper for the FRM exam. This is one of those rare finds that not only provides you with what you need, but also gives it to you in a way that really makes it stick and make sense. I challenge anyone who has used this material for their preperation to come forward and say anything different than I am about this product! You will thank me once your score comes out higher than usual because of all the help provided by these guys.

  20. “This is an amazing product. I really liked the e-learning features and the customer service was great. It has many videos to replace texts and it’s up-to-date.”

  21. The Bionic Turtle is an online learning space with FRM content that offers tutorial videos, interactive activities and book resources. Though they offer live one-on-one courses as well, it’s fun to learn at your own pace with their informative tutorials. The company provides weekly updates on the latest materials so you can stay up to date with what’s happening in the world of finance! They give you great access through their forum, which is full of peers who all want help passing this tricky test. This course is available for anyone looking to receive 4 hours/hr of quality training or 10% off three months worth of service when paid annually upfront.

  22. I have been doing HUSTLE for about three years now and I wanted to get my international consulting certificate. But, it was hard work finding topics that didn’t repeat themselves in each course. I tried other courses but they just talked at me all the time instead of teaching me something, or maybe sometimes it would give you a study guide for an exam but not show you any examples while you’re doing the questions.
    Then one day while browsing on FRM forums, I found this place called Bionic Turtle! After reading all their information, I joined; what’s great is they provide their customers with high quality materials which are easy to understand – especially if English is your second language like mine!!

  23. Bionic Turtle is ranked among the top FRM preparation providers in India. Their study material and videos are well researched by the experts who have plenty of practical knowledge to share.
    The team consists of professionals from various other fields including accountancy, finance, economics, statistics. This perhaps reflects on their teaching style- simple yet informative. Though they charge a little more than most other companies in this space because their materials are so good!

  24. The Bionic Turtle is what I call the SEO’s finger of glassware. It has helped me make my final preparations for certification as a FRM, and it managed to provide some key hours on updates and continuous training. Lectures and study materials made this an easy purchase decision. Highly recommend!

  25. This company not only provides the learnings from the mainline but also boosts your confidence for exams by providing video lectures and audio lessons. This way, they audit students during various stages of their preparation process which is a complete package. The quality based material at affordable prices provides you guidance in fulfilling your goal to become a certified FRM professional. Earning this title will increase your job opportunities and PNSF exponentially in a time when there is a shortage in the workforce. This will help you in the future when you work as an expert who focuses on coding research papers like more than one of us do already!

  26. Bionic Turtle provides you with content that’s up-to-date and easy to follow. The lessons are informative and interesting, so it makes for a more enjoyable experience. I recommend this study tool as an essential part of your FRM preparation process!

  27. I have to say, I was really apprehensive about enrolling in the FRM course from this company. The first couple of chapters were as dry as could be and there wasn’t much available to supplement it because they didn’t seem very active on social media. But at some point during week three I think, their instructors suddenly released a video for every lecture! From that point forward, everything became smooth sailing. It has been a tough road but it’s also been a great learning experience! Plus the price is unbeatable if you’re working full-time like me and can’t really take time off work.

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