Review 2022: Is It The Best E-Learning Platform? Is Brilliant Premium Worth it?

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Ease Of Use
Support And Management


  • Enhances intellectual curiosity.
  • Learning aids with strong visual appeal.
  • Enhances your ability to solve problems.
  • Helps you build your mental model toolbox.
  • Tutorial is great for students.


  • Career advancement is not recommended.
  • Prices are a bit high when billed monthly.

It's an online learning platform that's driven by the community. currently offers 60+ courses on subjects like neural networks, solar energy, and cryptocurrency. It recognises that mastering a new skill involves more than just watching video lessons. Interactive tasks, quizzes, and daily challenges are included in all of the classes. It is ideal for everyone who is eager to learn something new.

Price:$ 26.99

This whole article is based on Review so that an individual can know about its every aspect.

Most likely, you have heard of if you want to learn about various tech-related topics online. It has made a lot of noise in recent years for attempting to solve the Herculean task of making learning about STEM subjects as interesting as possible.

Sue Khim, the founder of Brilliant, created the organization after having a eureka moment during her childhood. 

Her dad and Khim had a tradition. On their long car rides together, Khims’ father would present her with math puzzles. One of the puzzles was particularly difficult for Khim.

Seeing her struggle, her dad suggested, “trying to solve the puzzle from the outside in.”

Even today, Khim considers STEM subjects to be intriguing and mysterious, not intimidating. The numbers indicate that many people want to learn STEM subjects in the same way. had over 9 million registered users in 2020. Its app is used by 2 million people each month. Why has the site gained so much attention? Let’s explore. Review: What is

Sue Khim, a renowned innovator of online learning, founded in 2012 as a community-driven online learning platform. In addition to being named to Forbes‘ “30 under 30 in education” list, Khim developed

Various STEM-related subjects are taught online through A current list of 60+ courses includes topics such as neural networks, solar energy, and cryptocurrency. - Review

The list goes on and on. In the next paragraph, we’ll examine everything taught in in detail. is not merely a list of video courses. understands that learning a new skill requires more than watching video tutorials.

In particular, if you are learning a hard skill, such as quantum computing, linear algebra, or Python programming. All the lessons taught include panned by interactive exercises, quizzes, and daily challenges.

The materials at should keep students as engaged as possible. E-learning is undergoing a gamification trend. This is a concept that has been fully embraced by in its approach to teaching. Review: Subjects Available To Learn Here

In a nutshell, teaches math and science concepts to a wide range of audiences of all ages and skill levels.

A new Brilliant user is automatically assigned the best path of learning based on an algorithm. Depending on what you choose, you may be a student, a professional, a hobbyist, or a parent/teacher.

Based on your specific needs, Brilliant selects the best courses and challenges for you.

Listed below are the major subjects taught on

  • Logic and deduction
  • Geometry
  • Mathematical thinking
  • Contest math
  • Algebra
  • Advanced mathematics
  • Statistics and probability
  • Calculus
  • Classical physics
  • Scientific thinking
  • Foundational computer science
  • Quantum mechanics
  • Applied science
  • Applied computer science

Don’t worry if a few of those topics are interesting to you, but your brain shrivels. is just what you need. The very essence of this platform is to learn difficult subjects in an engaging way. Review: Pricing

Brilliant Premium subscriptions are available in 3 payment options:

  • $24.99 per month for a monthly subscription. In order to cancel your subscription at any time, you’ll have to pay this fee.
  • Subscriptions are $149 a year ($12.49 a month). The subscription plan is more cost-effective than the monthly plan by two times. There is also a requirement that you pay for the entire year in one lump sum.
  • $399.88 for an annual subscription for 3+ people. The Brilliant Premium account will be available separately to each member of the group, and the pricing can vary based on the final number of subscribers. pricing plans - Review

Exactly what will you get when you subscribe to Brilliant Premium? Here’s what you can expect.

How much does Brilliant Premium cost?

The following benefits are included in a Brilliant Premium subscription:

  • offers all courses. Unless you sign up for Brilliant Premium, you’ll only be able to view the first chapter of each course. In addition to quizzes, puzzles, and other interactive lessons, all courses come with an uncountable number of quizzes.
  • Offline mode: The offline mode of Brilliant lets you learn on the go without an Internet connection.
  • Guided courses: Expert-led courses in math and science are available through guided courses.

Additionally, subscribers to receive full access to daily challenges. A brain-wrencher is usually a new concept or a quick challenge. It keeps subscribers’ neurons firing all the time.

Register on the site if you are interested in subscribing to Brilliant. Every user can try free for two days after registering.

You can access all the content on the site for free during the 7-day trial period. The free trial is a great opportunity to see whether the teaching style and content of Brilliant are right for you.

Who is for?

Students, professionals, and lifelong learners are targeted by Brilliant’s platform. In our opinion, the platform offers the most value to students and lifelong learners, and we will discuss each further below.

1. Students:

Brilliant is a great platform for students because of two main reasons. In addition, students are able to move at their own pace, regardless of how fast or slow the curriculum at their schools is.

Several young mathematicians have sought out challenges through Brilliant because their schools seemed to be moving too slowly for them. For Students - Review

In addition, many students find that lectures move too quickly, and Brilliant gives them an opportunity to revise material at a pace that is more comfortable for them.

Second, Brilliant’s courses specialize in teaching difficult math and science topics in an accessible way. Students with STEM backgrounds often struggle with lectures. In Brilliant’s courses, students aren’t given lectures, but rather are encouraged to solve problems and participate actively.

2. Lifelong Learners:

The platform has one reason to be a good tool for life-long learners, as well as an area where it could be improved.

Positively, Brilliant’s theory courses and active approach to education provide a great way to expand your mental toolkit with powerful mental models. For Learners - Review

Learn about Newton’s laws, problem solving, and thermodynamic laws, which transcend STEM to have far-reaching implications.

A negative aspect of Brilliant is that it offers only STEM courses. In addition to mental models from other disciplines, many lifelong learners would prefer to incorporate models from other fields.

3. Professionals:

For two reasons, we do not consider Brilliant the best option for career-focused learners. In general, courses tend to focus more on applied academic learning rather than practical application. For Professionals - Review

While this is an excellent way to learn how to think, recruiters often seek evidence of hard skills and application of knowledge/experience. The courses aren’t accredited at Brilliant, and the company doesn’t offer any certifications.

Is free? offers free access to daily challenge problems and to the introductory lessons for each of its 60+ courses when you sign up for a free account.

In addition to keeping your skills sharp, the daily challenge problems may help you pick up some new knowledge from time to time.

We have found that introductory lessons are just enough to get you started, but if you really want to learn more, you will have to upgrade to the premium version and unlock the full course.

Alternatives To

Every single platform has its few alternatives so does the Brilliant have too. Let’s have a look at that:

1. Brilliant vs YouTube

Free math videos can be found on YouTube. Although you could spend a lot of time trying to find one that fits your needs.

You won’t be able to interact with it when you do. When compared with Youtube, the beauty of Brilliant is that everything is curated in one place and designed to keep you absorbed in what you’re watching.

2. Brilliant vs Khan Academy

Khan Academy was initially designed primarily for K12 students with a strong focus on math but has expanded now to include English and coding courses as well.

If you are dedicated to completing Khan’s lessons, it is one of the best resources for math learners. Your mastery status will be lost if you make errors. Videos are also used by Khan.

This program is geared towards a wider audience and aims to involve you 100% in your learning through interactive problem-solving instead of more passive video content.

There is more flexibility in taking courses and failure is seen as an essential path to learning.

Khan Academy is also free, which is another difference. In addition to the free trial of Brilliant, it is advisable to try Khan Academy as well.

Brilliant made more sense to me, helped me be more responsible for my own learning, and allowed me to move through a variety of topics in a logical, problem-solving manner.

3. Brilliant vs GoSkills

There are a range of subjects taught online through GoSkills, most of them focused on practical business skills.

Experimental design and hypothesis testing are among its science courses. Besides these, it also offers classes in general business subjects like project management, leadership training, and financial management.

As well as Jim Kwik’s Superbrain Course and Jim Kwik’s Super Reading Course, other relevant courses that we have studied include Lifebook and Jim Kwik’s Superreading Course.

These courses are all offered on MindValley. The MasterClasses will be presented in conjunction with bill nye, Neil de Grasse Tyson, and Christopher Hadfield.

You could also try CreativeLive if you’re more interested in developing your creativity rather than your STEM skills. Review: Pros and Cons

We have Some Pros and Cons of Pros

  • The best learning experience we’ve ever seen (the most engaging and interactive)
  • Enhances intellectual curiosity
  • Learning aids with strong visual appeal
  • Enhances your ability to solve problems
  • This tutorial is great for students who are struggling to keep up or want to get ahead
  • Helps you build your mental model toolbox Cons

  • Limited course selection (only STEM courses)
  • Career advancement is not recommended
  • Prices are a bit high when billed monthly

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Conclusion: Review 2022

The Brilliant subscription was well worth the price, all things considered. I was impressed with the interactivity of the platform, the gamification of difficult-to-learn skills, and the user experience of the platform.

The whole platform felt tailored-made for my style of learning since I am highly visual in nature. During this review, I dived right into Brilliant. The courses I found were well-constructed, informative, and enjoyable.

Computer science and artificial neural networks are notoriously difficult subjects, and this task is remarkable. While solving various puzzles and tasks, I found myself spending hours on them.

Additionally, I always looked forward to the daily challenges. Therefore, would I recommend the platform to people interested in STEM subjects? Definitely. I would. Learning math and science with Brilliant Premium is worthwhile.

The subjects taught are nearly indispensable in the field of digital work. Knowing even the basics of computer science is a huge self-investment in the digital age.

If math and science are not your interests, you may want to look elsewhere until expands its course catalog.

We can highly recommend to students interested in math and science online since it fills a unique niche in the e-learning industry.

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