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Looking for an unbiased Coach Training Alliance Review? I’ve got you covered. In this review I will discuss if Coach Training Alliance is worth it and whether you should give it a try.

If you’re a coach, you know firsthand that coaching is a tough job. You deal with people’s problems and conflicts and sometimes it feels like you can never do enough to help people.

But the Coach Training Alliance program will help you work through all of the challenges of being a coach, from professional skills to personal challenges to business skills.

Coach Training Alliance will give you the knowledge and tools to be a more effective coach and take your coaching practice to the next level.

Bottom Line Upfront:

Coach Training Alliance is my #1 recommendation for professional coaching ICF-approved certified coaching programs and continuing education courses. I have learned a lot and it helps me to maximize my potential through life coaching, professional career development, and personal growth.


The main reason I’m a Coach Training Alliance member is because I get to learn from and coach some of the most intelligent people in the world.

Coach Training Alliance - Programs

To help others discover their true potential as a human being by developing strategic solutions to real-world problems by finding the inner capabilities within yourself.

Check out Coach Training Alliance here! 

Let’s get started with the detailed Coach Training Alliance review here.

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Coach Training Alliance Review 2022: Is Coach Training Alliance legit?

Coach Training Alliance Review

In this review, I will answering all your questions about Coach Training Alliance, such as:

– What is the Coach Training Alliance?

– What are the benefits of being a coach?

– Is Coach Training Alliance accredited?

– Which life coach certification is the best?

– Is Coach Training Alliance legit?

– What is a coaching alliance?

– Is a coaching certification worth it?

– How much does it cost to become a certified life coach?


About {CTA} Coach Training Alliance 

The first thing you ought to know is that Coach Training Alliance’s Certified Coach Program will take around half a year to finish. This program joins video chatting, intelligent programming, and online assets for participants to use on a week after week premise.

To be specific, the point of convergence of every week is a live class, sorted out through teleconference. These last either 60 or 90 mins, contingent upon the subject. What’s more, is that the educational modules require every participant to put in five hours of self-examination a week.

In the meantime, the limit on the most extreme number of students is there to provide a customized experience.


Every participant has explicit necessities and a moderately little class estimate which makes it more outlandish for any person to lose all sense of direction in the group.

The Coach Training Alliance is an association that says – they will likely help individuals to amplify their potential by giving you all that you have, to turn into a confirmed holistic mentor or to proceed with your instruction as a personal coach.

How Does Coach Training Alliance Work?

Coach Training Alliance is a firm that proposes people’s access to the International Coach Federation with legitimate instructing programs.

The ICF, or International Coach Federation, is an organization that promotes the use of universally renowned standards for personnel trying to become life coaches or personal coaches.

As indicated by their site, Coach Training Alliance says that their assortment of the coaching program, courses, and workshops are intended to “make positive change, paying little respect to the sorts of goals.”

Their essential goal is to dependably help individuals to change how they contribute their time and vitality to improve things, .

If you are thinking about turning into a life coach, professional coach, or a personal coach then read my complete coach training alliance review for more details.

They have numerous projects that will enable you to start, total, or expand and update your preparation. Individuals who are uncertain of whether this decision is directly for them will approach a free test just as some free classes, to enable them to begin.

They likewise offer a full educational module for individuals who have chosen to focus on turning into a life coach by offering them a wide range of projects and courses that individuals can take to just refresh their past training and coursework.

  • Have you heard about 360Training? 360Training Real Estate Education is a viable option for students who want to complete their Real Estate Licensing training with a limited budget. Check out this full review of 360Training, if this is something that interests you.

How Many Programs Does Coach Training Alliance Have?

1. Free – Becoming A Coach – Class

You can sign up for a Certified Coach workshop with Coach Training Alliance Certified Coach and Director of Admissions, Lisa Pisano, and one of their world-class Mentor Coaches. 

This program uncovers the answers you’ve been looking for:

  • Listen and talk about the common challenges all new mentors face.
  • Discover what customers want most and how to fill this need immediately.
  • Participate in a live training session guided by an experienced Mentor Coach.

2. Self Study Program

If you’ve been searching for an approach to make an incredible profession by helping other people succeed then you’re in the correct spot.

Currently, all you need are the best instruments and assets accessible to set things into motion and make a satisfying existence of monetary opportunity and individual fulfilment.

The Coach Training Accelerator™ Online Program is a demonstrated way to progress – worked for mentors by effective rehearsing mentors.

Remove the mystery from the condition. The Coach Training Accelerator™ Online Program is composed of productivity and adequacy. So, you’re taking the correct courses from the earliest starting point, graduate on schedule, and have the apparatuses to start your instructing vocation and begin profiting your merit.


Join a trusted, legitimate training network that gives demonstrated strategies, direction, and apparatuses to dispatch your effective instructing practice.

Many mentors have discovered their way with this smash hit, self-think about the program.

Mixing validity, a promise to progress, discipline, respectability, correspondence, and business keen, the Coach Training Accelerator is an accredited coach training program and the most exhaustive summary of preparing material in the field of instructing today.

Program Features

  • 20 Lessons Online Graduate Level Program
  • 5 Multimedia Training Modules
  • 3 Bonus Self-paced Interactive Courses
  • Become a Coach in 20 Weeks

Reviews For This Course:


3. Certified Coach Program

This Certified Coach Program is a combination of live chat, social media, and interactive tools downloaded directly to your PC, laptop, and browsers.

Upon enrolment, you quickly get your course programming. Many mentors have utilized the Coach Training Accelerator™ to dispatch and continue their vocations. It is an independent mentor preparing program and we join here as another aspect of our one of a kind learning framework.

The tutoring bunch comprises you, your Mentor Coach, and your individual cohorts. Classes are held week after week using video chat over devoted, private ridgelines. These teachers drive sessions to target explicit instructing devices, methods, and models.

All through the program, you will mentor, be instructed, and watch training as it occurs. Individuals from your coaching bunch become your “locale of training.” This is the place you learn by model and through down to earth understanding.

Appreciate boundless access to this online private gathering structured solely for your group. You’re ready to share your advancement, questions, difficulties, and assets with your colleagues just as staying associated outside of class.

Coach Training Alliance Review - Certified Coach Program Every week you experience Action Challenges that push you ahead, exactly when you need them. Their commitment to giving the best of mentor preparation has empowered us to grow “in the nick of time” learning models explicitly intended for new mentors.

You hear input and proposals from the Mentor Coach all through the program. After you complete your accreditation necessities, towards the completion of your preparation, you get a legitimate, formal investigation.

Reviews Of This Course:

Coach Training Alliance Students Review

4. Organizational Coaching Program

You see how organizational coaching can help you with your corporate goals.

Millennial Development Employees were not as far along in their learning and understanding as they should have been. Preparing chiefs to mentor helps overcome any issues. Young representatives now feel confident booking sessions to work through squares and would comprehending the problems to solve.

The quick Growth/Merger industry is growing rapidly. We need our authority group concentrated on the system and recently named supervisors to venture up quickly. Preparing emerging pioneers how to mentor helped them move into their new job right away.

Coach Training Alliance - Programs

Industry Transition/Change organization moved from unadulterated assembling to inventory network practically overnight.

Creative Leadership preparation helped them set their emphasis on shared objectives and work as a unified substance. The preparation recognized genuine obstructs that had averted the execution and selection of new practices.

When employees are trained internally then they find more satisfaction and have an advance knowledge. After that, they become more valuable to their company. Just imagine what a coaching culture can bring to your organization.

5. Yoga2Life Coaching Program

Yoga interfaces us as a primary concern, body, and soul. If you are searching for approaches to incorporate yoga into your life outside the studio, this class is for you. Figure out how to develop an everyday routine concerning self-awareness in yourself as well as other people.

Coach Training Alliance - Yoga2Life

Yoga Life Coaching is a quickly developing calling and industry. As more individuals perceive the requirement for motivation and direction, training is picking up as a strategy for helping people push towards the change they see with their own eyes.

Yoga2Life Coaching will build up your capacity to mentor through a program lined up with the core values of yoga.

The natural core values which transport us through our yoga practice can be utilized outside of the studio to engage, support, and energize understudies. On the tangle, we practice aim, mindfulness, empathy, and acknowledgment.

Yoga life training is a developing practice and one that is being used to help develop as an individual or with a gathering.

Yoga2Life Coach Training will enable you to apply these standards in discussions with others and amid individual exchange with yourself to travel through advances and develop.

Mentor Training Alliance offers yoga instructors preparing for you to adapt so you can help show the abilities and strategies to other people and get them through squares, make new pathways, and set up on-going community associations.

Mentor Training Alliance Yoga2Life Coaching Program accepts you on a voyage as a guide wherein you will be raised through the marriage of the antiquated learning of yoga with the most recent in neuroscience.

We learn yoga by rehearsing the postures, ruminating, and effectively captivating in our contemplations. Similarly, yoga instruction does not happen in a crate like a homeroom or a lodging meeting room. The Yoga2Life Coaching program is a hands-on, exceptionally experiential learning stage.

This class is a transformative encounter. All through your preparation, you will effectively practice and mentor. Classes are directed using a live phone call.

Every week you will talk about new material, practice it in class, and then fuse it into your method for being. For 12 weeks, you will connect on telephone for 1.5 hours every week to encounter wise, kind, and testing, instructing, settled inside a network of other deep-rooted students.

Classes are instructed in a close setting, with a limit of 12 understudies, to take into singular consideration, association with class peers, and a situation of centered learning. Yoga2Life Coach preparation makes an individual practice to make you a certain and an able guide.

If you miss a class (or part of a class), accounts are accessible to members just, however, necessities for affirmation and graduation stipulate that members miss close to two absolute classes.

In addition to the live yoga training, you will be given reference course material to fuel your experience, rouse your self-improvement and fortify your instructing aptitudes. Become a Yoga Life Coach in only 12 weeks.

Course Curriculum

The 12-week complete Yoga2Life yoga coaching program concentrates on 5 main areas to integrate existing experience and skills with your progressive expertise as a Yogi and Mentor coach. Every training session is structured in a wise, sequential order which is based to accelerate your progress.

Coach Training Alliance Benefits


With Yoga2Life you will get:

  • Mentor Coaching
  • Core Coaching Skills
  • Core Coaching Principles
  • The Process of Change
  • Co-Creating and Sustaining Success
  • Yoga2Life Certificate

6. Career Coaching Mastery Certification Program

People will invariably require a vocation mentor whether they’re searching for another activity, are progressing to another profession, or are looking for devices to manage testing circumstances in the work environment.

Regardless of the condition of the economy, or where you end up on the planet, the interest for vocation mentors is dependable in an overabundance of the supply.

Furthermore, on the off chance that vocation training is something you admire and enthusiastic about, then why not learn as much as you can about how to be effective and capable in this energizing and compensating calling.

Coach Training Alliance Review - Career Coaching

The Career Coaching Mastery Certification* Program strolls you through the procedure, well ordered, of how to mentor customers to a fruitful, economical, and fulfilling vocation in only 7 weeks.

All classes are an hour and a half long and incorporate chronicles, itemized class notes, worksheets, sites, book proposals, and articles.

You will become familiar with the particular How-To’s in detail and will leave with a lifelong instructing program that you can charge for and use to mentor your customers.

Ordinarily, amid career changes, customers are overpowered and unfit to take care of their issues without anyone else.

They need someone on the outside to give them a viewpoint, responsibility, an arrangement, and the capacity to take that arrangement and break it into nibble estimated sensible pieces. Besides, they need somebody who can enable them to prop up when they lose force or need to stop.

Career Coaching

They may likewise require specific learning about how the activity showcases functions, how to survey their very own qualities and difficulties as they identify with their vocation, and how to point themselves in a profession bearing that gives the best result concerning both cash and satisfaction.

That is the point where you come in, the vocation mentor, to salvage their situation.

What prevents numerous mentors from entering this calling, or the individuals who need to include a professional instructing as a forte, is they don’t have the faintest idea about how to go about it or what techniques or procedures to use to mentor their customers effectively.

The entire procedure appears to be overwhelming and overpowering and they don’t know where to start.

This program gives you the professional change instruments to prevail as a lifelong mentor and to watch your training practice prosper.

Career Coaching Mastery is endorsed by the International Coach Federation (ICF) as 10.5 Continuing Coach Education Units in the classification of Core Competencies.

The International Coach Federation and Coach Training Alliance stick to a type of instructing that praises the customer as the master in his/her life work and trusts that each customer is inventive, clever, and whole. Remaining on this establishment, the mentor should:

  • Find, clear up, and line up as per what the customers’ needs are.
  • Bring about self-realization in your customer
  • Influence your customer’s procedures and arrangements
  • Think of your customers as dependable and responsible

7. Graduate Programs

Odds are that you know a lot of the stuff to be a decent mentor, yet there is a similarly decent possibility there are a few things that will hold you back – or stop you altogether – without the correct guidance.

There’s no disgrace in having “pockets of obliviousness.” We all have them! All things considered, we can’t be specialists in all things.

Coach Training Graduate Programs

Course Search is intended for forthcoming ebb and flow understudies to see instructing projects and classes offered by the Coach Training Alliance and to enable you to find what number of pockets are more profound than others.

Be that as it may, with the correct instructing project and preparation, you can turn into a specialist in your particular field.

Coach-Training-Alliance-Review-Nuts-Bolts-ProgramDiscover the training program directed for you!

The Art &  Science Series

  • The Art & Science of Influence, Persuasion, and Neuromarketing
  • The Art & Science of Coaching Career Transitions
  • The Art & Science of Coaching Professionals
  • The Art & Science of Coaching Couples
  • The Art & Science of Coaching Wellness
  • The Art & Science of Coaching Groups
  • The Art & Science of Using DISC

The Nuts & Bolts of Coaching Series

  • The Nuts & Bolts of Automating Your Business
  • The Nuts & Bolts of Public Speaking to Fill Your Practice
  • The Nuts & Bolts of Mind and Brain Coaching Mastery: The Art and Neuroscience of Change
  • The Nuts & Bolts of Making Your Website Make You Money
  • The Nuts & Bolts of Authoring Your First Book
  • The Nuts & Bolts of Making Money with Teleclasses and Workshops
  • The Nuts & Bolts of Coaching Money Mastery
  • The Nuts & Bolts of a Branded Coaching Business

Niche Coach Systems

  • Niche to Be Rich
  • Deep and Dynamic Coaching Mastery Training
  • New Life Story® Coach Training and Licensing Workshop
  • Career Coaching Mastery Certification* Program
  • Lean Coaching Program

Coach Training Alliance Review

  • They have 75%, Good teachers.
  • 75% Positive environment.
  • 62% Good career preparation.
  • 38% Flexible class hours.

Why I Recommend Coach Training Alliance?

Here are 8 reasons why I can easily recommend Coach Training Alliance to anyone:

1. Coaching philosophy

The coaching philosophy of CTA is based on the coaching philosophy of the International Coaching Federation. Coaching is a co-creative process between a coach and a client. Coaching honors the customer as a creative, resourceful, and complete self-expert.

During the coaching process, clients use their own knowledge, wisdom, and vision to create new awareness, new intentions, and opportunities for success. Coaches work with clients to clarify the client’s agenda and listen deeply and effectively.

2. Training delivery

The Certified Trainer program is a combination of live conference calls, an online program, an interactive virtual classroom, and a student forum. All training courses take place virtually and ask important questions that enable customers to discover themselves.

3. Unique Learning Model

Since the amount of information doubles every three to four years, giving up training is giving up life. Before that, he could go to school, graduate, and know almost everything he needed to know for the rest of his life.

Today, in their fourth year, 60% of what students learned in their first year are wrong or no longer apply. Can you imagine what the level of applicable knowledge would be if you graduated ten or twenty years ago? Lifelong learning is the only sustainable competitive advantage.

4. ICF Accreditation

The Coach Training Alliance has been accredited by the ICF since September 8, 2004, and meets the criteria for Coach Specific Training Hours (ACSTH). ‘

Look for Their list on the ICF ACSTH website:

5. Certification

You can refer to yourself as a certified trainer and apply for the CTACC accreditation letter on your behalf. In addition, you can place Their Coach Training Alliance Certified Coach logo on your website and link it to Their website.

6. Reputation

CTA was founded in 2000 and has trained and certified more than 10,000 trainers from 45 countries.

Recipient – 2020 Global Excellence Award Winner – “Best Life Coach Training and Certification Provider – USA. ICF graduate and one of the first to introduce ICF-oriented training A + from BBB. The Coach Training Alliance was named as one of Silicon Review’s 50 Most Admired Companies.

7. Faculty

The Coach Training Alliance is a collection of the best educators, mentors, trainers, and moderators in the coaching profession. Over the past ten years we have put together a team of proven professors – today they are leaders in their field and in their niches.

Their faculty members have published over two dozen books in their field and all of them are “real” trainers. Together they have developed the best coach education programs that are offered in the most economical and efficient way.

We pride ourselves that their faculty has been associated with CTA for an average of ten years. His passion for sharing the benefits of the coaching profession inspires us and will inspire you. All of their CTA mentor coaches are CTA graduates, ICF accredited coaches, and successful.

Their faculty consists of executives, lecturers, and telex operators. Many have developed their own specialized training offered by the CTA Graduate School of Coaching.

8. Center for Lifelong Learning – Graduate School for Coaching

Over the past decade, CTA has created a wealth of trusted and experienced resources to continue the growth and success of your coaching skills and practice.

Their selection of courses, ranging from in-depth niche-specific coaching knowledge to a variety of always useful coaching tools, has been selected and created for you, the active and practicing coach.

Coach Training Alliance Facebook Reviews

Here are the students reviews about Coach Training Alliance on Facebook:

Coach alliance testimonial

Coach alliance testimonial facebook

Coach alliance testimonial facebook 1

Coach alliance testimonial facebook 2

Coach Training Alliance User Reviews & Testimonials:

Here are the students reviews and testimonials about Coach Training Alliance:

Sofia Abounnaim

It’s a great program that gives you all the tools and guidance to become a great coach! I gained lots of experience and knowledge from the Certified Coach Program! Def recommend it!

Robert Leung, CTI

Your seminars are a clear, concise, enlightening, and motivating blend of science and humanity.

Libby Stafford

I was so caught up in your presentation, I was not able to take notes.  I did not want to miss a word.  It is exceptionally helpful to have the replays available.

Kymberly Johnson MA, LPCC, PCC

Powerful, relevant, and exciting material. I have literally spent hours going over the recordings after the seminars.

Saint Teresa

“The life of God within us.” It is thought that our spirit resides in the center of our bodies near our hearts. Sometimes we refer to it as our heart, receiving messages from there that have the power to awaken our aliveness – “in my heart I know…”

Brenda Louis Kitchener

This is a fantastic program. You guys have all the bases covered. I loved that this program covered everything from learning how to coach to starting your own business and everything in between. No other course that I researched offered all of this.

Loree M. Paulson

Overall really has everything I was looking for. It is a good blend of handling the business and marketing aspects of coaching along with developing the right skills and tools. Of all the classes and investigation I did this course always came right back on top.

Coaching Career Transitions Graduate

Deborah’s teaching style is both engaging and open–she’s very willing to share her years of experience with all who will listen! The follow-up notes to her classes are extremely helpful and allow for full participation in the class while it is happening!

Leslie Horkin

Tonight was the first night of Dr. David Krueger’s 4-week Seminar …what a great seminar this is going to be. Some of it felt a little over my head…but the Quantum Physics part was really cool! It’s good to know CTA has more courses to keep us going when our class ends.

Warren Bennis

In the fields I have studied, emotional intelligence is much more powerful than IQ in determining who emerges as a leader. IQ is a threshold competence. You need it, but it doesn’t make you a star. Emotional Intelligence can.

Lisa Velazquez

If you want to affirm and clarify your life purpose this is a wonderful class to take. Nan provides a safe and nurturing space to explore and share newfound insights with other participants and she gives excellent guidance throughout the course. I especially enjoyed doing the exercises, for example, a mind map, or a collage about my life, that showed me where I already am on track and where I need to make adjustments in order to be on purpose. Listening to the experiences of others also was very inspiring. I highly recommend this class.

Career Coaching Mastery Program Graduate

I looked forward to every class and really enjoyed them.

Career Coaching Mastery Program Graduate

I love the classes. I’ve received so much helpful information. Thank you!

Human Capital Consultant (IT)

The most impactful takeaway for me was..The tools on how to implement a formal internal coaching program for my organization; creating the undeniable benefit statement, and setting the stage.  Efforts are now in place to formalize our program, based on the tools we were given with this course.

HR Business Partner

I learned how to mentally prepare myself for coaching conversations…  I am a better coach when I do this, more connected to clients, serve them better.  The class also helped me start asking more powerful questions and reminded me to validate the client during the coaching sessions.. this was critical to my co-creative relationships.

Strategy Consultant

I now am able to “be encouraging and inviting to help others… instead of solving problems, I can guide others by asking questions which facilitate their own thought processes.  Biggest AHA and biggest challenge:  I wanted to try to help/solve – that is not the most effective way to do it.

Sr. HR Strategist

It was really helpful to practice the coaching sessions and to have others provide feedback.  It’s tough to learn something and then never get to really use it in a way where you can get real-time, meaningful feedback.


This course provided a template for having productive conversations which built trust and made possible a real exchange of ideas… makes it easier to identify blocks and overcome them more quickly… We respond faster to challenges and opportunities


“I set a goal of ‘selling 30 hours of pure coaching in the first year after this program.  I did it in a month.” ….Another unexpected benefit the coaching program provided me was to enhance my skills as a professional advisor… it has greatly elevated the relationship on all matters both technical and advisory.

Sarah Kirkish

“I got to experience many different styles of coaching and gained the confidence to achieve an amazing level of coaching mastery within a very short period of time.”

Sandra Harris

“I have had the opportunity and great pleasure of making many new friends and associations because of CTA.”

Ida Crawford

“My take away from the Certified Coach Program is that now I have the mechanics involved in being a coach. I understand the power of words more than I ever did. This course also allowed me to truly learn more about who I am; i.e. my strengths and weaknesses. I BELIEVE I can do this. I am so excited about my new career. Thank you, Nan. You are an awesome instructor.”

State Government

“My greatest takeaway was developing the ability to “ask better questions, having a model in my head that allows me to better structure my conversations, asking powerful questions.”

Managing Partner

Creating revenue for the firm, connecting better with clients, serving the client need.

As a consultant, achieving this “coaching state-of-mind” has gone against my natural instincts as I’ve been programmed to give advice.  The Human Capital Coaching program has allowed me to become a much better listener and focus on what my client is truly expressing instead of how I would like to respond.  I’m now…able to identify the real issues of a client at a deeper level.  …the HCC program enabled me to resolve clients’ issues and capture new business much more efficiently, ultimately creating greater revenue for my firm.

Rhonda Cimorelli

The CTA program is amazing. Very thorough utilizing Coach Training Accelerator audio program, small classes, and a mentor coach. I particularly loved having Nan Einarson as my mentor coach. It’s been 3+ years and my “coach the coach” buddy and I still connect every week.

Kevin W. Daley

I thoroughly enjoyed the seminars and found your insight both motivational and stimulating.  The reference material and exercises are a fantastic resource.

Phillip A. Callicutt, Ed.D., CPC

Since taking the seminar I have used your concept of change and transition as new stories with a number of my clients going through major life transitions.  It is like someone turned a light on in their heads.  The material was great and the delivery was excellent.

Ann Backes

I expected support and encouragement, but not at this high level. It has been very rewarding.

Coach Training Alliance Indeed Reviews:

Here are the students reviews about Coach Training Alliance on Indeed:

Coach Training Alliance Indeed Review 1 Coach Training Alliance Indeed Review 2 Coach Training Alliance Indeed Review 3 Coach Training Alliance Indeed Review 4

Coach Training Alliance Pricing Plans: 

The expense of their proceeding with training courses will shift as the courses themselves change, however, a large number of them are estimated somewhere in the range of $100 and $500, contingent upon your requirements and decisions.

The full educational modules to turn into a certified life coach is currently estimated at around $3,100 and is payable in full or in three or seven sections. This cost will incorporate all that you have to finish the course, with no further charges or concealed expenses.

The Refund Policy for this organization will rely upon the item you have bought since not every one of their items is equivalent. Be that as it may, they do offer a Refund Policy for their full affirmation course.

This approach expresses that the course enlistment expense is non-refundable, sadly, yet past that as long as you drop your course enlistment no less than 14 days before the course starts, you will get an off of your educational cost instalments.

What Is A Certified Coach?

A certified coach can help a person identify their strengths, nurture them, and identify their personal and professional goals. His job is to help the person throughout the change process.

As you will find out, it does this in a number of ways. Part of the mentor’s focus is on compatibility with the mentee. They act as advisors and provide support, guidance, and accountability. Your job is to facilitate change.

The role of the certified Coach can be summarized as follows:

  1. Help to improve self-confidence.
  2. Follow through on commitments, and also creates accountability.
  3. Offer your own unique perspective based on life experience.
  4. A Certified coach improved their relationships.
  5. Determine your strengths and weaknesses.
  6. Support them in their efforts to discover clarity of purpose.
  7. Make the transition to a new life easier once you have achieved your goals.

Why Should You Become A Certified Coach?

Firstly Certified trainers are in great demand. According to the International Coaching Federation, there is a growing and positive opinion of coaches among potential clients.

The data also shows a high return on investment for those who use certified coaching services. The industry’s growth rate is expected to be 13-15% between 2016 and 2026.

The labor market continues to evolve as we enter the 21st century. Many are giving up their traditional 8-5 jobs in search of more lucrative and rewarding businesses. The bottom line is, you can make more money working for yourself than if you work for someone else.

If you have an entrepreneurial spirit and a passion for helping others, certified coaching might be for you.

As a certified coach, you are no longer tied to an 8-5 existence. Don’t be confused. You will put in the hours. It’s just that you decide when, where, how much, etc. But at the end of the day, you work for yourself.

Successful coaches do this very well. In the United States, the average salary in 2016 was 61,900.

These Are The Reasons Why You Should Become A Certified Coach

  • Becoming a Certified Coach allows you to become an expert in your own life!
  • You desire to ‘listen’ in a new and innovative way.
  • You become the entrepreneur you’ve always dreamed of!
  • You can ask not only to ask powerful questions but to live them.
  • Best life coach certification Will Add Proven Tools and New Techniques

Coach Training Alliance Get SR 2020 Award

The Coach Training Alliance offers one of the best coaching education programs in the industry and has been Awarded as 50 Most Admired Companies of 2020″

Coach Training award


Congratulations to the Coach Training Alliance. They are doing a great job And the coaches are doing great that comes from their programs.

FAQ About Coach Training Alliance Review:

Is Life Coach Training Institute legit?

Yes, the Life Coach Training Institute is legit. It is an accredited coach training program. It aims to train coaches.

How long is the program?

The training program can last from 16 hours to 100hours depending on the program you choose. The courses are online.

How much does a Life Coach earn?

On average, a certified coach may earn between $27,000- $210,000. Life Coach in North America earns about $61,900.

What role does a Life Coach play?

A life coach helps its clients to improve their lifestyles, relationships, resolve issues, and excel in their careers. Life Coach helps their clients to move forward in life and achieve greater goals by guiding them.

Is Life Coach a therapist?

No, Life Coach and Therapist are two different terms. Therapists study the history and past patterns to help their clients whereas a Life Coach analyses its client's present state and problems and work towards solving it.

What is a CTA Certified coach?

The Certified Coach Program is a course that helps you become a coach. You get to learn how to be a coach and start coaching before the course is over.

Is Coach Training Alliance accredited?

Yes, Coach Training Alliance is accredited. They are accredited by the International Coaching Federation (ICF). The ICF is the best accreditation body for coach training programs.

Is a coaching certification worth it?

If you own a coaching certificate, then you will more likely succeed. Many professional coaches say that. With that, there is more chance to become successful in your coaching business. And it is less likely that the coach will lose their jobs.

How long does it take to become an ICF certified coach?

In average, most coaching programs require you to do 40-160 hours of work. It takes between 6-12 months to complete the program. The time depends on whether you are getting a basic or advanced certificate.

What is the most prestigious coaching certification?

The International Coaching Federation is the best certificate in the world. They only give certificates to coaches who are considered the industry gold standard.

Conclusion: Coach Training Alliance Review 2022 : Is Coach Training Alliance accredited?

Coaching is generally a new profession and can be an ideal choice for any individual who appreciates working with individuals. On the off chance that you are keen on beginning a vocation in this field, Coach Training Alliance’s Certified Coach Program is one of the best coach training programs.

The program gives an exceptionally expansive extent of preparing, considering every contingency. Since it is so incorporating, we trust it is keen speculation and a decent method to get your imminent training practice off the ground.

Over the most recent couple of years, the idea of life instructing and individual training has turned out to be mainstream and the associations that offer coursework for preparing have developed and extended too, so if the Coach Training Alliance doesn’t address your issues there is likely another provider that will.

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  1. Coach Training Alliance is the best path for professional coaching ICF-approved certified coaching programs and continuing education courses. You will learn a lot, maximize your potential through life coaching, professional career development, and personal growth.

  2. Good course and value. My coach, Cody Williams, was great. He is a good teacher and trainer. The class was not too hard but it delivered what I wanted to learn and I would recommend it.

  3. I learned a lot from the Certified Coach Program. Coach Training Alliance helped me to become a great coach.

  4. I recently got my coaching degree with CTA and I really recommend it to people who want to be a professional coach. The instructors were awesome! The cost of the program was good. My classmates were great, we learned from each other’s experiences. I feel confident in the new skills I’ve gained.

  5. The Coach Training Alliance programs prepares you not only to become a coach, but to establish your own coaching practice as a business. This is important for me because I want to be able to feel competent and still have the tools needed for my business. The price was also very reasonable.

  6. I really liked the CTA program. I had a great time and learned how to be a good coach. My classmates are still in touch with each other to support each other after the course is finished. You get lots of help and you learn everything you need to know before starting your own coaching business.

  7. This course is a great place to learn about coaching. The materials are practical, and we get lots of feedback from the teacher. Plus, being an entrepreneur is important–you can practice your business while practicing as a coach.

  8. I just finished the Coach Training Alliance program and it was one of the most amazing and rewarding choices I ever made for myself. It was easy to fit into my busy schedule. The program is also accredited and well-known in the industry. I would say that it was worth every money I spent on it.

  9. It’s really an incredible coaching opportunity. It just opened my eyes to what I’d been missing entirely over the past few years and helped me find the answers that always eluded me: meaningfulness, fulfillment, and some guidance on how to achieve it in new and exciting ways. If you’re looking for a change of pace or something new in your life, this is worth checking out!

  10. Coming from a successful Coach Training Alliance graduate and continuing education course, I cannot stress enough how impressed I am with the quality and value of this coaching program. No other certification is valid unless it’s ICF-approved. It enables me to help clients achieve their goals using my skills as life coach and professional career development specialist every day in my every-growing business as a coach trainer alliance alumni!

  11. I’m a stay-at-home mom and small business owner. I am not a professional coach, but the Coach Training Alliance has kept me on my feet professionally by improving my skills as a life coach, career advisor, and personal trainer. With engaging videos from industry leaders like Dave Thomas of Virgin Group/IDEO and Dale Carnegie’s grandson Andy Harless retired CEO of Motorola who cover topics such as Strengths Finder, Six Sigma Project Management just to name a few – it is easy to learn on my own time schedule with Instructor Led Webinars that are available every weekend!

  12. I like the courses on this site because all of them are actionable, relevant, and concise. They give me the tools I need to make positive changes in my life – all on my own at home. I love how helpful they’ve been with understanding things like how to maintain healthy relationships or coping with stress more effectively. You can’t go wrong with coach training alliance!

  13. I read this article . I think it is very insightful about the trend in management that has led to increased employee engagement. It provides various way to reach the goal and hence offers the best teaching methods! COACH TRAINING ALLIANCE is best!

  14. “I’m a parent who will soon be attending college. I greatly appreciate the level of training and certification that Coach Training Alliance offers because not all coaching ICF approved programs are created equal. Some offer lower standards or have questionable materials, which is why it’s important to ensure a business is a worthwhile investment for a student to spend their valuable time studying with.”

  15. I’ve never felt this good before. I used to feel burdened, uninspired, and frustrated with work, but after joining the Coach Training Alliance coaching group I now have clarity on what my priorities are and how they can help me grow as a leader. Thank you!

  16. Coach Training Alliance is a remarkable resource for becoming a certified coach. It’s an investment in the future of my business and I am really happy with all that I have learned from them so far. When I was going through some rough patches in life, they were eager to help me get through them and continuously challenge me along the way.

  17. I had never utilized the certification programs that Coach Training Alliance offered until I decided to enter this profession. After receiving my ICF-approved certification, it made me confident in my ability to coach all sorts of people, age wise. It’s changed my life for the better by helping me make more money an giving me new perspectives on myself and others through life coaching, personal growth, and professional development!

  18. Coach Training Alliance is a premier coaching training school. It is prime for those who have been thinking about going into personal growth, life coaching, and pursuing careers as a therapist. This program will teach you what you need to know as well as how to apply it in the field of business….A must to go through program.

  19. Coach Training Alliance changed the game when they introduced their Certified Coach Program. If you are ready for a life-changing experience then surely try this as it will provide the best business guidance….They are the best mentors for me till now!

  20. I think Coach Training Alliance should be a top choice for coaching certification. Instead of trying to re-invent the wheel, their program takes best practices from their certified coaches and strings them together in a way that’s conducive to today’s culture while still being practical. The commitment you have to make is absolutely worth it because licensing alone will cost around $7500, not including expenses on time off work, taking care of your family responsibilities, and so forth. The live classes are accessible every week where they have both short teleconference meetings or zoom video chats for answering questions or talking with other students if you want to work with peers. Basically all I needed was some reasonable stretch and i am ready to shine!

  21. I was looking and ready to invest in a coaching program. I had heard so much about the Coach Training Alliance’s Certified Coach Program and I wanted to see for myself if it was worth my time and money. When I got started with it, what really stood out to me was the emphasis on self-examination — it’s such an important component that often gets phased out of other programs. They also put you through weekly live classes that provide different perspectives every week! If you’re thinking about pursuing this career path, take some time to dig into their program!

  22. I had my doubts at first, but the quality of this Coach Training Alliance is actually really good. And even though it took up a year out of my life, I don’t regret any day of it. You learn so much in such an intimate environment with other like-minded people and stimulating courses. Highly recommended!

  23. Coach Training Alliance is an online certification course that will take you through a five-month training program on coaching and counseling skills. Course participants can expect to be assigned three assessments over the course of the weeks they spend following the class, and each week there’ll be live videos or webinars with additional readings and interactive sessions for them to attend. Furthermore, every participant will need to partake in 5 hours of self-study per week as well!

  24. It’s a rigorous program, but oh-so worth it. This is the type of trainings you would expect from a high level coach or firm… you know, one that spends time and money to make sure they have people who are truly committed to an investment in their future careers. I love this product because: The challenging task of becoming a coach has been made easier for me by Coach Training Alliance which offers only the best! Not only do I get access to educational materials that have been perfected over decades, but I can also utilize tools such as video chat and intelligent programming pieces that allow me a flexible schedule where my work life doesn’t take too much away from my family life.

  25. Coach Training Alliance is a half-year long program that includes online modules, video chats, and live classes. The purpose of this plan is for consumers to explore topics like introspection on their own time which helps them get ready for group activities the whole company participates in every week. Report cards are sent out following each class to make sure everyone’s up to par. perfect for a student…..who want to learn.

  26. I’ve experienced a lot of certifications over the years, but the Coach Training Alliance really stands out. I spent six months with them learning how to coach others, and I have never had so much fun with an education process. Each week is broken up by live classes every day on one subject or another. There are also two quizzes per week assigned randomly throughout these videos for you do online at your own pace outside of class time. These quizzes take about half an hour each, which wasn’t too inconvenient for my weekday schedule because they were usually done before work in the morning. They might be more difficult if you haven’t taken any college-level tests since high school though!
    i will say that give it a try and feel the difference in yourself !

  27. I am someone who takes care of their own needs and wants, no matter the cost. When I saw this program on sale for half off, I was excited to buy it. It turns out that it’s dirt cheap because the product is garbage! The live classes are particularly unbearable; there’s not one that doesn’t go overtime by 30-40 minutes, which can be painful when your eyes start to droop in front of the computer screen. This material isn’t worth 60 bucks let alone 120!

  28. I think it’s important to be skeptical of all the “coaches” out there that claim they want to change your life and make you rich if only you sign up for their coaching program. That’s not what I’m after, check it very closely. The Coach Training Alliance doesn’t promise any quick fixes or overnight millionaires – they’ll work with you either live in person or over video chat for six months. You can still make incremental changes and reach your goals like losing weight, changing careers, getting a promotion, etc., but at a much slower pace than those who try to do everything on their own from one day to another….if you give all your soul into the course then it can be easy to achieve else the hurdles won’t stop!

  29. Coach Training Alliance is really great! I had my confidence knocked down, but now I’ve got it back and more than ever before. It was hard work to push through all of the negative comments and criticism that resulted from these events. I always believed in myself but the self-doubt never left me alone. My life changed when a Certified coach helped me find clarity about what was important for me and how to get there. The business coaching advice they provided has been invaluable to my company – but even more so close to home with family members, friends, and significant others alike. With their help guiding me along the way, it’s easy for me to see myself progressing towards my goals each day.”

  30. Coach Training Alliance is a program designed to help you improve your self-confidence and follow through on commitments. The Certified coach improved their relationships and helped them discover enlightenment of purpose. I had always been reserved, but I absolutely loved this program! It allowed me more independence in life, even though before it felt like something was holding me back.The coaching involved exercises that were memorable because they were so different from when I went to school normally, which reminded me of how bad student debt can weigh someone down in the long run if nobody gets around to paying for it!

  31. “I felt a little uncertain about coaching as my profession before I took Coach Training Alliance’s training, but now I feel confident and excited to start this journey.”

  32. This course has truly changed my life. Instead of just focusing on one person’s needs, I now know how to cut through the noise and give people what they want.
    No matter what your personal style is, this program will help you build up your professional skills so that you can step into any social situation with confidence.

  33. Power of confident coaches, improved by Coach Training Alliance.
    Coaches know the power of confident professionals, and that’s why they all own up to their commitments. Whether it is for our relationships or knowing our strengths and weaknesses, life gets better with accountability! At CTA they’ll help you find this clarity in purpose so your coaching will meet new success levels.

  34. Who needs a coach when you have the Coach Training Alliance? They offer leadership and coaching training in areas like personal and life coaching. Some of their most popular topics include how to speak in public for effective presentations, leadership development, and team building skills. Students will come away with inspiration they can use by reviewing past accomplishments and following through on commitments knowing there is someone (or something) that is there cheering them on every step of the way….I like this platform a lot.

  35. The Coach Training Alliance changed my life. I can’t believe how great it is to coach yourself! Offering your own unique perspective based on life experience, you’re able to provide accountability and follow through on commitments. Plus with this program, you’ll determine your strengths and weaknesses; which means that there’s always someone who understands exactly what you’re going through. Get ready for some major self-improvement!

  36. The coach training alliance has been a great tool for me to develop my skills from learning from other coaches. As I progressed in the program, I started to see personal growth which helped me maintain accountability and stay focused on goals–just as it advertises!

  37. I was scrolling through the Coach Training Alliance website and I couldn’t believe what I was reading. When I finally got to checkout, it looked like they would make an awesome gift for my brother who has always said he wanted to create his own freelance business.
    He’s been working really hard lately, putting in tons of hours at his high paying day job while talking to clients on the side just so he could get started with something that makes him happy….now my brother is saving a lot of time for extra work as well as learning too quickly with these people…thank you for fulfilling his dream!

  38. I’ve been coaching for six years, and I can say with certainty that the Coach Training Alliance is the best option for me. Besides having taught my own courses before, it occurred to me that this was likely something I should be doing on a more regular basis so I knew I had to do something different if my dream & that’s going to stay alive. They helped me a lot and they are best !

  39. James is a business coach who coached me through the process of going from being a manager at a family-owned company to starting my own coaching training company. It took a lot of twisting and turning, but I finally got there! Now I have two successful businesses that allow me to stay home with my three kids. James helped me every step of the way from inspiring me what it would be like as an entrepreneur to refining some technical skills for my new job as business coach. This guy excels in getting real tangible results for his students.

  40. Generally the reviews I was able to find for this course were positive. The Trainers Academy has been around a long time and it’s obvious from their reviews, they know what they’re doing when it comes to coaching. One person commented that if you follow the program in its entirety “it will work, guaranteed.” It appears that Coach Training Alliance is one of those rare few who can satisfy everyone in need- either heightening an existing skillset or enriching a beginner instructor with a sense of where things need improvement.

  41. I was looking for a coaching certification program and found this one. It’s not the cheapest, but it offers expansive preparation on all type of situations you’ll encounter as an individual or life coach. The content is extremely comprehensive and helpful to anyone just starting out with coaching training.

  42. I was really scared when I first started my coach training program. Insurance is overwhelming, people always clam up in group interviews, and when they realized I’m a lawyer they must have thought “perfect!”
    I found out about the CTA by listening to a podcast on orienting myself in this field once I finally had enough courage to choose a career for life coaching. It’s been two years since my certification and the CTA is still my go-to source for advice, information, self-care tips. They do an excellent job of making complicated ideas simple without oversimplifying them…AWESOME!

  43. Coach Training Alliance is a valuable addition to any coach’s repertoire
    The Coach Training Alliance provides exceptional coaching in a multitude of scenarios, and it does so in an overarching manner. On the off chance that you’re looking for pinpoint instruction in one specific domain, this might not be right for you. However, if your goal is to polish everything from how to read signals on the field or court with sport psychology tools like NeuroTalk360 2.0TM to how much water should be allowed per athlete as well as when, then Coach Training Alliance would serve as a great starting point for expanding your knowledge base now and into the future.

  44. The best course for intending coaches. The Coach Training Alliance program provides an exceptionally expansive degree of preparation, considering every conceivable contingency.

  45. I started the Coach Training Alliance program and loved it! I loved that it was so detailed and thought through, covering every contingency. It’s such a great investment to use as well as a good way to start your impending training practice off the ground. If you’re looking for someone to address your needs,then they provide you the best !

  46. I was such a novice when I started my coach training certification. It’s been 3+ years and I look back on that time with great fondness, because it created deep self-awareness for me and woke up something in my life: the desire to make a difference in the lives of others through coaching and empowerment, and knowing what works best for me (coaching) and what doesn’t work well. CTA is amazing. They make sure you get your Coach Training Accelerator audio program AND small classes which work really well for people who are primarily very introverted. The CTA program also has one-on-one mentoring if you can afford it—I found this incredibly invaluable !

  47. Nan Einarson was an amazing help. She always helped me if I had any questions, even when she didn’t have the answer herself. The CTA program really changed my life for the better.

  48. This program is perfect if you’re a new coach and want to know how to get started or for veteran coaches who may be looking to switch careers. After my time in the CTA, I left feeling confident and competent with all of my knowledge on how coaching works. The course was very thorough and utilized both the audio program as well as workbooks that were supplemented by our mentor coaches in class each week. We had group discussions about different topics in coaching including sessions on relationship skills, effective use of questions, fundamentals of anatomy & physiology- it was so much info! Crucially coach training has also helped me build confidence when meeting people since now I have a common ground to talk about which comes across authentically !

  49. Wow, I can’t believe it has been three years. Seems like just yesterday that Nan called me up to be a mentor coach and we have been going strong ever since! Take it from this lifer – the CTA program is the best training a coach could ask for. Why choose a half-baked program when you can go big? I feel proud on my decision and thankful to the mentors for helping me throughout the journey!

  50. The Coach Training Alliance program made a world of difference for me. Through the CTA program, I was able to train as a coach with Nano Einarson as my mentor coach and great accommodations that allowed for personal growth. I’ve been challenged by an amazing curriculum using The Coach Training Accelerator audio programs and experienced close interaction with other coaches from the beginning stages all the way through graduation. This is definitely an investment worth your time!

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