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If you own a business coaching company, you’ll obviously be having more important things to handle than spending hours making PLR materials. You will, however, require plenty of excellent quality content in order to be effective. Read CoachGlue Review 2021.

You’ll need content for teleclasses, workshops, and community programs as a good mentor, but you don’t have to bear the hassle and stress of making everything yourself.

Since all is done for you, you will spend less time on content development with coaching material under private label rights. CoachGlue PLR has a specific approach to private label rights content, according to our analysis.

You will achieve your goals if you choose to become an expert in a specific field and mentor others, or just use the site’s reasonably priced items to train yourself.

What is CoachGlue? A Brief Description

CoachGlue is an online coaching and courses platform founded by Nicole Dean and Melissa Ingold, two highly skilled business masters and marketers possessing over 25 years of experience in online business ownership as well as business management.

Coachglue Review

CoachGlue was developed by them with the objective of providing PLR coaching products in the market. 

The platform covers a wide array of topics such as:

  • Social media management on Facebook and other sites
  • How to run webinars?
  • Getting started with Aweber email automation
  • Creating irresistible coaching programs
  • Website management

**And a lot more!

You’ll find all the coaching forms, material, workshops, and letters, you’ll need at CoachGlue to start your business from scratch. You can easily add the logo as well as the branding of your company, and you’re ready to begin selling or use the branding for clients in your own market.

CoachGlue User Testimonial

What can you do with CoachGlue?

CoachGlue is a powerful and feature-rich online courses platform that offers several tools and features you would need to launch and promote your online PLR coaching products in the market.

From workshops to coaching forms to lead generation and webinar hosting, CoachGlue gives you access to all the important tools to find success in the field of online marketing at the most affordable prices.

Here is a list of things you can do with CoachGlue:

  • “Done For You” Content 

CoachGlue is designed to make it very easy for you to build your list of subscribers, create low-cost items, and create content for training for both free and paying clients, thus sparing you the hassle of thinking about and creating private label coaching goods. 

You can use this content in the form of a promotional giveaway, or build a mini-course with a webinar, checklist, and booklet. You can also give one-on-one coaching to clients or use the content as a tool for lead generation with this done for your PLR coaching material.

Anything at Coach Glue Done-For-You PLR Content is in.doc format, which means you will be able to make any changes you want.


  • Ready-for-Use Coaching Forms

You’ll have access to ready-for-use versions of several tools and products you’ll need to smoothly run your company, from referral letters to intake forms, with CoachGlue’s brandable coaching material.

You won’t get a definite “Yes” from every potential customer right away, so you’ll need to follow up with them to maximize the likelihood of a successful deal.

CoachGlue Done For You coaching Forms

The done-for-you emails and newsletters will help you close the deal with hesitant customers.

You will learn how to cope with tough circumstances when they occur with the aid of them with Done For You Coaching Forms, as well as how to receive payments whenever a client is falling behind.

Templates, agendas, maps, coaching workshops, and checklists are only a few of the resources available, and you will find it extremely easy to run an engaging and profitable online coaching business.

  • Use Ready-Made Content to Convert Leads into Customers

You’ll have ready-to-use versions of everything you’ll need to run your company, from intake forms to referral letters, with CoachGlue’s brandable coaching material.

CoachGlue Done For You Courses

Not every potential customer will say “yes” right away, so you’ll need to follow up with them to 9420864606maximise the likelihood of a successful deal.

The done-for-you updates and emails will help you close the deal with hesitant customers. You will learn how to cope with tough circumstances when they occur with the aid of them at Done For You Coaching Forms.

As well as how to receive payments when a client has fallen behind. Templates, agendas, maps, checklists, and PLR coaching workshops are only a few of the resources available.

  • Ready for Use Coaching Workshops 

If you want to run an online successful business, it will take up the majority of your time, and finding a balance between your personal and professional life can be challenging. I know this better than almost anyone else.

You’ll see that it is easier to create digital seminars, lessons, services, and eCourses with CoachGlue PLR coaching items that you can utilize to expand your business—and sell to your clients again and again!

You gain the right to edit any content and then brand it as per your requirement and sell or offer it to your subscribers by buying a license from CoachGlue at PLR Coaching Workshops by CoachGlue. It’s that simple to establish yourself as a good online business coach!

CoachGlue User Review

  • Easily Host Group Coaching Sessions and Webinars 

CoachGlue’s done-for-you coaching services at the Monthly Program – “Teach Your Tribe” can be a huge help if you’re ready to expand your company while saving time, money, and frustration.

You will get a proper script to follow that will show you how to lead your customers in a teleclass, lecture, or a seminar for which you can charge a fee or even give away as a promotional bonus with this kit.

CoachGlue Review - Done For You Video Script Pacages

You won’t have to waste any more of your precious time making material, and you won’t have to spend a lot of money hiring a writer to do it for you. CoachGlue will be doing almost the entire work for you, and they’ve kept the price down for business coaches working online.

All you will need to do now is put the material in the kit to good use!

  • The best features at the best prices!

Many of CoachGlue’s clients wonder if there is a way to release anything during the year so that nothing is lost. The All-Access Annual Pass costs $997, which might seem slightly expensive for newcomers.

However, you can read more about Coach Glue-All Access Pass Weekly, which is a monthly service.

You’ll have immediate access to several monthly coaching seminars, Teach Your Tribe plans, and monthly workbook/planner packages once you sign up. Even IM amateurs and newbies will be able to afford this coaching PLR kit!

  • All-Access VIP Membership

I started my coaching company to help others succeed in the field of online marketing, and I’m sure you must be hoping to do the same. But if you want to taste success, you’ll need to find out how you can assist many people at once.

Coachglue Review - VIP membership

CoachGlue’s All-Access VIP service is available at the All-Access VIP Upgrade of CoachGlue, and it gives you complete access to:

  • Programs for Monthly mentoring 
  • Digital e-courses and boot camps
  • Teleclasses, live workshops, and webinars 
  • Coaching retreats in exotic locales

Both of these items can be customised to include your company’s name, company’s logo, as well as contact details. You can either use these supplies to expand your coaching company or repurpose, repackage, and sell them to your customers.


CoachGlue Membership Programs

Coachglue Review - Membership-program

PLR planners, blog posts, classes, forms, and community coaching material are all available from Coach Glue. They offer two membership options and market a few of their product categories separately.

PLR-licensed ready-to-use content and “done for you” coaching services range in price from $10 to $147, and can place you as the go-to guy or gal in your field right away.

A monthly $19.97 coaching toolkit subscription is also available, which offers a done-for-you coaching bundle worth $37 – $47 per month.

“Teach Your Tribe” Membership

CoachGlue User Review 2

The aim of this membership is to assist you with group coaching. When you sign up, you will receive the current month’s content as well as the previous three months’ content. The annual membership fee is $297 if paid in advance.

The following items are included in each month’s content:

  • Step-by-step script
  • PowerPoint slides for your webinar
  • Worksheet (14 pages, 837 words)
  • 4 Week Calendar (22 pages, 1060 words)
  • Action Checklist (5 pages, 650 words)
  • Resource Directory with Links to Tools & Resources (12 pages, 1677 words)
  • 21 Ideas Blueprint (8 pages, 2535 words)

CoachGlue VIP Club Membership

You get All Coach Glue has released in the last year as a VIP member. PLUS, you’ll receive ALL of the upcoming Coaching Courses, Teach Your Tribe sets, and Planners/Workbooks.

A one-year VIP Club membership costs $997, or $525 in two installments. If you decide to stay for the first year, the second year, and subsequent years will cost $497.


How can you get CoachGlue VIP Membership FOR FREE?

Although CoachGlue’s VIP membership is a fantastic investment, we do realize that this might be a significant financial outlay for some users.

However, CoachGlue’s guide on How you can get the VIP Program for FREE will teach you five ways on how you can become a VIP member for free.

Build a webinar or seminar using the monthly community coaching app, add the workbook and planner, and sell only one position every month, and your annual VIP membership of CoachGlue is paid for with considerable profit.

You can also build a subscription site with a library of CoachGlue’s materials that has been rebranded to meet your needs. There are several ways to obtain a complimentary VIP membership CoachGlue, and CoachGlue will make things easy.

Coachglue Review VIP

CoachGlue “Done For You” Products

  • Done For You Courses” (Exclusive for VIP members)

Coach Glue’s “Done For You Courses” are the company’s most robust offering. If you are a VIP participant, you will have access to the courses. Each course includes the following:

4 complete course lessons

  • Course workbook consisting of  exercises, worksheets, and checklists
  • Generate the hype for the launching of your course  using Facebook Live stream theme script
  • Page copy of Facebook Live stream launch 
  • Sell your online course using a copy of the Sales page 
  • 10 “done-for-you” social media posts
  • 5 blog posts to update and engage your audience for the upcoming launch of your product
  • Done For You Planners – $37 each

CoachGlue User Review 1

The “done for you” planners from Coach Glue are detailed guides that will walk you or your audience through a role in your company. Choose from a variety of subjects, with new content added on a monthly basis. Individual planners are available for $37 each.

Coaching forms that you can customize for anything you need to run your company efficiently and effectively. Coach Glue has everything you need, from client intake forms to referral letters.

Each kit contains 7 to 17 letters, forms, or checklists that you can use in your coaching practice.

  • Done For You Blog Posts – $27 each

Coach Glues provides blog posts that are “done for you.” Each package comes with ten blog posts (the word count isn’t specified on the website). Each kit costs $27 when purchased separately.

  • Done For You Coaching Forms – $27 each

Coaching forms that you can customize for anything you need to run your company efficiently and effectively. Coach Glue has everything you need, from client intake forms to referral letters.

Each kit contains 7 to 17 letters, forms, or checklists that you can use in your coaching practice. Each package costs $27.

CoachGlue PLR

CoachGlue currently has the PLR for the following list of categories:

  • Run live events
  • Facebook
  • Amazon
  • Kindle
  • E-mail automation
  • Blogging
  • Social networking
  • Passive income streams
  • Webinars

CoachGlue currently covers various formats and categories including:

  • Plug-ins for Websites
  • Plug-ins for WordPress
  • “Done for you” Products 
  • Software
  • Training and Coaching packages
  • Training content that is ready for use
  • Customizable forms
  •  PLR bundles – “Business in a box”

PLR titles offered by CoachGlue:

  • How to Create Hot Selling Programs to Earn Passive Income and Clients – Done for You Coaching Program PLR
  • How to De-Junk Your Business: Keys to Taking Control, Getting Organized, and Getting It All Done – Monthly Coaching Toolkit PLR
  • Create Passive Income Streams in Your Business – Ready to Use Content PLR
  • Charging What You Are Worth – Customizable PLR Forms
  • Easy Ad Maker WordPress Plug-In – Software PLR

Attractive Gifts & Freebies 

When you sign up for the Coach Glue e-mail subscription, you’ll get a cool freebie that you should definitely take advantage of. You’ll get immediate access to a video on how to start a company.

CoachGlue Review - Free Gifts

Nicole and Melissa teach you how to get out of the rat race and work less while making more money.

“Is it Really Possible to Make More Money, Serve More People, and Have a Greater Impact on the World – While Working Less?” is the title of a comprehensive 57-minute video that you can watch over and over to help you start and run a successful, life-changing online company.

We highly recommend visiting the site and exchanging your email address for this free gift, which is one of the most powerful freebies we’ve discovered while scouring the internet for the best PLR sites. Go to CoachGlue right now to get your free training.

Who is CoachGlue perfect for?

There are hundreds of PLR article websites to choose from. CoachGlue isn’t just about that.

Melissa and Nicole describe their products as “resources, models, and training to help coaches make more money, run their companies smoothly, and still have time to enjoy the lifestyle they dream of,” in their own words.

That is precisely what you get for a very low price.

You can use the coaching programs to make a positive impact on your own business or to become a teaching and coaching expert in any area. If you’re searching for more than a basic private label, CoachGlue is the place to go. They even publish articles and reports.

Conclusion –  CoachGlue Review 2021

If you’ve worked in the IM coaching industry before, you know how difficult it is to come up with quality PLR content for your coaching company.

CoachGlue will help you with this. It’s the best-kept secret among thousands of online business coaches, and I’m about to spill the beans to you!

CoachGlue User Feedback

You will spend less time on boring paperwork and more time on growing your brand and expanding your company with CoachGlue’s support. You can make online coaching your key source of income with these brandable PLR coaching items.

Learn how CoachGlue, a done-for-you PLR program, will assist you by reading this CoachGlue analysis.

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