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Today I’m writing a review on Edureka that includes a detailed description of the price as well as its pros and cons. So read this fantastic full-length content to learn more about this fantastic website.

If you want to advance in your career, online learning platforms are a great way to do so, and Edureka is undoubtedly one of the best options.

It provides certification courses taught by accredited instructors on the latest trends. It appears that the platform is a very effective way to acquire new technological capabilities.

What is Edureka?

Edureka is a popular online learning platform with more than 400,000 students and thousands of hours of training. On this page, you will find a variety of projects and tasks.

They specialize in courses in digital marketing, computer science, and technology. Cloud Computing, Chain Courses, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, and other specialized programs are available on this technical training platform.

Lovleen Bhatia owns the online training provider, which is a privately held, independent company whose main competitor is SimpliLearn. It was established in 2011 and is based in Bangalore, India.

Edureka Review Dashboard

According to one online source, the company’s annual revenue is estimated to be $ 5.2 million, but its primary revenue goal is to become a $ 50 million company within the next two years.

Although it began as a small business venture, the company quickly grew to become one of the world’s most popular online training platforms.

As an active member, you will find that Edureka focuses primarily on job opportunities and direct and immediate practical tasks. In addition, the organization works with many educational institutions and qualified teachers.

Edureka Cloud Computing Certification Courses Review

Edureka Cloud Computing Courses Review with Detailed Description of Price, pros, and cons.

Main Features Of Edureka

  • Trend Course: Edureka introduces some of the most challenging skill enhancement programs: Python, DevOps certification, and others.
  • Applications: Active members can download the Edureka app on their smartphone, tablet, or another device. The application is compatible with Android and iOS systems. In addition, this particular application differs from other similar software by the fact that as a subscriber you can monitor live conferences directly in the app.
  • All courses are completed.
  • 24/7 Customer Support: Edureka provides effective on-demand support to help and advise on your courses.
  • Even better, you can benefit from this service around the clock.
  • Most users say that the quality of the conferences is very good in terms of image resolution and video.

How Does Edureka Work? – The Whole Process Revealed

According to the company, Edureka employees are fully committed to achieving all your learning goals while providing a pleasant and satisfying experience with the platform.

First, an administrator will contact you to guide you through the company’s mobile platform and website. If you have questions, please let them know since they are your supervisor.

PMP Certifications Edureka Review


Second, you can participate in live screen-sharing courses, which are online interactive lectures with a teacher. They will gradually be invited to take part in demonstrations led by qualified and experienced professionals.

You will also be able to participate in live Q&A sessions. Even if you miss a live course, you won’t miss out on what you could have learned because Edureka records all lectures and then uploads them to your learning management system.

But Edureka is more than just live instruction. Your teachers want to make sure that their students practice as much as possible so that they can perform as many practical tasks and tests as possible to better understand all of the concepts they have learned.

Information About Cloud Computing Courses

Cloud computing is a new information technology (IT) model that gives users continuous access to shared groups of configurable resources such as computer networks, servers, storage, applications, and services.

Cloud computing, in essence, is the use of a network of remotely hosted Internet servers to store, manage, and process data rather than a local server or PC.

Cloud computing is a method of delivering IT services that use Web tools to extract resources from the Internet. Cloud computing creates numerous new job opportunities for qualified and skilled IT professionals.

Companies looking for cloud architects are looking for individuals who can define the cloud of business needs and transform it into an effective one. Cloud computing is quickly becoming a commercial norm.

It simplifies the user’s access. The cloud provides the user with virtual storage space that can be used without affecting other details of the overall mechanism.

A career in cloud computing requires not only technical education but also the right entrepreneurial skills and certification.

Who should attend?

  1. Candidates who are interested in cloud computing technologies and are ready to address this issue.
  2. Professionals already working in this field can improve their skills and knowledge.
  3. Those interested in cloud computing and new technologies can join this course.

Edureka Cloud Computing AWS Architect Certification Training Review

Cloud computing is a catch-all term for a computer model/paradigm (information technology) that allows users to have ubiquitous (i.e., always-on) access to a remote set of configurable resources shared, primarily computing resources such as remote servers, storage, and computer networks with web-based applications and remote services.



These shared configurable resources are collectively referred to as the cloud. Cloud computing requires an Internet connection to configure and manage the selected cloud resources.

This ensures that data transfer and access mechanisms are highly efficient and reliable to ensure IT consistency. This optimizes economies of scale.

The Leading Providers Of Cloud Computing.

Amazon Web Services, Windows Azure, Google, OpenStack, Digital Ocean, Liquid Web, and VMWare are the top cloud service providers.

Cloud computing is based on a service-oriented architecture, which requires that each resource be provided as a service (abbreviated as XaaS, EaaS, or simply as SaaS).

These cloud resources are available via various XaaS models, including the primary models SECaaS, MBaaS, PaaS, Staal, and Iaas. SaaS (Software as a Service) refers to OpenStack, Google Docs, and Microsoft Office Online.

PaaS refers to a platform as a service, such as Amazon EC2.

Online Courses Edureka Review


SECaaS stands for security-as-a-service, and it includes services like security event management, anti-malware / anti-virus provisioning, intrusion detection, and authentication.

MBaaS stands for mobile backend as a service, and it includes programming interfaces for mobile and web applications.

Furthermore, Virtual Private Servers (VPS) from VMware and Liquid Web can be integrated into the cloud.
Finally, IaaS encompasses the provision of all cloud-based XaaS, including SECaaS, MBaaS, PaaS, SaaS, and VPS.

About AWS Cloud Computing

This is a comprehensive, rigorous, and hands-on AWS online training course that prepares students to pass the Associate Exam (AWS CSA).

This course focuses on Lambda, EC2, S3, VPC, IAM, Redshift, Glacier, EBS, Snowball, Cloudfront, SNS, Cloudwatch, SES, and DynamoDB in particular.

Participants in this course will be introduced to the fundamental concepts of cloud computing through a hands-on program, as well as trained to become skilled and trained AWS solution architects.

In this course, participants can expertly manage cloud computing and create the most appropriate cloud infrastructure solutions on an AWS platform.

aws cloud computing 02


These abilities stem from the knowledge gained by the student through hands-on tutorials and meticulous instruction until he understands how to design and optimize a cloud computing architecture to create a solution. Infrastructure.

Edureka, a subsidiary of Brain4ce Education Solutions Limited, designed and offers this course. This organization provides high-quality AWS certification (as well as other AWS-based courses).

This AWS Architect course includes 30 hours of online instructor training, which includes live demonstrations, live tutorials, and offline tutorials.

These instructor-led tutorials are designed to be interactive live sessions in which students can interact directly with an experienced teacher.

There is also a team of technical experts to assist you around the clock in solving your queries. This means that the question asked to the student is answered at any time.

Management Edureka

Edureka is an online portal run by trained and qualified individuals. Edureka’s managing director, Lovleen Bhatia, is a highly qualified educational professional.

He has worked in various industries such as technology, recruitment, digital marketing, growth piracy, and customer acquisition.

Another well-known name is Kapil Tyagi, Commercial Director (CBO), who has over 15 years of experience in developing mobile products and achieving business excellence. He previously founded a mobile development company before establishing Edureka.

project management Edureka-1


These experts and scientists urgently need to help others who want to highlight online education. With your large team of experts, they guide you through your knowledge acquisition process. All you have to do is find the website and keep it wiser and better informed.

The Culture Of Edureka

The culture of Edureka is a beautiful online platform. It is a company that respects the skills, common sense, and knowledge of its employees and customers.

To inform everyone, Edureka has a culture of free living and harmony as a family.
Edureka is always there for his students who want to succeed in all of their projects.

The company will always be there for you and provide you with everything you need to succeed on the following path.

More About Edureka

In addition, you have lifelong access to Edureka’s attractiveness. In addition, AWS CSA certification will be awarded at the end of this AWS training course.

The main requirement for enrolling in this AWS course is basic computer literacy. In addition, understanding the basics of Linux is an added benefit.

pmp salaries


The primary goals of this Cloud Computing Course and AWS are outlined below. The course aims to provide experts with a thorough understanding of the fundamental components of AWS.

Second, this course introduces students to CloudFormation models and allows them to work with storage and compute resources such as EC2, EBS, VPC, S3, and Glacier.

Third, the course teaches students about CloudFront distributions as well as the use of AWS services and scales such as Auto Scale, ELB, Amazon Route 53, VPC, and Cloudwatch metrics and alerts.

Furthermore, the course teaches participants how to build a scalable, highly available, and efficient fault-tolerant web application service.

Similarly, the course intends to give students a thorough understanding of AWS billing and cost reduction.

More About AWS

Furthermore, students gain a thorough understanding of the various IaaS architectural models. The course gives students hands-on experience using and implementing key AWS components.

Edureka created the curriculum based on his AWS teaching experience. This program reflects the course objectives listed above. This program’s summary is provided below.

What is Cloud computing


The program will begin with an introduction to the AWS lesson that will cover the benefits of AWS and the global distribution of data centers.

It also goes over the fundamentals of cloud computing.

The following are Amazon EC2 lessons. The course then covers storage services and how to use the AWS CLI.
Following that, some lessons go over some of the AWS resources.

These lessons are as follows (in chronological order):

Mail Order, Direct Connection, RDS, DynamoDB, ElastiCache, RedShift, ELB, Auto Scaling, Route53, Management Tools, Lambda, Elastic Beanstalk, OpsWork, and Security and Identity Tools are some of the services available.

The student then participates in an AWS project based on a real case study. You are to perform various tasks and POC jobs.

Once these tasks are done, you can take an online exam, and if you succeed, you get a CSA certification.

Website Security & Privacy at Edureka Review

Yes, It offers the security and privacy of the site. For more information about the security and privacy policies of the Edureka website, please visit the customer service page here.

Cybersecurity Threats


You can also visit their homepage to see if Edureka has posted additional information about the security and privacy policies of their site.

Edureka’s Return Policy

According to our most recent website analysis, Edureka does not currently offer a free exchange or return. We recommend, however, that you check the Edureka Customer Service page to see if the Free Returns Policy has been updated.

You can also look for other online service brands that offer free returns and exchanges, or you can use our free search and exchange tool to find even more free delivery and exchange businesses.

Company Goodwill

This company has oddly mixed ratings, with many different customers stating how much they enjoyed the courses and customer service provided by this company, and other customers stating that the courses were too shallow and difficult to complete even with the assistance of customer service.

Company Goodwill

It is difficult for potential customers when the opinions of a company are so mixed. This could have been simple if the courses had been reviewed by all of the students who participated. However, it is difficult to say because not all reviewers have provided this information.

The Refund Policy, which states that customers who have downloaded content or viewed more than two-course records are no longer eligible for tuition reimbursement, is another major issue.

So you know that if the course delivers on its promises, you will not be able to recoup your fees. Before registering, new customers should think about this.

Pros & Cons of the Edureka AWS Architect Certification Training


  • It offers introductory courses in cloud computing.
  • Support for the resolution of queries around the clock.
  • Use demos
  • It offers practical exercises.
  • It enables the student to develop and implement a highly scalable, fault-tolerant, and highly available AWS system.
  • The trainee knows how to successfully migrate a local application to an AWS system.
  • You know how to enter and exit data inside and outside an AWS system.
  • One of them is an expert in choosing the most suitable AWS services based on security, data, database, and computing needs.
  • One of them has extensive knowledge of best practices in the AWS cloud architecture.
  • We know how to estimate the total cost of ownership (AWS) and identify the best cost control mechanisms.
    Lifelong access to Edureka LMS.
  • 30 hours of online training under the guidance of a teacher.
  • Provides a recognized AWS CSA certification.


  • Basic computer skills are essential.
  • Some of the theoretical concepts may, therefore, be very abstract if they must remain fully focused during the concentrated theoretical lessons.

More About Edureka AWS | Edureka Cloud Computing Courses Review

Edureka AWS is a comprehensive, rigorous, and practical AWS online training that provides students with the knowledge and skills needed to pass an Associated AWS CSA exam.

Edureka AWS


This course places special emphasis on Lambda, EC2, S3, VPC, IAM, Redshift, Glacier, EBS, Snowball, Cloudfront, SNS, Cloudwatch, SES, and DynamoDB.

Testimonials of Edureka Review

Companies that already use this service will likely have to read the comments. In this case, here are some reviews and comments from customers. This is reduced to people who use Edureka for learning.

And acquire professional skills. I hope you tell them and find them useful.


I’ve discussed Edureka and its services extensively. I have made every effort to respect this genuine service and to guide our readers in the best way possible. If you are unable to simply trust our requirements and choose our service, please see the following reviews from professional users.

Respected business people applaud more reviews. And news outlets such as NDTV Profit, The Financial Express, and The Economic Times.

Pros & Cons


  • The platform offers some of the best computer training programs on the market.
  • The costs and fees are quite affordable;
  • Your customer service is well organized and users typically receive quick answers and advice from company representatives.
  • The travel times are good and flexible.
  • Most critics say all Edureka teachers have experience and can deliver scenarios in real-time. Moreover, its teaching method is practical;
  • Once you sign up for a course, you can always return to your documents such as videos and tutorials.
  • In general, Edureka is an excellent opportunity to learn new things or develop existing skills. In other words, it’s a great place to grow, where you can learn and experiment at your own pace.


  • Some students seem to think that Edureka should improve its services in terms of professionalism.
    Although most students are satisfied with the platform’s customer support, some of them stated that there were some delays in getting answers, but the online training provider promised to solve the problem as quickly as possible.
  • Although most training programs are quite affordable, some courses are a bit expensive.
  • Some users have complained that the company is not doing course updates as often as they should.
  • Some of the processes students have to follow are sometimes difficult.

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FAQs | Edureka Review

✅ Is Edureka certification valid?

Edureka course completion certificate does not hold any value .

⁉️ Which is better udemy or Edureka?

Edureka consistently has the higher quality courses. ... All in all, Edureka has the highest quality course experience you can find, which helps to justify the additional expense you pay to take their courses. Udemy has a lot of high-quality courses, but the quality varies from course to course.

💯How can I get free Edureka courses?

If you want to get started with top Edureka free courses check out the Edureka course catalog from the Edureka site. You will get tons of free courses online on Edureka on the Edureka platform.

📽️ Can I download Edureka videos?

If you have access to your LMS and you have bought your course there is no need to downloads the materials separately. downloading videos option is needed so that we can save data .

🎓 Does Edureka provide placement?

They do provide pre-placement support and try and connect our learners with any relevant openings whenever they are available with our corporate partners.

Conclusion | Edureka Review 2023

As you can see, Edureka is a good place to start if you want to accelerate your career development and drive your career forward.

You will receive a valuable and useful certificate from Edureka, which you can include in your resume. Employees at the company will assist you in rewriting your CV and preparing for your next interview if necessary.

In general, this e-learning provider provides an excellent opportunity to learn new essential skills and grow as a person and professional.

Your buying of the Edureka will not disappoint.

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    -Exciting Features like Collaboration that Make It Fun.

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    That’s why we recommend you stay away from them and go find a better option. There are plenty more options out there that will leave you feeling satisfied for hours on end.

  11. After trying the training programs on the Edureka website, I felt like my knowledge of computer programming had tripled in just a few hours. It is always enjoyable to learn with their highly qualified trainers who are willing to answer any question you can come up with. The pricing for this company’s courses are also quite competitive and affordable.”

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    Don’t miss this opportunity today!

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  18. Edureka offers high-quality courses to anyone who wishes to grow their skillset. With over 5 million satisfied users, Edureka can provide you with the know-how of digital marketing, programming languages such as Python and C++, public speaking for beginners and many more.
    From developing your CV to preparing yourself for interviews – this company will be there for you every step of the way.

  19. I tried Edureka for the first time, it is really useful.
    I am happy I found this resource which has helped me advance my skill-set with coding!With its world-class teaching methods, you don’t have to spend hours outside the house to learn advanced coding – or lots of money on expensive private lessons or books. It delivers results today, so you can start being successful tomorrow.
    The software application has a user-friendly interface plus video tutorials that are easy to follow and understand quality content production equip you with all the necessary skills in Python programming – even beginners will master this complicated language quickly. \

  20. With the world rapidly changing, people are in constant need of updating their skills. Edureka is a platform that can help anyone stay at the top of their game when it comes to programming with courses on Python, DevOps Certification, and others. The app is compatible with most devices which makes it available for all active members. It also offers live conferences for subscribers to watch directly in the app making them more interactive! Instantly schedule lessons anytime, anywhere – giving you time back in your day! Don’t wait any longer to enroll yourself into this course- you won’t regret it.

  21. I’ve been a huge fan of Edureka for a while now. The lectures are awesome and always so helpful! Especially from experts in their field, I never have to worry about the course not being interesting or relevant. It’s nice getting information from people who know what they’re talking about too – seriously unbeatable.

  22. This is my favorite course service! I like to call myself an expert in any programming language, but this knowledge doesn’t count for anything when I go out with my friends. Sure, they all saw me do some amazing things on Wikipedia and IMDb, but it’s always better doing something really cool in person. Turns out these skills come in handy outside of the online world too – at least one friend was so impressed by all the custom code he could build himself that he begged me to teach him how. If you want to be a real expert or just impress your coworkers, Edureka has everything from basic Python courses to intensive DevOps certification programs ready for you right now!

  23. Did you see those customer reviews? Yeah, because of the problems with the site’s privacy options and courses being too expensive, Edureka sucks.

  24. Edureka is not for everybody.
    Some courses are expensive and the company does not update them often enough.
    Completing each course can be difficult because of all the rules you have to follow.
    Be careful with this company; they might disappoint you in the end…

  25. I did not think I knew how to teach myself, until Edureka proved me wrong. Almost four years ago I wrote about the origins of this innovative idea. Four years later Edureka has established itself as one of the best online learning platforms for professional development. Focus on diverse skill enhancement programs like Python and DevOps certification with courses aligned to your specific goals in mind will get you there faster than before! With its user friendly interface, interactive content, 24/7 customer support team and flexible payment methods every learner is offered the tools they need in order to reach their full potential.

  26. Edureka courses are well worth the hype. They cover a wide variety of topics and interest levels. Whether you’re a novice or looking to learn more, Edureka has an app FOR YOU!
    The iPython notebook is the best tool for learning that I have ever used, as it can be shared with anyone from around the globe. One issue students may face is constant internet connection as videos do not buffer offline due to its use as a teaching resource in classrooms all across India. In addition this course lacks textbooks, but luckily articles live on their website so provide great supplementary materials.

  27. Edureka is for the person that needs to memorize programming languages.
    They offer courses in many different programs, so you can work on your favorite ones. Start by downloading their application! Once it’s downloaded, know that all courses are done- learning has never been easier than this! You can watch live conferences directly through the app and get advice with 24/7 customer support.
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  33. “Edureka is amazing! They offer so many great courses to choose from. Not only that but the app itself- which you can download on your phone, tablet or other device is easy to use and makes it easy for you. It’s just like having an actual course with them right there in front of you!”

  34. The world of software development is changing at the speed of light, and Edureka offers courses that are adaptable to any situation. Python, DevOps certification, ICT qualifications for TAFE students- these are just a few samples from their library. The interactive courses are comprehensive- complete with 100% pass guarantee. Participants can watch videos at night or on weekends when it’s best for them – if they have to travel or take care of their children.”If you don’t have time in person…classes will be provided over the internet so you can study anytime”.

  35. It’s unfortunate to find out about delays when you need help. Waiting at all for customer support is frustrating and not only that, why do we have to be put on hold? Why can’t they just email us their list right away instead of taking regular business hours with the waiting period in-between? There must be some way for this company to automatically send an update when a question has been answered so there is no delay – or better yet, connect through live chat if it means quicker response than having questions and requests left unanswered and unfulfilled!

  36. When the stress of work is getting to you, turn to Edureka! This site can help you improve your skills in languages like French and take courses for topics like digital marketing. Speaking from experience, the administrative staff are very friendly and always provide an attentive ear when I’ve needed them. They even helped me brush up my resumé before I went into my next interview!

  37. Edureka is the most expensive training company out there! Sure, they provide lots of courses, but not all of them are up to date. And even worse, this has been an ongoing problem for months. You have to go through hoops just to sign up for a course and half the time you don’t finish it anyway—I wasted my hard-earned cash on this place. I can’t recommend Edureka at all—stick with more established schools instead.

  38. Edureka is great for individuals who aspire to have a long-term career in the digital world. With courses from famous universities, skill building programs, and a welcoming environment to focus on your goals while developing important skills, Edureka provides you with the tools needed to compete in today’s competitive job market.
    I can’t rave about them enough. Whenever I’m feeling down I love going to their website and scrolling through course descriptions because it’s really fun! They make me feel like anything is possible if I work hard—which becomes even truer when I get my degree from one of their excellent institutions or apply everything they teach me during their workshops straight away at home!

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