Jobscan Review 2022: Is Jobscan legit? What can Jobscan do?

Jobscan Review

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Looking for an unbiased Jobscan Review? I’ve got you covered. In this review I will discuss if Jobscan is worth it and whether you should give it a try.

Job seekers are overwhelmed by the amount of information available on how to get a job and can’t figure out what works best for them.

There is so much contradictory advice online that it’s hard to know who or what you should trust when looking for your next job.

Solution: Jobscan is a platform that is the most accurate, up-to-date, and easy to use as possible so you can find your dream job faster. Jobscan resume builder will help you write an amazing resume in minutes while their cover letter generator will show you exactly how to craft a killer cover letter in 5 seconds flat! No more copy/pasting from websites – they’ve got everything covered right here at Jobscan!

Bottom Line Upfront: Attention: Looking for a new job?

Jobscan is the most accurate, up-to-date, and easy to use platform so you can find your dream job faster. Their resume builder will help you write an amazing resume in minutes while our cover letter generator will show you exactly how to craft a killer cover letter in 5 seconds flat! No more copy/pasting from websites – the’ve got everything covered right here at Jobscan!


Jobscan is making it easier than ever before to land that perfect position with their innovative tools. All of this means less time spent on tedious tasks like writing resumes and cover letters, and more time getting out there into the world and meeting people who are just as passionate about what they do as you are.

So take advantage of all these features today by signing up for an account!

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Jobscan Review

In this review, I will analyze one of our most popular tools and partners, Jobscan, and rate it from the point of view of human resource managers and professional resume publishers.

Jobscan Review 2022: Is Jobscan legit?

What is Jobscan? 

Jobscan is a workforce management and productivity solution for businesses of all sizes. Jobscan was born as a result of the frustration of a job seeker. In 2013, when He was looking for a job, he discovered the powerful portals that companies use to recruit, classify, and filter resumes using a keyword-based algorithm.

Knowing that he had to carefully tweak his curriculum for each application to achieve this, he developed Jobscan from the ground up to automate the process.

Now, Jobscan not only helps a candidate but also hundreds of thousands of people around the world by giving them the opportunity to have a system for tracking large applicants before they apply for the jobs of their dreams.

By reducing the difficulties associated with candidate tracking systems, Jobscan provides job seekers with more autonomy by offering more interviews and job opportunities than ever before.

Who is Jobscan good for?

Jobscan is good for a lot of job seekers who are struggling to get the right job.

1. Immediate Job Seekers

For all those who are having a hard time in their current job or have been laid off due to some unavoidable circumstances may need this platform primarily. Jobscan will tailor their CV and make it happen.

2. Technical Experts

Technical keywords are highly important as many of the recruiters do not have a clue about the technical terms.

So, they simply browse through the resumes based on keywords added to the profiles. Jobscan optimizes the resume according to the needs of the industry.

3. Work From Home Employees

To my surprise, BIG names are struggling to recruit resources who can work remotely. However, equal is the competition of job seekers for these roles. So, Jobscan can help you rank better on this list.

Jobscan Review: Key Features

The software provides full budget management with the ability to view all budgets and budgets of customers in one place. New job and product estimates can be generated immediately by calculating the sales price and margin.

Professional offers can be printed or emailed to customers. The software also makes it possible to print barcode work cards to manage working hours and materials.

Get Started with Jobscan

Jobscan provides performance and profitability reports for all previous orders. Provides immediate information on employee support, timesheets, and productive and non-productive times.

Other features include eliminating written timesheets, managing inventory and costs, printing receipts, and more.

Jobscan Features Work

The first thing you see when you run an analysis is a general score, which you refer to as the match rate. Jobscan strives to provide a numerical rating that you can use as a weighted score for the match between your resume and the job description.

The interface may not be very attractive, but it is intuitive and does the job. It takes raw data and converts them into actionable information. That’s exactly what I want with this tool.

It even combines the skills of your resume with the jobs published online.

You’ve also recently added the ability to learn about optimizing your LinkedIn profile. This is huge because LinkedIn is the # 1 tool that recruiters use to find candidates. Logging in with your LinkedIn profile is also a good idea, but the profile analysis process itself may be easier to use.

One of the nicest features is called “Live Score Curriculum Vitae“. You can edit your resume (in plain text) on one side of the screen and see the impact on their hit rate (more info coming soon).

Real-time, I hope that there will be more formatting options as the provided tools do not create an attractive document that you can send to employers. You plug in the live ad and paste the new content into their MS Word version.

How does Jobscan work? What can Jobscan do?

To fully use Jobscan, you need two things:

  • A syllabus and/or LinkedIn profile.
  • A specific job you want to promote (including job description and job publishing URL, if possible)

If it does not occur without one of these elements, Jobscan does not provide much value. Below you can see the comparison tool that you get on the homepage.

It depends on you if you just want to paste or download the text of your resume. We strongly recommend that you download it, as that’s what an ATS looks like.

how Jobscan works

The Jobscan Score

The first thing you see when you run analysis is a general score, which you refer to as the match rate. JobScan strives to provide a numerical rating that you can use as a weighted score for the match between your resume and the job description.

This is calculated by his algorithm, which considers many things. It’s a quick and easy way to evaluate the level of optimization of your resume.

Although it is clearly visible on the website, I recommend that you do not look at the score. The only thing the score does not do is determine if your resume for recruiters and hiring managers is actually accurate or easy to read.

  • If you are looking for the advanced landing page platform, check out the latest Instapage Review.

Jobscan ATS Findings

The next section on the summary page will show you how the ATS works. It is divided into sections, which are useful at the summary level.

Skills and keywords

The best thing to say is that the Skills and Keywords section is the most important of all the factors used by the Jobscan algorithm. This is appropriate as ATS relies heavily on keywords to determine the correspondence quality for the published position.

Job Title Match

Although the top of the page is greyed out, our Premium ID has determined the extent to which the published title matches the previous roles listed in your resume.

Education Match

If the job description requires a diploma or other training, Jobscan will review his CV through the eyes of an ATS to determine if he or she will qualify for the minimum qualifications.


The employer (who you will enter as the user) will then be checked to see if you have the ATS software used by the company. If Jobscan has a track record, he will use his knowledge of this algorithmic ATS to increase the accuracy of the points given to the job list.

Jobscan ATS

Type of file

As I have said over and over again, MS Word documents are the best file format for CV presentations. Virtually all ATSs prefer Word files. Some users manage PDF files well (depending on how they were created).

Length of the file name

Keep your file name pretty general. If you want to use a special character, limit it to a hyphen or underscore.
Length of the file name

Jobscan Recruiter Findings Summary

This part focuses mainly on your CV. Evaluating Best Practices Based on Employee Responses Feedback This section is about the person reading your resume, not the ATS.

Word Count

Nobody likes to read CVs. Person recruiters and HR managers want to find the information they need as quickly as possible.

Part of the art of writing a CV is to be as short as possible without sacrificing important information.

This section displays a general warning when the number of words exceeds the number that is likely to be easily digested by a person browsing through your resume.

Note: Executives, scientists, and some professionals are exempt. Their CVs should be more complete.

Measurable results

I preach that all the time. The quantification of the contributions is important. Jobscan helps you to be honest by observing how often you have defined numerical results or contributions.

Jobscan Match rate

Sentence Length

People are less tired and participate more when the sentences are short. This is especially important when searching for a resume. Jobscan warns him if they find too long prayers. According to them, there are more than 30 words.

This does not affect your score and a sentence should sometimes be slightly longer. However, I recommend reviewing the sentences you review to see if they can be improved or shortened.

Words to Avoid

I really like this feature. Most people add clichés or negative words to their CVs without realizing it. The snapshots immediately alert the reader to beautification or failures. Negative words or phrases can change the mindset of the reader without being aware of it.

Web Presence and Brand

This confirms that you have entered a URL somewhere in the curriculum that allows the reader to learn more about you. This can be a LinkedIn profile for a business owner or a website with portfolio items for a creative.

Be sure to add additional information to the information in your resume, regardless of the link you’re using.

Industry Breadth

This is one of the few areas where recruiters focus on the job description. Search for the synonyms of the keywords identified by the software. Probably a human reader interprets them as more complete in areas he has already defined as important.

Quality of Jobscan Results

Overall, Jobscan has impressed us with its ability to evaluate education programs from the perspective of recognition software and recruiters.

The key figure is a percentage called the match rate. This takes into account a variety of factors, generates an easily assimilable score, and helps you to see your progress in optimization.

Jobscan Job search results

The good news is that I agree that most of the things you identify as optimization opportunities are appropriate.

The bad news is that I do not agree with the rating itself.

Not at all Because to reach Jobscan’s 80% compliance rate, he has to over-optimize his CVs. In one place, it’s more about keyword optimization (estimated by the recognition software) than storytelling and marketing (your entire CV).

This does not mean Jobscan is bad. This does not mean that the score is bad. Just take it with a salt of salt. I found that most of our optimized programs were in the 60% range and I am satisfied with that.

Jobscan Help and Resources

Jobscan has won each of the five-star awards for resources and help.

Almost all headers contain information about tools or a link for more information. In addition, this help is usually provided in a light box, so you do not have to stray from what you are working on.

I often disagree with some articles and information from the help centers. This is not the case with Jobscan.

It is obvious that they had professional program authors who contributed a great deal to their knowledge base. Articles, tutorials, training, and guides seem to reflect current best practices.

Jobscan Alternatives

Popular alternatives to Jobscan: BambooHR, iCIMS Talent Platform, Timecard Plus, Ready for Kronos, Paychex Flex, Mentis, Optimal Solutions, Paylocity, StarGarden HR Suite, SyncHR.

Job Scan Price Information

The software license is available for £899, while support for the year costs £499.

Jobscan Review: Pros and Cons


  • Get Past Resume Robots.
  • Match a job in 2 seconds.
  • Companies use different ATS for resume screening
  • Saved resume versions and job descriptions
  • Your job search stats


  •  ATS algorithm uses to calculate your match rate.
  • Less 3-4 tips per ATS

Jobscan Pricing: How Much Does Jobscan Cost?  

Value is what you receive in return for what you leave behind. In this case, I assume that the website is doing well for what it was designed for.

Prices start for free, which is good. As expected, it does not include all the premium features, but it’s a great way to see if it’s a tool that you’re using.

The free level offers 5 comparisons per month. That does not mean 5 jobs, but you have to run your resume 5 times. Each time you change your resume and reissue it, it will be included in the calculation of the monthly correspondence rate.

Jobscan Pricing

The premium version offers a free 30-day trial and is available quarterly for $89.95 (less than $30 per month).

They also offer a monthly Jobscan coupon code option, but they do not include a free trial. Is it worth it? I say yes.

This is the best tool I have found to ensure that your application and resume are displayed and sent to the next step of the candidate funnel. If you ask for several jobs and hear nothing, the lack of curriculum optimization is likely at least part of the problem.

Less than a dollar a day is a low price you need to pay to cut down on your job search in weeks or even months.

I even have a paid subscription that allows us to optimize the lives of our customers.

Jobscan User Reviews & Testimonials: 


Quick Links

FAQs About Jobscan Review

What is an ATS-compliant resume?

ATS means applicant tracking system. A job application process is usually conducted by the sites using software known as ATS that helps the employers to scan the job applications and rank them according to various parameters set by the employers.

Is JobScan useful?

Jobscan is useful for anyone who is looking for an instant response from employers since it helps in boosting your chances of an interview by optimizing the resume and LinkedIn profile of a candidate.

How do you beat the ATS system?

It’s easy to beat the ATS system with a few steps: 1. Optimize your resume using the right keywords 2. Analyze formatting samples 3. Take surveys conducted by the job portals seriously

Is Jobscan legit?

Jobscan is the best way to find your dream job. They have a resume builder that will help you write a good resume. And they can show you how to write a good cover letter in 5 seconds flat! There's no need to copy and paste from other websites, we have everything here at Jobscan.

Is Jobscan free?

The free level has 5 jobs per month. You don't have to do 5 jobs, but you can run your resume five times. The premium version offers a free trial for 30 days and is available once every three months for $89.95, which is less than $30 per month.

What is a good score on Jobscan?

Here at Jobscan, I have found that it is best to have an rate of 80% or higher. Premium users can use the live scoring which will give you ways to improve your resume by adding soft skills and hard skills.

What can Jobscan do?

Jobscan helps you when you are looking for a job. It tells you if your resume is good and how it can be better for the ATS.

Is Jobscan worth the money?

I've been recommending Jobscan to all of my clients, and I will continue to do so. It is a useful tool that will help you find the correct keywords for your resume. I even use it myself.

How do I cancel Jobscan?

You can log into your account on, go to your profile or resume, and change what needs to be changed. You can delete the profile or resume at any time by requesting a permanent removal of your information from [email protected]

Conclusion: Jobscan Review 2022: Is Jobscan Worth it?

Jobscan speeds up the process of writing or editing the curriculum.

You will no longer wonder if your resume focuses on what you should focus on. He will waste no time in asking for work without instructions or listening because he has failed to analyze the keywords associated with the job, which takes a lot of time.

When it comes to conquering the modern job search, there is no one-step tool or resource that will allow you to get a job. A CV written by a certified professional CV writer does not work for all required jobs, regardless of your salary. A tool like Jobscan does not write the perfect CV for you.

So can you really triple your interviews with Jobscan? I think you can, if you remember, writing a resume is a balancing act between writing for software and writing for a human reader.

I recommend Jobscan to all my clients and even job seekers who choose not to work with me, as it removes the uncertainty in keyword optimization and helps you get down to work sooner.

And they always thanked me for recommending Jobscan to them, and thus I am recommending you too.

You can get all the information on the “Jobscan” website. Also, please share your reviews on the Jobscan coupon code in the comment section.

You can Like & Follow Jobscan Facebook & LinkedIn pages here, To get a glimpse of their journey so far, you can visit the About Us page here.

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    This is because Jobscan eliminates the time spent blindly filling out online job applications by comparing what you’re looking for with all the available openings that are posted. It also suggests other jobs based on keywords when there aren’t any right now listed that match my preferences.

    And finally, Jobscan makes sure that your resume or cover letter are always up to date with whatever skills you mention within them – that way you never miss out on an opportunity!

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  12. Jobscan is the perfect tool to help you find a job. I tried it out myself just for fun, and I was able to write an awesome resume in less than 10 minutes! They have templates available so that they are sure to have one that suits me perfectly, then all I had to do was fill in my information. It also has cover letter templates which were really helpful too – all of them matched what they said on their website. It’s really great because it makes everything so much easier so I can get started on finding a place where my skills would be rewarded with the salary my family needs!

  13. If you’re looking for a better job, then Jobscan is definitely the place to be. They have everything from resume builders to cover letter creators that will show you how easy it can be! Gone are the days of typing in a web template and copy/pasting information—Jobscan already has all your needs met so, really what else do you have to look for?

  14. I don’t know how I would have pulled through my job search without Jobscan. It’s like having your own expert career advisor at every step of the process. Getting feedback on using Jobscan is far better than not knowing if your resume looks professional or not, you get to assess yourself for free and see what others think too! You can find jobs posted directly to Jobscan for their users which saves me so much time filtering everywhere else.

  15. Jobscan is a resume optimization app that saves you time, energy and uncertainty. Jobscan analyzes your skillsets and what keywords people are using to search for jobs these days, ensuring that your resume will be more desired by recruiters. With this free service all you have to do is upload a copy of your resume in pdf format and let the professionals take care of the rest. I’ve been waiting for something like this!

  16. Jobscan speeds up the process of writing or editing the curriculum. You will no longer wonder if your resume focuses on what you should focus on. Jobscan comes with a detailed resume template editor, advanced filtering options to see where today’s job seekers rank for jobs by jobsites and companies, export capabilities, even more deliverables specifically designed for our customers’ validation needs. I recommend Jobscan to all the job seekers as it removes any uncertainty in keyword optimization.

  17. Jobscan would be a great product for any job seeker, and I highly recommend it. This website helped me find the right experience to list on my resume like music festivals, catering gigs, and A/V setup jobs. It also takes away all uncertainty in applying my keywords where they need to go; by helping you list out your past positions accurately and wisely. All of this saves time- something we don’t have enough of.

  18. Jobscan is a godsend for marketing and business majors. If you could receive feedback about your resume in less than an hour, wouldn’t that be amazing? Jobscan tells you all the basics of what goes on during a great cover letter and ensures that employers will get to know more about how well you would fit into their team.

  19. Jobscan saves you time and frustration. For too long, I’ve been staring at blank walls waiting for inspiration to strike like a lightning bolt out of the clear blue sky! Which does, sometimes… but Jobscan has done such a great job undoing my procrastination that it’s saved me days and days of agonizing over everything from font size to symbols in text messages.

  20. I was really frustrated because I’d tried a lot of cover letters for a search on a new position, and they were all not quite right. Plus, writing them took so much time–time I’m still finding hard to get back. But when I found out about Jobscan, my problems were solved. From their website which has helpful guides that go into detail about different positions to the personalized help from their customer service team that lets you craft your own resume or cover letter specifically tailored to what an employer is looking for–there’s no better way out there than Jobscan!

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