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In this post, I have done a detailed Learn and Master Guitar Review 2023.

Legacy Learning Systems offers a variety of award-winning courses such as blues guitar, guitar setup, guitar maintenance, freestyle guitar, ballroom dancing, drums, piano, painting, and photography.

Their goal is to provide diverse dynamic home-learning solutions as an alternative to traditional schooling and costly private lessons.

I’ve included Learn and Master Courses Reviews 2023 in this post, along with their detailed insights into each course.

The post is going to be long as I have covered all the must-know information for you, and hence I assure you that you will not be disappointed by my review. Let’s get started now:

Detailed Learn & Master Guitar Review 2023:

Gift Learning Systems was supported to provide comprehensive transmission coaching courses for people who need serious instruction within the comfort of their own homes in a world of low-cost, over-hyped, “Learn This Overnight” educational videos.

We believe that learning should be enjoyable, unthreatening, and systematic, with each new skill building on the previous one.

Our initial courses were in music instruction, but other topics related to the humanities, hobbies, careers, and a variety of special interests are in the works.

Legacy Learning System Mission: Bringing Personal Dreams Accessible.

Almost everyone has that one thing they’ve always wanted to know. To be able to sing. To dance. To perform on the associated instrument. Surfing, sailing, cooking, or learning a foreign language.

Whatever it is, we all have one thing we enjoy doing. A private fantasy. As time passes and life approaches, that tiny dream will become increasingly out of reach.

Faculty is not an option. Personal lessons are both expensive and inconvenient. But what if one thing could make it possible?

To begin, your lessons are always organized in an easy-to-follow, step-by-step progression that includes everything you need in one place. There’s no need to collect an infinite number of coaching videos from disparate sources.


Second, your legacy course can lead you beyond the fundamentals of the standard tutorial video.

We usually get you started quickly, but your lessons can take you wherever you want on the path to mastery. You will not find a more comprehensive multimedia coaching course on your subject anywhere!

Perhaps most importantly, you will not be able to learn alone. Our online support community is an integral part of the training method and is available to all of our students for free.

When you have questions or need encouragement, the same instructors who wrote your course are available to you.

Students United Nations agencies participate in this community square measure prepared to discuss their progress, post their successes, and act with alternative students as much or as little as they require.

We don’t appear to be finished once you’ve completed our course. Once we have achieved your goal, we tend to square measure finished.

That is our mission to create tough skills accessible through transmission self-cultivation courses to bring personal dreams accessible.

Legacy Learning Systems has also added active forums to its multimedia classes where mentors and other users meet to help and answer questions. Let’s take a look at our “Learn and Master” series of old learning systems.


Learn and Master Courses Review 2023: Do They Have The Best Courses? 

We will take a look at five people’s favorite Learn and Master Courses:

  • The Gibson Learn And Master Guitar Course
  • The Learn And Master Piano Course
  • The Learn And Master Ballroom Dance Course
  • The Learn And Master Photography Course
  • The Learn And Master Painting Course

The Gibson Learn and Master Guitar Review

This course is famous for its comprehensiveness. It won the respected Acoustic Guitar Magazine Players Choice Gold award along with the Telly awards and AEGIS award for perfection in education.

The guitar mentor is Steve Krenz. Reviewers we spoke to were of the consensus idea that he was an outstanding tutor and that the audio and video production quality was exceptional.

We spoke with several users who purchased the Learn and Master stringed instrument course, and for the most part, they had extremely positive things to say about it.

One reviewer we spoke with stated that he has been an instrumentalist for over twenty years and purchased the course to help him overcome some of his musical limitations.


He concluded that he lacked polish and accomplishment because he had never received formal coaching and had been primarily self-taught up to the level of an intermediate ability level.

According to the reviewer we spoke with, the course will do a fantastic job of guiding a variety of otherwise good stringed instrument players, covering basic through advanced principles.

The guitar instructor is an adorably warm and capable teacher who provides organized and well-paced instruction. Everything is clearly explained, and he is an exceptional musician in his title.

This guitar course offers dynamic instruction, frequently mixing things up to keep things interesting and current.

Mixing musical theory with active learning applications, for example, using a variety of resources such as books, DVD sessions, and CD musical accompaniments that are enclosed for you to jam with.

The content covers a massive range of different skills. As a result, you may learn music scales, chords, fingerpicking techniques, soloing techniques, completely different musical styles such as jazz and blues guitar, and much more.


Every session includes a suggested time for learning the content as well as a budget of 15 to 30 minutes per day for the following. Some sessions may last as long as one or two weeks, while others may last only one week.

One of the drawbacks mentioned by reviewers is that because everything is self-sufficient, you are responsible for sticking to a schedule and being disciplined when learning course content.

If you haven’t bothered being disciplined about following and aren’t a self-starter type, you won’t be disciplined enough to benefit from these online guitar lessons.

Another criticism leveled by some users is that the course is extremely important in music theory. If you just want to learn a few cool-sounding guitar riffs to impress your friends at parties, this is probably not the course for you.

On the other hand, if you want to master the guitar, you may need a basic understanding of music theory. As a result, for some users, this is a true strength of this guitar-learning program.

It is entirely dependent on what you hope to gain from it. It employs a split screen in several instances, displaying coincidental views of the left and right hands, or the musical notation and music staff- this provides increased learning expertise concerning its cost.

Whereas many aspiring and experienced guitar players can spend thousands of dollars over many years taking stringed instrument lessons, some reviewers argue that it is better to buy a $1000-$2000 quality guitar and pay it off gradually by learning from one of the best online guitar lessons rather than from an in-person tutor.

According to one customer, we spoke with, the course takes between 10 and 14 months to complete. When your area unit is finished, you will be able to read music, understand how it works, and have a solid understanding of electrical equipment, guitar, and some facts.

Overall you may have learned the way to play the guitar and perceive the language of musicians. As well, the course is supported by a spirited discussion board with several international users, therefore you may continually have that resource to fall back on if you acquire some further help.

Some Of The Sample Lessons:

Session One: Starting Off Right

String Names, Technique, Tuning, Finger Exercises, C & G7 Chords

Session Two: Reading Music & Notes on the 1st & 2nd Strings

Music Reading, 1st & 2nd String Notes & Exercises

What will you get from it:

  • 20 HD DVDs with more than 40 hours of guitar lessons.
  • 5 CDs with Jam-Along content
  • A guitar lesson book with 100+ pages
  • Access to an online student support site
  • 60-day money-back guarantee


  • Warm and Engaging Tutor
  • Uses split screens to demonstrate concepts


  • Very heavy on music theory- so if that’s what you are looking for, don’t buy it
  • Not a replacement for in-person instruction

Gibson Learn and Master Guitar Testimonials and Reviews

What do you think about our course? Leave your thoughts on the testimonial thread on our forum. We may post yours here!

“Thank you, Steve, you have made my dream come true. You have made me a guitarist.”
Gene Arnold, Highland Lakes, New Jersey

The Learn And Master Piano Review

This course is intended to guide you through the process of learning the piano with the assistance of tutor Will Barrow. Users we interviewed said it’s a genuine and one of the best online piano lessons, though the skill requirements do increase slightly around lesson 12.

One intermediate-level pianist who had taken piano lessons since he was a child purchased the course to resume his studies.

He also believed that there should be more instruction on notes that are much higher and lower than the clefs. Another criticism we heard from a reviewer was that when the lessons get more advanced, you’ll need an 88-key piano.


He also believed that there should be more instruction on notes that are much higher and lower than the clefs. Another criticism we heard from a reviewer was that when the lessons get more advanced, you’ll need an 88-key piano.

He goes methodically too slowly at times and methodically too quickly at others. Another issue that users encountered was that some did not order the workshop DVDs.

He goes methodically too slowly at times and methodically too quickly at others. Another issue that users encountered was that some did not order the workshop DVDs.

They claim that while you can review workshop content in the enclosed Lesson Manual, your learning experience will suffer if you do not have the enclosed workshop DVDs.

Another reviewer we spoke with stated that they ended up purchasing Music Theory for Dummies as a supplement to the Learn and Master Piano course- and that this provided a lot of clarity around some of the course content.

Other reviewers we spoke with agreed that while this is not an ideal product, it is still as good as done and thus the educator, in general, will do an honest job.

They claim that because the pacing is a little off, you’ll be able to rewind and watch parts of it over and over to become more familiar with it.

And, if you focus on the return on investment, a figure with a top-quality music teacher will cost upwards of $60 to $100 per session, so investing a few hundred dollars during this tutorial course may save you money at the end of the day if you focus on learning the content.

Plus, once you’ve decided to see a music teacher, you’ll be ahead of the game and get a better deal.

Learn And Master Piano Testimonials & Reviews:


What will you get from it:

  • 20 Lessons DVDs
  • 5 play-along CDs
  • Instructional lesson book
  • Access to student support site
  • 60-day money-back guarantee


  • A solid introduction to piano playing & theory
  • A great supplement to in-person lessons


  • Not a replacement for in-person instruction
  • Some complaints about pacing-going too fast/too slow

The Learn And Master Ballroom Dance Review

This course includes 13 DVDs that are the heart and soul of the training. Every dance is broken down into figures with step-by-step instructions for both the man and the woman, so you know exactly how and what to practice.

While you examine the details of each figure, the display screen splits into two frames, one showing the tutor’s entire body and the other a close-up shot of the tutor’s feet. The student can concentrate on the feet or the overall figure.


Legacy Learning Systems’ Learn & Master ballroom dance course is a multimedia resource for people looking for a home-learning solution.

This course is intended to be a comprehensive package to help aspiring dancers gain experience in ballroom dancing.

According to the reviews we spoke with, the lessons are well-structured and organized intuitively, allowing you to quickly grasp the fundamentals.

Because the course moves slowly, you and your home-dance partner will simply digest the material.

Reviewers say that, unlike other online courses, you will only notice the dancers’ foot movement because it is set against a dark background that makes the movements pop.

Another reviewer we spoke with stated that they were prepared to learn six of the many classic dance palace dances from this course, progressing from easier to harder.

In general, the course starts with the fundamentals and progresses to a slew of advanced and attention-grabbing moves, so you’ll need to stick to a schedule for each.

Many people who bought this ballroom dancing course said it was an effective way to supplement the life lessons they were also receiving.

Other reviewers stated that, while the course was excellent, they do not believe it can replace the expertise of active instruction.

Another reviewer we spoke with stated that it is most likely the most comprehensive resource available on the internet for learning how to dance.

He stated that it is a good resource for beginners, but it is also useful for experienced dancers who want to improve and polish their leading and following techniques.

It will also cover a wide range of designs, including east coast swing, ballroom dancing, and rumba, as well as foxtrot, tango, and waltz.

Nowadays, many people resort to YouTube and alternative video sites to find learning solutions, however the reviewers we tend to speak to mention that this transmission ballroom dance course provided higher instruction than they have been ready to notice for free on the net.

Other purchasers we surveyed stated that they purchased the course because their dance studio was a 45-minute drive away.

After a long day at work, they weren’t always up for the commute and figured that a home dance instruction course would be a practical way to learn the skill without the hassle of a long drive.

The videos, in their opinion, were informative for both the male and female partners, providing completely different perspectives on the footwork, while the lecturers were fun and upbeat dancers.

Overall, as intermediate-level dance palace dancers, they thought the video course was a fun and fresh way to polish their technique at their leisure.

Another customer we spoke with praised the instructors, Mark Short and Jamie Simon, for providing clear and concise verbal explanations of all of the dance demonstrations on the video.

Their instruction was placed in a very comfortable manner, allowing new dance palace dancers to require the lessons without feeling overwhelmed.

Overall, the reviewers that we tend to speak to supported this tutorial ballroom dancing course as an efficient coaching resource for each novice and skillful dance palace dancer.

Learn And Master Ballroom Dance Testimonials & Reviews


What will you get from it:

  • 13 Lessons DVDs
  • 6 Dance-Along CDs
  • Lesson Book
  • Access to the Student Support Site
  • 60-day money-back guarantee


  • Clear and Concise instruction
  • Covers a variety of styles
  • Great supplement for in-person instruction
  • Well-paced instruction
  • Vibrant and Upbeat tutors


  • Some say it can’t replace in-person instruction
  • Novices get more out of this material than advanced ballroom dancers

The Learn And Master Photography Review

The Learn And Master Photography is taught by Vince Wallace. He received mostly positive feedback from the buyers we spoke with. One reviewer recommended it as a must-take course for beginning and intermediate photographers.

It provides a solid foundational understanding of core concepts such as the trio of aperture, ISO, and shutter speed, how exposure works, and how to best use their camera in manual mode.

It also provides instructions on the main principles of design, instructing novice photographers on the rules of photographic composition so that they can learn them correctly from the start.


One reviewer we spoke with stated that some of his fellow users thought the content was a little boring, but this was due to the video instruction rarely cutting to different angles.

It primarily employs one camera angle when the trainer Vince Wallace is speaking for extended periods, implying that the users’ eyes are locked into an equivalent position for extended periods.

Though it’s similar to sitting through a lecture—while it would’ve been preferable to vary the camera angles a little to make the instruction more engaging—this isn’t a huge deal.

Overall, this explicit customer stated that Vince Wallace is a wealth of knowledge. Unlike other video instructors who appear and feel unnatural when providing instruction in this format, he is at home teaching photography.

Some reviewers laud this format of instruction, claiming that they were unable to learn this content by reading a book or manual and that the plain-English video courses provide a sensible and simple way for them to learn photography.

This reviewer summarizes his knowledge by saying that if you’re a beginner photographer, getting this course can provide you with a solid foundational understanding of your DSLR camera.

It’ll also provide you with the boldness you wish to observe within the field and contribute to photography forums, wherever you’ll learn even additional from full-fledged users.

Another client we spoke with recommended the learning and master photography course as a good way to understand how cameras work, what their various functions do, and how to use lenses effectively.

They claim that after purchasing their Canon Rebel camera, they wanted to become acquainted with its additional advanced features, and they discovered that the teacher provided a simple and casual method of learning about these advanced functionalities.

While advanced users may find the course content to be a little slow at times, beginners and a few intermediate users found the pace and content to be perfectly suited to their skill level.

Another user we spoke with was pleased with the breadth and depth of the learn master photography course. The spoken language provided by the interactive lessons strongly suggests that you learn how to create beautiful photographic imagery.

They were influenced by instruction on indoor and outdoor photography, strategies for capturing human and other life subjects, and how the video disk content provided specific details on how to do soft shoots, capture warm skin tones, perceive shadowing ideas, shoot in low-light scenes, deal with motion, and take portrait photographs.

Learn And Master Photography Testimonials & Reviews


What will you get from it:

  • 15 Lesson DVDs
  • 2 Sample Photo CDs
  • Lesson Book
  • 60-day money-back guarantee


  • Great for beginners
  • Help new users familiarize themselves with advanced camera functionalities
  • Broad exposure to foundational photography concepts


  • Best for beginners and lower-level intermediates

The Learn And Master Painting Review

This is a self-paced learning system designed to teach beginners how to paint with acrylics and oils. Gayle Levee, a master artist, is the tutor, and she commands through a series of mutual lessons to provide a solid foundation for the aspiring artist.

The users we spoke with all had positive things to say about this home school painting course.


One reviewer who has completed college with a degree in studio art mentioned that she had been frustrated and finding an online course that offers old master techniques and other traditional painting methods.

She then claims that Gayle is a soulful speaker with a true gift for delivering words. The course is excellent for artists of all skill levels, not just beginners looking to learn the fundamentals.

This course covers the fundamentals of oil and acrylic painting on canvas. Another reviewer describes it as a comprehensive and highly enjoyable work that served as a valuable resource for her as an intermediate-level painter.


Some of the new concepts will describe how to best care for your painting materials, the best way to realize your theme, properly choosing colors, developing compounds, and working to draw objects.

Customers we spoke with were certainly confident that they had improved their abilities to create the illusion of depth as well as the illusion of space in painting, both of which had previously been difficult for them to achieve.

Learn And Master Painting Testimonials & Reviews


What will you get from it:

  • 20 Lesson DVDs
  • 3 Music CDs
  • Lesson Book
  • Access to the Student Support Site
  • 60-day money-back guarantee


  • Robust coverage of main painting concepts
  • Warm and professional tutor
  • Good for painters of all skill levels


  • Some say it can’t replace in-person instruction

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FAQs About Learn And Master Guitar Review

⏰What are your hours of operation?

Learn and Master Courses operate from Monday to Friday, from 08:30 am to 04:30 pm. Non-operational on Holidays.

🚫Can I copy the DVDs?

Copyright infringement of DVDs is not allowed. You may contact customer care for additional copies.

$$ Can I use the Payment Plan by using PayPal?

We only accept payments through VISA or Mastercard. Right now our system does not support Paypal payments.

✅What is your return policy?

Learn and Master courses offer a 60 days money-back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with our product a full refund would be provided by us at the cost of our product.

Conclusion: Learn and Master Guitar Review 2023

Home instruction is an incredibly dynamic way to learn about something you’re interested in.

Many of us seek out instruction courses delivered via various media resources to learn how to manage our finances, become more healthy and productive at work, or perhaps learn a musical instrument.

One of the nice things about educational video content is that if you don’t understand the concept right away, you can rewind the video and listen to it again and again.

Though it should go without saying, educational videos and other supplementary course content aren’t a complete replacement for active guidance from full-fledged instructors.

As I have seen, many of us purchase a Learn & Master course series to supplement our home instruction with lessons from extremely delicate tutors in our space.

The consumers I interviewed typically expressed some initial diffidence regarding trying to find out photography, dance, or music through a non-in-person suggests that, but they were pleasantly stunned at how effective it was to learn in this self-paced manner.

The customers we interviewed initially expressed reservations about learning photography, dance, or music through a non-in-person means, but they were pleasantly surprised at how effective it was to learn in this self-paced manner.

Advances in educational technology commonly referred to as e-learning, make it easier than ever to disseminate information around the world.

A number of the reasons why this trend in online learning education has recently exploded are areas where unit factors live, such as increased ease of access, efficiency, lower cost, stability, and technological advancements.

If you want to learn guitar, piano, painting, photography, or ballroom dancing from the comfort of your own home, you should look into Legacy Learning Systems’ Learn And Master.

They must have been in the business of producing transmission home instruction solutions for a long time, and their audio and video production quality is excellent.

Furthermore, their product comes with a 60-day return policy, so if you’re unhappy with them, you’ll always get your money back.

Aside from receiving literature, DVDs, and CDs, there are vibrant online learning communities that can assist you as you begin to master your instrument, camera, or social dancing application.

The most secure purchasing options are to buy through learn and master.com as opposed to competing resellers on different platforms.

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