LinkedIn Learning Vs Pluralsight 2023– Which Learning Platform Is Best?

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Are you tired of searching for the perfect learning platform to elevate your skill set? Look no further!

I’ve personally used, reviewed, and compared Pluralsight and LinkedIn Learning to help you make an informed decision. In this comprehensive comparison review, you’ll find an overview of each platform, their main differences, best features, suitability, pros and cons, pricing, and my honest verdict.



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Pluralsight is an online training providing platform that gives users access to comprehensive and cost-effective selection. It includes high-quality learning materials and training courses.

LinkedIn Learning is a renowned and top online website that enables users to learn from their courses on distinct topics, ranging from business and technology, to artistic and creative courses.

  • Affordable Pricing Plans
  • Course Discussions
  • Multiple Device Support
  • Practice examinations
  • Certificates of Completion
  • Exercise files, notes, and assessments
  • Learning paths and saved courses
  • progressively updated
  • Well built course channels
  • Exercise Files 
  • Badges for achievements
  • Quizzes for self-assessment 
  • Course certificates 
  • Nice Interface
  • Videos Are Generally Quite Good
  • Improve Your Career Skill Set
  • Cheap price model
  • Wide berth of available subjects
  • Does not offer shareable or accredited certificates.
  • Too many different names. Bad Branding.
  • Technical content is surface-level at best.
Ease of Use

User Interface of Pluralsight is friendly and quick to get a hold of.

The User Interface of LinkedIn is a bit slow. 

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So, let’s dive into Linkedin Learning vs Pluralsight and discover which platform is the best fit for your learning goals!

LinkedIn Learning Vs Pluralsight


Bottom Line Upfront:

Pluralsight and LinkedIn Learning are two of the most popular online learning platforms available, but which one is right for you? We did a deep dive into their pricing, features, content library, and more to help you make an informed decision.

LinkedIn Learning Vs Pluralsight

Click here to learn more about Pluralsight

Pluralsight is an online training providing platform that gives users access to comprehensive and cost-effective selection.

It includes high-quality learning materials and training courses. LinkedIn Learning is a renowned and top online website that enables users to learn from

their courses on distinct topics, ranging from business and technology, to artistic and creative courses. Check Out Pluralsight here.

treehouse vs pluralsight

Differences Between Pluralsight vs LinkedIn Learning

The following are the primary differences between LinkedIn Learning and Pluralsight’s online training programs:

  • Pluralsight specializes in technology courses, whereas LinkedIn Learning offers a wide range of educational options.
  • When it comes to LinkedIn Learning, you can’t just put anything on their site. You have to meet certain standards.
  • In contrast to Pluralsight, LinkedIn Learning delivers course credentials from a brand that many people recognize and trust.
  • In comparison, LinkedIn Learning’s monthly and yearly subscriptions are reasonably priced, while Pluralsight’s most expensive annual subscription comes at a premium price with minimal value.
  • Quality of Course Materials and Instructors
  • The courses on both sites are developed by experts.
  • Efficacy & Navigability
  • It is easier to find what you need to study on LinkedIn Learning than it is on Pluralsight.

Overview Linkedin Vs Pluralsight: Which One Is Better?


linkedin review

You have certainly heard about LinkedIn already.

LinkedIn Learning is a renowned and top online website that enables users to learn from their courses on distinct topics, ranging from business and technology, to artistic and creative courses.

The platform allows organizations to improve their learning experience and build their existing and future skills.

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Their courses are always up-to-date with the latest business, technology, and innovative content. It has over 16,000 real experts for its courses and further has an additional 50 new courses added each week.

LinkedIn offers multiple courses and offers the following:

  • It has over 14,000 courses
  • Has 7 various languages
  • Additional courses added constantly 
  • Possesses the most updated and requested lessons. 
  • Has easy admission and viability
  • And a plethora of other offers! 


linkedin vs pluralsight review

Pluralsight is an established web platform that delivers tech and intelligent coaching, and also a wide range of video training courses, that are proposed to software developers, IT administrators, and creative professionals.

Its entire course is centralized on technology and enables users to anticipate everything from device learning, computing with the cloud as well as Artificial Intelligence. 

Pluralsight provides excellent offers and features such as: 

  • Over 7,000 designed courses!
  • Possesses unrestricted streaming
  • Fresh courses are added every day
  • Has effortless membership registration
  • Test files are easily downloadable
  • Gives certificates on the fulfillment of the program.
  • And much more!

Key Features | LinkedIn vs Pluralsight

Kinds of Courses, Technical Support, and Prices 

  • Courses 

LinkedIn Learning or Lynda majorly focuses on providing professional courses.

Their best courses categories include :

  • Business
  • Web development 
  • Creative skills

LinkedIn provides students with courses to enhance themselves professionally with courses such as leadership and time management.

linkedin vs pluralsight

Whereas Pluralsight has a strong pursuit in technology-related and designing courses and hence suits best for students looking to acquire technical skills. Their best courses categories include:

  • Machine learning
  • Data Science 
  • Design 

Both platforms deliver a variety of courses across numerous fields. Linkedin Learning or Lynda has a range of more than 15,000 courses to choose from. This showcases that their reach in fields is quite widespread.

Pluralsight, however, has a range of more than 6,500 courses on its platform. Pluralsight has a lower availability of courses available than LinkedIn.

linkedin vs pluralsight

  • Technical Support Availability

Technical guidance is an extremely crucial point for students to get satisfactory answers for their doubts that occur during the coursework.

Both platforms provide technical support like email for solving issues for students when they encounter difficulty in their learning process. Although their methods differ in delivering assistance to students.

Pluralsight lacks text support however LinkedIn has chat support which is available online or offline depending upon the services.

Overall LinkedIn provides a more efficient and quick method of solving queries whereas Pluralsight could make you wait for your turn to ask your doubts.

linkedin vs pluralsight

  • Course Support Availability

The course support assistance creates a medium for students to communicate with knowledgeable teachers.

LinkedIn provides instructors that teach you the course for guidance whereas Pluralsight has experts in that field that are available to assist.

Both these platforms require to have a discourse with other students enrolled in the same program.

Therefore, these platforms also have community forums for students to discuss their views and opinions, as also their queries. These forums are well organized and lend a helping hand to aspiring students with doubts.

linkedin vs pluralsight

  • Technologies

LinkedIn or Lynda and Pluralsight are both available as applications for both android and IOS devices. The apps are updated and easy to use when you log in and subscribe to the platform.

These applications have a dashboard for students to review which courses they have enrolled in and what is the status of the course.

The teaching material is in the form of videos and notes which can be used by students to understand a particular topic. The application is well designed for students to explore more details on courses.

  • Instructor & Production Quality

The last thing you want to do is watch a video that is blurry and has an instructor that is difficult to understand.

If you watch some of the videos available on LinkedIn Learning, you’ll quickly realize that the company does not tolerate any of that content on its site.

Even though the producers are the ones responsible for the content, the platform has standards for the quality of the content that must be met in order for it to be included. Because of this, you won’t have any trouble hearing or seeing your instructors at any point during the course.

Courses Offered at LinkedIn Learning vs Pluralsight

Courses at LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn provides a wide range of over 16,000 courses. 9000 of which are instructed in English.

The main three categories of courses they provide are; Business, Technology, and Creativity. All three also have subtopics within.

I’ll be taking you through all three of them and exhibit how each one functions.

  • The business contains courses for people pursuing their careers as entrepreneurs or in the business field in general. It has courses such as Online Marketing where one can learn the basics of marketing, how famous companies make successful campaigns and by the end help the user to create their own little marketing strategy too. 

linkedin vs pluralsight

  • Another course it contains is Leadership Management which teaches how one can be a Leader and not a Boss. Also, it goes over how in a project, a leader is supposed to do and act. Further, even courses such as finance and accounting are offered for newcomers to the field. 
  • The Technology field contains courses where students are taught about designing a site from scratch and some more in-depth information such as Machine Learning for people more interested in the field. Just as the name suggests as well, the creative courses have classes where students are taught about designing a site from scratch and making it professional and exploring their inner potential creativeness with courses such as Graphic Designing.

Courses at Pluralsight 

linkedin vs pluralsight

Now where LinkedIn provides a variety of courses, Pluralsight is more restrictive and adheres to the students attracted to the IT industry.

The main categories are; Data Science, Machine learning, and design. I’ll give you a run-through for a better understanding of how each one of them works. 

  • Data Science is the bread and butter for any IT student out there and Pluralsight has possibly the best course for this field all around. Here all the information is given starting right from the basics to the advanced stuff. It teaches students about the latest updates, tools, and technologies which run modern-day data science. 
  • Machine Learning is again a basic need for most students in engineering. Pluralsight allows students to understand how AI i.e Artificial intelligence can learn patterns through the medium of data. It goes through the entire core concepts of how AI makes its almost error-free decisions with the least human intervention. 
  • Free Account Pluralsight, like the majority of e-learning platforms, has some specific ways to determine if it is the right platform for you. I thought it would be useful to highlight some pointers to assist you in making that decision. To cancel someone’s trial subscription, go to the Subscription & Billing tab on your Account page, click Manage your subscription, and then press enter Cancel. You will lose access to all content if you cancel your subscription.

linkedin vs pluralsight

  • The courses offered in the design field are quite similar to the ones I pointed out on LinkedIn. The user can enroll in courses such as graphic design, and logo making. It is also a bit vague since it goes to the very basics of how one can make an entire site from the beginning. This is quite similar to LinkedIn with the only difference being the fact that LinkedIn has a different name for it. 

Verdict Who Wins LinkedIn vs Pluralsight

Both LinkedIn and Pluralsight provide over-the-top and professional courses with one major difference.

linkedin vs pluralsight

LinkedIn favors the business category skills more whereas Pluralsight leans more toward the students in the IT field. However, they both do have similar topics too such as design. 

Ease of Use

When I used both LinkedIn Learning and Pluralsight and collected major differences between these two platforms.


popular tools

I reviewed both and I personally like that LinkedIn has a speeding option for videos. This helps to jump into any section of the video which is absolutely great to recall previous content. This small yet significant tool assists to re-watch content repeatedly which is a crucial step in the learning process.

Although there are a few inconsistencies in the fundamentals and qualities of some courses it does not affect the usage difficulty.

Hence using it will be rather easy but you may find some elemental faults although their content is amazing they lack a few basic features necessary for the course.


I have noticed that Pluralsight has a strong structure in its courses. Hence, their material is efficiently subdivided into smaller parts and sections for students to absorb.

They usually have 10-minute sections of topics that also guide students directly to those sections they have doubts about.

linkedin vs pluralsight

This makes things easier for students to have a proper recap of the previous material.

Pluralsight is also very crisp and thorough with the well-organized quality and tone of the course. There are no particular issues with the basics on Pluralsight due to which students receive a finer foundation.

Verdict Who Wins LinkedIn vs Pluralsight

I believe both are extremely simple and easy to use, you will not face any difficulties while using these two great platforms.

Since both successfully manage to put forward the knowledge one requires and expects from a course.

After the end of the courses, you will find yourself content with the information you have gathered.

Pricing Plans at LinkedIn vs Pluralsight

Pricing Plans at LinkedIn:

linkedin vs pluralsight courses

The pricing on LinkedIn is not categorized and simply has two options which are monthly and yearly subscriptions. You can select any of the two that are suitable according to your budget.

Also, you need to be updated with the current pricing of LinkedIn so always check beforehand since they keep changing them.

LinkedIn ranges from $29.99 per month (depending upon your country) and $239.88 per year(depending upon your country).

These are reasonable prices since they provide you with all the material but there is no project work or assignment given in these courses. Hence the price seems lower than Pluralsight.

Pricing Plans at Pluralsight: 

pluralsight pricing plans

The pricing on Pluralsight is also simple and also has a premium option that gives you better access to their materials. These plans are also available for monthly and yearly usage.

You may select whichever package suits you the best. You also need to be updated with the prices since they keep changing them.

The prices range from $29.90 per month (depending upon your country), to $299 per year (depending upon your country), and $499 per year for the premium version.

The packages for team plans are further divided into two different categories per user that are: 

  • Professional: $589 per year 
  • Enterprise: $779 per year 

Verdict: LinkedIn vs Pluralsight

The prices of these platforms seem justified since they provide rigorous courses that help students to acquire the skills they desire. The value of these platforms depends on which type, of course, you are willing to learn.

If you are searching for business or management type of skills LinkedIn is the best option for you. However, if you would like to learn technology-related courses, Pluralsight fits sufficiently for your pursuit of the course.

linkedin learning

LinkedIn vs Pluralsight Pros And Cons

Needless to say, they both have their strengths and weaknesses. I’ve listed both for LinkedIn and Pluralsight.

LinkedIn Pros : 

  • Easy to apply courses, teaching basics, and advanced knowledge.
  • Wide variety of topics.
  • Any specialized person in the field can apply to be an instructor.
  • Assessments to check one’s understanding of the course.
  • Provides accredited and shareable certificates.

LinkedIn Cons :

  • The User Interface is a bit slow. 
  • Classes are a bit inconsistent with some being 5 mins to some being 50 mins of the same topic.
  • No on-call customer service.

Pluralsight Pros : 

  • Offers expertise courses in the IT field.
  • Offers case studies for courses.
  • Instructors are verified by Pluralsight themselves.
  • Consistency in video length. 
  • Assessments for students to get graded on.
  • Provides certificates.
  • The user interface is friendly and quick to get a hold of.

Pluralsight Cons : 

  • Does not offer shareable or accredited certificates.
  • More expensive.
  • Restricted topics catering to only the IT field. 
  • No refund policy is offered.

FAQs | LinkedIn vs Pluralsight

Can you add Pluralsight Certificates to LinkedIn?

Yes, you can showcase your Pluralsight certificates on your LinkedIn as well as your CV.

Is Pluralsight better than LinkedIn learning?

Both platforms are packed with valuable learning resources, but Pluralsight offers a more consistent user experience and content format than LinkedIn Learning, which in my opinion could be because Pluralsight evaluates its potential instructors more intensely than most other learning platforms.

Does LinkedIn Learning give certificate?

Yes. LinkedIn Learning offers accredited certificates on completion.

Is Pluralsight Free?

No, Pluralsight is not free but you have some free options.

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Conclusion | LinkedIn vs Pluralsight 2023 

In this article, we outlined LinkedIn and Pluralsight’s different features, benefits, and pricing systems. Both beyond any doubt provide their customers with remarkable services.

Accordingly, the recommendation between the two is very intricate as the platforms yield great results. These two platforms can not be directly contrasted, as they depend entirely on your preference.

Hence, if you are keen to learn technical courses you are bound to be inclined towards Pluralsight.

If you are inquisitive to learn marketing or SEO-related courses then LinkedIn should be the appropriate pick for you. 

Moreover, you should absolutely try out both of the platforms as they offer free trials which will allow you to attain more insight into how they operate. 

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