Love or Above Review 2022: Is Christie Marie Sheldon’s Program Worth Taking?

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Study Materials
Video Lessons Quality


  • The class will be held at the Mind Valley Academy.
  • The courses are accompanied with a workbook.
  • There are 21 hours of programming.
  • Sessions include guided meditations.
  • Real-life examples of success


  • It doesn't seem to be a science-oriented course.

Price:$ 199

Christine Marie Sheldon has always inspired me with her teachings on energy healing and clearing, such as Unlimited Abundance and Love or Above.

In this article, I have shared my detailed Love or Above review that describes the program’s contents, vibration scale concepts, and what you can expect from Christie Marie Sheldon’s program.

So, let’s begin. 

Love or Above Review 2022: First Thoughts

I had been considering whether or not to purchase Christie Marie Sheldon’s Love or Above course for some weeks. It seemed somewhat eccentric.

And I was also participating in her Unlimited Abundance program, so I doubted that Love or Above would add anything to what I already had.

Love or Above Review

Anyway, a few weeks later I joined up for a free webinar, thinking, “What do I have to lose?” The clearing in that webinar was incredible; I could feel my body quivering and I knew that old baggage was being released.

So I decided to give the course a shot. I was aware that there was a money-back guarantee if it did not work.

What is the Love or Above vibration scale?

For humans, the Love or Above scale ranges from 1 to 1000. At the bottom is someone who is extremely miserable and not at all enjoying a satisfying life.

The energy value of guilt is 20 because shame signifies “I am insufficient.”

At Energetic Frequency 1000, the maximum level a human may accomplish as an Enlightened Master, all of your Manifesting flows would be opened up, and your life would function magnificently.

Love or Above Vibration Scale

Here is more of the scale:

  • Shame 20
  • Hate 50
  • Guilt 30
  • Fear 100
  • Grief 75
  • Acceptance and Forgiveness 350
  • Anger 150 (because Anger moves you beyond the apathy that often accompanies fear and grief)
  • Courage 200
  • Love 500
  • Joy 540 (the level at which energy healing occurs)

Currently, the average number on the planet is merely 207. The level of love is 500.

The energy frequency and truth of the statement “What is held in the mind tends to manifest” is calibrated at 505. Therefore, manifesting becomes easier after reaching level 500.

Living life from the level of Love or Above manifests your life in the manner of your choosing.

It is therefore difficult to manifest and you may not be as joyful as you may be if your vibration is below 500, as it is for the majority of individuals.

Following are the exercises and meditations you will find in the course:

Love or Above Course Information

Module 1: Higher Vibrations and you.

  • Higher Vibrations and you, an introduction.
  • As an intuitive healer, Christie experiences many things.
  • Vibration scale.
  • Gratitude is an energy introduction.
  • The Gratitude Exercise 
  • Muscle testing: an introduction.
  • Video of a muscle test.

Total study time; 1 hour.

Module 2: Intuitive Living.

  • Intuitive Living: An Introduction.
  • Life-Changing Questions: How to ask them.
  • How to Feel your Intuitive Senses.
  • Intuitive Senses Exercise: how to feel them.
  • Developing your Intuitive Sense
  • By letting go of judgment, you can raise your vibrations.

Total study time; 53 min.

Module 3: Connecting to your Higher Self.

  • Getting in touch with your higher self: an introduction.
  • Meet Christie’s Angels and Guides.
  • Meditating with your Guides.
  • Self-meditation with Divine Wisdom.
  • A reminder for the journal.

Total study time; 57 min.

Module 4: The Energetic Soul Cleansing Formula.

  • The Energetic Soul Cleansing Formula introduction.
  • By Changing Your Energy, You Can Heal Your Body.
  • This is the Energy Radar.
  • Who drains you?
  • Exercising the Energy Detox.
  • Cutting Cords Meditation: an introduction.
  • Meditation to cut cords.
  • The act of clearing space.
  • Session of journaling.

Total study time; 1 hour.

Module 5: The Art of Choosing Your Reality.

  • Choosing Your Reality: An Introduction.
  • Energize your Vision Board.
  • Self-mastery is the key to success.
  • Make a vision board.
  • The fun will raise your vibrations.
  • Exercise for blessing the ball of light.

Total study time; 53 min.

Module 6: The Planetary Shift of Consciousness Begins at Home.

  • This is the introduction to The Planetary Shift of Consciousness Begins at Home.
  • Exercise for spiritual first aid in families.
  • Exercises to live in an energy of love and gratitude.
  • Blessings raise your consciousness.
  • Make your family aware of the issue.
  • Meditation to awaken the heart.
  • Create your ideal family meditation.

Total study time; 1 hour.

Bonus Module; Intimate Interviews On The Future Purpose of Humanity.

  • Raising Conscious Children.
  • Generation Indigo.
  • Humanity’s future purpose.

Total study time; 58 min.


Christie Marie Sheldon is one of the most skilled energy healers and energy trainers around. I was one of the approximately 30,000 personal consultations she has conducted. and has over 15 years of experience.

According to MindValley, which sells her courses, in a Christie Marie Sheldon review, it was stated that she assists individuals in eliminating limiting beliefs, transforming life patterns, raising their vibrations, and overcoming fear.


This is accomplished through her private consultations, sessions, and two courses.

Her first course, Love or Above, provides individuals with the tools necessary to elevate their vibration from negative emotions like fear, hatred, rage, and shame to higher vibrational forces such as love, joy, and gratitude.

Raising your vibration helps eliminate obstacles that prevent manifestations from occurring.

Her second course, “Unlimited Abundance” offers even more assistance and support in finding and removing the abundance of obstacles that prevent manifestations.

Christie Marie Sheldon Reviews

Christie Marie Sheldon, like many intuitive and spiritually talented healers, repressed her gift as a youngster. Many people disliked her intuitive forecasts, so she stopped using her abilities.

However, she was visited by luminous beings of energy. She then began to use her skills to identify obstacles and heal individuals. It was impossible to ignore the results of her healing talents, and the rest is history.

Christie Marie Sheldon believes that restoring earth’s love to the world is possible if enough individuals raise their vibration. With all of the disorder and discord, it appears that her talents are needed now more than ever.

In a society where fear and despair are prevalent, Christie provides the means to choose hope and love. With the correct tools and help, you can overcome years of abundance of obstacles and harmful practices.

Is Your Energetic Frequency Holding You Back from Being A Magnet For Wealth, Health, And Joy?

According to Christie Marie Sheldon, “I had one client, Carolina, who came to be unable to make her romantic relationship work. She was just divorced and attracted men of poor quality.

She was displeased. She felt like throwing in the towel! She sought my assistance in determining why she could not manifest a great man into her life.

We worked to improve her Energetic Frequencies, and a few months ago, she met a fantastic guy. This occurred after being obstructed for nearly two years! Recently, she phoned me to thank me and express her gratitude and happiness.

LOVE or ABOVE By Christie Marie Sheldon

When her energy frequency reached the optimal level, her mate appeared. And not just any dude… It was a man she did not have to fix, change, or settle for since he was compatible.

If she had not transformed her dense, low-vibrational energy into something new, she would still be awaiting the arrival of a fantastic man!

She stated that it is indescribable to be with him. Carolina stated, “Christie, I finally comprehend how everything works.” That I must first clear myself so that I am vibrating at the precise frequency required to make everything happen.”

Specifically, she evolved into the Love or Above energy. She endured it. Therefore, if you read a lot of books, you won’t change — unless you become what the author is describing.

Creating a successful existence is a result of embodying and being the Energy at the highest level possible.

Love or Above Review: What I Did Not Like About The Program? 

In this review, I will discuss a few aspects of the Love or Above program that I disliked. Christie enjoys laughing and giggling frequently during sessions. Initially, I did not consider this to be professional.

However, I must admit that this is simply who she is, and as I progressed through the course, I grew accustomed to and learned to like her humorous yet practical approach to life.

Then there is the time commitment; 45 minutes a day may appear to be a significant amount of time to devote to personal development.

Therefore, I completed mine when I first awoke and listened to the tapes in bed — it seemed less like labor!

I suppose you could listen to them while driving, but I’d be concerned about the trance-like condition that the clearings can induce, and you clearly cannot close your eyes while driving.

This has worked in the past with other personal development CDs, so it would be my second choice of “found time.”

BTW, I don’t believe daily listening to Christie for Love or Above is essential; I just wanted the quickest road to a prosperous and happy life!

Love or Above Review: What I Liked

I purchased the download edition of Love or Above since it was cheaper and I did not want to wait for the CDs to be shipped.

However, I opted for the 45-day daily course option since I was apprehensive that I would purchase the course but fail to use the materials.

This was a wise decision on my part, as the daily emails in this choice reminded me of what I needed to concentrate on. And the additional PDF notes for each day contained some extremely useful advice for maintaining a high vibration.

What I Liked about Love or Above


I particularly enjoy that the audio comes with complete review transcripts, as it allowed me to quickly examine the material and highlight important areas after listening to the sessions.

(I did this on my Kindle, but you could also use a marker pen on a printout) Personally, I learn best when I can both read and listen to information.

The techniques from the course have become a part of my daily life:

  • Bringing love and light to myself and others.
  • Blessings ball of light creating my day.
  • I ended my day by clearing any area where my vibration had been lower than love.

The more frequently I connected with the light (one of the techniques Christie teaches in the course), the better I began to feel. And the more pleasant my days became. I experienced more synchronicity.

My business received more work, and I was generally happier and more relaxed. When a crisis did arise, I was certain that everything would work out. My vibration is always increasing!

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Conclusion: Love or Above Review 2022

The price-to-value ratio warrants a score of 9 out of 10. Additionally, it was a GIANT stepping stone for me. Her visions provided me with a crucial foundation as an empath.

Something upon which I can build for years to come.

And you, have you participated in the program yet? Would you be interested in sharing your personal experiences? Do you have any questions? Please feel free to post a comment below.

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