Mindvalley 6 Phase Meditation Review 2022: Is It Worth Joining The Course?

Mindvalley 6 Phase Meditation Review
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Looking for an unbiased Mindvalley 6 Phase Meditation Review? I got you covered. In this review I will discuss if 6 Phase Meditation is worth it and whether you should give it a try.

Came across the Mindvalley 6 Phase Meditation By Vishen Lakhiani? And reached here in the search of in depth information on the same, then I promise you will not be disappointed.

In this article, we will be covering all the aspects regarding 6 Phase meditation which is guided by the founder of MindValley, Vishen Lakhiani. 

If you are eager to know more about Mindvalley then roll over to check our detailed Mindvalley Review.

Before that, let us know more about the trainer and founder of MindValley. 

Bottom Line Upfront:

Mindvalley 6 phase meditation is the way of meditation by which you get lots of benefits from meditation, and never feel bored during meditation. Mindvalley provides you with lots of courses related to your mental health and your growth. To get all the benefits of Mindvalley 6 Phase Meditation Join Right Now.

Who Is Vishen Lakhiani? 

Born on 14th January 1976, in Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia), Vishen is an innovator and entrepreneur in the domain of education technology. He is an investor, speaker, and also the author of “Code Of Extraordinary Mind. MindValley is Vishen’s creation.

This company is a specialist when it comes to bringing about innovation in education using awareness in the domain of lifelong learning and comprehensive education.

He is also one of the members of XPRIZE.MINDVALLEY Foundation Innovation Council as well as the Transformational Leadership Council.

Vishen Lakhani- Mindvalley 6 Phase meditation review

Now that we know about Vishen let us know a bit more about his brainchild, MindValley.

What Exactly Is MindValley?

The creator of Vishen Lakhiani, Mindvalley is a company with remarkable success across the globe which started without any loans or investors or government grants.

Vishen led Mindvalley into a multimillion company with over 200 employees from 40 countries. The company is a torchbearer in the field of bringing a revolution in the way of learning by people since the past decade. 

Mindvalley review- 6-phase meditation review

Now coming to what our topic really is. Let us first know how meditation works.

How Does Meditation Work? 

Contemplation is maybe the most potent instrument we need to bridle the intensity of our brains, develop harmony and prosperity, and increment our profitability.

Furthermore, contemplation encourages us to increment our passionate insight, versatility, and viability. A wide range of studies exhibits that reflection can build personal satisfaction for pretty much anybody.

Working of Mindvalley 6-phase meditation

However, for what reason is that valid? Furthermore, how can it work?

  • Activation Of Various Brainwaves

We have five prime categories of brainwaves.

Each of these brainwave frequencies is corresponding with a particular activity. For example, the majority of people spend most of their day in the ‘Beta’ state. What is the Beta State you may ask? To explain, the Beta state is how your brain “thinks, functions, works”.

If we go to a quiet, religious place, we might come to a state called Theta.

Theta state is all about being grounded and calm. When we have a dreamless sleep, we usually have gamma waves. Only the monks who are performing meditation for a long time can achieve this state whilst having their eyes wide open

We can alter the brainwave frequency with the help of yoga and meditation.

  • Bringing Change In Structure Of Your Brain 

At the point when you make a switch into an alternate brainwave recurrence, with Mindvalley you additionally actuate various territories of the cerebrum. After some time, this progresses to your physical structure of mind. 

Here are two pieces of the mind that change on account of reflection:

Lateral Prefrontal Cortex

Called the “Appraisal Center,” some portion of the cerebrum is engaged with adjusting passionate reactions that start from the dread place or different pieces of the mind. At the point of an active Lateral Prefrontal Cortex, you’re more averse to think about things literally, and you’re bound to abrogate programmed practices.

Medial Prefrontal Cortex

This part is the “Me Center,” which causes you to measure data about yourself.

That incorporates practices like contemplating the future, self-reflection, wandering off in fantasy land, deducing about another person’s perspective, social corporations, and feeling sympathy for other people. This is known as the “Oneself Referencing Center.” After reflection, we start to draw on this inside just when we have to.

  • Strengthening the corpus callosum

You may realize that the left side of the equator of our mind has practical experience in semantic abilities, examination, and math. At the same time, the correct half of the globe of our cerebrum works in inventiveness. That is the thing that individuals are alluding to when they talk about the left-cerebrum right-mind worldview. 

The issue a large portion of us in the Western world experience is that we will, in general, reinforce our left cerebrum more, leaving our helpless right mind to crumble. 

These two halves of the globe do “talk” to one another through the corpus callosum, taking care of thoughts to one another. Thus, we become more inventive. Yet, this possibly occurs in the event that we fortify the corpus callosum. 

The uplifting news? 6 Phase meditation does precisely this.

Getting An Idea Of What Meditation Really Is. 

Many individuals don’t do it, since they just can’t ‘clear their brains’. 

They attempt to discharge their contemplation, and when that doesn’t work, they think they suck at reflection and surrender.

In any case, the psyche is intended to think. It does so consequently, much the same as how your heart thumps. 

Indeed, reflection isn’t tied in with clearing your brain. It should improve execution in every other part of your life. 

There are three-time ventures each individual should make to enable themselves to flourish: 

1. Set aside a few minutes for heaven. It’s my firm conviction that your own, close connection with your feeling of god likeness (whatever that is to you) is your help. Set aside an effort to develop that relationship as you do with each other in your life.

2. Make time to practice every day. Doesn’t need to be very long, however, make time to move for the million reasons we as a whole know. 

3. Set aside a few minutes for reflection.

Now that we know what meditation really is and how it works let us know more about how the phases of the 6 Phase Meditation work. 

Mindvalley Six Phase Meditation | How It Works?

Phase 1: Love and Compassion (10 Minutes)

According to Vishen, compassion is, “Communicating the expectation of moving from judgment to mindful, from confinement to association, from lack of interest or aversion to comprehension, this stage is tied in with feelings associated with others and having a feeling of empathy towards them.”

As you are guided through this stage, you are taken from your feeling of empathy for yourself to the space you are in, and afterward, out through your neighborhood, the town you live in, the district where you dwell, your nation of origin, and after that to our place internationally on the earth.

The vast majority of us have an impressive disengagement from individuals in our own families, not to mention what’s going on to individuals in different nations.

This stage plugs us over into ourselves and our prompt lives as well as our place on the planet.

Regardless of what we state with our mouths, we as a whole have an inborn want inside to feel associated with others. We advanced to live in networks, and it’s modified into our minds that we should be related to endurance.

Consider how individuals used to be rebuffed. As per Shakespeare’s Romeo, being avoided or expelled is more regrettable than death. We need a human association, regardless of whether we understand it or not.

With meditation, your cerebrum will begin giving more consideration and finding significant associations with others.

Phase 2: Gratitude (10 Minutes)

This subsequent stage is more significant than any of us will ever comprehend.

As indicated by Lakhiani, science shows that appreciation can give us more vitality, make the higher keen insight, provide an additional lenient demeanor, diminish discouragement and uneasiness, provide a feeling of social association, improve rest, and avoid migraines, to give some examples benefits.

In this stage, you center around three things you feel thankful for in your own life, three things in your business life, and three things you are appreciative of in yourself.

The more significant part of us invests our energy stressing and agonizing over the future and seldom takes stock of what is going admirably right this moment. The appreciation stage puts a light on those things we presently have going, which we are thankful for.

Gratitude has a few logically demonstrated advantages, for example, making higher keen insight, giving us a feeling of social association, and giving an additional lenient demeanor.

Genuinely it is accepted to improve rest, avert cerebral pains, and increment vitality.

So Vishen guides us through a couple of moments of offering thanks for things we have encountered over the most recent 24 hours. He centers around feeling the feelings and not merely making it top-notch, which I accept makes it significantly more helpful.

Gratitude is a groundbreaking articulation, and to build up this expertise, you should rehearse it day by day. Discouraged individuals consistently stress over the things that are not directly in their life instead of offering thanks for what they have.

Continuously be thankful for being alive consistently in light of the fact that numerous individuals on the planet probably won’t have the option to make it that day. Continuously be thankful for having a daily existence, a family, and a couple of companions that give you the motivation to remain upbeat.

Phase 3: Forgiveness (17 Minutes)

Pardoning is a deliberate and willful cycle that delivers a sentiment of cognizance towards the individual who has hurt you, however, goes through an adjustment in emotions and mentality with respect to an offense.

It doesn’t mean overlooking, yet absolution brings the forgiver true serenity and liberates the person in question from destructive anger. This stage lets you picture the individual who has accomplished something incorrectly before.

At that point, what you need to do is to excuse that individual in the event that the person in question has conquered antagonistic feelings, for example, hatred and retaliation.

This cycle doesn’t intend to return and find that individual, yet this is a piece of meditation where you can take this second to let it go.

Each individual on the planet has various qualities and individual limits. With Mindvalley can conceal your agony in your inward space and excuse that individual by tossing out the stuff that is obsolete. 

The most significant battle individuals will, in general, have is releasing things that hurt you. Reflection will allow you to rehearse and understand that an easy-going individual who hurt you isn’t about them yet about your own agreement.

Phase 4: Future Dreaming (17 Minutes)

Imagining the future will be only the arranging in case you’re not going to execute it. So as to make your vision materialize, later on, you need to begin working today.

You have your fantasy currently, and it’s an ideal opportunity to design it. To satisfy your huge dreams, this isn’t easy to accomplish your arranged strides in only one day. You can make little strides each day by booking it. 

Consistently you woke up merely asking yourself what I would be able to do today so as to be one bit nearer to my vision.

That is the place you need this stage by setting up an appropriate attitude. At the point when you have a proper perspective, then you presumably structure your days effectively towards your fantasies and wants.

Simply think about the realities, how long or years you have to work until you arrive at your achievement that you are anticipating.

Simply plan everything, what would you be able to do, what would assist you with canning, what number of assets you have, and each progression that takes you closer.

Do not think that you are late for anything; just go for it and achieve it. 

Phase 5: Perfect Day (7 Minutes)

In this Mindvalley course arranging your day works in a similar route as planning your life yet on a significantly more quick and commonsense level. It gives you a couple of moments to consider what you would need to do today to arrive at your ideal state in your future.

Regardless of whether it implies you ought to go to the rec center to get the body you envisioned or start the way toward leaving an impasse at work, it moves you to make a move toward the future you extravagant.

It can likewise be a handy method to arrange the assignments you need to complete, and once you envision yourself doing them, you don’t have to make a rundown, you will recall them and do them as though you rehearsed in your brain. 

As somebody who telecommutes, these couple of moments can nearly decide the result of my day. In the event that I skirt this activity, I feel lost about what should be done and put things off.

Yet, on the off chance that I pictured the day in exceptional detail, I can finish my assignments with more tranquility and with time to unwind and reflect. At times, I am even amazed by the sum I can achieve when I have done this ‘practice run’ of my day in my mind.

Phase 6: The Blessing (6 Minutes)

Expecting you to be more powerful, this stage is intended for interfacing with that vitality and requesting support for the initial five stages. You’ve done your due determination by sending the world love and sympathy. You’ve inspected your life and given appreciation where it has a place.

You’ve pardoned somebody in your life to put the heaviness of resentment down. You’ve set aside the effort to design out the future as well as an ideal today. It is presently a perfect opportunity to contact your feeling of divine nature to gracefully you with interminable vitality to help the previous work. This is likewise where the contemplation closes.

Blessings are characterized as an individual’s approval, God’s kindness, or something for which you are thankful. It implies you have a force that you ought to associate with the heavenly.

Envision a brilliant light hitting your skull and filling you with extraordinary vitality. This is definitely not an otherworldly force; however, profound energy is important for each human.

This stage is tied in with associating with that vitality and requesting support for the initial five stages. It feels that the whole world has your back and everything you could ever hope for will work out.

Continue reading to know about the pros and cons. 

Pros And Cons: 6 Phase Meditation Review

One of the best things about this quest is that it leads you to be more efficient and have better productivity. It proves to be pretty helpful in unblocking the sight of your mind.

The quest is entirely free with video sessions and an audiobook that can help you learn better. Though it is tough to find any con in this quest, the only thing that bothers me is that they do not update the study material quite frequently.

FAQs – 6 Phase Meditation Review

✅ What 6 Phase Meditation course is all about in the end?

This Mindvalley 6 Phase Meditation course focuses on telling you the whole process of meditation. Vishen’s technique of meditation has 6 phases. This article focuses on telling you all the details and benefits of this article.

💥 I have heard that monks take hours and hours for their meditation routine and I don’t have that much time to spare on meditation. Should I still go for this?

It is true that monks give meditation hours and hours of dedication. However, time is Vishen’s USP. You just need to spare 10-20 in a day to experience Vishen’s meditation technique and its power. You will save both time and energy getting this course.

🔥 Is Vishen really that great as his site claims?

Vishen is a very successful entrepreneur who literally created whatever he is on his own. He is the founder of Mindvalley and his efforts made Mindvalley rank among the Fortune 500 companies. He has already given thousands of people his gift of meditation. Vishen is constantly invited by various top institutions and companies to share his gift of meditation. In simple words, he is even better than what the site claims and definitely a person to rely on.

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Final Thoughts: Is Mindvalley 6 Phase Meditation Worth It?

The trainer and founder of Mindvalley, Vishen Lakhiani, has an experience of 18 years in this learning and training platform, which in itself is remarkable, he is a very practical and innovative man, and you will learn a different approach to think and live your life, which is a very thing that’s missing in our fast life these days.

This course will help you realize the wide range of numerous things that can be attained with this short-term meditation. You are obviously free to always adapt it according to your preference.

This quest of Mindvalley 6 Phase meditation puts a positive impact on the peace of your mind, productivity and relationships.

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  34. I love MindValley. I have been using the site for a year now and it’s great! The courses are practical, easy to follow, interesting, and keep my life in balance. I find meditation easy-it helps me realize that little things aren’t as big as they seem from moment to moment. This course is an excellent introduction not just to its basic principles but also how you can practically use them during your day-to-day activities.

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  37. Mindvalley 6 phase meditation is one of the most loved courses ive ever done ive really enjoyed it, its very soothing. I think what you will enjoy with this course is that there are lots of different phases to go through so no matter how bored your mind gets after a while, you have another recording to listen to thats not just sitting in silence. This meditation has helped me be more present during my day and grounded when i want to escape from reality for a bit-kudos!

  38. This is one of my favorite meditations for relaxing. It has a soothing voice and really long length, so I can veg out and just stare at the screen after I’ve completed the meditation. 10/10 recommend this for anyone who can spend close to 40 minutes on their own each day.

  39. Mindvalley offers a variety of courses for personal growth, spiritual development, and mindfulness. They also offer group meditations every day at 5:00 PM EST starting with 30 minutes; perfect for busy professionals who don’t have time to devote an hour or more during the workday. One of their most popular tutorials is “The Full Story”, which includes instruction on how to focus attention so that you can achieve your deepest state of concentration. Class sizes are limited so join now!

  40. Mindvalley 6 Phase Meditation really brings out the best in me. It helped me towards stress free meditation, which is what I need at this point. The courses are great an insightful too for my growth and mental health.

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