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Looking for an unbiased Mindvalley Bending Reality Review? I’ve got you covered. In this review, I will discuss if Mindvalley Bending Reality is worth it and whether you should give it a try.

Anybody who desires to comprehend and know more about Mindvalley Bending Reality has arrived at the right article

Want to know more about Mindvalley then check out our detailed Mindvalley Review. 

Bottom Line Upfront: In the denomination regarding Bending Reality, Vishen explains some unspoken truths. He also speaks about his intimate instants and eternities. He puts all the private adaptation into exercise.  Mindvalley provides you with lots of courses related to your mental health and your growth. To get all benefits of Mindvalley Bending Reality Join Right Now.

Why has only Vishen been brought to Equip and Educate You? 

Mindvalley, which was started by Vishen Lakhiani, exists at the prime of the academic realm. It is equipping millions of students across the planet with transformational education and is thriving and prospering rapidly.

The founder of Mindvalley is an uncommon man; he has spent almost fifteen years of his life exploring science to enable the masses to decipher their natural talent and other capabilities and capacities. 

In addition to it, Vishen Lakhiani has also established A-Fest, Mindvalley Quests, Mindvalley University, and various supplementary outlets where they are helping the masses to shape and transform their lives accordingly.

His capabilities have direct Mindvalley in association with fortune 500 companies, other public institutions, and millions across the earth where they train people to steer and live an exemplary life.

His stints in the public sector and as a rhetorician have also transformed thousands of people in the domains of pedagogy, well-being, and socio-politics. 

Lakhiani primarily discloses his connotations of Bending Reality in an oration in 2009 in Calgary, Alberta. There he disseminated the podium with the flawless Dalai Lama. At the same time, he characterized Mindvalley as “being in the flow”.

What Is Bending Reality Masterclass?

Mindvalley bending reality masterclass

There are four milestones of Human existence. 

Vishen directs people that presently everyone should think of satisfaction, and in the future, everyone should have a set idea and conception. Both of these aspects require to be incorporated. Any unevenness can lead to difficulty and drawbacks. It depends on individuality, how one can mix up the two to achieve all these four mind states. 

The negative spiral: It is the condition where one is not glad momentarily nor one has any future proposals. 

Current Reality trap: This condition clasps short-term satisfaction. Momentarily one feels pleased, but in the long run, one is unable to replenish enjoyment and prosperity.  

Stress and Anxiety: This state appears when one works harshly but still doesn’t progress satisfactorily. This condition can also occur when one has no future agendas and proposals. 

Bending Reality: This is the standard and definitive situation. During these circumstances, one share both pleasure and a future proposal. In this stage, one anticipates joy and also enjoys future vision. In this stage, you will discover resources, the right plans, and people. Later, this satisfaction serves as a power that shoves your ideas and vision. 

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More virtually about Bending Reality.:

Mindvalley bending reality courses

Vishen Lakhiani, the founder of Mindvalley, has also authored a book, The extraordinary Mind, where he has talked about Bending Reality in its sixth chapter. In the book, Vishen Lakhiani has shared how a person can achieve both momentary gladness and future vision. He shares how one can be an adequate and transformer sage and master of the era.

He has also spoken about numerous hacks, challenges, regulations, and paths through which one can achieve definitive stability and success. 

Bending Reality’s Profit and Fun Mantra: 

Bending Reality masterclass review

Once a person starts to splash and examine new ideas, creations, and ways of existence, his life becomes more and more vibrant. These actions crave more desires. This all ultimately blossoms one as a human being. 

But the barricade is one’s artistic doings, these values don’t let one go beyond. These cultural values will instead pinch you to interrogate our given mantras. 

We assure you, one can attain both the desired strategy and momentarily gladness, not meagrely but sufficiently. As a result, the composition of both can equalize the balance of life.

This is what Vishen calls living in a state of Bending reality. Vishen himself believes that when one thrives in this state, luck hunts at his back and the world moves him aside. It’s a sort of Bending Reality to give rise to better times and evolving vision at the fastest velocity.

In Mindvalley’s masterclass, bending reality will come true in front of you. 

One needs to chase enormous dreams, but at the same time, one shouldn’t associate one’s enjoyment with these goals. One should be glad about the present period and should enjoy the moments before the attainment of future purposes. 

Why Bending Reality has been named alike?

The founding fathers of this milestone have named it alike because when one commences living in this set of states, all the affairs and surroundings bend the circumstances to make one pleased. With this state, everything molds its direction in shaping your way. 

Duo Extensively Crucial Ingredients of Bending Reality: 

Now let us peek at the two most valuable components of Bending Reality. 

Momentarily happiness 

As per the intellect of Vishen, one must be delighted with available possessions. One shouldn’t associate present happiness with doom vision, for this, one must incorporate his idea into the perception of applause and acknowledgment.

By adopting this procedure one does not have to wait very long for the attainment of happiness. 

Grow a cheering future destiny. 

Throughout his whole course, Vishen has emphasized the Future vision. This could be anything like clambering peaks, exploring values, flourishing family, or craving an excellent product. 

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How Bending Reality perceives?

Vishen himself discerns Bending Reality as esoteric and metaphysical. He believes if one learns to live in this state, everything starts to plummet his way.

According to him, being in a Bending Reality state position one to take a mystical approach to solve any crisis. This is perhaps because when one gets himself engaged in shaping the future destiny, other stuff hardly bothers him.

What Bending Reality Offers you?

Vishesh Lakhani mindvalley masterclass review

In each 90-minute Master lesson, one can comprehend and understate their cognitive status.

We invite you to hold up this quick-timed workout to know your state and condition. 

Secondly, we instruct and educate that how one can mold circumstances according to his mental temperament. Mr. Lakhiani speaks practically about how to grab the right options and opportunities. He talks about how one can build alternatives to achieve the embodiment of caliber.  

You will understand how one becomes a prisoner of one’s feelings and how one can smack artistic barricades to achieve altitudes of aptitude, art, wisdom, and harmony. 

This is the antidote to misfortune. Whatever it is, be it discomfort, prosperity, or health-related dilemmas, we are helping you to shape delight into your life very shortly. 

You would get knowledgeable about the drastic side consequences of consciousness expansionism. Being with us, one can unlock the entrances of inspiration, stability, peace, and, most importantly, the power to bend realities. 

You will learn how to fix and overhaul all the damages. 

Additionally, we offer you numerous life-shifting lessons that Lakhiani has gained from 25 years of experience. 

FAQs: Mindvalley Bending Reality Review

👉 What are the four phases of human existence?

One can be in four stages or four cognitive states, Negative spiral, Current Reality trap, stress and anxiety, and into the Bending Reality phase.

👉 What is the statute of Bending Reality?

In precise, According to the law of Bending Reality, incredible minds have the power to shape the realities according to their existence.

👉 What are the two most significant components of Bending Reality?

The two most crucial elements of Bending Reality is to be delighted with the present circumstances and having exciting and thrilling future visions and goals.

Conclusion: Is Mindvalley Bending Reality Masterclass Worth The Hype? 

In Mindvalley Bending Reality, Lakhiani goes in deep to decipher the evolution of one’s consciousness.  In Bending Reality, one collects the procedures which can’t be obtained from platforms like YouTube.

Vishen Lakhiani also offers techniques that add wisdom, intellect, delight, and peace to the glitter of beauty. 

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  1. Mindvalley Bending Reality is a topical, interactive, and lifechanging Masterclass about turning your dreams into reality. Join Vishen Lakhiani for 9 weeks of awesome content and exclusive footage from his very own Mindvalley HQs across the world.

    As one of the founders of Mindvalley, Vishen has been leading this movement to change lives for over a decade now. In this Masterclass that lasts 9 weeks, you’ll be able to take up in-person with him to learn what it really takes to have your desires fulfilled–in business or personal life. You’ll get the keys on how Tarun’s podcast generates millions per day in Amazon sales alone; Sai’s story and how he cured

  2. Vishen talks about his most personal moments and shares unspoken secrets. Exclusive access to the future of humankind, living with intentionality, and leading humanity to its greatest potential.

  3. Mindvalley does it again! This course offers insights for advanced manifestors who are ready to master their own reality, but no need any prerequisites. Join in and learn from the VRVE’s founder Vishen Lakhiani!

    If you’re at all curious about bending your reality—literally!!!—then this is a Masterclass you won’t want to miss. How it works: You’ll have over six hours of content that will make you see life differently.

  4. Mindvalley is awesome! In this masterclass, Vishen takes you through his most personal moments and also tells you about the unspoken insights to his life.

    In this Masterclass, he will show you the secrets of how to BEND REALITY and start living your best life ever. This masterclass is just what I needed to really dive into my true potential.

  5. Bending Reality is the Masterclass you’ve been waiting for. Learn from Vishen how to turn your life into a work of art. You will learn how to: Unlock the Universe’s Potential in Every Life; Anchor Your Profound Visions; Leap, Fly, and Dance Beyond Ordinary Life’s Limits!

  6. This platform is beyond EPIC! Trust me, I would know. This is one of the first things I bought when Mindvalley opened their doors years ago. Amazing what an experienced guy like Vishen can teach you, eh? 😉

  7. I was lucky enough to experience this magical course firsthand. I also have some personal things going on which made me feel like it’s a pretty good time to find out if these guys could teach me how to get through tough times that I thought weren’t fixable. If you’re looking for reviews, or want some unbiased information, look no further than here!

    Join the most epic mastermind event EVER! You’ll spend 1-on-1 time with Tony Robbins, explore life matters with Esther and Jerry Hicks of The Vortex, play games with Joe Dispenza (Mr Excitement!), meet Founder & CEO Ric Elias and many more….

  8. Mindvalley Bending Reality offers you a much more direct path to enlightenment and is by no means some pyramid scheme. This Masterclass has been created from years of experience with mastering the mind-bending arts – for instance, this course has been known for unlocking prisoners’ minds.

    This program will help you on your journey at any stage in life but is especially helpful for those who are just starting out on their spiritual journey. The Bending Reality team claims that they have produced over 95% success rates, so there’s no way not to sign up! It sounds like this may be righteously outstanding and everyone should give it a shot!

  9. I had been searching a long time for a program that would make me happy and help me grow. Then, I found Mindvalley bending reality! This has got to be the best program ever – it’s so fun and makes you feel like there is no limit to what you can do! It’s not sitting in your house in front of the TV calling this shit life dude into eternity. Enrolling in Mindvalley bending reality months ago was one of the BEST decisions I have made because it changed EVERYTHING about my life for the better. Can’t live without it now!!!

  10. The course is a lot of work but it has helped me get some life-long confidence. I recommend you watching the videos, presentation and website before deciding to join. If all the steps are followed then there can be no issues with Mindvalley Bending Reality.

  11. I just finished the course “Bending Reality” from Mindvalley. It’s been so hot, I don’t really have anything to say! The course covers techniques for lucid dreaming, visualization and out of body experiences. In this course you get a lot more than an explanation of concepts though- Vishen gives us his personal tips on how he’s gotten the hang of it while we all struggle with some pretty heavy drugs that regularly kill our dreams and daydreams while we’re still alive.
    It may sound like a total joke: reality bending actually does work!

  12. Mindvalley Bending Reality is one of the most challenging courses on mind bending. You get the chance to explore the deepest aspects of your intuitive gifts, and also transcend limitations in your physical reality using quantum mechanics. These courses will boost mental strength, creativity, and intuition through fun activities like witnessing thought, homeopathy travels, shamanic dreaming workshops- doesn’t that sound cool! Join today because Mindvalley has an offer for new members!

  13. You can’t escape your conscious mind. It shows up in each and every aspect of life, so much so that you may not always recognize it. But the second you notice yourself daydreaming, feeling confident or dealing with a painful memory, MINDVALLEY Bending Reality offers an unforgettable way to put your awareness where it needs to be: now…it helps a lot in living the life in a correct way !

  14. I’ve been a part of the Mindvalley tribe for years, and still have trouble believing just how mind-blowing their courses are. They’re one of those great organizations that really takes care of you from both a mental and physical health standpoint. This product has literally changed my life!

  15. Mindvalley Bending Reality is one of the best programs Mindvalley offers. It’s designed to help you selflessly and mindfully grow, open your perception up to other perspectives, and transition from thinking linearly to experiencing life as a continuum.

  16. “Mindvalley is a company of like-minded individuals working to make the world a better and more strategic place, and this new book – Bending Reality: Unlocking Your Mind for Optimal Performance – is no exception. The one thing I really liked about this was Vishen’s personal anecdotes, insights, and examples of how he used his mind power in practical ways to create success for himself. He put all the private adaptation into exercise through many techniques that will enable you better clarity on your own mental powers.”

  17. In The Bending Reality, Vishen explains some unspoken truths. He also speaks about his intimate instants and eternities. He puts all the private adaptation into exercise. Recently, he has been getting a lot of publicity for a series that show magical realism in India’s Harappa Valley – हरपाड़ा विद्’s Tree Man .Mindvalley provides you lots of courses related to your mental health and your growth. To get all benefits of Mindvalley Bending Reality Join Right Now !!!

  18. I have been a subscriber of Mindvalley for a few months now and this has been one of the best decisions I’ve made in my life. Out-of-this-world content that can’t be found anywhere else. Kinda creepy but really, really cool! If you’re at all interested in expanding your consciousness there’s no better place to start than with the founder of Intent TV and co-creator of “The Secret,” Vishen Lakhiani. Bending Reality is his latest collection of awe inspiring insights and contemplations straight from his private workbooks and journals detailing past personal challenges related to health, love, money and more he experienced on his journey through life caught! A MUST TO TRY STUFF!

  19. Bending Reality is a strange and fantastic new course from Mindvalley. And one thing’s for sure, Vishen Butchwala knows how to enlighten us with his intimate instants and eternities. Gosh, he even wraps it up into exercises! You can find all sorts of interesting wisdom on topics like meditation, career advice and the art of persistence on this site. I found it so refreshing to realise that we can really do anything-especially when we work together as a team or community supporting each other! With Bending Reality, you get access to some amazing activities such as the Knowledge Sessions-a monthly destination of worldly wisdoms such as confidence boosting life lessons and so on.

  20. Excellent book! I started out with this, and it really opened my eyes. It was written before the world went nuts, but it’s still one of the best books I’ve ever read. Mindvalley Bending Reality is about an author who describes his journey into consciousness expanding through different experiences in life. He tells us he endured deep grief that led to despair, which made him seek healing from an old practice called Inquiry Meditation. Now at peace with reality, Vishen speaks candidly about his intimate connections to Eternity and how they manifested in our reality in the form of AIDS-ravaged Africa or teenage sexuality in Western culture. The combination of self-reflection mixed with consciousness expansion makes for a surprisingly enjoyable listen!

  21. Mindvalley’s Bending Reality is an uncanny, unpredictable resource of spiritual wisdom. Take your spiritual practice to the next level with this compelling audio course on unspoken truths and private lessons from maestro Vishen Lakhiani himself! Containing some startling weighty revelations, Mindvalley’s Bending Reality will transform your understanding on the realms of spirituality. Just listen for two days to experience new insights into timeless mysteries each time you listen again!! With Mindvalley’s emotionally freeing teaching style, nobody has ever quit after just one day!

  22. Mindvalley Bending Reality is a free course that you can take by joining up and enrolling today. They offer lots of great courses that will help you grow and better your mental health, like Unspeaking Truths: inside the inside world which teaches about some un-whispered truths in life. This site offers many programs for all levels, from beginner to expert with everything in between…..i recommend this to every person fighting with anything in life!

  23. Mindvalley Bending Reality is a free course that you can take by joining up and enrolling today. They offer lots of great courses that will help you grow and better your mental health, like Unspeaking Truths: inside the inside world which teaches about some un-whispered truths in life. This site offers many programs for all levels, from beginner to expert with everything in between….a must to try thing .

  24. Mindvalley’s got me mind-blown. I grew up never really seeing the big deal about Mind Valley. I just thought it was another self-help company that wanted to profit off other people’s misery. However, I nevertheless signed up for a free trial of the course because what could one day cost a monthly fee? What if they can offer help and advice on my latest addiction problem? To my surprise, the first lesson bored me to tears. But as soon as he started speaking about his intimate moments with God, all those old memories from way back popped out from inside of me like those heart string catching dandelions you see at night time down by the creek bed…i could relate with him and eventually that is the moment where i started finding my solutions !

  25. I’ve been a member of Mindvalley for about a year now and it’s been one of the best decisions I’ve made in regards to self-care. The profound messages by Vishen, the guides, and all the tools have helped me grow tremendously in just a short amount of time. The same thing has become much more true over this past month. In so many ways, my life is much different than it was at this time last year! My relationships are better because they’re less based on fear from being so introverted before. And when you feel safer with yourself inwardly, outward emotions can’t harm you nearly as easily any more either – that has really helped me longterm manage my depression .

  26. I could try to tell you how much I learned from this course, but words don’t do it justice. Everything that was revealed here is pure gold. You can be anything you want if you connect with your mind and follow the guidelines laid out by Vishen Lakhiani. It’s like he knew what I wanted to learn before I did! If you really want to step up your game in life, then Mindvalley Bending Reality is a must-have for all your worldly endeavors.”

  27. Do not hesitate to join the course of “Mindvalley Bending Reality” in order to get everything I think is worth exploring from this beautiful world. With Mindvalley you will have a life full of happiness and contentment, just as they teach us. Join now!

  28. Mindvalley Bending Reality is a comprehensive course that will have you having fun and learning at the same time. This 24-hour immersive experience will take your mindset from where it is now to being able to create your own reality. It’s all about working on yourself, understanding yourself, and feeling great in life!

  29. After reading this I felt like everything was possible. Vishen tackles common psychological fears head on providing practical Buddhist tools to live a more meaningful life. His insight is spot on and worth the read! Don’t take my word for it, try it out for yourself! Bending Reality has changed by own life. It’s provided me with clarity about myself that I never had before, given me deep insights into my relationship, helped me process grief over the loss of loved ones. If you are looking to improve your mental health or spiritual journey then this will be one of best investments you can make in yourself–I highly recommend it!

  30. Mindvalley Bending Reality is the best book I’ve ever read. It explains things so thoroughly and personally that it feels like Vishen is literally sitting with you, explaining his perspective on life. I literally couldn’t stop reading this book. Within 20 pages of starting, I was hooked for hours because he helps me see how to live my everyday life in a new light. Mindvalley Bending Reality was very insightful for me because it helped me have more clarity about what really matters in life right now – taking care of myself first! His personal stories are relatable too which make the messages really sink in well! Highly recommend to anyone looking to improve themselves or their relationships through self-awareness!

  31. Vishen is a very gifted and generous teacher. His video courses on YouTube are top notch, but this book really shines when Vishen gets to the heart of what he is doing and how it impacts his life. Vishen talks about spirituality and mind power in ways that resonate with me. Your individual beliefs will color your experience, so if Vishen’s spirituality doesn’t jive with you or fall within your belief system then there may be some less than desirable aspects for you in these pages. Overall though I found it extremely benefiting personally because my outlook on potential just went way up!

  32. I LOVED this album and couldn’t wait for my free trial to be up! I can feel myself opening up and starting to change just by coming along with Vishen. He’s wise, compassionate and very open which is great… if like me, you’re tired of cheesy spiritual teachers that never talk about the truth then you muxst try it too. The only bad part is it ended too soon!

  33. “I am not an atheist, but I do believe in authority of world and social norms. As you know, the way we absorb information is by taking it for ‘ granted and making assumptions about what people think and feel (Vishen). Based on that, what I am going to tell you is my opinion which didn’t come from nowhere. When I bought `Mindvalley Bending Reality,’ understand that there was a point in time wherein everything seemed to be getting more complicated. That has always been an indication that something or somebody doesn’t get us.” with passage of time i learnt a lot about myself , spirituality and the society !

  34. Mindvalley Bending Reality is an audiovisual experience that will take you on a journey, through the lenses of Vishen’s personal anecdotes. Along the way, you’ll be diving into some philosophical musings and revelations about life & death, all nested in this intimate examination of joy and animal cruelty. You might think that this course was solely for shock value or just another meaningless publicity stunt but there seems to be much more at play here! In order to really get to know Vishen’s innermost facet he takes us back from his own childhood to present day. I see a lot of thoughtfulness put into every word spoken….i love this !

  35. Vishen promises that the course is going to change your life for good. I am feeling good, more emotional and also engaging with work better than ever!
    “The best book on bending reality has been revealed. In these pages Vishen shares intimate stories from his diary of dancing guru—along with monthly routines for developing insight out of abstractions. You will learn how to stop being on a never-ending search for approval, enjoy a regular yoga practice combined with a curious mind who longs to experiment bravely in spiritual arts.” IT MADE ME A HAPPIER PERSON !

  36. Mindvalley is a new discovery for me. I’ve been looking into the world of self-help and mind work for a while, but there was always some part that felt out of reach or less accessible to me. Then I found Mindvalley! They have courses in everything from mindfulness to hypnotherapy to vision boards, all completely customized around what you’re looking for. The membership ranges between $26-$36/month, don’t let it scare you! You get lessons that won’t cost much more than the book would anyway with just one month’s subscription. Plus they offer trials so if this seems like it might not be your thing after all you can cancel before spending any money at all. You will never regret buying this.

  37. Mindvalley is awesome. Vishen gives so much time and energy to his followers. The course was well worth the money. I feel like a different person, more calm, without depression or anxiety for that matter! You will love Mindvalley Bending Reality courses- they are awesome!

  38. The Mindvalley Bending Reality was made to change your reality. This course is created by Vishen Lakhiani, a well known man who has been living his best possible life for more than two decades, turning his crazy ideas into realities. In the denomination regarding Bending Reality, Vishen explains some unspoken truths. He also speaks about his intimate instants and eternities. You can start with this book today!

  39. I think this is the best program that Mindvalley has released because you are right in the middle of the action. It’s really an interactive course, but it feels like you’re there with all these other people who are learning to bend reality. . I have to admit it felt a little daunting at first — what if I couldn’t bender my own kind of reality? But thankfully, they walk you all through any resistance and hesitation so by the time we got to “bending,” I was champing at the bit.
    A lot of us never get beyond our lowest falls or highest heights when thinking about life – but this show made me both excited for my past successes and hopeful for promising future outcomes!

  40. My life finally made sense! I felt like I was never going to find an answer and then one day my best friend recommended MINDVALLEY BENDING REALITY. It worked good, gives me lots of
    energy and it’s getting easier each time after going through this! What else can I say other than thank you MindValley for helping me live a great life!

  41. Getting the most out of life is about imagining. It means realizing unlimited potential and opportunity before you, no matter your circumstance. Of course, there are always obstacles-but if you don’t let them overwhelm you, that’s on you! MINDVALLEY Bending Reality can give you access to more happiness, fulfillment and prosperity for years to come-or at least until earth blows up. This product makes sure your reality will bend your way–for better or worse–and admits interference from extraterrestrial sources as well as universes …it make a big difference in an individuals life !

  42. Allowing you to control your reality, this product provides short term satisfaction and long-term happiness. If you are feeling frazzled or anxious, the qualities of Bending Reality can give you a much needed break from stress while simultaneously working towards your goals. Bending Reality is unique in that it allows people to live in accordance to their highest ideals without sacrificing any of the temporary pleasures they so deserve for their effort! Do not let anything get in the way of what could be an amazing future for yourself, buy Bend Reality today!

  43. “In the words of my best friend, “hang on tight to your dreams! You’re never going to obtain them if you don’t fight for them. Wearing a Mindvalley shirt may not be the same as getting a degree from Harvard, but their company has helped me greatly in branching out and thinking creatively.”Ever since I started using MINDVALLEY BENDING REALITY, I have been able to think more efficiently and with a happier attitude–and those near me say that I’ve changed too!”

  44. I am so lucky to have found this product. Using these audios of expanding one’s reality, I feel like my old self again. My partner was on the verge of breaking up with me because u had lost all motivation for living – but thanks to Bending Reality, he is convinced that will never happen. If you are feeling negative and stressed out about your current situation, then listen up!

  45. This is the item for you if you’re feeling trapped in your mind with ceaseless stress. Mindvalley’s store offers two phenomenal products at discounted prices to help reduce, manage, and overcome anxiety. MINDVALLEY BENDING REALITY will relieve your cognitive dissonance and give back control of your thoughts by channeling away anxious feelings like anger or fear. And don’t forget about MINDVALLEY STOP NEGATIVITY; it can transform one’s emotional negativity into positivity! When one switches their thinking habits from dreadful to joyous, they are able to enjoy life more than ever before.
    I would recommend these products because they provide an invaluable service that every individual deserves – happiness!

  46. This will change your world. Your preconceived ideas about basic reality are shaken when you begin to realize the truth. You know what’s real! This may be crazier than you ever dreamed—and that’s okay. Reality is always changing and evolving, but in order for it to shift in a positive way, it needs sculpting guidance. So if you accept this invitation into MINDVALLEY, where bending reality is commonplace; then please follow them into the celebration of life with the power of discovering the infinite possibilities our lives have. If you join them on this adventure-you won’t regret it!”

  47. Coming from a life of significant stress and anxiety I’ve found that the only way to escape it is by learning to bend reality. For me, that means disconnecting myself from future agendas and substituting them with long term pleasure. MINDVALLEY’s recent release may be just what you’re looking for! This carefully crafted process helps you take time out of your day, whether it’s during a commute or waiting in a line at the grocery store, so as to enjoy short pleasures without being swept away by work or other obligations. All you have to do is decide on how much time each day you want for this version of “reality.”

  48. “MINDVALLEY BENDING REALITY is the only remedy for all your current reality problems. This amazing program is a simple, complete lifestyle tweak to fit you and your family’s needs.”

  49. MINDVALLEY BENDING REALITY is a set of exercises developed so that people can live in the moment and look ahead to everything life has to offer. Bending Reality uses visualization, self-talk and other methods to keep negativity at bay and transform negative emotions into positive ones. My own experience with them is just hilarious so i recommend this to everyone!

  50. MINDVALLEY BENDING REALITY is a psychological project that would greatly impact the lives of those who work day and night with no respite. The situation is ever deteriorating, but there is always hope for those at-risk staff members to relax and enjoy life and its bounties and guarantees. This product will make workers feel happy, peaceful, contented where they can forget all their troubles because every hour of the day they are guaranteed success in ALL aspects of their living.

  51. I’ve been living in the negative spiral of not being glad-of any future proposals for a while now. It’s time I was freed from my current reality where I feel pleased at moments but end up with no more real achievement to credit myself.
    MINDVALLEY Bending Reality has made it possible for me to be productive and successful without necessarily feeling stressed or anxious about anything because all that exists is passion, new ideas, and satisfaction!

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