MindValley SuperBrain Review 2020 | Is Jim Kwik’s Course Worth The Hype?

Wish to know more about Jim Kwik’s SuperBrain Course at MindValley? You have landed at the right place. In this article, we will be discussing all the details of this course and do a complete MindValley SuperBrain Review. Let’s find out whether you should enroll in this course or not.

Before we move ahead to know what the course is all about, how it is laid down, and other details let us know a bit about the trainer of this course, Jim Kwik.

About The Trainer Of The Course: Jim Kwik Review

Jim Kwik is one of the world’s most popular and top experts when it comes to accelerated learning, memory, speed reading, brain performance and such things. And if you are wondering, yes, Kwik is not a made-up name; it is real.

In the last 20 years or so, numerous billionaires, celebrities, influential persons, students, professionals, CEOs of prominent organizations have seekedJim’s teaching to increase their productivity and learning powers.Jim Kwik Superbrain Course Review

He has been hired by many prestigious organizations such as Harvard, Nike, Oxford, Zappos, SpaceX, Fox studios and many others to impart his teachings upon their students and employees.

Jim was not naturally gifted with what he has been teaching to the masses. During his childhood, he suffered a significant brain injury making him unable to learn and grasp things properly.

However, Jim did not repent on this disability of his. Instead, he developed ways and techniques in order to be able to learn, grasp things around him.

These are the same techniques he now teaches us all so that we can experience and use our brain’s true potential and improve our quality of life to a great extent.

Coming back to the present, Jim has been sharing his techniques and ways on the stage, in media, on the Internet, and many such places so that the masses can learn them and get their benefits. This quest of Jim Kwik on Mindvalley Superbrain is surely his way to make people aware of their Superbrain and access it.

He has even taught numerous Hollywood celebrities so that they can remember their lines well. This fantastic feat also includes the cast of movies like the X-Men or the GhostRider.

Jim has become a regular face for various media places like Forbes, CNBC, Success Magazine, and different social media platforms as all. His podcast on iTunes comes #1 in the list of training shows.

Apart from all this, Jim Kwik is a philanthropist as well. He provides schools in third-world countries with free food, clean water, proper health-care, and learning aids.

Now that we know about the trainer of the course, Jim Kwik, it’s time to get into the details of the course and know more about it. 

MindValley SuperBrain Review 2020

This quest is a fast-paced learning program that is designed in such a way that it activates the limitless potential that resides in your brain.

This 30-Day journey with Jim Kwik will empower you with adamant focus, the productivity of a superhuman level and an indestructible memory.

From learning to play musical instruments, a novel language to learning a professional skill, this course can make it possible for you to learn it all at a lightning-fast speed. 

Jim Kwiks Superbrain Courses Detail

You can learn and retain all the imperative and vital information at any point you wish. The majority of our population believes that a very small chunk of people on this planet has a so-called ‘gifted’ brain. 

But on the contrary, if the contemporary neurosciences are to be believed, then according to them every single human takes birth with the potential to have an indestructible memory, adamant focus, and productivity at a superhuman level. It’s just that you aren’t aware of how you can switch on the hidden Superbrain within you.

Irrespective of what you are, an entrepreneur, professional, a student or the one who wishes to unlock the total power your brain possesses this course will let you experience transmuting levels of altitude in both personal and career front.

This course will help you break free the inner limitations that hold you back from doing something big in life.

This quest by Jim Kwik is designed in a manner where you can unleash focus and memory of a superhuman level. By putting into use a wide range of techniques and tools, Jim will instantly awaken the fullest potential of your brain.

All of this with very simple and easy techniques and methods which are super straightforward to follow for anyone and thus enjoy transmuting changes in one’s life.

The major chunk of people who were being coached by Kwik was awestruck at how tremendously his tools made the power of their mind reach its epitome and changed their lives. 

Continue reading further to know more about the curriculum of the course. 

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Getting Into MindValley SuperBrain Curriculum 

The whole SuperBrain Quest is a 30-day journey. The course starts daily with Jim Kwik as your accelerated learning course.

The course length will require you to connect to Jim Kwik for just 15-20 minutes in a day. 15-20 mins a day is a very reasonable and comfortable price for you to spare off from your busy day.

Each day, Jim will guide you through his unique ideas and techniques for sharpening up your learning power and increasing your learning capacity.

The program has a special emphasis on being easy to follow and being greatly transformational. You will immediately start to notice changes in your day-to-day life after following the course daily.

Your mind power and memory will feel like it’s better than what it was before taking the course. People around you will start to notice your increased mind power too.

Towards the end of the program, you will feel that the ‘Superbrain’ you came here seeking for is already installed in your brain. You will find some profound abilities available at your disposal to use whenever any situation arrives in front of you.

The course is divided into several parts. So let us see and discuss these parts.

Part 1: Fundamentals 

Your journey into activating your Superbrain will begin with the actual definition of learning and memory. Moreover, you will get to know what it means to take new learning pathways and dumping your traditional learning pathway.

The most notable features include 10 unknown or rarely discussed factors that strongly influence your brain and its memory power. You will get to know an easy way to memorize any information block and never ever forget it.

Apart from this, Jim Kwik will also share his personal story with you telling what hardships made him, what he is today.

Part 2: Lifestyle

In this section, you will get to know some powerful techniques that will make you stand out as a memory expert. Immediate changes in your ways of interacting with others and working with others will be visible to you.

Jim will tell you the minor things which affect your learning, such as food habits, movement, and sleep patterns.

You will get to know how to remove negative thoughts from your mind. Moreover, you will understand the astounding connection between sleep, stress, and memory.

Part 3: Remembering A Long List

Most of us have trouble remembering our shopping lists, or list of employees or any such long list. 

The third part of this course will help you in remembering long lists like these. This part of the course will tell you a ‘party trick’ to help you learn and remember long lists. 

This trick is one of the most powerful memory strategies known to humans to date. It also has a Chain Linking method to help you instantly absorb large amounts of information.

The most important highlight of this part is that it tells you the problem in our conventional learning methods and shows you how to break free of them.

Part 4: Remembering Names

You might have felt some really embarrassing moments just because of your habit of forgetting names. It might have also affected some of your relations with a person just because you forgot his/her name. 

If you do agree to what I said above, then this part of the Superbrain course will help you in remembering the names of others very easily. 

The course will tell you how to remember someone’s name when you meet them for the first time and hear their name. Apart from this, the FDR technique for boosting your memory is also included in this part of the course.

Part 5: Languages And Vocabulary 

Being a Polyglot is much sought-after skill in the modern world. This means that you need to have an excellent vocabulary and memory power to learn new languages. It might sound like a difficult task, but with Jim, it is a cake-walk.

In this part, Jim will tell you his ultimate tip for learning. This tip will help you in learning the hard languages, too, such as Chinese. Jim will also share his keyword substitution method, which accelerates your new language learning power.

Part 6: Memorizing Texts And Speeches

Sometimes, you need to address a broad audience, and doing just recitation from a piece of paper sounds very flat and less impactful. However, learning all those long speeches is no easy task. Hopefully, Jim is there to help you come out from this misery.

This part will make you speech-ready. Jim has the best preparation trick for any speech. You will even memorize the speech word-by-word using Jim’s method.

The trick is a 3-step process that you will get to know in the module.

Part 7: Numbers

Many of us are scared of large numbers or can’t remember large numbers like cell phone numbers, ID numbers etc. Jim’s expertise will help you in recognizing even the longest of the strings.

He will introduce you to the world’s most efficient system to remember numbers, even the biggest phones easily. 

The particular highlight here is the ‘Sound of Memory’ technique which is an excellent technique for recalling numbers.

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The Assignments

You get assignments every day and cannot skip it. You cannot skip the assignment, and a new assignment unlocks every day. The day begins with a video, and it is pretty easy to do as it is just 5 to 15 minutes long. You can start with your assignment as soon as you finish the video. 


mindvalley superbrain course review

1. The course will help you develop indestructible memory where you can remember everything ranging from facts, names, anniversaries, birthdays, passwords or shopping lists.

2. You get to learn better and faster, so you can master the skills you desire with ease. 

3. The course focuses on accelerating your career so you can effortlessly retain information longer. 

4. The course can supercharge the productivity in you so you can get rid of procrastination and the brain fog. You think faster and decide smarter. 

5. You will be able to upgrade habits and break free from the old practices that limit you. New habits are simple to adopt, and they protect your body and brain from self-sabotage. 

6. You gain focus at an unbreakable level by training your brain to be laser-focussed on tasks. 

7. You turn to be at the epitome of your confidence at both your personal and professional life. 

8. You learn how you can ace your exams by putting into use the power of your mind, so you excel in your exams and curriculum. 

Read further to know more about the positives and negatives of this course. 

MindValley SuperBrain Review: Pros And Cons


1. The Language Is Pretty Simple

The course content is very easy to understand, and everything in this course made sense, thanks to how Kwik presented in a simple manner.

What makes it even more amazing is that the content is so professional, yet the video length is pretty short. Most of the videos wrap up around an average of 5 to 10 minutes. 

2. Holistic Approach 

The course was very holistic and was not plugged to only particular things. It covers everything ranging from diet, yoga and meditation to letting negative thoughts go away. 

3.Practical And Relevant

The techniques are pretty relevant and can be applied to your daily life. These techniques can help you improve your memory. 

4. Material Access For Lifetime

You get lifetime access to the material of the course. Even if you miss something, you can always rewatch it.

5. A very interactive community

The online community is pretty active, unlike many other courses that promise so. The comments in the FB group by members are really incredible and worth reading. 


1. You cannot skip

If you are someone who wishes to cover multiple lectures on one single day, it isn’t possible with this quest. 

2. The lessons are rapid.

There are so many techniques and content that learning it all in 30 days is next to impossible. If you really wish to understand in depth it is better to retake the entire course. 

3. The course material can seem disconnected sometimes.

The course content may seem to hop from getting rid of negative thought to speed reading and remembering names which seems to break the flow of the material. 

4. You will find some content available for free.

This can be not very pleasant if you are paying for a particular thing and then you find it free. Though you won’t see all the content online, you will surely come across some of it. 

5. Cannot be worthy for everyone

Some of the course content like how you can remember a massive chunk of names might not be useful for all. 

Details Of This Course

  • Total Hours Of Training: 8.5 Hours
  • Number Of Days: 30 Days

Superbrain Course pricing detailes

MindValley SuperBrain Pricing: 

  • Digital Access: $449 or you can also pay three installments of $159 each to total $477.

MindValley Quest All Access Pricing

You can try it for 10 Days Risk-Free.  

FAQs: MindValley SuperBrain Review 

☞Why should I trust Jim Kwik to unleash my Superbrain?

Jim Kwik suffered from learning and memory-related disorders during his childhood, and yet he improved and became what he is today. Hence, you can really trust him as he will be sharing all the techniques which he applied on himself.

☞What if the course is not beneficial to me?

The course comes with a 10-days money-back guarantee. So if you feel like the course is not useful or is beneficial, you can quickly get your refund.

☞Are there any adverse consequences of unlocking my Superbrain?

There are absolutely no side effects of unlocking your Superbrain. It is literally one of the best experiences you will ever have, and this will significantly change your life in a positive way.

MindValley SuperBrain Review: Is Jim Kwik’s Course Worth the Hype?

Superbrain seems to be worth its cost as the course was pretty well done. The techniques can really help your ability to retain information better which really helps you with your work. 

The pros are definitely more than any of the cons. So if you are someone who really wishes to improve your brain power, then this course can prove out to be amazing. 

But if you are someone who is not looking forward to putting the techniques you learn throughout the course to reuse in order to boost skills, then maybe this course will not be worthy for you. It works only for people who are into practical learning. 

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