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Hey, I’m Jacob Keifer, professional educator, digital marketing professional, and a hustler.

Jacob Keifer

I have more than 8 years of experience in the teaching and training students, and I am a digital nomad at heart (Before the pandemic kicked in, of course!).

I have a passion to learn, and I intend to share what I learn with my readers.

Online courses were already popular. But 2020 takes that popularity on a whole other level.

With the majority of people in the world stuck at home, they have a lot more free time and not a whole lot of things to do. Thus, the trend of self-educating themselves through online courses begins.

A lot more people have epiphanies about the importance of learning dynamically through online courses.

Learning should be fun. Attractive. Effective. And most importantly, it should give you actual results. Online courses often gave you all of that.

In today’s world, it is not difficult to learn a high-income skill. You can just open your computer, find yourself a nicely reviewed course from someone trusted. Follow the classes, learn diligently, and voila! You will have a perfectly marketable high-income skill instantly.

Places like Udemy, Coursera, Mindvalley, and many other course platforms are becoming people’s favorites nowadays. They go to those places to attain a new way of thinking. Acquire useful new skills for a cheap price.

Level Up

However, just like any other industry, when more people begin to hear these opportunities of selling courses, dishonesty is born.

I encounter a lot of people that just want to ‘ride’ this self-education trend and sell courses that are worth nothing.

Sometimes the content of the course is so bad. The person copies most of the materials from someone else. What you get will be different from what the seller promises.

This is exactly why we are here. We help you review courses to make sure it’s worth purchasing. Our in-depth reviews will give you an idea of how good a course is based on our observation. And vice versa.

How Can You Trust Us?

I and my team have years of online experience.

We know which courses are good, and which one is not. Sometimes, we can decide the validity of the course the first few minutes in. This is not all.

We understand that experience and expertise are important, but we also make sure to conduct thorough due diligence to make sure we cover absolutely everything.

In each of our reviews, we will craft in-depth, unbiased, informative, research-based articles. Our process consists of steps that make sure we give the most detailed reviews you can get.

  1. We gather a lot of feedback from real-life people and verified users.
  2. We analyze each online learning platform deeply, based on their brand.
  3. We test the learning platform by ourselves.
  4. We examine the data we collected, and give them a systematic score.
  5. Written by an expert, we make sure to document and publish the course.

We intend to help you learn in the best ways possible. We want you to get new skills as fast as possible, from the best teacher you could get. We will weed out lousy and useless courses that way. Save you more time, energy, and money.

1. Gathering feedback from real-life people and verified users

We begin our investigation by gathering feedback from real-life people. There are lots of testimonials and honest reviews buried deep in various forums like Reddit, and it is our job to uncover them.

Mindvalley Lifebook User Review 3

We make sure to gather a TON of reviews, and document them all. Collecting these reviews will be very handy to you, as you will read so many straightforward reviews from your fellow learners.

2. Analyzing each online platform brand deeply

Even though real-life user opinion is an important component of good reviews, what people say about the platform brand is also crucial.

We will conduct detailed, thorough research on the online learning platform and make sure the platform brand has a good reputation.

SuperBrain Review

We want to weed out inconsistent brands that are not committed to publishing only great courses.

3. Testing online learning platform

We usually test every online learning platform before posting the reviews. This is to make sure that the course mentioned is worth your money and time.

We have years of experience in this field, so we know which one is even worthy of attention.

Real-life user experience, coupled with expert reviews, equals a perfect combination to give you the best decision on which course to purchase.

4. Examining the data we collected

After gathering the data above, our next task is to analyze them. We have our scoring system and we will give you recommendations based on that score.

This is why you will know which courses are the best fit for you based on your purchasing ability.

5. Document and publish

Review Schema

The final step of our reviews is putting those analyzed courses into simple, understandable, concise, and honest reviews for you to read.

All of our reviews are free, so you can expect to know which course you should purchase/follow before engaging in them. For free