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Do you want Prepscholar Review 2023? You’ve come to the right place. In this post, I’ve done an honest and comprehensive review of Prepscholar.

Entrance exams are the first steps we take toward achieving our goals, and well-preparedness for exams is a critical process and stage of life.

We seek out the “BEST” sources from which to learn. Indeed, it is critical to learn from the best and most appropriate sources. What distinguishes a good and reliable source? It’s all about the customer. And how do we determine which product or service is the best or most dependable? According to the feedback. Right?

The majority of positive reviews demonstrate the product/dependability. service And if we see or hear about any negative reviews, we immediately lose faith in that brand.

If you’ve arrived here, you’re probably looking for a detailed review of Prepscholar, and I’m here to help. Because I am confident that this review will assist you in making the best decision for your career and will dispel all of your concerns.

Bottom Line Upfront:

Prescholar is the best option to go for in case you are preparing for any type of entrance exam or standardized test, Prepscholar offers many programs designed for both high school exams and graduate school exams.

PrepScholar Reviews

Prepscholar curriculum also offers programs based on the student requirements, the Prepscholar pricing is a bit on the higher side but it’s worth every penny as per the student feedback.

Prepscholar is an online learning and training platform specially curated for Entrance exam preparation which started in the year 2013 in Massachusetts.

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Table of Contents

Prepscholar Review 2023: Best SAT & ACT Prep Course?

Here is my detailed review of Prepscholar, let’s find out if you should try it:

Prepscholar Overview: What is Prepscholar?

Prepscholar is an online learning and training platform designed specifically for entrance exam preparation that began in Massachusetts in 2013.

Allen Cheng and Fred Zhang, two PhDs who graduated from Harvard with perfect entrance exam scores, founded Prepscholar. Allen and Fred founded Prepscholar to provide students with high-quality courses at reasonable prices.

PrepScholar Review

Prepscholar offers online preparation programs for some of the most common and globally acclaimed and accepted admission tests.

They have courses that are customized to each student’s learning process, to do that, they “learn” each student’s strengths and weaknesses. It helps them create an effective study plan for every student.

Prepscholar is famous for preparation for exams like the ACT, SAT, GRE, GMAT, PSAT, and TOEFL recommend this company.

The platform has evolved into one of the best training and learning platforms for students who need assistance in improving their SAT and ACT scores.

Prepscholar’s Customer Reviews confirm that they make every effort to provide their students with programs that are affordable and effective. Prepscholar provides customized programs.

Prep Scholar has managed to position itself as one of the top companies with the best preparation programs in online learning platforms over the last few years.

You can also check out Prepscholar’s main competitor, Magoosh, and if you want a discount, use Magoosh coupon codes.

Prepscholar Online Course Preparation

Are you unsure what your goals should be?

Prepscholar will help you craft your goals, by following a step-by-step process:

  1. Option One: A 5-day free trial with an adaptive diagnostic evaluation. With the trial, you’ll have access to interactive lessons also to a customized curriculum with a progress tracker.
  2. Option Two: One year program which comes with unlimited access to all the study material, additionally a customized curriculum and you’ll also get regular feedback from tutors.
  3. Option Three: A lifetime program that gives you access to all study material, which includes all practice tests, private feedback from tutors, and weekly reports of the process.

What Makes Prepscholar Different?

Why PrepScholar

PrepScholar is way more than just a set of questions, answers, and video lesson series. Their program is designed in such a way that it customizes your learning to your strengths and weaknesses.

1. Customization:

Customization makes us more comfortable. Isn’t it? When a product or service is customized, we know it is specially curated for us.

Customization helps to make smart diagnostic figures out your true skill level and builds a custom prep program that caters to your difficulty level. You’ll make the fastest progress when you learn to follow a customized plan.

2. Clear Guidance:

Prepscholar gives you the exact step-by-step instructions on what to study, how to study, how much time to study when to study which lessons when to take practice tests, and how to review your mistakes

3. Motivation:

Motivation keeps us going. Isn’t it? And sometimes it also helps us to perform better. It provides weekly reports, progress trackers, and customized feedback. Prepscholar motivates you to make more progress. You’ll study more efficiently with Prepscholar

What Does Prepscholar Offer?

Here is what Prepscholar has to offer:

1. GMAT Preparation Content & Guide

Prepscholar Review - Gmat

The GMAT is a computer-based admissions test used primarily for MBA programs. The written English test includes analytical, writing, quantitative, logical reasoning, verbal, and reading skills.

It is an important admission criterion for many of the world’s top business and management schools.

Key Features for GMAT lessons are:

  • Customized Study Plan & Progress Trackers for Everyone
  • 3 Adaptive Skill Levels are Available (Core, Advanced, Mastery)
  • 4 Computer-Adaptive Practice Tests
  • 50+ Interactive GMAT Lessons
  • 1,000+ Practice GMAT Questions
  • Video Explanations

For Prepscholar GMAT preparation you can choose from three tutoring packages as follows:

  1. The monitored automated prep option; includes one month of access to all study material and 4 hours of 1-on-1 tutoring sessions;
  2. The full tutor-led complete prep option includes three months of access to all study material, 10 hours of a 1-on-1 tutoring session, also 5 Email-An-Expert Credits,
  3. The maximum tutoring preparation option includes unlimited access to all material plus 20 hours of 1-on-1 tutoring sessions and 10 Email-An-Expert credits.

There is also an option to be included in a small study group.

2. GRE Preparation Guide

Prepscholar Review- Gre

Just like GMAT, GRE is a Graduate/ MBA entrance exam too.

Key Features of Prepscholar’s GRE Preparation Guide:

1. Individual Attention

  • It starts with a personalized onboarding experience.
  • You can set your target GRE score
  • Dream grad schools
  •  Preferred study style.

This data helps Prepscholar customize courses and other things for you.

2. Adaptive Diagnostic

  • Adaptive Diagnostic helps you pinpoint your strengths and weaknesses on the GRE via a 60-question diagnostic power developed by Harvard PhDs, our algorithm uses data from thousands of students so that your diagnosis is as accurate as possible.
  • Faster Progress
  • Personal Customized Reminders
  • You can access the program 24/7. Anytime, Anywhere.

3. Customized Lessons

  • You can optimize your weekly plan to get a great GRE score.
  • You Get step-by-step instructions on what to study: whether you should be reading lessons, drilling questions, watching videos, or reviewing your mistakes.
  • Every lesson is designed differently. They are designed to teach and built to interact with the audience.
  • Questions, and if you need more work, we’ll reschedule it to give you another shot

4. Video Tutorials

  • A lot of lessons include videos that provide you with the content and strategies you need to crack the GRE.
  • They have high-quality videos supplementing their interactive lessons to carefully explain the most difficult concepts.
  • Track Your Progress
  • PrepScholar helps you get a better GRE score in less time. See an immediate boost in your GRE score.

3. PSAT Preparation Guide by Prepscholar

The preliminary SAT is a college-level entrance test in the US. It is not mandatory for college admission. But preparing well to apply for a scholarship is important.

PrepScholar PSAT Course

Key Features of Prepscholar’s PSAT Preparation Guide:

1. Video Lessons:

A lot of lessons include videos that show the content and strategies you need to crack PSAT. Mostly these videos carry all the important topics and concepts for better understanding.

2. Personal Attention

Human touch is really important when it comes to learning. When you’ll buy a complete tutoring package, it’ll provide you with 2 major learning advantages:

  1. Unlimited Practice on the platform
  2. One-on-one expert to clear concepts and doubts (if any)

For the PSAT you can choose from two customized options:

  1. The complete PSAT online prep includes unlimited access to all study material, a customized curriculum, feedback from tutors, and weekly progress reports.
  2. The second one is, complete + tutoring, it includes everything mentioned in the first package plus a one-on-one tutoring session.

4. Prepscholar’s SAT Study Guidance

SAT is a standardized admission test widely used as an important criterion for college admissions in the United States.

PrepScholar SAT Course

Key Features of Prepscholar’s SAT Study Guidance:

1. Extensive SAT Content:

Prepscholar’s customized program has a collection of more than 100 hours of lessons and 7100+ realistic practice questions.

Prepscholar’s SAT product covers all 5 SAT subsections which include:

  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Language
  • Mathematics
  • Essay

They also include eight official SATs to test your skills.

2. Premium Training Videos:

Prepscholar has several videos explaining concepts in detail which is important to clear the SAT.  Even the hardest topics are simplified and explained.

SAT guidance by Prepscholar Offers-

  • With Prepscholar’s SAT guidance you have a chance to choose from a complete SAT online prep + tutoring, which includes everything, plus the possibility to have a one-on-one tutoring session.
  • Another option is the complete premium course which offers access to everything for complete learning.
  • There is a special course that Prep Scholar offers called the Dual SAT + ACT, which includes courses for both tests and is very advised in ACT PrepScholar reviews.

5. Prepscholar’s ACT Preparation Guide

ACT is almost the same test as entrance tests in college but this is a little more subject-specific exam.

PrepScholar ACT Prep Course

Key Features of Prepscholar’s ACT Preparation Guide:

1. Provides Largest ACT Questions Bank

Prepscholar provides you with a large question bank of high-quality practice questions. Prepscholar’s  ACT preparation guide includes over 100 hours of instructional material and over 2400 realistic questions from the data bank.

They cover all four sections of the ACT plus the essay (which is optional in the exam) and are designed to specifically target the current ACT syllabus.

2. Detailed Videos

ACT preparation lessons include videos that show both the content and strategies you need to do your best on the ACT. These videos are in addition to interactive lessons and help explain the most difficult content.

Prepscholar’s ACT Preparation Guide Offers:

  • Prepscholar’s ACT preparation guide offers 5 practice tests and also there is space to customize your courses.
  • With Prepscholar, students have the chance to choose a great course from five different options.
  • The most popular is the complete ACT online prep, which includes unlimited access to study material, feedback from tutors, and weekly reports of your progress.

6. Prepscholar’s TOEFL Preparation Guide:

Prepscholar Review - Tofel

Key Features of Prepscholar’s TOEFL Preparation Guide:

  • One-on-one help and guidance: You get personalized advice from TOEFL instructors. You’ll also get exposure to TOEFL strategies that work every time.
  • Online Practice: Practice TOEFL online just like the real TOEFL iBT test. With Prepscholar’s TOEFL test get graded and review wrong answers across all four sections.

Prepscholar’s TOEFL Preparation Guide Offers:

The first is a 5-day free trial which offers an adaptive diagnostic assessment, 150 hours of interactive lessons, and 4,000 practice questions.

  • The second option; lasts for a year and allows you to customize a curriculum. It also gives you personal feedback from tutors and unlimited email support by Prepscholar’
  • The third option; the master option, lasts your lifetime

7. SAT Subject Test Prep by Prepscholar

There are two programs available for the subjects: US History, Literature, World History, Math 1 and Math 2, Biology, Chemistry, and Physics. You can choose from either of them.

Key Features of Prepscholar’s SAT Subject Test Preparation:

Why should you consider Prepscholar’s SAT subject test preparation:

1. Extensive SAT Subject Content:

Prepscholar for SAT preparation provides a large collection of high-quality content created by some of the top instructors, ensuring that you always get fresh, extensive practice for the actual SAT Subject Tests.

Prepscholar’s SAT Subject Test products cover the SAT Math Subject Tests as well as the Science Subject Tests, both History Subject Tests and the Literature Subject Tests.

They also include up to four official SAT Subject Tests to test your skills, depending on the test you’re studying for.

2. Premium SAT Preparation Videos:

Prepscholar for SAT preparation guidance has several video lessons that clarify all the important concepts. The hardest topics are simplified and explained understandably. Which makes your learning easy.

Prepscholar For SAT preparation has 3 Packages to offer:

  1. The Complete Admissions Package includes a meeting with a personal consultant who will help students create a strategy to select the best schools.
  2. The Full Essay Service offers guidance through all the processes of writing the entry essay, including revisions and the finalization
  3. The Essay Editing program only has unlimited essay revisions and finalization.

Why Do I Recommend Prepscholar?

The following are the reasons why I recommend Prepscholar-

  • Prepscholar is a one-stop solution for all kinds of Entrance Exams.
  • The quality of the services and content, also the modus operandi followed by Prep Scholar is unique.
  • Experts teach and train, the people who are “Achievers” to guide you. A lot of practical knowledge is involved.
  • Prepscholar is a trusted online learning platform for several years now, which offers great programs transmitted by professional teachers since the beginning and is surely safe.
  • For all the programs it gives you a 5-day free trial. Which helps you make the right decision and experience without risking your money.
  • For students who need any kind of help/ guidance with their entry tests, this is a company that can be trusted.

About PrepScholar’s Free EBooks:

Prepscholar Review - Ebook

Prepscholar gives you free EBooks for guidance. So that you know and understand what exactly you need.

These books are available for all the courses and they contain:

  • They have prepared these EBooks based on their years of experience, in addition to large amounts of independent research, to formulate these thorough guides.
  • 5 Tips for 160+ Points
  • This guide teaches you the five most critical factors for increasing your Entrance exam score.
  • Thinking of How tutoring? In these books, Prepscholar has broken down the pros and cons of each and tells which methods work for which students efficiently.
  • Helps you Choose the Right Online Preparation tool
  • Online Prep is more popular today than ever nowadays because of flexibility in timing, there is no geographical foundation, but which programs do work? In these books they have mentioned 5 questions you must ask your online prep program to make sure it works for you.

Prepscholar Pricing Plans: How Much Does Prepscholar Cost?

Prepscholar - Pricing

Prepscholar offers 5 packages, with different features.

Let’s start with the most popular one.

1. First Package

$397 Complete SAT Online Prep comes with one year of access to the entire PrepScholar program

Key Features of this Package include:

  • 1-year access, no time limit
  • 200+ hours of content
  • 7000+ total practice questions
  • 700+ problem-solving videos
  • 98 skill lessons with strategy videos
  • 49 fine-grained skills to master
  • All sections are covered: Math, Reading, and Writing, Essay
  • Detailed answer explanations for every question
  • Customized diagnostic quiz
  • 10 Real Practice Tests

2. Second package:

The second package costs you $895

The Key Features of this package include:

  • You get to learn with other motivated students.
  • Attend classes developed and delivered by experts. With practical knowledge.
  • Work with top teachers in compacted groups.
  • Stay focused and on track.
  • Get answers to all your questions

3. Third Package:

The third package costs you a little more, $995

This package consists of everything in the Complete Prep package, plus hours of tutoring with one of SAT experts to maximize your gain.

Key Features of this package include:

  • Mistake Tracker helps to drill down on your exact mistakes.
  • Get personalized teaching on hard topics

4. Fourth Package and its Features

This package of Prepscholar costs you $577, it is a Complete Premium course.

Key Features: This is a Complete Preparation package and also has two years’ access and expedited support.

5. Fifth Package:


Key features: Complete SAT and Complete ACT and Strategic Focus Tool that helps you allocate time between the two tests!

PrepScholar Review: Pros & Cons

Here are some of the pros and cons of PrepScholar:


  • PrepScholar delivers very specific study plans for every student
  • Content starts from basic learning, which is an advantage for first-time learners
  • You get a 5-day free trial
  • Programs are customized
  • They work with highly qualified tutors
  • There are motivation techniques included in the programs
  • Students can have one-on-one tutoring sessions to complement their courses


  • When you see the recorded video, you cannot clear your doubts then and there
  • The price is a bit high for a complete package

Prepscholar Review From Real Students

Hear what real students of PrepScholar have to say about the program:

PrepScholar Student Reviews

I really like your progress bar. I want to finish all the lessons to fill it up.

– Maggie S.

The best part of PrepScholar is that it’s structured. It tells me exactly what I need to study at every point, so I don’t have to guess.

Sarah S.

PrepScholar lets me work whenever I want to. I have a busy schedule and this is great.

– Donald L.

Thank you thank you so much! I tried exactly what your program told me to do and my score shot up. I improved 150 points in reading alone.

– Ashley H.

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FAQs About Prepscholar Review 2023

🙋‍♀️ How much does PrepScholar cost?

This PrepScholar program will cost $399 per year, with so many benefits. The PrepScholar program has 1400+ practice questions, customized diagnostic quizzes, 60+ skill lessons, and detailed explanations and one gets access to 10+ practice tests.

✅ Does PrepScholar Act work?

The Answer is Yes based on the student feedback who has completed the PrepScholar ACT prep course, Student promise to have score improvement in comparison to previous ACT.

🤷‍♂️ How good is PrepScholar?

PrepScholar ACT has mostly positive reviews. PrepScholar offers customized ACT preparation for each individual who can work towards improving and overcoming their weaknesses to get results.

Conclusion: Prepscholar Review 2023 | Should You Go For It?

Prepscholar is a one-stop shop for all types of entrance exams. The best part about its courses is its trainers, who are highly qualified and have passed exams with flying colors.

And don’t forget about the reviews; the company is known for providing exceptional service to its customers, which explains all of the positive feedback.

You will rarely find negative reviews about their tutoring, which is a significant accomplishment because we know that a satisfied customer would forget to leave a review, but an unsatisfied one would not.

Apart from the price, everything about this online learning platform is perfect. Especially advantageous is the one-on-one tutorial. This online platform is highly recommended if you are preparing for any entrance exam.

Hopefully, this Prepscholar Review has cleared up any confusion you may have about this online tutoring platform.

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  1. Prepscholar is a one-stop solution for any and every kind of entrance exam. They know it’s not always easy to balance studies, but there courses help you get ahead from the start. Prepscholar’s trainers have themselves appeared and cleared exams with flying colors, so they’re guaranteed to train you well right through your exams! The best part about its courses is their trainers – knowledgeable professionals who have expertise in all topics related to entrance tests….I PRAISE THEM A LOT BECAUSE THEY ARE THE REASON I SCORED SO WELL IN MY MEDICAL ENTRANCE EXAM !

  2. ‘A must-have for every exam taker!’
    I first encountered the Prepscholar Mobile App while preparing for my B.Tech (Biotechnology) entrance exams. It was then that I realized that it is an absolute game changer in competitive exams preparation. Fast forward a year, and today I work as a tutor trainer at Preschool Scholar. This organization gives smart kids the platform to harness their potentials by giving them world class coaching material and premier level training programs. And to top this all off, they offer affordable rates which make it easy to lay hands on quality education – something even hard earned money can’t buy!

  3. “Every first-time learner I know experienced some sort of frustration that comes with the newness and uncertainty of a subject. Prepscholar delivers customizable study plans for every student. I really like how they’re not too rigid, as you can delete, add, or skip as many units as needed to fit your needs.” “Prepscholar is one of those things that makes college–or any education–seem way less intimidating. When time starts feeling short and motivation stalers, this app has techniques to help you stay focused!”

  4. Prepscholar is a solution for any and every kind of entrance exam. The best part about its courses is, their trainers, who are highly qualified and have themselves appeared and cleared exams with flying colors. In addition to this, they offer exceptional customer service as seen by the many positive reviews from happy customers. Prepscholar offers tutoring at no less than reasonable prices so you won’t have to worry about over-spending either!

  5. You don’t have to search anymore. Prescholar has arrived to solve all your problems regarding entrance exams (alongside how you’ll feel after clearing the exam). With their years of experience, they provide access to people who know exactly what you need. They guide students right from where they are in terms of previous knowledge and teaching methods followed by extensive discussions over topics that need work before studying for an exam.

  6. “It might not be an easy exam but, if you’re one of those who are looking for shortcuts to success- Prepscholar is the answer.”
    Nothing about this product or company can ever go wrong…….. Past experience says so!

  7. prescholar is the best place for any student who is preparing for exams. Their tutors are highly qualified and have themselves appeared in past exams with flying colors, moreover they never disappoint their customers by providing them with exceptional service. The reviews on the reviews pages about prescholders speak volumes of how satisfied their clients are… the way i am because it is important to let the people knoe about the good in this world!

  8. Evidently, the videos don’t solve any of your questions in a satisfying way. There’s a hefty price tag that comes with this product, but what it promises doesn’t necessarily stand up to expectations.

  9. So I heard there was this thing called Prepscholar, and it’s like an online learning platform for all sorts of tests or exams, said to be the best when you want to get in anywhere. It sounds way too good to be true but maybe if we look at some reviews we will find out more about how it works and what users think about the product. Educators seem really qualified and experienced, they give you a test that assesses your needs and assigns you the right amount of lessons depending on what your scores are. You can even take advantage of their free trial so if new things are not for you then just don’t buy!

  10. I don’t understand why people always complain about the course. It’s not too expensive, it helped me a lot and I passed!I am a Prepscholar student myself and that is all I can say for this MA marketer.

  11. At prescholar, they take the time to make sure your confidence is built up before moving on. If you are looking to try something new with no risk, this is it. They also have the option for live viewing features that allow students to watch videos of tutor-led lectures or learning activities online. With these tools at our fingertips, understanding concepts doesn’t feel hard anymore – after all, why would it?

  12. I don’t know where I would be without Prescholar. The personalized study plans are great for first-time learners, but even if you’re an experienced student, it’s worth checking out just to see how they can cater to your needs. If you get stuck on a math problem or need some motivation, there are features for that too! You also get five days of free trial so you have nothing to lose by taking the leap of faith and signing up for this amazing product.

  13. Provides bestselling courses for primary education to make learning fun and easy. Prepscholar is great at preparing students for exams. All thanks to their best trainers who are highly qualified people themselves having appeared in the entrance exam before passing it with flying colors. Along with this, they offer exceptional service to their customers hence collecting all the positive reviews online. 100% satisfaction guaranteed!

  14. Prepscholar is a one stop solution for any and every kind of entrance exam. The best part about their courses is that, the trainers are highly qualified and have themselves appeared and cleared exams with flying colors. And we should not forget the review part: Prepscholar is known to offer exceptional service to its customers, hence all the positive reviews. You will hardly ever find their negative reviews regarding their tutoring which is a big achievement as we know a satisfied customer would forget to put on the review but an unsatisfied one would never in this case though because there aren’t too many in number in either way! Apart from pricing, everything else is perfect!

  15. Prepscholar offers many programs designed for both high school exams and graduate school exams. The curriculum is complete with several practice tests to help people excel in their entrance exam of life, Prepscholar pricing may be high but the quality is unmatchable by any other standard class. Here I am sharing my experience while studying at Prepschooler.
    I took SAT test prep course on Preschooler and embraced it avidly as it helped me tremendously during the examination. They provide all sorts of study material like PDFs notes that were very helpful .It was also easy which made understanding not an issue at all! I highly recommend this site if anyone ever needs a resource like preschooler for future students or parents ….AWESOME .

  16. Firstly, before I talk about Prepscholar, let me tell you that there is no company outstands more than PrepScholar in the Entrance exam preparation industry. From SAT prep to GMAT preprtaion and ACT and GRE and LSAT and Medical College Admission Test (MCAT), THEY have all types of courses for you on our website. The reason they can set such a high bar for quality is because of the course design which was created by some of the world’s best mathematicians as well as humanities experts—and they work closely with them as well as professors at leading universities to continually improve there content. And then the learning courses are designed by world-class instructors who hold Ivy League PhDs from Harvard…you will learna lot in very less time here….i love the way it helped me in cracking my exam.

  17. When I was preparing for GRE Prep, my dad suggested that I go with the Prepscholar program. He said he had heard good reviews about this online learning platform and recommended it to me. I started out by taking their free Introduction to GRE course which has lessons on topics like Data interpretation, Analytical reasoning, Sentence equivalence etc. Before you know it, you are so engrossed in making progress through the material – answering practice questions, earning credits from getting right answers, unlocking badges at each level or finishing a lesson section- that time is flying! This really helped me learn up on my strengths as well as its weaknesses because of assessments at regular intervals throughout the program.

  18. Prepscholar has the best of programs for all type of entrance exams which are offered on its website. Attractive features include interactive education with videos, detailed lectures, GMAT test prep material and more. They also have a special discount offer of 10% on your new account so go ahead give it a try!

  19. Marvelous stuff. I was given a recommendation to use Prepscholar as part of my preparation for the entrance exam and thank god I took it up, if you want good results with minimal effort go ahead and buy these here! i am sure you will feel yourself lucky.

  20. If you are preparing for any type of entrance exam or standardized test, then Prescholar is the best option. The program offers many programs designed for both high school exams and graduate school exams. They even have programs based on the student’s eligibility.
    The price may be a bit high but it’s worth every penny as you get feedback from students who’ve already used it like me , lol….. try it and feel the change.

  21. When I was preparing for GRE Prep, my dad suggested that I go with the Prepscholar program. He said he had heard good reviews about this online learning platform and recommended it to me. I started out by taking their free Introduction to GRE course which has lessons on topics like Data interpretation, Analytical reasoning, Sentence equivalence etc. Before you know it, you are so engrossed in making progress through the material – answering practice questions, earning credits from getting right answers, unlocking badges at each level or finishing a lesson section- that time is flying! This really helped me learn up on my strengths as well as its weaknesses because of assessments at regular intervals throughout the program….. try it for the better of your life and i am sure you won’t regret this ever !

  22. Prepscholar has been developed to cater to the needs of all aspiring students who take entrance exams or standardized tests to get into college, or just graduate school. Prepscholar offers many programs catering towards high-school and graduate-level curriculums, with a wide variety of self-paced courses tailored for any student’s need. The prep materials offered on their website is an efficient and cheaper alternative compared to private tutors or intensive cram schools which can cost up 20+ thousand dollars. this is the best decision of my life ever.

  23. “My Prep School experience with Prepscholar was a pleasant one. The process involved registration and assigning of mentors who went about guiding me through the entire course material, all for a monthly fee. It offered superb quality lessons covering test-specific topics that were easy to understand.” “Prepscholar is the best option to go for in case you are prepapring for any type of exam preparation, Prepscholar offers many programs designed specifically for both high school exams and graduate school exams at different prices as per student requirements.”

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