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Looking for an unbiased ResumeSpice Review? I have got you covered. In this article, I have shared a detailed review of ResumeSpice, where you will know everything about this platform.

So, let’s find out if ResumeSpice is worth your money.

You simply cannot get a good job these days without a strong CV. Many of you have probably heard it before: the program makes the first impression.

A stronger CV will get you more job interviews and help you land your dream job. The only thing you need to find is a high-quality program that will have an impact on the HR team.

ResumeSpice Review

You can choose between two options: create the program and choose a professional resume editor. With so many curriculum writing services available on the Internet, making a business decision is not an easy task.

To make your decision easier, I will review ResumeSpice today. The company has worked with thousands of job seekers, with the majority of their clients in the executive and mid-stages of their careers.

Read Our ResumeSpice review 2023 in detail below:

ResumeSpice Review 2023: Is ResumeSpice legit?

ResumeSpice has some great features and they are some of the most sophisticated and professional service providers of their kind.

The service is consistently highly-rated, with excellent reviews from the thousands of clients they have served. Since a resume is not cheap and you still want to be sure of the quality of a particular service, I think a detailed review of ResumeSpice is required.

Key Features Of ResumeSpice:

If their level of confidence is a bit low, I recommend that you analyze ResumeSpice career advice and rating. This is the kind of feature I expect from any curriculum writing service.

Nobody wants to have a great CV without the assistance of a professional.

The main reason why the dream job is not achieved is not simply a lack of proper curriculum creation. There could be several reasons for their failure. Proper guidance and evaluation can make a significant difference.

ResumeSpice Services

Furthermore, Resume Spice provides three levels of service for various work experiences. They have different experiences for beginners, advanced, and experienced job seekers, for example.

They also provide free telephone advice to their customers. They appear to be doing everything possible to provide a service to their customers. Furthermore, their career counselors’ blogs are extremely useful and assist those who are having difficulty finding the right job.

Resumespice Customer Support

Customer service at ResumeSpice is excellent – friendly and helpful. They offer real-time, live chat in addition to a phone number and email address for contacting a live person. I understand that many people are more comfortable with chat than with direct calls.

Services offered by Resumespice

This provider offers common and familiar curriculum writing services, but also offers advanced and rare services that some of you may find interesting. The complete list of services is:

  • Resume writing
  • Cover letter writing
  • LinkedIn profile writing
  • Career Coaching
  • Interview Preparation
  • Professional resume
  • Career assessment
  • Thank you letter
  • Outplacement services

Here you have it. The full list of services that Resume Spice must provide. You can find all the services you need, are associated with your job or are more likely to look for a job.

If I take a closer look at the curriculum writing services, I find that there are three levels. They are entry-level, professional, and executive.

You can call to become a full-service provider of professional help. You have a CV, a cover letter, and a LinkedIn profile creator as basic services. They can also help you prepare for your job interview, vocational training, self-assessment, and biography.

ResumeSpice Service Guarantee

To give you a better overview of the services, I have tested the “Curriculum Vitae Professional” package. The ordered program I received after two days, as promised on their website.

I was very impressed with the quality of their service and, most importantly, the final product. It was well-written and formatted to get through applicant tracking systems, as well as to be easily read by hiring managers.

How Good Are ResumeSpice Services?

For the same reason, all available ResumeSpice reviews are 100% positive. These guys are of exceptional caliber.

They only hire the best writers with years of experience, and errors are avoided. There is no other issue, and the quality of each service can be seen as you request it. You even examine and analyze the patterns provided on the official website.

The end result is simply amazing. This is true for all services.

Regardless of which option you select, you will receive excellent overall program quality, advanced interview preparation, and other benefits. Career assessment services are also excellent, and I believe they are among the best on the internet.

ResumeSpice Guarantees

The first guarantee is self-evident in the business world. All resumes sent to customers are reviewed first and must completely meet their requirements. If you are not satisfied, they will correct any problems.

If a client does not receive an interview request within 60 days of receiving their final, customized resume from ResumeSpice, they will rework their resume for free.

Why do I recommend ResumeSpice?

The first benefit is in the list of services that Resume Spice offers to all customers.

However, there is another advantage. The quality of the programs is exceptional and has a significant impact on your application and career.ResumeSpice User Reviews

They also offer additional career-oriented services that are extremely important to all recruits.

I also appreciated the opportunity to find outplacement services in ResumeSpice. This is a separate list of services related exclusively to employers.

For example, you can get help to reduce the cost of unemployment and maintain a good image of your brand.

ResumeSpice Pros and Cons:

Here are some pros and cons of ResumeSpice:


  • Ability to meet the needs of almost all customers.
  • Best Interview Preparation.
  • Best LinkedIn profile writing.
  • Great job search strategies.
  • Exclusive ResumeSpice 60-Day Interview Guarantee!
  • A proven resume format that gets employers’ attention.


  • None – keep up the great work!

ResumeSpice Pricing Plans: How Much Does ResumeSpice Cost? 

As previously stated, three levels of experience are recommended. Everyone is priced differently. The basic service, which costs $479, is for customers with up to two years of experience.

The professional, which costs $589, is intended for customers with more than two years of professional experience. The guide is intended for large customers. The most desired level, with a price of $699. Please keep in mind that these are only awards for syllabus creation.

ResumeSpice Pricing

  • Cover letter $189
  • LinkedIn profile $189
  • Interview preparation $179
  • Professional bio $189
  • Thank you letter $129

Professional coaching includes a different price list. One training session costs $179, three for $449, and five for $695.

The evaluation of the race is available in 2 options. The first is the rating of the disc which costs $ 99.

I know that many of you have a small budget and are looking for the discount ResumeSpice coupon code. Unfortunately, we were not able to find a discount or promotional offer.

ResumeSpice Review - Interview Guarantee

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Conclusion: ResumeSpice Review 2023

Should ResumeSpice be used?

In any case, yes. Their product and service are top-notch.

You can get a CV, education, a professional assessment, and more. Prices are not the cheapest in the industry, but they are far from the most expensive. Get all the help you need for your new job in minutes.

So, don’t wait any longer. Go ahead and try ResumeSpice today.

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52 thoughts on “ResumeSpice Review 2023: Is It The Best Resume Writing Service?”

  1. I loved using ResumeSpice. I was really worried about my resume and making sure it stood out, but this service made me feel confident about the whole process. It’s easy to use on your computer or tablet and features a variety of fonts, charts, tables, lists and more tools that can be added to make the perfect document for any industry or position. The best part is that you get interviews guaranteed!

  2. ResumeSpice is one of the most all-inclusive resume writing services in the industry, with a wide range of additional features and extras to make your job search go as smoothly as possible. They offer handcrafted resumes that are tailored to each individual’s career goals and circumstances, so whether you want help perfecting your current resume or need assistance completely building an entirely new one from scratch, ResumeSpice has what it takes to get you where you want to be.

    For extra peace of mind, they also provide our 60-day interview guarantee: for any applications submitted within 60 days after purchase of a Professional Package*.

  3. ResumeSpice is an amazing resume service. They made sure my employment history was clear and concise, that my work experiences were all described accordingly, and they took the time to interview me too! ResumeSpice also helped me find a company I love! It has so many great features like an interview guarantee of 60-days (that’s double what competitors offer) and one of the most professional services you can find.

  4. I’m so terrible at resumes, it seems like anything I write is lackluster. But I took a chance with ResumeSpice and saw excellent results! They helped me update my resume to make it sound more professional with their writing skills and designed the perfect cover letter for me. The design included matching fonts and colors that were related to our conversation — what company would not want the best candidates? Plus, they added stunning photography from high quality original photos
    Plus there are several different types of package deals you can choose from — all customizable in many ways you could imagine! And prices start at just $14.95 per week if paid annually ($37.40 monthly)

  5. ResumeSpice’s fantastic customer service has helped a lot of professionals in getting jobs with the best companies. I got the perfect job because of their help. What’s more, their professional writing skills are just unbeatable. If you’re searching for a high-quality resume writing service that will really get your competitive advantage over other applicants, look no further than ResumeSpice!

  6. ResumeSpice is my new favorite resume-writing service because I believe it has everything to help me apply for my dream job one step ahead. ResumeSpice’s interview preparatory module teaches you some of the most popular interview questions and lets you know how to answer them during interview process amazingly, their guarantees helped me get a great position in less than 60 days.

  7. ResumeSpice is a company that over the years has built a reputation for excellence in resume writing. It helps you achieve when it comes to landing interviews with best employers, and also assures you of an interview within 60 days that could change your life. Calms are waiting for you so why don’t you go ahead and use ResumeSpice now?

  8. ResumeSpice, a truly one-of-a-kind and revolutionary resume writing service, offers features such as interview preparations and guaranteed interviews. I think you would benefit from investing in this top notch platform with some of the best writers in the business because they can help you prepare for anything!

  9. ResumeSpice is a resume writing service with an excellent system of reviews and feedback from their customers. They’ve spearheaded resume guidelines used by many of the top companies today, such as Google, Disney, and IBM. The company was established in 2012 and has helped thousands of job seekers get new jobs since then. Their work is always timely and efficient – they offer fast turnaround for any major format; PDFs can be completed within 3 hours after you send them all your materials (one document only). Resumes will be formatted like a layout on LinkedIn: One document that includes info on accomplishments, education, skills & more! i love this and recommend to everyone.

  10. I was very pleased with ResumeSpice from the beginning as it made me feel confident about applying for a job. Not only did they help me tweak and perfect my resume, but with their interview guarantee I know that I will be prepared going into every interview. It also helped that each person on the team who spoke to me was very professional, courteous, knowledgeable (not just of resumes but of wisdom like communication skills). I would recommend this company anybody looking for any type of career services or guidance in finding a job.

  11. I’ve been using ResumeSpice for a little over a year now. They have been so helpful with my job search and getting back on the market after finding myself unemployed for awhile. Customer service was always very quick to answer any questions I had- never disdainful, not rude, but professional. Prices are fair and up front about all they offer without tricks or hidden fees involved in their services. Easily going through billing as well- clear upsell, but no pressure whatsoever. Yes they’re a bit more expensive than most resume builders/companies out there, they’re top notch quality!

  12. I had a pretty unique problem on my hands when it came to getting a new job. I was out of the workforce for some time, but not retired or anything like that.
    I knew I needed to get back in, but the market is tough and employers are looking for someone who has been with their company more than two years! So, I went online to search until something caught my eye. What pulled me into ResumeSpice is that they have testimonials from people just like me! They helped get them interviews too so there’s hope for me after all!
    I would recommend this product.

  13. When I was in the market for a new job, I tried hiring a consultant to help me spruce up my CV and perfect my application materials. It took weeks of emails before I finally met with them, only to realise they didn’t have any designs or templates on hand, so we had nothing but blank spaces in the resume paper. Luckily ResumeSpice is there to save the day! Not only can you kit out your resume with a fantastic template that will give it that stylish look employers are looking for, but you also get your professional assessment done by real people who have been inside an interviews rooms themselves too! Well worth it if you ask me!

  14. Ever since I started using ResumeSpice, my life has gotten so much easier! They transcribe your voice after you’ve recorded it and edit out any breaths or pauses in the recording. Didn’t need to go into that detail with this prospective employer at all, just got to hit record. You can type up what you want them to say instead of giving the speech through – what seemed like forever – voice transmission. Because they’re people too.

  15. “ResumeSpice is so confusing. I had to spend 5 days reading the instructions online before I finally got it downloaded.” NOT WORTH OF SINGLE PENNY!

  16. I had the best experience with ResumeSpice. Katherine was so attentive, detail-oriented, and gave me her ideas for my best resume I’ve ever had! Would definitely recommend to anyone who wants their resume to stand out on paper.

  17. This app should be called Resume Weak because it made me sound like I had no skills and that the only reason to hire me would be for my genetic makeup. I’m just glad to have found the flaws before I submitted my resume anywhere!

  18. ResumeSpice is the fast, easy way to land your dream job! You can get everything you need for your resume in minutes with products like professional assessments. Prices are not the cheapest but there are no outrageous fees. Get all the help you need in one place.

  19. This product is way too expensive for what it does. It’s promising to spice up your resume when in truth, I don’t feel like my life was changed in any way after using it. Trust me when I say that you’re better off doing this on your own. Save the fifty dollars and enjoy some pizza with the folks instead!

  20. I think I found the only resume-writing company that does exactly what they say. Resumes are spot on, formatted beautifully in my word processor and delivered in less than 5 days.
    The experience was personalized, hassle-free (no long call center hold time), and everyone I spoke to is genuinely kind.

  21. ResumeSpice is a cumbersome and difficult-to-use piece of trash that leaves your resume looking jumbled and unprofessional with font combinations you’ll only use if “looking like the devil” is the look you’re going for. It doesn’t even work on Macs, so I hope Windows users don’t think this will do them any good.

  22. ResumeSpice is a very affordable service that helps you flush out your skills and qualifications. It’s always important to show just how awesome you are on paper, and this service does exactly that for those of us who aren’t as articulate in writing as we would like to be.

  23. I’ve found that if I get Resume Spice, my resume lands jobs….i owe to them for making me look presentable .

  24. ResumeSpice is an incomplete spellchecker for your resume. This outdated product does not help you build a positive credit profile or protect your personal information. It also does not allow you to customize buttons or customize the keyboard shortcuts.

  25. ResumeSpice is the best thing that’s ever happened to me. They have a great team who helped me rewrite my resume and cover letter, then going over it until I found just the right words. Plus, their help with how to dress for a first-time interview was invaluable!

  26. I got this because my old resume seemed outdated. I was anxious to get a job but after completing the task of creating a new resume, I was more frustrated then ever before! This will not help you apply for jobs or convey your skills. It’s unnecessarily complicated and time consuming. You may as well be typing gibberish on the screen than using this app which is how it feels now that I completed it.

  27. is a resource for those looking to land a new job and rapidly improve their chances of success. The site features a higher end service that offers more, yet with prices that are comparably affordable in the current stagnant economy….i tried it find perfect for any individual !

  28. Poorly-made and ineffective resume template. Customer service is pathetic and it really shows in the product itself. I was lured in by cheap deals, but after being charged 6 times without my knowledge, I’m regretting ever downloading this trash.

  29. ResumeSpice is a word processing and formatting service that can help you with your résumé and many other applications. They offer quick turnaround times, prompt delivery for both paper and PDF formats of documents, and clean formatting style. ResumeSpice offers great customer service via email, phone, or live chat.

  30. This product is both unnecessary and completely ineffective. Putting your resume online seems like a better idea than paying for some line item in the garbage bin known as ResumeSpice.

  31. I personally fell for this product because it gave me the help-meetings I needed. The cost was great and it has a quality that can’t be matched in today’s market. My resume looked very professional after the fixes were done, and I didn’t even have to wait long to get my order back! ResumeSpice is top notch customer service with a friendly tone of voice plus good prices make this one of the best products on the market!

  32. ResumeSpice is the type of CV cleaning service that I wouldn’t recommend. They are professional, but not expert. They just want money in their pockets with no reward for creativity or quality work!

  33. I recently got a new job and was unsure what to do next. Man, I needed help! So after calling out for suggestions and ideas on sites like Kijiji and Reddit, all this other stuff started popping up: Resume services should be the first thing you look into! One day while scrolling through Facebook Marketplace, I saw that ResumeSpice could absolutely solve my problems! At first glance, their pricing seemed a little high at $299 but since they offered student discounts as well as public holidays still apply for me from Canada Day till Labour Day, it was worth it in the end. They were able to tailor make a resume – INCLUDING cover letter – with references right away without taking a lot of my time .

  34. I’ve been toying with the idea of upgrading my resume for awhile now, but after reading some negative feedback about the services I was looking into, I decided it would be best if I did a little research myself. I found ResumeSpice while browsing one of those online career websites and thought they looked promising—their prices weren’t too expensive and their customer service seemed really friendly. At any rate, I set up an account and started playing around on the site. Everything is very intuitively designed so you won’t have any issues following things along even if it’s your first time using such a website. And all sorts of helpful resources were just waiting for me! it made things easy for me.

  35. ResumeSpice is the best resume service to suit your needs. When I was applying for jobs, ResumSpiace helped me write my CV that got me lots of interviews. Get lost in a black hole? They can provide you with quality assistance!

  36. I’m a professional and I love ResumeSpice for CVs. I used to be like you: looking for help with my CV because it’s hard. It’s not as easy as building up that resume, but we can’t do everything ourselves anyway. So what you want is someone who understands how much work it takes to build out your document the right way–a professional. And I’m here to tell you that there are professionals out there who can provide this service too, and Resume Spice has got them in droves. You won’t find tons of really great templates or templates at all; instead, they get down to business by providing expert advice without charging an arm and leg.

  37. When I first applied for my new job, all I could do is stare at the blank page where they asked me to write about myself. ResumeSpice saved me from that never-ending task by giving me just enough to start writing my own resume that’s unique and genuinely says who I am rather than some generic filler. My resume was accepted much quicker which allowed me to focus on getting back in the office ASAP! It also helped when it came time for interviews because it gave them an accurate representation of who I really am. Definitely recommend this service!

  38. I used ResumeSpice last month to create my resume. I was able to get a professional assessment of what language to use in resumes, CV listings, diplomas and transcripts. There were also samples for different industries that I found extremely useful when formatting my actual resume.h

  39. I wanted to get a CV and ResumeSpice made it really simple with their user-friendly site. You can easily upload your own resume, or they have a better selection of resumes that you can choose from. It’s only $14 for unlimited revisions on up to 3 different people (depend on what package you pick) and I saved so much time on this process. It was easy, simple, headache free; it takes about an hour max to do everything !

  40. ResumeSpice is a service that takes your resume and tailors it to the company. They will take care of filling in all the jobs you’ve never considered or jobs for which you don’t meet requirements because they do professional assessments.

  41. I won my dream job thanks to ResumeSpice! I really needed some help getting my CV together when I came across this website. They do it all for you, from education assessments to resumes and CVs. And they’re professional about the whole thing too. For me, it’s just a one-stop shop where I can get everything done with only 3 clicks of the mouse in under an hour.

  42. Resumespice is the best service I’ve ever tried. They do everything for you! And they were even able to get me my dream job quickly. It was literally like magic, and I’m so impressed with how they handled things that years of experience didn’t seem like it matter. Truly, they are great people working there and if they can do this for me, imagine what they could do for you?? Definitely worth trying them.

  43. ResumeSpice will help you write the perfect resume. They offer a variety of services to suit your needs, including providing personalized guidance and expert editing for resumes, letters of introduction, cover letter – even a professional assessment answer service. You can get everything you need to land that new job in minutes! Resume Spice is all about making things as convenient as possible for their customers- without sacrificing quality or honesty.

  44. ResumeSpice is the perfect fit for that motivated, career oriented person determined to make their next great move. No matter how much experience you may have in your field of choice, ResumeSpice will provide you with everything you need to freshen up your resume and make it stand out among all other applicants.

  45. My experience with the company was great! My resume went from bland to sexy in minutes. I loved how easy it was, and I think it could even help me land a better job. If you’re not happy with your current resume writing skills or just want something more up to date, ResumeSpice is for you!

  46. I just downloaded this app to write my CV, and I’m really pleased with it. It was very easy to use, and got me everything that I needed for a new job! RESUMESPACE is best !

  47. “I would definitely recommend ResumeSpice for anyone looking to land a new job. It’s fast, accurate, and provides you with all the help you need in minutes.”

  48. ResumeSpice is an up-and-coming new company. They offer a wide variety of services for those looking to build and polish their resume. One of the best parts of their service? It offers all this within minutes! Overall, they at ResumeSpice try their hardest, but they know that you’ll see the difference and feel it too: they’re worth your time and commitment!

  49. I’ve used ResumeSpice for my job search, and I can say it was worth every penny. Their CV-writing service is top of the line. It has helped me get more interviews than ever before. And if you’re interested in getting some more help on your resume, there are resources available by phone or email 24 hours a day, 7 days a week….!!

  50. The prices are not the cheapest in the industry, but they are far from the most expensive. Get all of your resume needs met for a reasonable price with ResumeSpice. You can get education information, employment services info, and more! Why wait any longer? Try ResumeSpice today!

  51. ResumeSpice is such a handy tool. I just had to switch jobs and put out my resume, but I was really nervous about it- the process of getting your CV together can be complicated with all the different elements that employers are looking for! However, ResumeSpice made things so much easier. It has lots of templates to choose from based on what type of job you’re applying for, as well as help with brainstorming ideas about what education would look good on your CV without draining too much time or energy. The professional assessment section was also very helpful- it found shortcomings in my qualifications which were causing me not to get interviews! Honestly, if you are even considering switching jobs because you want more money or something new to do then this is the place to stop !

  52. ResumeSpice is amazing. I bought for my BFF to use and she got several job offers almost immediately after getting her resume revamped. If you are looking for the best way to get your CV, education, professional assessment up to date, look no further than ResumeSpice – they have everything you need!

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