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Ever felt stressed while working on a project? Ever noticed a lack of creativity and spark in your team?  Then, we assure you this is the best solution-oriented article for you. 

We will introduce you to the current work scenario and guide you to perform the best and achieve the most.

Working Superhumans in Mindvalley is a popular community where we teach you leadership skills and reach new heights. Podcasts are a means by which teachers teach and train, and you will receive high-level motivation. We have already done a detailed Mindavlley review to help you get detailed insights into Mindvalley. 

Superhumans With Mindvalley

To be superhuman, you just need to retrain your brain to work at superhuman levels. It is no magic. Just learning and extraordinary willingness to learn will do the work for you.

First things first: How Mindvalley Helps You?

Communication is the primary part of any deal. The more convincing is your conversation, the more people will follow you, making you a leader. A leader cannot be said to be a leader if he is the speaker and listener as well. 

If there is no one whom you can show a path, give a solution. How come you become a leader? How will you show yourself as a superhuman? That is not possible.

So, communication plays a critical role in any work profile, and you name it. If you have ‘n’ number of creative ideas, but you are happy to be an introvert. You cannot share ideas and are more likely to stay in the comfort zone, sorry to say those ideas are useless. 

No, the written method is not as effective as the verbal method.

SuperBrain Takeaway - Speed Reading Enhancement

So how can you be an excellent communicator? Here are four simple golden tips for you.

  1. .Come out of ‘sweep it under the carpet culture.’ Share everything which you think could be helpful for others. No one will kill you if you speak little words wrong.

Just speak up! Speak to your mind. Don’t just fluff anything to impress everyone in the room. You may end up depressing.

     2. Listen to other sides as well. Being a good listener is a part of being an excellent communicator. Don’t make it a tough conversation, though. Feel the environment and act accordingly.

     3. Don’t think you are unfortunate to lack training. They don’t add wings on your back to make you fly high. It all comes with vast experience. Feel free to connect with different people. 

Be your own inspiring agent. Share your issues more clearly in case you face any projects. Silence will never give you any solution but a gift you stress later on.  

    4. Understand the other person first. Each and every sentence should be a showcase of empathy, politeness, and knowledge. You are not there to argue bitterly. Making other people feel inferior can cost you significant loss in deals.

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What makes Humachine

Understanding the term Humachine is not rocket science. The idea is mesmerizing. 

This technology era is rather pleasant to call the human period. There are things which technology can do, but humans cannot and vice versa. 

So the combination of humans and machines is an excellent solution for your growth as well as the company’s growth. 

The fact that technology will replace the workforce is misguided. You should learn to merge the two to get the best.

Feed yourself the knowledge it requires. Push this knowledge into others. Let the machines do the number crunching, and you cannot be as best as them. 


You focus and improve on personal skills. You can make decision making to the next level using these data. Your knowledge plays a vital role in decision making because these data are biased sometimes. You need to understand the trends.

The emotional intelligence you gain with experience is a thing that technology can never have. No one can take away your understanding of the organization as a whole, like how to negotiate, how marketing strategy works, how to talk to people, etc. 

Something like coding is short-lived, not human intelligence.

Skills to develop

Value of promises 

You can make big promises, but you will lose your business if you are unable to keep those promises. You know yourself. Be a person of a word and promise what you can deliver. 


This is often an underestimated but critical tool for high achievers. Practicing mindfulness is extremely important. It assists you by lessening stress and anxiety, thus increasing your ability to perform.  

How to be working superhuman-Focus

Look for minute things that can pull your focus away. Even an attractive wallpaper of your phone can make you less focused. It lures you to look at it. Switch off unnecessary notifications. They are never-ending barrage. 

And trust me, maintaining deep focus is a superhuman effort.

Speed learning

This era is having cut-throat competition and demands speed learning. Every business, enterprise, or organization needs to be cost and time effective to domain others. 

How To Be Working Superhuman-Speed Learning

Rewire your brain in such a way that it can control thoughts, habits, feelings, emotions during work. There are specific brainstorming tactics that make you achieve this phase. A hardcore practice can make you an efficient and speed reader and learner as well.

Gain the ability, explore the real power and potential of your brain. 

No one is an Einstein by-birth. We gain it here on this planet. 

Interpersonal Abilities

Wherever you are at work, you are not alone. One-person business doesn’t exist. You work with others; you talk to them to complete a project. You should have the ability to build relationships and connect easily with others. 

This is why interpersonal skills are an added advantage that the company looks for. Get involved in other work areas as well. Don’t stick to a single aspect. It limits your capacity. Learn to wear multiple hats and handle it. 


Self-confidence generates an aura around you that can convince those you work with or for. The point is simple; if you do not believe in your own abilities, you cannot expect others to think about you.

They have not grown with you. They don’t know you personally. Flush out all the mental toxins you have and put forth the positivity. Foster your skills and ability to give best on whatever comes your way.

Other than these skills, there are other essential skills which a company or team expects from you. Punctuality and responsibility are fundamental factors.

Having sound knowledge of sales and marketing will cater to your needs at certain stages.

How to boost productivity without burning out

You can build high-performing teams without compromising on wellbeing. 

It is not only you, but everyone wants to get more things done in a short span. The only thing is you should do those tasks without bogged down, and you feel sick to the stomach. 

Don’t stick in the daily grind of emails and appointments. You stuck but without regret. These daily grinding tasks push your business forward. Put focus as we earlier said but put a focus on the right things. Don’t act yourself to be multi-handler if you are not really. It will drain your energy.

Learn to say NO

Nature has given you 24 hours. Neither you can extend it, nor you can fit each and everything into it. Say NO, politely. Prioritize and preplan your work.

At times, it is more important to have rest rather than looking and sending emails.  At times, it is imperative to finish your project rather than going for a coffee just because old your friend invited you.

Tell him/her that you will contact after the project is done and make sure you do. Don’t forget you just read the value of commitment. Don’t exhaust yourself if you cannot handle the pressure. You may be lacking interest or rest.

A tired mind is not a suitable birthplace of creativity. 

How to be working superhuman-Learn to say no

Delegate repetitive tasks

If you have numerous and unnecessary repetitive tasks in your list, delete them. They are impediments on the path of productivity. At the same time, new things give you a chance to explore and become smarter.

Quit procrastination

Procrastination is an enemy of growth, no matter which field you are in. We understand how easy and comfortable it is to delay and postpone tasks rather than getting engaged. It is a challenge that we all face at one point or another. Reward yourself when you win over it.

Think of your most productive moments. Didn’t you feel more satisfied and accomplished then? Come on; it’s high time. You are made to win.

Entrepreneurship and its Importance

At working superhumans in Mindvalley, renowned persona Jeff Hoffman emphasizes and explains about entrepreneurship. He explains how simple tactics are underutilized that helps in growth.

He says entrepreneurial development is becoming a very significant factor for global economic growth. The root developers and the torch-bearers are Entrepreneurs, and employment opportunities were the fruits. 

An individual who always looks for something unique and transforms those thoughts into opportunities is an Entrepreneur. He is willing to take the risk, and he is uncertain about the enterprise. Here is how he characterizes entrepreneurship.

  • Dynamic approach

An entrepreneur ensures optimum utilization of limited resources. This value creation goes on without relying on the uncertain business conditions.

Entrepreneurship requires a highly dynamic approach.

  • Role of innovation

This field requires new creative and innovative ideas and constant search in the above sectors. It does not trust Copy-Paste tactics. The entrepreneur definitely keeps an eye on competitors to bring better. They put efforts into synergy in enterprises.

  • Ability to bear the risk 

There is no certainty that the new, implemented ideas will bring profits. The opinions and thoughts are majorly tentative, and consequences may not be quick and decisive. An entrepreneur has the maturity and is willing to assume the risk.

These entrepreneur qualities bridge the gap between you and superhuman.

It makes you able to work at a superhuman level.

Secrets for Public Speaking

At working superhuman in Mindvalley, world-class speaker Eric Edmeades teaches how to deliver a talk and leave the audience speechless.

He says it is ironic but true that more people fear speaking in public than death. It is not only helpful for your personality but your health too. Surprised? Well, you are supposed to. 

Public speaking is not just verbal but physical too. You need to stand for long hours, moving around the stage. You are in continuous motion. So it’s like killing two birds with the same stone.

The more is the audience; the more are you paid. Evidently, you will be earning more bucks when delivering a speech in front of 15000 individuals than in front of 150 folks.

At the beginning of a learning phase, you should not take care of money but the opportunities. Gain more and more experience. The money will run after you. 

You often need to give free services to build a brand later on. 

For any public speaking performance, preparedness is required. The more you are prepared, the better it would be. It is a myth that you can speak up on stage with fresh content and ideas. 

Don’t underestimate the power of public speaking. If you are a pro in this field, you can be a diamond to the business or company you are linked with.

Here are some quick-to-follow tips for you.

  • Audience

There must be a reason if you are speaking to an audience. Your speech should be that reason oriented. Don’t just fluff anything. Your audience is present to hear about the same topic they have been told. Nobody is interested in your daily routine and money until you connect your situation with them. Your tone should be friendly and not forget, entertainment does wonders. Information with show works magic. Knowing the audience is imperative.

  • Make eye contact

This one is very, very important. No matter how broad or short, your audience is, try to look into the eyes of as many as you can. We recommend not to stick to just the first couple of rows. Give importance to the back-benchers too.

  • Sound confident

Whatever you speak, speak confidently and not lose your curve of smile for a moment. Show that you own the room. It obviously requires extensive rehearsal before standing on the stage. Quit stage fear. Don’t overthink if you just said anything wrong. Correct the word, ask for apologies in a cool way, and move ahead. It happens. 

Even if you are terrified, look confident. If you cannot, fake it.

Meet the eye to eye and command their attention. 

If you are wrong anywhere but sound confident, there are high chances that your audience won’t notice it.

  • Stay in the allotted time.

When you face doubt while delivering a talk, you can go under the allotted time but don’t go over the allotted time. It is poor etiquette plus shows you are unprepared.

  • Feedback 

Calculating feedback can cost you high. Never feel shame for asking for feedback. You have worked for it; you deserve it. 

Don’t be afraid of criticism. Make yourself open to criticism. Positive feedback motivates you, and negative feedback teaches you.

Public speaking is a skill that we all should master. It connects you with people, and lets you share your ideas, endorses your brand.

It is a must for every leader, entrepreneur, and manager out there. If you are from the sales field, it can do wonders for you. 

So, don’t hesitate to practice public speaking. Just get on it.

Build a mission-focused team

Working superhumans in Mindvalley was a special episode where Marisa Murgatroyd, an expert on personal branding, shares her idea on building a highly focused mission team for the welfare of the company and you. 

Follow these tips that make you unique from others.

Provide a frame and example of how you want things to be done. Theoretical knowledge is never enough to solve practical issues. Let others share their ideas too. 

Let them contribute to forming the outlines of big plans. It motivates them to think more creatively rather than relying on others to frame it up.

  • Be clear and understandable to each one of them. Make the atmosphere of the room friendly rather than showing yourself bossy. Ask them at least two times whether they got you or not.
  • Shorten your lecture so that most of them can remember what you said.
  • Be open to little flexibility if required. Motivate them to stay focused.
  • If the team performs well, give them credit. It is human nature. Everyone likes to be praised. 

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FAQs: Working Superhuman in Mindvalley

👉Can personal growth transform into a company’s growth?

👉Personal growth definitely transforms into a company’s growth. A company has nascent, inexperienced, and low skilled employees who will not be successful in the long run. The employees are an integral part of the company.

👉Is public speaking an inborn quality?

👉No, never. It comes handy with immense practice. We haven’t seen any kid speaking on stage about business and important things because he lacks experience.

👉Are superhuman qualities intrinsic?

👉Superhuman qualities are a combination of knowledge, experience, high productivity, and extreme enthusiasm. We gift these qualities to ourselves, so it is not an intrinsic one.

Conclusion: How to Be Working Superhuman in Mindvalley?

Working superhuman in Mindvalley is very famous and successful to date. We hope the article is helpful to you. Each and every line is valid and tested. We tried our best to bring every essential tactic from professionals to you. Following each and every tip will lead you to great success. We train and guide you to reach new heights and make it unique from others. 

We help you to be influential both in and out and make you aware of your potential. Stay connected to get more such kinds of stuff. 

Feel free to reach us in case of any query, and we urge you to share your feedback. It matters a lot.

Thanks for reading with patience. 

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