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Are you curious to know what CreativeLive users have to say in 2022 ? Here’s your chance!

In this review, I will go over all aspects of CreativeLive, from their available courses to their quality, pricing, usability, pros, and cons.

Let’s get started!

What Is CreativeLive?

CreativeLive, as its name implies, offers high-quality online education for creative endeavors. The “Live” part of their name refers to free live broadcasts of selected online courses, which are accessible 24 hours a day.

As a result, Creative + Live was born.


CreativeLive may seem to have just popped up on creators’ radars, but it has actually been helping people enhance their creative capabilities since 2010.

CreativeLive had over 10 million students, two offices in Seattle and San Francisco, and over two billion minutes of content viewed by students since it started in 2010 by Chase Jarvis (a world-renowned commercial photographer and entrepreneur).

In light of the recent news that Fiverr has acquired them, awareness of their services will only grow. Plus, creative professionals can access a wider variety of creative learning content via Learn from Fiverr. There is no better deal than that

Who Is CreativeLive Good For?

If you want to master your craft and have a little creative bone in your body, then this course is for you. You can do so at CreativeLive.

Even if you don’t think you are the “creative type”, this platform serves as an excellent stepping stone, as it guides complete beginners through various creative disciplines to inspire them.

In addition to photography, videography, personal finance, art, design, crafts, music, and audio courses, CreativeLive offers a number of other courses as well.

CreativeLive is perfect for those with a creative spirit or a wild imagination!

CreativeLive courses cost how much?

Many of CreativeLive’s courses start at $50 and go up to $200, which is on the low end of online platform pricing. It offers discounts frequently, but this may lead you to wonder if it is a marketing strategy. Regardless, they are a pretty good deal and who doesn’t like a good deal?


The Creator Pass

Among the other services CreativeLive offers is the creator pass. With this pass, you can stream 2000+ classes from anywhere at your own pace.

There are three payment options available with the creator pass plan. The annual plan costs $149 if you pay it in full. That comes out to $12.42 per month. You can choose to pay $15 a month rather than pay everything upfront, but you must commit to 1 year. There is also a monthly option for $39 that is billed monthly. Taxes are not included in any of these payment plans.

  • Thousands of classes to choose from
  • Take advantage of new classes & exclusive conferences
  • Fast Class access for a limited time
  • More than 60k lessons in digestible form
  • Lessons can be downloaded for offline viewing
  • Learning paths that are curated
  • Every month, a new class is published


Gift The Creator Pass

You could also give the Creator Pass to a friend, colleague, or loved one as a really cool gift. You can either choose to gift a pass for a full year or for a month.

CreativeLive for Teams

CreativeLive offers two options for upskilling your team: The Standard plan or the Enterprise plan based on how big your team is. It costs $149 per person, per seat, per year if your team has between 5 and 100 members. If you have a team of 1,000 or more, you can contact us to get a customized quote.

CreativeLive Free Live Classes

Unlike other online platforms, CreativeLive has a unique feature. It offers free and 24-hour access to CreativeLive TV. Live streamed content is available from living rooms, studios, and kitchen tables.

Live musical performances and Q&A sessions are also available. These free and engaging offerings are definitely worth checking out.

Then, view the upcoming classes for each day of the week, and all you will have to do is RSVP, and a reminder will be sent to you when the classes are live. Additionally, they allow you to change your time zone, which is pretty helpful.

What Are The Steps To Opening A CreativeLive Account?

CreativeLive has a very intuitive registration process. Nevertheless, I thought you might find it helpful to find out how to join in step-by-step.

  1. Go to in a browser
  2. Please click the LOG IN/SIGN UP link in the top right cornerlogin
  3. Use your email address or Facebook or Google accounts to sign upFacebook or Google accounts to sign up
  4. The new window will allow you to add your full name and choose a password

Following your sign-up, you can select Classes or start searching for Instructors, Topics, etc. Take a look around and explore the platform.

If you want full access to the platform, the Creator Pass option can be found at the top of the page once you click on Classes. See the CreativeLive pricing page for more information.


The Most Popular CreativeLive Courses

Learn from the industry icons

To give you an idea about the most popular content at CreativeLive, I thought it would be useful to look at the top 5 course offerings.

  1. Workflow, Time Management and Productivity for Creatives  – 
  2. How to organize and utilize your time by learning how to implement a workflow system. The class has over 64.5K enrolled students who recommend it 91% of the time. Among her clients are MoMA and Harvard University, as well as being an artist, illustrator, and author.
  3. Adobe Photoshop CC: The Complete Guide – 
  4. Throughout this course, you will learn how to adjust images using Camera Raw, how to retouch images using advanced techniques, and much more. Over 119.6K students enroll in this class with 99% of them recommending it. Ben Willmore, an Adobe Photoshop expert, has taught over 100,000 users.
  5. Fundamentals of Photography – 
  6. You will learn camera basics in this course as well as what equipment you will need. There were over 96.9K students enrolled in the course, with 100% recommending it. Photographer and award-winning instructor John Greengo specializes in outdoor and travel photography.
  7. Building True Confidence: Breaking Habits of Self-Doubt 
  8. Learn new ways to overcome your self-doubt by studying the science behind it. More than 116.6K students have taken the course with a 98% recommendation rate. The course was instructed by Mel Robbins, a best-selling author, best-known speaker, and serial entrepreneur.
  9. 28 Days of Portrait Photography – There are 28 topics that must be covered in order to run a successful portrait photography business. You will learn how to pose, style, market, and sell your products. Over 99.3K students have taken the class, and 97% have recommended it. Sue Bryce, a multi-talented photographer, artist, illustrator and anthropologist, is the course instructor.

7 Tips To Find The Perfect CreativeLive Course

CreativeLive subscribe

Choosing the right course for you is a difficult decision. Here are seven tips to guide you in choosing a course you’ll enjoy.

1. Use the Filters

On the left hand side of the page you will see all the different filters available to you once you have selected your chosen category. If you know what you need, it is a useful feature.

2. Class Description

Every course has a course description that you can read. The course will be summarized and bullet points will be provided on what you will learn.

You can see the topics covered in this class next to the class description (see image below). The following is a quick and easy way to indicate what topics are covered in each course.

3. Lessons of each Course

The course has been outlined here with all the lessons and their durations, so you have an overview of the entire course.

The class material is also available in PDF format for download along with the lessons. View these to get a feel for the course.

4. CreativeLive Preview

You are given the option of previewing the class introduction and perhaps the first lesson when you enter the class page. An introductory course is a great way to learn more about the instructor, get a feel for how they teach, and decide if the course fits your needs.

5. Reviews at CreativeLive

Reviews from previous CreativeLive students who have enrolled and completed the course are available on each course page. Essentially, the reviews indicate a thumbs up or down and an overall percentage of students recommending the course.

It is a simple review system, but useful for comparing positive and negative reviews. It may be worth checking out Skillshare or Udemy if you want a more comprehensive review system.

6. Student Work

Learners can upload their course work to CreativeLive while they are studying. Not only does this allow learners to show their work, but it also allows prospective students to see what previous students have created. On creative courses, you may know that you will often be expected to create a final piece of work.

7. Industry Icon Instructors

Over 700 master creators make up CreativeLive’s instructors, including Grammy winners, best-sellers, and renowned photographers. Mel Robbins and Richard Branson are some names you may recognize.

In-house videographers film all CreativeLive videos, ensuring top-notch quality.

There are over 700+ best-selling authors, Grammys, and Oscar winners teaching classes at this school.

When classes are streaming live, you can access them for free.

CreativeLive lets you learn from your computer or your mobile device, allowing you to learn on the go, and the class videos and materials are downloadable.

On individual courses, there is a generous 30 day refund policy, and on creator passes, there is a generous 7 day refund policy.

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CreativeLive Review Verdict

It is a platform for innovators and creatives. Our goal is to reinvent education and provide everyone with access to visionaries, leaders, and professionals who will inspire them. Offering 30 days of money back if not satisfied with their course and working with professional creatives to teach their courses.

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