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In this post, I have shared FutureLearn Review.

Do you want to boost your productivity sitting at home and learning something new or enrol in a recognized university course?

Are you looking for a site that offers loads of university-standard courses for free?

Learning through online courses today has made it so much easier for people to develop new skills and acquire more knowledge regarding the subject or field of their choosing.

Especially in this period where almost the entire world has been forced to stay locked up at home due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Schools, colleges, and universities have resorted to teaching students through online conferences, channels, and online course materials.

Can I get a Certificate from an Online University Course?

There are also online certificate courses offered by several universities and independent platforms that have tie-ups with leading and recognized universities across the globe that have given not just students, but also office goers and professional workers in any field to virtually learn anything from anywhere including new skills and knowledge or enhance their existing ones that too at any time.

All you need is a supported device and a good internet connection, and that’s it, you have a virtual classroom in front of you.

There are several authentic websites that offer you to enrol in registered university courses and attain an online degree, diploma, or certificate for the particular course. These are 100% legible courses and the certificates are genuine documents stamped by the respective universities/agencies.

FutureLearn is one such legit platform that will let you achieve this at ease. It is a platform that offers countless free official courses from recognized universities with some paid courses as well. Official certificates and even credit against degrees and other formal qualifications can be earned via these courses.

FutureLearn Review 2022: Is FutureLearn Legit?

FutureLearn review

A popular online training company, FutureLearn provides a wide variety of courses, many of which are offered in conjunction with well-known universities. FutureLearn was founded in 2012 and is operated by the Open University, a well-known educational institution in the United Kingdom.

FutureLearn is currently co-owned by the Open University and the Seek Party, with each having a 50% stake in the venture. The Open University, the UK’s largest undergraduate university, owned FutureLearn until 2019.

The Open University has been offering formal degrees and other qualifications to distance-learning students since 1971. The OU has taught over two million students around the world.

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Get Access to Accredited courses

FutureLearn, unlike some other online training firms, provides approved courses. Courses are taught in conjunction with universities such as The University of Edinburgh, John Hopkins University in the United States, and University College London.

Courses from international institutions such as Shanghai International Studies University and the European University Institute are also available. Finally, FutureLearn provides training created by well-known tech and company names including Accenture and the Raspberry Pi Base.

What do you get on FutureLearn?

FutureLearn is constantly adding microcredentials that conform to the European Standard Microcredentials System.

These microcredentials are 10- to 12-week courses that can be used to earn university credits (from The Open University) toward a degree or as a standalone certificate.

Two of them are postgraduate students. The other is for students at the undergraduate level. Microcredentials range in price from $600 to $900.

FutureLearn also has a Programs section with a variety of different classes. The bulk of them even have a final grade. Final exams are usually tutor-marked and are not available for free. Individual classes are free to enter, but if you want a certificate or credit, you must pay.

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Three types of Programs are offered:

  • Programs that can be used to gain college credit at the appropriate university;
  • Programs with a FutureLearn Award as proof of completion;
  • Programs offering Professional Accreditations (for example, a Professional Certificate from the New York Institute of Finance).

How Does FutureLearn Work?

FutureLearn is currently offering several short courses, online degrees and “in-depth programs” to choose from. Many of the short courses are free to take, but if you want to complete final tests and obtain an official certificate, you’ll need to “upgrade” the course.

Other online training services, such as eDx and Coursera, use a similar model. It’s a perfect way to learn for free and “test the waters,” with no requirement to pay until you’re sure that a course is right for you and that you want to receive the official certification.

Students are given weekly units with different types of learning materials such as quizzes, videos, and assignments when the program begins. Students who pay and complete the curriculum earn certificates in either digital or physical form.

Here is a brief about all the FutureLearn learning options you will get access to:

  • Short Courses

These can take anywhere from two to seven weeks to complete, with a weekly time commitment of a few hours. If you have enough time, there’s nothing stopping you from taking more than one quick FutureLearn course at a time.

FutureLearn - Short online courses

  • In-depth Programs

These are a series of short courses aimed at assisting you in achieving a particular objective. They’re the online version to Coursera’s “specializations.”

These vary widely in terms of time commitment and duration, ranging from short programs of three to five courses that take a few months to year-long programs of about eight courses.

These in-depth programs may result in officially recognized qualifications or credits toward degrees in some cases.

  • Degrees

Completely online MBAs and a number of post-graduate certifications are among them. Although the FutureLearn website addresses undergraduate degrees, it appears that the vast majority of these courses are targeted towards those who already have a bachelor’s degree.

How to use FutureLearn?

FurureLearn has made sure that your sign up, onboarding and learning experience on the platform is a smooth and fruitful experience. You can very easily choose your desired course/class and start learning on the platform by following the steps mentioned below:

  • Choose your online class
  • Select a package from Free, Upgrade, and Unlimited
  • Enrol in your desired class 
  • Begin the course
  • Read, write, communicate, watch, and listen to have the best learning experience
  • Finish your course
  • Receive your digital or physical certificate

A Seamless Learning Experience!

All of the essential elements are present and right. At the end of each course module, there is space for text-based materials and graphics, a video player, and a comments “forum” section.

These interactive areas are heavily filled with feedback and conversations, so you’re encouraged to use them.

The design is straightforward but successful. The Open University has a long background of distance learning, so it’s likely to know what works. All of the regular features are included in the video player, including the ability to speed up playback, display transcripts, and close captions.

Aside from that, the interface is very clean, almost to the point of being sparse. That isn’t really a bad thing, in my opinion. After all, this is meant to be a learning area, not a place where you have to pick between a dozen different items to click on.

The lack of a FutureLearn app is a mild disappointment. Most training providers provide this, but it’s a shame it’s not available here for on-the-go learning. However, since the platform is properly mobile-friendly, you can still log in from a mobile device.

Course material, on the other hand, is clearly dependent on the course itself. However, based on what I saw during my FutureLearn analysis, the output values are consistently high.

This is an advantage of choosing properly-created, sponsored, and approved courses over those thrown together in a course creator’s bedroom!

There is a greater focus on papers and text in certain courses than on recordings. Your response will be dictated by your learning style. I enjoy the variety, and I agree that reading is a more legitimate type of “study” than watching endless videos.

Your mileage can differ, as will the proportions of various types of media in various courses of FutureLearn.

FutureLearn Pricing – How Much Doest FutureLearn Cost? 

The bulk of FutureLearn’s courses are free to try out. Auditing, on the other hand, does not include certificates, which cost an additional $39 to $99 on top of the auditing fee. Premium FutureLearn courses, which range in price from $100 to $400, cannot be audited for free.

The most expensive programs are microcredentials and online degrees, which start at $600.

Students can choose from three payment options while taking a course on FutureLearn:

  • Free Plan: Non-paying students who participate in the “Free” plan have full access to the course materials but are not eligible for certification.
  • Upgrade Plan: If you select the “Upgrade” plan, you will receive a completely accepted certificate upon completion of the course. It also offers access to any course assessments that may be available.
  • Unlimited Plan: The “Unlimited” package is a yearly subscription that allows you access to all of FutureLearn’s short courses and exams. It also comes with all of the perks of the “Upgrade” package.

Can I use FutureLearn for free?

FutureLearn is free to use, and students have unrestricted access to all course materials for the duration of the course plus 14 days. Images, reading materials, and discussion boards are all included.

Premium courses, microcredential schemes, and online degrees, on the other hand, are excluded and require payment.

FutureLearn Unlimited Subscription Plan

FutureLearn’s Unlimited annual payment package costs $269.99 a year and is a perfect alternative to the “Upgrade” plan if you take FutureLearn’s courses often.

It not only provides you with unrestricted access to a number of courses, but it also provides you with certificates for any courses you complete.

At first glance, the annual fee of $269.99 seems to be very high. When compared to Coursera Plus, a similar subscription-based service, it tends to be very inexpensive. That’s because Coursera Plus costs $399 per year, which is a 47 percent premium over FutureLearn.

However, it’s difficult to make a clear comparison between the two prices because Coursera’s online course catalog is unquestionably superior. After all, Coursera offers almost ten times the amount of online courses that FutureLearn does.

Microcredentials Programs and Accreditation Programs

I’ll fill you in on microcredential systems if you’re not familiar with them. Microcredentialing programs are online certification programs that affirm a graduate’s expertise in a particular area.

Microcredentials are fully qualified and require a minimum of 100 hours of study to receive. These programs are suitable for students and working professionals who want to develop their resumes and succeed in their careers.

FutureLearn’s microcredential systems are remarkable in a way that they are among the first to adhere to the European Union’s new Shared Microcredential Framework’s requirements.

The system was designed to standardize microcredential programs and ensure that microcredential courses are of high quality. This will ensure that the MOOC systems are more consistent, high-quality, and portable.

FUN, OpenupEd, and Miriadax are among the Popular Microcredential Framework’s founding partners, in addition to FutureLearn. I’m eager to see whether e-learning companies in the United States can begin to meet the framework’s requirements.

FutureLearn is currently one of the few MOOC platforms that meets these guidelines.

Why should I go for the Microcredential Program?


  • When compared to a standard short course, taking a microcredential program on FutureLearn has a range of advantages:
  • Certificates that are highly valuable. Microcredentials require time and effort to complete, but they result in certificates that genuinely show a graduate’s competence. Standard online course certificates aren’t trusted by many employers, but microcredential certificates are.
  • University Credit. FutureLearn microcredential programs count towards a full-fledged Master’s degree.
  • Assessments dependent on programs. Micro-credentialing systems allow for a great deal of one-on-one contact with teachers. This adds to the importance of student projects, as they are built through highly customized student-instructor collaboration and mentoring.

Select a Microcredential

FutureLearn currently provides eight microcredential services. The following is a list of existing microcredential systems and their costs:

  • “Cyber Security Operations” by The Open University: $829 (endorsed by Cisco Networking Academy)
  • “Data Science: Data-Driven Decision Making” by Monash University: $1024
  • “Digital Photography: Creating a Professional Portfolio” by The Open University: $624 (endorsed by the Royal Photographic Society)
  • “FinTech – Financial Innovation” by Dublin City University: $1659
  • “Project Management: Managing Front-End Planning” by the Queensland University of Technology: $1369
  • “Research Methods” by Deakin University: $1024
  • “Sports Coaching” by Deakin University: $1194
  • “Teacher Training: Embedding Mental Health in the Curriculum” by The Open University: $624 (endorsed by Mental Health Foundation)

Accreditation programs

FutureLearn also provides alternative forms of academic and professional certification, in addition to the micro-credential programs listed in the previous chapter:

  • Academically approved programs. These courses are intended to assist students in receiving academic degrees. They last anywhere from 10 to 54 weeks and result in a recognised academic degree upon completion.
  • Professionally approved programs. These courses are oriented towards professional growth and advancement. They take 14 to 20 weeks to complete and include a professional certificate upon completion.

If you’d like to see the details of these accreditation programs, refer to the “programs” section of FutureLearn.

FutureLearn Certificate

FutureLearn currently offers the following types of accredited certificates:

  • Course certificates. Universities grant these certificates for completing one of FutureLearn’s 430+ online courses. They normally take 2 to 8 weeks to complete and range in price from $39 to $99.
  • Microcredential program certificates. These program certificates are an upgrade over the conventional short course certificates that take 10 to 13 weeks to complete and range in price from $600 to $1600.
  • Postgraduate certificates. These certificates necessitate a bachelor’s degree and a substantial amount of study time. They take 6 to 9 months to complete and range in price from $3500 to $7000.

Does FutureLearn give Free Certificates?

Yeah, indeed. FutureLearn offers a limited range of free certificates for approved online courses. Qualifying students can receive free certificates by taking these courses. Here you’ll find all of the free FutureLearn certification courses.

There are 28 free certification courses available as of the writing of this article.

Are FutureLearn Certificates Recognized?

Yes, FutureLearn’s certificates have all been validated and approved by credible organizations. In terms of recognition, however, not all FutureLearn certificates are produced equal. Some certificates are considered to be more credible than others.

Employers do not consider short course certificates as trustworthy as microcredential certificates.

How to get FutureLearn Certificates?

You must first ensure that you have the upgraded version of your course before applying for a FutureLearn certificate (might require payment).

In addition, at least 90% of course steps must be marked as “complete,” and a minimum score of 70% must be obtained on course exams.

FutureLearn Online Degrees

FutureLearn has one of the best online degree choices of any MOOC site I’ve seen. Online degrees are without a doubt one of their best assets. If you want to get a degree, FutureLearn is a great place to start.

They have a total of 34 online degrees available right now. When compared to other MOOC behemoths, this is very remarkable. For example, Coursera only provides 16 online degree options.

That’s just half of FutureLearn’s capabilities. Just 11 online degrees are accessible on EdX, the third largest site for online degree collection. FutureLearn, on the other hand, has a small number of universities. They have a good number of online degrees, but not from a wide variety of universities.

Universities on FutureLearn


FutureLearn offers online degrees from seven different universities, all of which are based in the UK or Australia. Just three colleges offer the bulk of online degrees.

These three universities are Coventry University in the United Kingdom, Deakin University in Australia, and The Open University in the United Kingdom (UK).

These three universities together offer 29 of the 34 online degrees offered by FutureLearn. While these are all highly respected organizations, more diversity would have been welcome.

  1. University of Aberdeen
  2. Anglia Ruskin University
  3. The University of Auckland
  4. University of Basel
  5. University of Bath
  6. University of Bergen
  7. University of Birminghambond
  8. Bond University
  9. University of Bristol
  10. UCI University of California
  11. Irvine University of Cape Town 
  12. Cardiff University
  13. Central Queensland University
  14. Charles Sturt University
  15. City University of Hong Kong
  16. Complutense University of Madrid
  17. University of Connecticut
  18. Coventry University
  19. Deakin University
  20. Department of Education – University of Oxford
  21. Dublin City University
  22. University of Dundee
  23. Durham University
  24. University of Edinburgh
  25. University of Glasgow
  26. Johns Hopkins University 
  27. Lancaster University
  28. University of Leeds
  29. University of Leicester
  30. University of Manchester
  31. University of Michigan
  32. University of Newcastle Australia
  33. Norwegian University of Science and Technology 
  34. University of Nottingham
  35. London University of Reading


Online Degrees

FutureLearn - Online degree courses

There are countless universities and even more certificate courses and degrees available on FutureLearn to choose from.

The number of online degrees available on FutureLearn will blow your mind as there is no other platform on the internet that currently offers these many courses from recognized universities from around the globe.

That’s a remarkable alternative as compared to other e-learning websites. FutureLearn offers the following types of online degrees at the moment:

  • Online bachelor’s degrees
  • Online postgraduate degrees
  • Online master’s degrees

I’m happy to see that FutureLearn, unlike some other MOOC pages, isn’t exclusively based on online master’s degrees. Although their online master’s degree range is still far superior, they also have a wide variety of online bachelor’s and graduate degree options.

Online Bachelor’s Degrees

The number of bachelor’s degrees available on FutureLearn is fairly limited. However, out of all MOOC platforms, it still has the best range with three choices. Coursera has the second-best range of online bachelor’s degrees, with a total of 2 online bachelor’s programs.

FutureLearn offers the following online bachelor’s degrees:

  • “International Business” by Coventry University
  • “Arts” by The University of Newcastle
  • “Quantity Surveying and Commercial Management” by Coventry University
  • Online postgraduate degrees

FutureLearn’s platform currently offers 14 postgraduate degrees, making it the best website for receiving an online postgraduate diploma. If you’re unfamiliar with the word “postgraduate degree,” consider it a stepping stone between a bachelor’s and a master’s degree.

It builds on bachelor’s-level expertise while missing the scope of a full-fledged master’s degree. It normally takes around 6 to 9 months to complete them. If you want to learn more, the Government of Alberta has put together a valuable guide to the educational system in the United Kingdom.

FutureLearn currently offers the following online postgraduate degrees:

  • “Diabetes Education” by Deakin University
  • “Digital Learning Leadership” by Deakin University
  • “Entrepreneurship” by Deakin University & Coventry University
  • “Health Administration, Policy and Leadership” by Murdoch University
  • “Hospital Administration” by Deakin University
  • “Information Technology Leadership” by Deakin University
  • “Leadership” by Deakin University
  • “One Health” by Murdoch University
  • “Finance” by The Open University
  • “Global Development Management” by The Open University
  • “Human Resource Management” by The Open University
  • “Online and Distance Education” by The Open University
  • “Education” by Coventry University
  • “Sustainable Development and Humanitarian Action” by Deakin University

Online Master’s Degrees

FutureLearn’s platform currently offers 14 postgraduate degrees, making it the best website for receiving an online postgraduate diploma.

FutureLearn currently offers the following online postgraduate degrees:

  • “Management” by Coventry University
  • “MBA (Sustainable Tourism)” by Coventry University
  • “Business Administration” by Coventry University
  • “Cyber Security Management (MBA)” by Coventry University
  • “Healthcare (MBA)” by Coventry University
  • “Artificial Intelligence (MBA)” by Coventry University
  • “Marketing (MBA)” by Coventry University
  • “Business and Organisational Psychology (MSc)” by Coventry University
  • “Construction Management with BIM (MSc)” by Coventry University
  • “Construction Project and Cost Management (MSc)” by Coventry University
  • “Cyber Security (MSc)” by Coventry University
  • “Disaster Management and Resilience (MSc)” by Coventry University
  • “Emergency Management and Resilience (MSc)” by Coventry University
  • “End of Life Studies (MSc)” by The University of Glasgow
  • “Global Logistics (MSc)” by Coventry University
  • “Nursing (MSc)” by Coventry University
  • “Project Management (MSc)” by Anglia Ruskin University

Pros & Cons


  • Excellent selection of online degrees
  • Free certification courses
  • Sense of Community
  • Highly active discussion boards
  • Excellent user interface & navigation
  • Well-built syllabuses


  • No Android or iOS apps
  • Course catalog could be larger

Quick Links

FAQs | FutureLearn Review

💁‍♀️ How can I pay for a microcredential?

They can accept payments made by card (Visa, Mastercard, and American Express) or PayPal via our online system.

🙋‍♂️ Is FutureLearn accredited?

Yes, FutureLearn courses are fully accredited and recognized for their authenticity, and FutureLearn certificates are issued by universities.

👏 Are FutureLearn certificates free?

Yes, FutureLearn provides 10000 free Certificates of Achievement to students from 36 lower and middle-income countries, marking the completion of a MOOC.

🤷‍♀️ How good is future learn?

FutureLearn gives a great way to expand your knowledge. All courses are of high quality. All videos are easy to understand.

🙌 How much does FutureLearn cost?

You can join for free and most of the courses are free in FutureLearn.

👉 Who owns FutureLearn?

They are a private company owned by The Open University and The SEEK Group.

Conclusion | FutureLearn Review 2022

FutureLearn is one of the very few companies that provides these courses in partnership with prestigious colleges and universities. (Edx and Coursera are two other options.)

FutureLearn, the best online education provider in the United Kingdom, has helped to bring British online courses on the map around the world. FutureLearn also provides some of the best-in-class microcredential services, credentials, and online degrees, in addition to online courses.

FutureLearn is a well-designed training platform with a wide variety of appealing courses. The majority of them are free, and thanks to a sign-up process that does not require credit card information, it feels risk-free.

Because of the Platform’s excellent range of online degrees and free certification courses, I am confident in recommending it. There are also excellent peer-to-peer discussion forums and well-designed syllabuses on the website. What more do you possibly want?

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  2. FutureLearn turned out to really helpful! I learned so much about managing my time and setting goals for long-term success. It’s hard not to get discouraged when you see how many things are on your list of ‘stuff’ that needs done, but it turns out there are just a few *key* things that you need to work on this week in order to get closer to your goal. And thanks to FutureLearn, I’ve got just the biggest help with cutting down the list what needs do-ing this week!

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  4. I have been a member of FutureLearn for years, and no matter how much I love reading about educational topics or making sense out of complex material, I always dreaded the prospect of taking a course. It just seemed so daunting being stuck in front of a computer screen day after day. Nowadays, though, it’s different! They have games that break down the theories and make them fun to learn – like chess and Scrabble! Text books (when you need to read something) can be put on your tablet and changed with graphics as an added bonus – not only do they work better but now we’ll never accidentally lose our place halfway through or how involuntarily at words we’re unfamiliar with again.

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  6. It’s so much better than I would have imagined, really. For instance, you get all of these courses with universities like Oxford and Cambridge to choose from. You can take certificates in place of your degree if that’s what you’re looking for too!

    It also has loads of interactive activities to help out with stifling boredom which is always difficult when it comes to online learning. They come in the form of videos, quizzes, games – everything to keep me interested in the material even though I’m not face-to-face tutor-student or teacher-student here! And they don’t show up on my transcript when someone checks out my GPA.

  7. I’m not usually into online courses because I’m kind of old fashioned and like to be in the classroom interacting with my peers, but FutureLearn is SO worth it. Sometimes they offer courses for free and you can even take tests all at your own pace so it’s really convenient if you’re someone who’s always busy!

  8. I wasted so much time and money, but now I regret nothing! FutureLearn is where it’s at if you’re looking to learn something new every day! Whether it be for work or personal enjoyment, there are never too many skills to master. My job as a Social Media Coordinator needed me to go ahead and study up on things like company management and customer relations, which was challenging at first but Professor Chaplin made everything seem easy. The best part? I’ve been promoted twice since the completion of my degree! So what are you waiting for? Learn today with FutureLearn.

  9. FutureLearn changed my life!

    When I first felt myself falling into the whirlpool of depression, I enrolled in an online course about psychology through FutureLearn. It was just what I needed to break out of that dark place and the support available there really helped me to cope with it. Everyone is so understanding and engaged, they’ve also helped me put together a list of resources for people at risk of depression. The face-to-face sessions are very helpful too. If you need help, look no farther than here!

  10. I am a distance learner but I prefer in-class training sessions. However, there are times when I need to learn about a product or subject that is not taught at my university. In turn, the face-to-face methodology does not work for me. FutureLearn offers an affordable solution – to have ongoing access to both one specific course and provide flexibility with varied topics covered by said course.

    FutureLearn is great because courses can be accessed any day of the year and multiple times a day if desired! The various instructors providing content offer different perspectives on teachable subjects so you will always have an excellent variety to choose from. And if one instructor doesn’t live up to your expectations, future lessons offered by different teachers ensure the quality

  11. I can’t believe I didn’t sign up for FutureLearn sooner. It has the perfect course selection and instructors, and each class is never too long or hard to understand. You don’t even have to set aside time from your day to take a class- just find a convenient free block of time that you would otherwise use as being wasted! And it’s affordable….something that was really important to me when considering this option instead of going back to school full-time.

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    Well first off, the best thing about FutureLearn is that they have relationships with all these prestigious universities––like Harvard and Stanford––so you know your getting quality content when you sign up for one of their programs or courses. They also provide free funding opportunities.

  13. I believe FutureLearn is one of the best online training companies out there. The course material is very thorough, and it’s easy to find courses that are in line with my interests. One feature I really like is the fact that most courses offer certificates that you can put on your resume! My verdict? FutureLearn has made life so much more manageable for me considering it offers just about everything I need right at my fingertips!

  14. I am a sucker for online courses, so I was excited to hear about FutureLearn. It will take a lot of discipline though. Most institutions have strict course requirements and deadlines that need to be met from your computer seat. What’s worse is they’re expensive! The good thing is you don’t have to leave the house just stay on this site!

  15. The FutureLearn website is the perfect place to go for online learning. I was quickly able to find courses that were right up my alley, or could imagine myself benefitting from. If you’re looking for an alternative education service, this is definitely it!

  16. I’m not one to say an online training portal sounds like a dream come true, but FutureLearn is surprisingly effective. Much of the coursework starts out easy enough, with lessons perfect for newbies still learning the ropes. I can’t speak to whether you’ll be able to get a degree from it yet because only so many courses are available , but there’s no denying that you’ll have access to free tutorials on anything from ethics in business and engineering computing basics all before lunchtime. And if your boss refuses your request for paid leave? FutureLearn just might do the trick!

  17. I can’t believe I went this long in my life without knowing what key milestones the invention of the World Wide Web has had. The people at FutureLearn must be super geniuses or something because they teach us things nobody else even cares about, like how to read Olde English text and personalize eBooks with graphics, fonts, and layouts.

  18. I am a big fan of FutureLearn because they offer many highly-coveted courses that I would otherwise have to take time off work and travel hours in either direction for. Courses include scientific exploration, current affairs, arts and culture, and language.
    If you’re looking for an extra certificate in your job field, look no further than the comfort of your own home courtesy of Futurelearn! Unlike my experience at uni back when I was studying, these online lectures are not only interactive but they do require some level of concentration over such long periods so there really is no need to add any external workload on top with course material beyond the actual lectures themselves – it’s all conveniently packaged!

  19. I’m a student at the college, and I absolutely adore FutureLearn! I use it as a way to brush up on things I’ve missed in class. And if any of my classmates also have courses from here, we can take them together!

  20. I usually turn to FutureLearn for continuing education or if I want to learn something new. You can select courses by university, so it makes it easy to find the perfect fit for you – my school is Oxford. The course topics are really interesting and up-to-date, which means I always come away having learned something practical that will help me in the future. Plus they offer plenty of AIl related courses!

  21. FutureLearn is a must have for the modern student. I personally have found their courses to be concise, trustworthy, and user-friendly. For someone who enjoys teaching themselves new things on the internet at home this program has proven to be an invaluable tool in my education.

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