GreyCampus Review 2021: Discount Coupon (Get Upto 60% Off Now)

GreyCampus Review
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In this article, I have shared the core details on GreyCampus, which will give you insight about its courses and benefits.

What is GreyCampus?

GreyCampus is a privately held training provider and education management company that helps people boost their skills and certifications.

They believe in continuous upskilling as we all know in this fast-evolving era, old skills are becoming less relevant, and the need for newer in demand is growing rapidly. 

Its head office is in Plano, TX, USA.  It was established in 2014 and has since helped train over 150,000 professionals in areas like project management, six sigma and IT service management, and many more.

GreyCampus offers more than 30 programs in the areas of data science, software development, project management, quality management, cloud technologies, and cybersecurity.

It offers a convenient structured learning platform with appealing features that include custom study planning, interactive practice, evaluations, video-based learning, and personalized feedback.

The training is provided in three modes, namely instructor-led classroom training, instructor-led online training, and online self-learning.

GreyCampus Review 2021: Discount Coupon (Get Upto 60% Off Now)


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  1. The enrollment process is simple and easy.
  2. The Learning Management System (LMS) is intuitive and easy to use. It keeps track of your learning progress and shows your strong and weak areas.
  3. The videos are short, well-made, and are of high quality. They run at a decent pace, which is easy to follow.
  4. This is complete coverage of all the topics.
  5. The study material is well -designed and well- structured.

Here are some of the certification courses provided by GreyCampus:

1. Project Management Training & Certification:

Course Overview:

The traditional PMP classroom training and live online training involve, immersive, in-depth reviews of the domains and tasks detailed in the PMP Exam Content Online.


The online self-learning variant features detailed videos, simulated tests, and other study aids created by an expert team of certification holders- this variant is included by default in your registration for the traditional classroom training and live online training.

We conduct additional hands-on examination reviews- once every month- for participants of our instructor-led training variants.

2. Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Training & Certification

Course Overview:

The Lean Six Sigma Black Belt course by GreyCampus imparts a strong understanding of the Lean concepts, Six Sigma methodologies, and DMAIC methodology to control variations in the process and to identify and reduce waste.

It also helps the students to prepare for the IASSC Lean Six Sigma Black Belt certification exam along with the GreyCampus certification exam. There is always a huge demand for Lean six sigma professionals across industries like Quality engineering or quality supervisory roles

Quality management system

3.  AWS Certified Solutions Architect

Course Overview:

The AWS-certified course by GreyCampus provides skills like learning how to design, configure and optimize the Amazon cloud while building efficient cloud server solutions.  Aspirants can easily get introduced to the fundamentals of AWS cloud computing and gain proficiency in identifying terminologies and every concept in the AWS platform.


This course is mainly introduced to make the candidates deploy highly scalable applications on the platform of AWS.

Check out our more courses here.

Certified Solutions Architect – Associate

WS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate

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38 thoughts on “GreyCampus Review 2021: Discount Coupon (Get Upto 60% Off Now)”

  1. GreyCampus is the best and most convenient way to learn and build skills. I tried so many other learning platforms that just didn’t work for me, but GreyCampus was different! It’s really interactive, comprehensive, easy-to-use, and not too pricey for all the value you get. Check it out!

  2. I can’t praise GreyCampus enough. They’ve got a structured syllabus and make you learn by doing, which is what I needed in order to stay interested. The courses are really engaging and interactive, not boring lectures or textbook-style reading. I was never bored during my time there — they even give you a break for lunch!

    If you’re overwhelmed trying to find the right direction career-wise, GreyCampus will help guide the way. Not only do they have an impressive range of topics that include security studies and software development but it’s also customizable so your interests get what they deserve. Best of all? It’s an affordable choice because their mentors tailor lessons plans according to your goals so taking up too much.

  3. I’m so tired of the old way of learning, this new app really mixes things up and is totally my kind of training. They have a great interface where I can set up my custom plan and they offer all these different topics that I want to learn about like metallurgy or project management. They also let me decide if I need it one on one or with a group because we’re not all the same; some people need more interaction than others and that’s ok! Great job GreyCampus for changing how we think about success in technology education- you make it cool to be an engineer again!

  4. I use this website every day and the experience is always a delight. The huge library of programs to choose from is something no other site offers. GreyCampus feels like a second home to me with its lovely, welcoming design and many features that make it unlike any other online learning website I’ve seen. They don’t just have a few courses for you to browse through but seem to be constantly adding more great courses–always making sure they’re up-to-date on all the latest trends in IT fields or providing insights aimed at majoring in STEM/STEMM field majors–making their curriculum evergreen! One feature I appreciate as an adult learner is how easy they made it for me to study on my own time frame.

  5. When it comes to test prep, there’s never been an easier or better resource than GreyCampus! With all the interactive features, custom plans, and individualized feedback that I can get on my own time—I don’t how you study for school without this.

  6. I joined the cloud technologies program and was impressed with how well it is organized, from leveling up through courses to earning my certification. Even if I haven’t taken a course before, GT will help me learn what they’re all about. In most cases they’ll even provide quality training materials.

    In addition to my schoolwork, I’m engaged in projects that are real-world oriented and need a lot of hard work under tight deadlines – GreyCampus doesn’t make me feel like a student or slow down my experience as an employee or professional.

  7. I’m in my second year of graduate school and the pace is brutal. I’ve taken time off to refresh, but soon it’ll be game-time all over again.

    Luckily, GreyCampus was there for me when I needed an easy break from studying without worrying about college credit hours. The self-paced video lectures are engaging and informative, while the classmates are always willing to give their opinion on what makes sense or doesn’t make sense. It’s a small price for access to amazing cutting edge content with unlimited course repeatability — lets you go back if you missed something!

  8. I’m so impressed.

    I can’t believe all of the combined features they offer here for such good prices! I really like the custom study planning tool and it’s been fun to practice what I’ve learned in interactive quizzes. The evaluations were helpful, and made me feel less afraid about my final exam coming up next week. It also gave me some confidence before my midterm on Thursday because of how well the feedback is personalized and specific to each person’s strengths and weaknesses with just a simple email request to customer service that we spoke through chat line. Best part: you don’t have to worry about any pesky deadlines–you can work at your own speed until you’re ready for an evaluation or assessment test!

  9. GreyCampus is the best college I’ve ever been to! I literally spend all day doing my homework and when I’m done, it’s like a little light goes off in my head because ive learned 3 new things. The teachers are so cool too – they go out of their way to check up on you after class, no matter how busy they are. It’s really laid-back but at the same time ambitious because if thats not your type of thing then there’s plenty for you to do around campus during free time where you can get help with building your resume or learning about other majors.

  10. I was a little skeptical at first, having never taken a course online. But I found GreyCampus to be much more engaging and interactive than physical courses I was taking in my program.

  11. My experience with GreyCampus was better than I could have imagined. The site is user-friendly and fun, and the course material keeps you engaged until study time is over. Above all, customizing your own study plans makes it personalized to your learning style and pace!

  12. I thought my learning curve would be a lot sharper without the costs associated with going back to school, but I was wrong. GreyCampus is so perfect that it has all of the lessons and necessary tools for me to reach my desired goal in whatever field I want. If you’re looking for a structured plan-of-attack, GreyCampus just might have you covered!

  13. I’ve never seen anything like this educational company before. GreyCampus takes care of every part of your learning experience. Choosing the right level, reading through how to use GreyCampus, watching video tutorials – it’s all available for you! There are many other perks that come with an account too- personalized feedback and custom study plans just to name a few. I count myself lucky that I found out about them when they first started out because now they have some unbelievable prices.

  14. GreyCampus makes the process of learning enjoyable and not like homework with its interactive practice, engaging learning opportunities, and user-friendly features. Once you try it for yourself, we’re positive that GreyCampus will be hard to beat!

  15. I have always loved learning. I am a sucker for any course on Coursera, including machine learning and spreadsheet functions. But who has time? GreyCampus is legit—it gives me the feeling of being in school without cramming my evenings with homework.

  16. Utilizing this program made me feel like an actual adult.

    The best qualities of GreyCampus essentially serve to make you feel capable and competent in the data-driven world around us. It’s engaging enough to keep you wanting more, but not so challenging it makes your head spin. As a result, I felt more confident navigating the online world– no wonder they call it “connected learning.”

  17. I used to dread going back to school. Now, with a little planning and an interactive, modern platform that’s designed with human learning in mind, I can prepare for those 5-hour office meetings with the skills necessary!

  18. GrayCampus has been a life-saver for me! Previously, I was struggling to find the time to finish my degree. In university, lectures and exams were enough of a challenge. For my MBA program, I had several hoops that I needed to jump through in between my classes – assignments from instructors, reading from textbooks or relevant articles. And then there are also all the outside activities you need to do as well! The problem is that these tasks can be very tedious sometimes – giving me an excuse not even bother with them at all. However, thanks to GrayCampus’ user-friendly interface and highly effective learning tools, finishing school became much less frustrating for me since it took up hardly any time at all each day!!

  19. I love GreyCampus so much that I literally spend hours upon hours on the site every week to do homework. When I first found it, my grades inched up a couple percentage points. Now, they’re good enough for top tier grad schools…and it’s all thanks to them!

  20. I have been using the GreyCampus website for about 2 months now, and I absolutely love it! It lets me choose what information I need to study. All of the practice exams are interactive and easy to understand with detailed feedback that helps you improve your skills. You can even plan ahead by deciding what days you want to study where you want to go home after work just so you can start doing homework right away. Not only is it convenient but it’s thorough too! There is a comprehensive video library on topics like accounting or health care law for when things get confusing. And if all of this wasn’t enough they also give credits every time someone gets through a course!! It is easy and not expensive-definitely worth investigating before next semester starts

  21. Being a student at university is hard. When you get home from classes and work, there’s not much time to study what the professor has taught in your classroom. There are so many distractions too: TV, YouTube videos, friends over for dinner… None of these things provide the focused learning experience that GreyCampus does though! I found it really easy to stay on track with my coursework in a systematic way with help from GreyCampus. The structure was perfect because I knew what I would be doing when before going into it. It was straightforward and offered flexibility when needed due to preferences or scheduling conflicts or other unexpected events. My favorite part about using this platform, though? It’s interactive! Seeing quizzes pop up throughout modules

  22. If you want to learn more and do less, GreyCampus is for you. I use it every day to help me with my studying and interpriting information from books and authors. It’s perfect when I need a break from hard-copy textbooks!

    What they don’t tell you: In order for me to get the best possible results, I usually spend at least twenty minutes a day on this program per class or subject that interests me. If that doesn’t sound like your cup of tea then stay away from their site – make a chart instead!

  23. I started using GreyCampus about a month ago. It’s an app that offers all these great features to really help my studying. Plus, it actually targets what I need to know for the exams coming up! It’s super easy to use too!

  24. I had a lot of dreams growing up, but being an internet sensation wasn’t one of them. I’m a regular joe who just graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Google search technology and design, so naturally I looked for ways to keep my social life going when the final project ended. That’s when GreyCampus was introduced to me from an article my schoolmate shared on LinkedIn about how she studied abroad using their web-based format – turns out it works wonders!

  25. I thought I was beyond help. That’s what I told GreyCampus when they offered to provide me with the education workshop of my dreams! The idea of revisiting all those high school honors classes or college lecture halls made me cringe, but this online course changed how educational learning works for me.

    It turns out that topical studies are rich in content and super engaging, so I found myself happily scrolling through tutorial after tutorial without realizing it! This really challenged my preconceptions about the possibilities of engaging lessons on Youtube or Adobe Creative Cloud – there were no wasted time periods or unengaging lectures like back in high school.

  26. My absolute favorite thing about GreyCampus is the interactive practice. It’s so nice being able to take short quizzes with passage texts that I’m studying each day, just to test my knowledge and be sure that what I’ve been working with for a long time has actually stuck with me. Plus, once you have completed an assignment fully through the site, they even give you feedback from their expert instructors on how you can do better next time – which is a great motivator if ever there was one! All in all a fantastic resource!

  27. I am so glad I found GreyCampus! It offers so many of the features that can help me succeed, and is super easy to use. The interactive practice sessions were really helpful, even though they felt a little too repetitive, because it makes you feel confident knowing you have all these resources on hand.

  28. I’ve struggled with studying since school, but since I signed up for GreyCampus a few months ago, my grades have gone from an “F” to a single minus. It’s been so helpful – thank you!”
    The really great thing about the team over at GreyCampus isn’t just their dedication to providing high-quality courses that are continuously improved upon – what struck me as being most impressive was how they anticipated my needs before I even realized them myself! This attention to detail is something that would have been near impossible for me to provide on my own without some external motivation.

  29. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to study the next chapter after the quiz, but they told me exactly what my deficits are in a way that helped my understanding.
    I liked how when I was doing an exercise it would show all of the answers on one page for quicker review
    I think this is a promising platform with easy navigation and encouraging feedback!

  30. The people at GreyCampus really know their stuff. I usually feel like my brain is bursting when I’m done with one of these courses, but it just slides away after I use the tips and information they offer. It’s totally worth the investment!

  31. I took the GREs last week, so I knew it was time to start studying for my exams. But I had no idea how much work it would be! Working full-time hours, you don’t have 20 spare hours a day to study. GreyCampus works with you to develop individualized study plans based on what your needs are and where your weakest links are. From there, they provide interactive practice sessions that use video-based learning and offer personalized feedback on each answer—you can watch them over and over again until you’ve mastered the material!

  32. I loved using my GreyCampus membership! The problem-solving and critical thinking sections were my favorite. They made me feel like Thomas Jefferson solving a brain teaser, which is always fun when you’re really giving it your all! I look forward to more practice in statistics and grammar in the future. Great job with this website – I recommend it for anyone who wants to teach themselves on their own time frame without the hassle of hitting up different sources or adding things to their already overwhelming day-to-day schedule.

  33. What I love about GreyCampus is the seamless integration of adaptive learning modules with a robust library of rich content. I never have to spend more than 12 hours on any subject night, which is perfect for my busy life as a mom of three – and can still be an ace student!

  34. My company is looking into GreyCampus and it seems like a promising option to save time and money. I’m not much of a reader so this offers practice, interactive tasks, interesting information from video-based learning sessions, as well as personalized feedback. Plus it’s really convenient for those who have limited time during the day!

  35. I came across GreyCampus when I was looking for a way to learn more about data science and project management. One of the things that really appealed to me right away about this company is their focus on quality. They use technology such as video-based learning, interactive practice, and personalized feedback in addition to providing students with personal attention from knowledgeable mentors who will build your skills while you’re progressing through the program. Speaking of progression: You can earn certifications or just take courses outside your field without starting over–that’s something that other education programs should emulate! When it comes time for me to enroll in another class, there’s no question about where I’ll do so–GreyCampus has proven itself above other schools by leaps and bounds.

  36. If you’ve been looking for a way to get your career back on the right track, it may be time to give GreyCampus a try. They offer so many programs and types of training that you’re sure to find something that’s perfect for your needs. Whether you want newest developments in programming languages or a refresher course in project management, they’ll have it all – and much more! The interface is easy-to-navigate and simple to understand even if you haven’t used learning tools like this before. Check them out today or risk regretting not taking advantage of their great features!

  37. I’ve used software since I started using the internet, and when I read that GreyCampus offers more than 30 programs in these fields my head almost exploded. This site is easy to use for anyone with a little computer savvy—but it doesn’t feel like work at all.

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