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Looking for an unbiased Jim Kwik’s Superbrain Review? I’ve got you covered. In this review I will discuss if Jim Kwik’s Superbrain is worth it and whether you should give it a try.

Most of us are not living to our fullest potential. We live in a world where we get distracted by the constant stream of information, and we struggle to be productive with our time.

The truth is that most people don’t have enough mental energy for everything they want to achieve. They can’t focus on their work or hobbies because they’re tired all the time.

Solution: Superbrain Quest is an online course designed by Jim Kwik himself which helps you train your brain’s attention span so that you can become more focused and productive while at work or doing any activity you enjoy like reading books, writing short stories, playing piano etc.

Bottom Line Upfront: Do you want to train your brain?

Superbrain Quest is a course designed by Jim Kwik himself which helps you train your brain’s attention span so that you can become more focused and productive while at work or doing any activity. It includes over 100 exercises, games, and quizzes to keep things fresh. You’ll be able to track your progress with the built-in dashboard.

Jim Kwik Celebrity Testimonials

Train your brain with Superbrain Quest today! It will help improve focus, concentration, memory retention, creativity and problem solving skills.

Plus it’s fun! The best part is that it’s available online 24/7 for unlimited access from anywhere in the world. No need to worry about missing out on anything because of time zones anymore!

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Jim Kwik Superbrain review

In this article review, you will find everything you can expect and should be knowing about Superbrain.

At the end of this article, you will know about what is great and what is not about Superbrain, and it is worth purchasing. 

So let us jump straight into Jim Kwik’s Superbrain review

And before that, if you have questions about Mindvalley, then do check out my detailed Mindvalley Review.

What Is Superbrain? [Jim Kwik Review 2021]

In this Superbrain course of 30 days, the lessons are devised to help you retain information more effectively.

You get an introduction for four days and bonus material, which I will discuss later in this article.

The course talks about tips and tips to learn efficiently and also how you can forget less. 

Jim Kwik is the trainer and instructor of this course. He went through a traumatic brain injury at the time he was young and, for years, struggled in his academics and school. This led him to the path of self-learning.

SuperBrain Review

You probably might have heard about his story before, as he is a very well-known personality in the learning industry.

Jim Kwik studied and learned everything possible for him. According to his doctors, he would have long-term effects from his injury. But Jim Kwik didn’t stop and studied various techniques that can “heal” his brain. And now, he is teaching you all these techniques he learned over time. 

If you wish to know more about the story of Jim Kwik and what he holds in for you in his Superbrain course, it is best to check out his masterclass, which is free.

What makes it so amazing is that you will also learn priceless tactics to improve your memory.

What makes Jim Kwik qualified to train you?

Jim Kwik featured on Inc. Read the full article here.

Jim Kwik Featured Inc.com

You are not competent enough to teach a course just because of a TBI and healing your brain. 

But Jim Kwik is a lot more than that, and I know him already by reading his story. He is a recognized world expert in memory improvement, speed-reading, and excellent brain performance.

He has been working for over 25 years in order to teach others these tactics.

Jim Kwik's Superbrain Trainer

In order to assist them in meaning better, influential people like Sir Richard Branson, Elon Musk, Hillary Clinton, Forbes, Michelle Obama, and many more have hired him in order to help them learn better. 

Superbrain is not about a random man training you or speaking out techniques with no real-life relevance whatsoever. A fascinating fact about this is to back up his assertion he got testimonials. 

Jim Kwik testimonials from leading celebrities:

Jim Kwik Celebrity Testimonials
Jim Kwik Celebrity Testimonials

Is It Brain Training?

A common myth surrounding the internet is that Kwik’s course is pretty much the same as that of brain-training applications like Lumosity. But this isn’t true.

In reality, Superbrain is not about brain training or a course created or designed in order to test your brain with games or puzzles. At the same time, it isn’t a stop-gap either.

Many of these brain training apps claim to be designed in a manner to make you smart speedily. But most of these claims are unproven and baseless, and thus most of them have brain training lawsuits against them.

In converse, the plot and design of Superbrain are all about teaching you tactics and techniques. This makes Superbrain more viable in the long haul. And what is more important is that it is significant in helping you improve your capability of learning and overall improving your life. 

It isn’t claiming that you will learn to do something or five minutes of gameplay can help you sharpen your brain. Superbrain just talks about techniques and tricks which are science-backed, so you learn what you need to at a comparatively faster pace.

It would work only if you practice it, make it a part of your habit, and gradually develop these techniques over the years.

Is MindValley Superbrain Worth All The Hype? 

One of the first things that were a turn-off in Superbrain and might even turn others off is the exaggeration and hype claims made by Mindvalley’s sales and advertising page.

For starters, it says that it will be expanding your potential in a way you would have never seen before and will also shift your mental model to what you think you are capable of in true senses. 

Doesn’t it sound a bit too implausible?

Learn Power

I dreaded that it would not be as powerful in the actual course, which made me very cynical to buy Superbrain.

But the moment I hit that play button on the first lesson, my doubts were washed off as I heard Jim Kwik speaking. His confident, relaxed, and calm manner made it feel as if we had direct communication.

To add a cherry on top, I was totally able to relate to what he was talking about because of the relevance of the content. His expertise on the subject was pretty evident throughout the course.

Even though the marketing of the course by Mindvalley is pretty over-hyped, the course is very practical and relevant.

If you still feel dubious, I suggest you check his master class, which is free. This will help you grow aware of his teaching style, which will effectively put all your fears to rest. Keep in mind it is the teaching by Jim Kwik you are enrolling in and not Mindvalley.

Talking About The Course

The course is a creation of Mindvalley, and you can enroll in it after every few weeks. It is a guided course and thus enables you to talk to your fellow “class” members. You just have to take up a class at the time they have chosen to.

MindValley SuperBrain Schedule

You can also do the course in solo mode at your pace and time. But the disadvantage of going solo is that you will not be able to reap the benefits of interacting with people leading a similar journey like yours. But again, it depends upon the category of learner you fall into.

You can also enroll in the future course, which starts up every fortnight.MindValley Jim Kwik Superbrain Quest

Let us jump into in-depth details of the course.

When you enroll, you will get access to the introductory videos, which are the warm-up courses. 

The first video is an introduction video regarding the course. Up next comes a video that explains how you can get the most out of the course. This is followed by the third video, which is a mini-lesson about learning things at a faster pace.

Superbrain Quest - The Fast Method For Learning

Next up is a video on taking notes which helps you through the course. The last video in the warm-up session is about ten-morning habits that you should use to kickstart your brain, which is the most incredible video I came across. 

You need around one hour in order to watch all these warm-up videos. To get a clear vision of the course, you need to view all of them before starting with the actual course. This will help you to plan.

In my opinion, these videos are very much engaging and valuable. It starts with Jim introducing himself and talking a bit about his story. You will feel an instant connection with him and what he is saying because of his calm and confident mannerisms.

The video about the FAST method is a crucial lesson to enable you to learn things at a faster pace. The content made me feel that I should have enrolled for this earlier, especially when I was at school.

Superbrain Quest Introductory Video

His tips on notetaking is another incredible video I came across. As I mentioned earlier, the last video was incredibly brilliant, with a lot of amazing tips for setting up your morning routine. The format of a ten-point listicle makes it very easy to grasp.

The Daily Lessons

You have a lesson to watch each day and the next lesson isn’t unlocked till the next day. You cannot just learn everything in a period of a few days or even skip ahead. Superbrain works on the fundamentals of building upon the existing knowledge.

You require an ample amount of time in order to put everything you learn into practice. This is something I love the most about it.

Putting the tactics and techniques you learn into everyday practice makes it empirical and helps you bring about a constructive difference in your life.

The thought of one lesson every day for straight-up 30 days made me stir as most of us are packed up with our daily schedule.

SuperBrain Course Structure

But what came as a pleasant surprise is that each lesson is between 5 to 20 minutes long, which is feasible for anyone. As you register, you gain access to Tribe, where you can interact with other members of the course. 

You can also post certain homework there, which, of course, adds sense to the community. However, I haven’t used Tribe as much but read what other members had to say. These conversations were pretty insightful and interesting.

You will have a different set of lessons each week. As you click on the experience of the day, you are redirected to the segment of the day. The section begins with a video by Jim Kwik talking about everything you will be learning on that particular day. 

Brain Bites After Each Video

Below the video, you will find something called Brain Bites, which is supplementary information that will help you summarize the video. But you cannot use these without the entire video.

In some lessons, Brain Bites gives you a summary of the crucial parts of the video and, in other lessons, works as additional information to what you just learned.

Below Brain Bites, you can find daily tasks assigned to you. Each day there are about two to four tasks. One of the functions is to share your insight with the Tribe, and other jobs are about practicing all that you learned in the video on that particular day.

Topic Covered By Superbrain 

Teaching your eight key lessons is the prime goal of Superbrain. Each week you will get to learn two lessons. It can be about the fundamentals, lifestyle, and integration, remembering long lists of names, memorizing texts and speeches, numbers, languages, and vocabulary.

There is another platform called Masterclass which also offers online classes created for students of all skill levels. If interested, get your masterclass coupon code and start your learning journey today.

My Personal Experience [Jim Kwik Review]

Did I make up my mind to give it a try after hearing about Superbrain from my colleagues and friends thinking that what hard would be trying something for 30 days could do?

To be very honest, I didn’t begin with high expectations. This was because I had no idea about what I should be expecting.

Though I found ample amounts of information regarding Jim Kwik and about what and how he teaches, the information about the course was absent.

Worth It?


Signing Up Process

The process of signing up for the course was pretty easy. Mindvalley gives you the choice of taking up a free masterclass led by Jim Kwik before you sign up.

This will help you clear up your doubts about taking up this course. On signing up, I was provided 12 workbook pages and ten brain hacks available for anyone who signs up for this course. 

It is all about the amazing potential your brain poses. It is incredibly interesting because you would have surely heard that the brain stops learning over some time at some point in life.

But if Jim Kwik is to be believed, this is a lie. You can learn even as an adult, which makes the introduction to the course pretty interesting. 

I had access to the material for the course the moment I paid. The course is designed and planned, I could just see the welcome videos until the start date of the course. 


My busy schedule was an issue of concern for me as I might not have enough time to take up this course daily, but then I thought I can always look back on past lessons whenever I needed it. But surprisingly, the lessons were so concise that there wasn’t a need to go for a catch-up.

Both lessons and Brain Bites were incredible. The videos were very interactive and attention-grabbing. Kwik made all topics that were seemingly complex, pretty easy to understand and grasp. 


Superbrain Quest - Tasks

This is a fascinating part of the entire course. Tasks were amazing, and you can acquire skills to learn better. Bringing techniques by Jim to practice can bring about constructive changes pretty quickly. You get practice guides and worksheets to help you put into action your learnings.

What Happens After The Period Of 30 Days?

Once the course was finished, I went on for bonus videos too. These videos beautifully wrapped up everything we learned throughout the course and gave you some ideas to go on from. 

Superbrain Quest - Bonus Videos

After all 30 lessons, I was left with ample amounts of techniques and guidance. Some methods were super easy, while some were relatively tough. 

It is pretty obvious that I will not be able to retain all of these techniques. So I can go back to the course videos and keep practicing the techniques I might have forgotten. 

Crucial Takeaways From Superbrain Course

My Memory Incredibly Improved By Kwik’s Loci technique. 

SuperBrain Takeaway - Memory Enhancement

Training from Kwik led me to have an improved memory. But this isn’t because it got stronger by itself. It is because of the memory techniques I came across and learned throughout the course. 

LOCI technique helped me remember crucial aspects of anything that I wish to learn and can already see a change in my daily job. This method is fast, easy, and efficient and helped me get better at retaining important facts.

Enhanced Reading Speed

SuperBrain Takeaway - Speed Reading Enhancement

There is a drastic increase in my reading speed. Thanks to Jim’s speed reading tactic, U can read for a prolonged time with a better grasp. 

Though I was never someone who is a keen reader, now I actually read books in my bookcase. 

You can also learn about speed reading exercises by Kwik in his masterclass, which is absolutely free. My reading speed and grasp improved by at least 25% due to SMART reading techniques. 

 Daily Habits Which Actually Enhanced My Performance

Implementing these healthy habits in my daily life helped me enhance my overall performance. Jim Kwik emphasizes a lot on the importance of good practices for lifestyle as it enables you to improve your memory, enables you to make decisions in a better way, and sharpens your focus. 

From dedicating more time to sleep and adopting Kwik’s morning exercise routine helped me feel focused and clearer. He also suggested meditation and focusing on diet. Avoiding processed food and adding nutritious elements like Magnesium and Vitamin C also helped me improve my memory skills. 

It is very important to have awareness about what your body needs in order to adjust accordingly. 

Jim Kwik Review- Pros And Cons:

Many like-minded people enrolled in the course, and overall I am happy I did it. In this section, I will be discussing what was great and what wasn’t.


Pros 👍

Here are the things that I really liked about the Mindvalley Superbrain course by Jim Kwik:

1. Lucid Language: The language used in the entire course by Kwik is so simple and lucid that all the complex topics were pretty simple to understand. The metaphors and examples he used all made sense. 

2. Comprehensive Approach: The course was not about just one particular thing. Rather it was an aggregate approach with many factors taken into consideration to create a better brain. From meditation and yoga to working up on your diet and letting those negative thoughts go off, many things were covered overall in this course.

 3. Brain Bites: This is one of Superbrain’s most incredible features as it helps to break the video into small, concise parts, making it easy to grasp. Even if I forgot about a topic, I can go back to the video and review it. 

 4.  Highly Relevant: The techniques taught in the video were relevant enough to be applied in daily life in order to improve memory and remember information.

 5. Lifetime access: You can have access to material forever. The things you might have forgotten can always be rewatched.

 6.   Active Community: With so many Mindvalley courses I have enrolled for, this is one of the sessions with a very active online community. They communicate a lot, and I thoroughly enjoyed the comment section.

Cons 👎

Here are the things that I didn’t like about the Mindvalley Superbrain course by Jim Kwik:

 1. You cannot skip: For someone who is super busy, this can prove to be super annoying. Though the reason behind it is obvious, I still had a desire to take up extra lessons on the days I was free.

 2. The pace was very fast: With tons of content to cover and so many different techniques to be discussed, Kwik seemed to be really thorough. But learning all these techniques in just 30 days is implausible. You need to retake the course in order to be through with all the learning techniques. 

3. Feels somewhat non-practical sometimes: Every one or two lessons, sometimes it seems like the course is drifting away from the topic. It might be a lesson on letting go of negative thoughts, but it suddenly turns into how to increase your reading speed. Nobody would want a quick technique between an important life lesson.

Quick Links:

FAQs: Jim Kwik’s Superbrain Review

☞What is the “Superbrain” course all about?

The Superbrain course is a course designed by Jim Kwik. This course helps in increasing your brain’s learning and memorizing powers.

☞What are the key features of Jim Kwik's Superbrain course?

Among the many features of this course, the most notable one is its ability to help you learn better and unlock your brain’s true potential.

☞Who must consider taking Jim Kwik's Superbrain course?

Students need to improve their memorizing powers. People involved in the business that requires a lot of thinking and brainstorming are the ones among many others who should consider taking this course to improve their productivity.

Conclusion: Is Jim Kwik’s Superbrain Worth The Money?

Mindvalley has been constantly recognized for amazing courses. Even though I had some problems with the course, the overall advantages and goodness of the course overshadowed the bad ones.

Many times I use the techniques taught in this course without even knowing. My quality of life is definitely better due to this course. I would like to present my humble thanks to Jim Kwik for giving me what I learned in this course.

In my opinion, with all the experience I had, Mindvalley Superbrain proved out to be worthy of every penny I spent on it.

The course was well-designed, and I learned a lot in these 30 days. I am even using some of these techniques daily, which helps me recall a lot of important information and remember things.

If you are a student, the Mindvalley Superbrain course will definitely help you a lot with studying.

It is more than obvious that I won’t be using all the techniques mentioned in this course, and I don’t think anyone else will. However, the course is worth my money. Moreover, the course helped me in remembering things better and much easier than I did before.

In search of a technique or way to learn fast and remember better, I would surely suggest you take this course. Jim Kwik’s Superbrain course is worth every penny and helps in improving your brain’s power.

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  2. If you have a dream, desire, or vision of an awesome life, this masterclass is for you. You have already won in life just by being alive and one of the most valuable prizes we can ever win is our mind. It’s not to late to learn how to unleash your brain’s potential. Lately my memory has been deteriorating every day so I bumped up my focus with Jim Kwik’s Superbrain –it was like upgrading from basic cable television packages with 200 channels and no HBO into buying a full package high-definition TV from a company that knows what they’re doing!

  3. Jim Kwik’s Superbrain is a best-selling course for those who want to attain peak mental performance. Say goodbye to bad habits like anxiety, insecurity, boredom, and depression! Jim teaches you the most important concepts of getting on top of your mind so you can take control in whatever situation. That may sound alluring but one has to question if it’s really worth investing into this program? It’s not everyday that someone hears about an unproved product from a literally ‘self-made’ entrepreneur or somebody coming out with their first ever book eh?

  4. Jim Kwik’s Superbrain leaves its students feeling like they have genuine mastery of their mind. It is a fast-paced course that is designed in such a way that it activates the limitless potential for your mind. Mindvalley offers you lots of courses related to mental health and growing as part of this program, so I definitely recommend giving this a shot from Jim Kwik himself.

  5. In case you’re looking for the eye-opening course, a program that would make you think deeper and expand your horizons beyond your awareness, here it is! I found it to be one of the most fulfilling quests ever done. The design is so intense that every bite becomes worthy wisdom into life. It was very challenging yet rewarding to follow this masterclass journey.

    Jim Kwik has always been an inspiration for me as he brings out the best of what we deserve from ourselves and provides these ideas in this adventurous quest! His powerful words have seemed enough to lift us up even if there were no support or encouragement at all.

  6. Celebrated teacher, author and thought leader Jim Kwik has created a life-changing course for people who want more mental power. With his trademark humor and crystal clear instruction, in this 4 week program you’ll learn how to:

    Become confident knowing that every day your brain is firing new synapses and warding off the effects of aging. And never see stress again as a disruptive force but simply as an opportunity to create personal growth on demand; All taught by one of America’s most popular educators.”

  7. The Mindvalley Jim Kwik’s Superbrain course is one of the courses that I myself have taken at Mindvalley. However, it has been a while since I completed this course and I am not going to lie—we kind of forgot what was actually taught during this course; it was THAT GOOD!

    If you are even remotely teetering on whether or not you should purchase this course, please don’t hesitate and take an honest consideration into placing your investment in yourself because do you really want to stay stagnant with no growth? Investing in your brain could be just what the doctor ordered if you are looking for more control over how you feel throughout the day. In my personal opinion, I would definitely recommend it.

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  9. In this intensive course, Jim Kwik will reveal his personal secrets and give you an insider look into cutting-edge neuroscience tools that help people achieve extraordinary results. You’ll be introduced to cognitive engineering practices that can retrain your neurons for greater mobilization of mental focus, clarity, memory retention, joyfulness, learning agility and happiness… all while building longterm positive thought habits! This is not just another course on how to recall more data – instead it’s about boosting productivity by increasing creative thinking prowess from your prefrontal cortex.

  10. The question I always get asked is whether it’s worth it to invest in this quest. To which my response is, absolutely! Thousands of people have achieved life-changing breakthroughs after taking this course alone. It delves into a variety of psychological topics with insights into how you can best use them for your benefit—whether they are about programming your mind to make better decisions or take control over stress levels…to combating toxic thoughts so you can regain mental stability

  11. I’ve been on a quest to find the perfect brain training system- and I think I found it. With over 110 challenges, you can train your brain in areas like focus, memory retention, creativity and problem solving skills. This is not some boring offline program- Superbrain Quest has everything online 24/7 for unlimited access during this time of increased productivity requirements (or play when you need a break).

  12. I loved this course! It was engaging and motivating – I stayed on it long enough to finish all the exercises. Plus, I had more energy at work and felt less distracted by my surroundings thanks to Superbrain Quest.

  13. Ever had that feeling where you can’t focus? It felt like the weight of every task was piling up and you just couldn’t keep pace. That is, until now! Superbrain Quest is designed to help improve your concentration skills as well as creativity and problem solving skills. The best part: it’s available online 24/7 for unlimited access! And it’s also fun so don’t let those distractions get in the way again! You deserve a super brain too.

  14. I’ve always had a bit of trouble concentrating on what I need to and long enough to get things done or even sometimes stay on topic for. I find myself taking hours at times when it should only take five minutes, and can’t seem to focus my memory on certain facts similarly no matter how hard I try. It took me some time before deciding that this mental deficiency was something that needed work and luckily, Jim Kwik himself came right into my office with the solution: Superbrain Quest! There’s plenty of exercise mixed in here that’ll do wonders for your brain power while also making you smarter, sharper, more creative; regardless of where you’re at! Basically what they’re providing is all the exercises and games and quizz

  15. I have used Superbrain Quest to improve my focus and concentration skills! I feel so much more productive these days. Jim created a super course where the games, quizzes, and exercises are really engaging.

  16. I honestly never thought I would be coming to something like this. But after many attempts of other methods, I found myself here and it’s the only program where my concentration is actually improving! There are so many different types of games that you just get bored with constantly repeating them, but not in this. It has a dashboard which you can view your progress and feels like having access to unlimited amounts of material without waiting for anything. Seriously worth it!!

  17. I was struggling to stay focused and get things done at work. My boss even said I needed to either change or find a new job because my performance wasn’t improving. But then I found Jim Kwik’s program, Superbrain Quest. Together with the exercises, quizzes and games it has helped me increase my concentration so much so that I’m back on track-working hard on tasks at hand while maintaining my attention span! It seems like anything can be accomplished with this course.

  18. I had pretty low expectations for this productivity course, but it actually made me feel like I was alive again. The exercises are fun and interactive which really help to distract you from the harsh world that is adulthood. And all of your progress is right there on the dashboard! It’s like social media for grownups, really.

  19. Jim Kwik has created a course with over 100 different exercises, games, and quizzes to keep things fresh. Keep your brain sharp by doing all the tasks in this course which have been designed to help concentration, memory retention, creativity and problem solving skills! Superbrain Quest is available online 24/7 so you can do it whenever works best for you!

  20. I remember when I first saw Superbrain Quest and was convinced that this is probably some hoax that wouldn’t work. Well, I was wrong. It’s made time fly at the office! The exercises are interactive and addicting. Before you know it, you’ll be trying to finish as many as possible in one sitting (or break)!

    I found myself having a harder time juggling school work with distractions of social media– Superbrain Quest has been able to keep my attention for hours! Plus it’s so much fun being rewarded with points after completing levels 🙂

  21. I enrolled in Superbrain Quest and am so happy that I did! This course has helped me focus more on my work. Highly recommended to everyone

  22. Jim Kwik Superbrain is the brain game of choice for true geniuses. Helps you stay more focused on what matters whether it’s at work or with your favorite hobbies like reading, writing short stories, piano playing etc. Literally helps you grow your brain power and function! Serious side effects may include becoming overconfident about your ability to focus; spending way too much time on one task than necessary; an addiction to training exercises which are unrelated to what Jim Knz would recommend (i.e., spreading out all tasks evenly).

  23. I’ve always struggled with getting distracted during the day. It used to be that I would sit there for hours, staring at my computer or into space, waiting for something interesting to happen. I was stressed and felt like nothing ever got done! Then one day Jim Kwik brain delivered on an advertisement of his course Superbrain Quest and it just clicked with me- this is what I needed!

    I signed up immediately after hearing about some of the benefits of his course, but it wasn’t until I started working through the first few modules that its magic really came alive. Within two weeks everything had changed- not only am I more focused than ever before (even when eating lunch!) but now waking up early is effortless.

  24. I’ve been reading a lot lately and was struggling to stay focused. I looked into different ways that I could focus my brain, and found out about this course from a friend of mine who uses it to help comfort her autistic child. After going through one level myself, the difference in my attention has been insane! The way you build your focus as well as mental calmness is really neat too. It’s all covered in excellent graphics which made the lessons instantly easy to learn from day 1. Now I can see why celebrities use these types of things before interviews or for school work – now superstar me all the time!

  25. With this course, I’ve been able to read for longer amounts of time without getting distracted, which has made me feel more invested in the material. Jim’s engaging personality combined with his sense of humor makes it easy to learn. The 10 minute breaks are great because they help provide variety throughout the tutorial and let you take a small pause from learning about how your brain works. Overall, I highly recommend Superbrain Quest!

  26. Learning and improving concentration skills can help people always be at their peak and stay focused on the task at hand without distractions. Jim Kwik Superbrain course is designed to create this kind of environment by providing a step-by-step guide to achieving cognitive fitness.

  27. The last thing you have time for is an in-office brain workout when you’re on the job. Busy people just need a shortcut to smarter memory retention skills and faster mental processing speed, which Superbrain Quest Promise delivers in one online course that will change your life!

  28. The course starts off with an interactive game which is fun and entertaining. It also covers interesting facts about the brain that I never knew before, like what 80% of Americans are doing when they’re reading this sentence!

    Well now I know because Jim Kwik told me so. After playing the game, you can then go to any page in the website and find more information about that particular brain topic. The site has everything from integrative psychotherapy to auditory processing disorders or even how to become a neuroscientist – plus all sorts of other topics about our wondrous brains!

    It’s easy enough for a beginner or advanced learner alike because it presents not only a lot of information succinctly but also teaches you how things work together as well

  29. I’m super happy with this course. Out of all the neuroscience courses I’ve taken before, so far which wasn’t even 10 hours, this really stands out as a super easy and different way to learn about our brains and how we work.

    It’s not just some professor who is lecturing you for an hour or two each day on things you could easily find in textbooks but it’s more like completing quests! Every day at my job is hectic…there are people buzzing around me, obstructing my view on monitors with their bodies…it was taking its toll. But now that I completed your course Jim Kwik Superbrain? Thanks for this really cool mental boost!

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    Do nothing else this week but take his course and see how differently you feel next Monday morning after an end-of-week mental refresh. The cognitive upgrades he offers can change everything about what you get done during your day.

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    One thing that might improve my opinion is having some kind of study person who balances out what they learned with what others have studied – like letting people review each lesson instead of just reading alone.

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