Magoosh vs Kaplan GRE: Which Prep Course is Better? (Our Pick)

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The best GRE prep is out there.

If you are looking for a great way to study and get your best score, this blog will help you find the perfect fit.

We take an in depth look at Magoosh vs Kaplan GRE so that you can make the right decision on which one to try first.

The two companies are very different from each other but both have their own advantages over the other company’s product. Read on to find out more!

Bottom Line:

Kaplan and Magoosh are both great options. But if you want the best refund policy, practice material, and tests in the industry, then Magoosh should be your choice.

Magoosh has over 500 hours of video lessons with real instructors who will teach you everything from vocabulary to math concepts that will help boost your score on test day. Plus they offer unlimited access to all of our content so there’s no need to worry about running out of things to study!

Sign up with Magoosh today and see what it feels like when studying becomes fun again!

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Magoosh has established a positive reputation from their low pricepoint and proven results . It's a great option for students as it is offered entirely online, meaning no books, DVDs, classrooms, etc. This has become the preferred study method for the majority of GRE studiers.

Kaplan's most popular option offers targeted and focused prep designed for students who need to balance a complete course with their busy lifestyles. For students who want complete prep in a concentrated amount of time. Nine in-person classroom sessions paired with extensive out-of-class instructional resources and practice.

  • Professionally Trained Instructor
  • Communication Courses with the Customer
  • Prep Books on Amazon
  • A free 4-hour practice test
  • Not much course content in comparison to Kaplan
  • It is a bit expensive
Value For Money

Magoosh is a very budget-friendly option if you are preparing for GRE. It will be worth every penny you will pay.

Kaplan is expensive, but the course content provided by this platform is huge and top-notch.

Let’s further read out the Magoosh vs Kaplan GRE comparison with details into features, pricing, pros and cons.

Overview of Magoosh vs Kaplan GRE 2021

Kaplan Overview

Kaplan has live courses that are available all over the country, in more than 40+ states. The Kaplan provides a structure of a classroom even if you have a busy schedule.

If you wanna learn all by yourself or you wanna learn from an instructor then both the feature is available in Kaplan GRE test prep. There are many options for days and time means you can choose any time from those options.

You can also get everything on the mobile app of Kaplan. It offers quantity and quality in study materials. You will see a large quantity of test and practice materials that will help you in learning for GRE prep courses. It is available for everyone and everywhere.

Magoosh vs Kaplan GRE - Kaplan-Review

For those who would like to study from home and still want to take live online options then Kaplan will help you in doing it. Its quiz banks offer more than 5000 questions.

The number of questions is most in this industry. You choose the study plan like the type of question and difficulty depending on your skills. Other online courses don’t have any kind of offline feature but Kaplan provides offline resources too.

The Kaplan courses are accessible in-person test prep courses too with classes in 46 states. In the event that you like considering in a study hall, at that point Kaplan might be the best choice for you.

Kaplan provides the most area and timing alternatives of all test prep courses right now available. Kaplan is one of the best test prep companies.

This GRE prep plan has delivered a broad library of materials which is most likely their best component. Kaplan provides 7 full-length practice test sets which are more than any of their rivals, more practice questions, offline assets, and a GRE prep course plans test channel.

It gives you live aptitudes, system tips, and exercises.

Kaplan contains a huge inventory of video sessions, practice questions, tests, and different materials that a normal student can barely finish every one of them.

This may appear like an overdose to some yet the greater part of the students can guarantee that there is sufficient substance for their feeble zones.

With the assistance of this immense substance, they can become familiar with the nuts and bolts of the course and improve to master level. Kaplan’s score increase guarantee also works and you can increase your GRE test score with it.

We hope this comparison suits you and helped you choose among Kaplan vs Magoosh.

Magoosh Overview

Magoosh is also a great option for students to prepare for the GRE test because they offer a plus 5 point score increase guarantee. Every plan of Magoosh GRE prep course plans is online and are available to computer, tablet, and smartphone.

It has no class meetings, no textbooks, no DVDs, and no specific timeline, all you have to do open Magoosh on your computer, tablet, or smartphone and get started instantly.

It offers video lessons on the basis of your progress and also shows a comparison between you and other students. So that you can recognize your potential, skills, and abilities. It offers reliable learning resources.

Magoosh vs Kaplan GRE - Magoosh Overview

Magoosh GRE prep offers a series of study plans from 1 week to 6 months and that depends on how much time you have left for GRE courses.

The best thing about it that these plans are free on the website and GRE prep courses test blog even if you aren’t able to buy the plans for this course.

But it has premium study plan material which can only be accessed after you purchase them. It has a few number of questions, instead of having a large number of questions and it simply offers the best material.

It offers a more optimized study than a classroom. You can access the material whenever you want, you can also repeat the videos. Magoosh is one of the best test prep companies.

When you buy into a Magoosh test prep course, you approach their test prep entry. You additionally gain admittance to their iPhone, iPad, and Android application. The majority of their exercises, problem sheets, and tests are accessible on the application.

The Magoosh offers GRE prep courses that are totally on the web, without any books or programming to request or bear, giving you the adaptability to examine in a hurry. It offers reliable learning resources and many practice tests.

They likewise work superbly of giving elective arrangements. One of the most significant aptitudes to realize when contemplating for the GRE courses is when to utilize genuine math, and when to utilize rationale.

Your regular test prep clarification will just demonstrate the math-based arrangement. We hope this comparison suits you and helped you choose between Magoosh or Kaplan.

At the point when a math-based arrangement is important, the recordings will frequently give you alternate routes to help take care of the issues. You can also get email assistance.

Magoosh  vs Kaplan: Practice Material

Magoosh Offers Practice Materials

It doesn’t offer a lot of options but the content of courses of 1-month and 6-month premium time period is exactly the same. It provides around 250 video lessons, 1,200 practice questions, and 3 GRE prep tests.

Magoosh Offers Practice Materials

The video lessons have a time of around 4-5 minutes tops. So to watch all of the videos you have to give the time of around 21 hours. The practice tests don’t have the same practice questions, they are different from the practice questions but the method is the same.

Magoosh offers easy tutoring options. It offers reliable learning resources.

There is a category mentioned in the questions from easy to very hard. You can take questions on the basis of your progress. If you are a beginner then easy questions are best for you. It also shows the GRE score predictors on the basis of your test scores.

Even if it provides less material than Kaplan, it still offers a large number of videos and practice questions. Sometimes students don’t use most of the Kaplan material. Magoosh satisfies the need for a student with even a small amount of resources.

Kaplan Practice Materials

It is costlier than Magoosh because it offers much more material than Magoosh. Kaplan offers around 5,000 practice questions, 7 practice tests, 180 hours’ worth of lessons in the video library and it also provides 4 GRE test course-related textbooks/workbooks.

The self-paced option has around an additional 18 hours of course time on top of all the other features and it is only available online for 6 months. Kaplan offers easy tutoring options.

It provides 35 hours of elective live instruction with supplemental GRE Math and advanced GRE math material. Every lesson is over 7 hours with 200 practice questions which also includes GRE course verbal.

Kaplan Practice Materials

It also has some other options which include additional tutoring and coaching sessions but you have to pay for it additionally. Magoosh also offers easy tutoring options.

It also has score predictor same as Magoosh.

But it compares the scores on the basis of subjects like you score much better on verbal questions than mathematical questions then it will show you more math questions in practice sessions during the program to make you equally good in GRE prep course math too.

Magoosh is one of the best test prep companies because of its feature. It offers reliable learning resources. We hope this comparison suits you and helped you choose between Magoosh or Kaplan.

Kaplan vs Magoosh GRE: Essay

Magoosh Offers Essay

Even if the verbal and quantitative sections require more time and focus, the essay writing section in the GRE course is also important but unfortunately Magoosh doesn’t offer any feature regarding the essay. Magoosh also offers essay evaluation options.

It has many videos, blog posts, and tips in articles about how to write the Analytical Writing Assessment. These are useful but there is no comparison to actual practice essay sessions that are going to be graded and given feedback. Magoosh also here offers easy tutoring options.

Kaplan Essay

It has an essay writing feature where you can submit up to 2 essays at a time and the qualified instructors of Kaplan will grade them and you can see your score within a few days.

These instructors give their individual feedback on your essay writing skills and also tell you how to improve it. In the matter Essay writing what Kaplan offers is much better than Magoosh as it offers essay evaluation options.

Magoosh and Kaplan: Score Guarantee

Magoosh Offers Score Guarantee

It offers a score increase guarantee of 5 points increase in your final GRE score. If you completed the whole course of Magoosh GRE course and have watched all the videos.

Take all the practice questions and explanation videos on the question which you apparently answered correctly, and still haven’t got the increase of 5 points on the exam then you will get a full refund for the course. It offers easy tutoring options.

But to avail of this offer you must have given a GRE test before taking the course and that test scores are not older than 5 years. You have to send a copy of your score before signing up for the course.

Magoosh GRE offers a better guarantee than Kaplan. It also offers video instructions to students. We hope this comparison suits you and helped you choose between Magoosh or Kaplan.

Kaplan Score Guarantee

Kaplan offers a guarantee of 1 point increase in your final GRE score. It means if you even scored 1 point higher than your last score then you can’t avail of the guarantee.

But similarly, as Magoosh, you have to take all the practice questions, practice tests, and video lessons to be eligible for the guarantee. It also offers video instructions to students.

But keep in mind that Kaplan has over 5,000 questions, 7 practice tests, and 18 hours of content to go through. You will not get the money-back guarantee if you don’t complete all the course options. It also offers video instructions to students.

It also offers hardcopy prep books. But before enrolling for the course you have to go through a GRE test similar to an official exam. The score of this test will become the baseline for the guarantee.

If you don’t want to take the refund it also offers a retake option means you can take the course again for free. But once you take the retake option then you cannot get a refund of your money. Both options are good and it completely depends on what you want to do.

Magoosh and Kaplan: Refund Policy

Magoosh Refund Policy

Magoosh offers a refund policy in case where you don’t think that course is good for you within 7 days of signing up. You will get your money refunded once you apply for the refund and they will not ask a single question.

It is like a 7-day free trial. You don’t have to provide a reason for quitting the course. In that manner, Magoosh is better than Kaplan. It also offers video instructions to students. What’s more, it has a great learning experience.

Kaplan Refund Policy

It doesn’t have a refund policy like Magoosh. Once you sign up for the course then there is no returning back even after signing up you change your mind and don’t want to take the course. The money is gone.

Then you have to take the course even if it doesn’t help you in your preparation for the GRE.

Magoosh and Kaplan: Performance Analysis

Magoosh Analysis

Magoosh’s dashboard records the performance of you. It analyzes your performance and after the analysis, it suggests you practice tests and questions. It tells you to focus on a particular area.


Based on your performance you will see your score and a comparison between you and other students will help you realize your potential, skills, and things which you’re good and bad at.

After the analysis, it is easy for you to navigate wherever you need to go to give a good performance in the final exam. You can repeat questions, videos, and practice sets over and over again to increase your scores.

There is no limit on that. That’s why it is good but not as good as Kaplan’s performance analysis.

Kaplan Analysis

Kaplan provides a smart report on your scores of practice exams and provides a guide to break down your performance individually. You can keep a track of your progress, your weaknesses, your strength, your skills, and things you’re actually good or bad at.

It is actually made in a way to tell you to focus on weaknesses like which areas you need to study more to improve your scores.


It has a chart which shows your scores over time and you can also view your scores of all time and compare it to other tests you’ve taken already.

With this, you can identify your strengths and weaknesses after that the recommended option will show you to focus on a particular area. It also offers hardcopy prep books.

Magoosh and Kaplan: Additional Options And Packages

Magoosh Additional Options

Magoosh does not offer any additional package or option. It offers only the basic option for preparation which you can avail for a small amount of money other than there is no add-on option in Magoosh. You have to be satisfied with the basic options.

But still, if you get good at basic options then you probably won’t need any kind of add-on option. In this particular area, Kaplan is better than Magoosh GRE.

Kaplan Additional Options

As a student, if you’re not ready to buy the full package of this platform then Kaplan offers you to buy the additional option or package to work on a particular skill of yours. It has also smaller packages to offer you just to hone your skills.

If you’re already good at fundamentals and only want questions to practice then you can buy the add-on option of Kaplan for a small amount of money. They also offer everything on their official mobile app. It also offers hardcopy prep books.

We hope this comparison suits you and helped you choose between Magoosh or Kaplan.

For just $200 you can avail the 2,500+ practice questions, a practice test, and an official test day experience.

Pricing at Magoosh vs Kaplan GRE

Magoosh Pricing Plans

The price of Magoosh is reliable than any other online test preparation course. It offers the full library course materials, videos, and practice tests for a six-month premium for just $149. The price is less for the same amount of content only for 1 month of the time period.

Magoosh Pricing Plans

The time period is different but the material is exactly the same in both the courses. It is a very affordable option with a lot of resources which makes it an awesome course.

Students who can’t join the real classroom can still prepare for the GRE with Magoosh with just a small amount of money. For more discount must check Magoosh Coupon Codes.

Kaplan Pricing Plans

Kaplan offers many different options for different prices. If you want to prepare for the GRE in person or you want to take online live classes then Kaplan is the best option for you.

If you wanna learn on your own then you can take the self-paced option or self-paced plus which is available at the rate of around $700.

It is four times Magoosh’s prep course. To avail of the premium plus option, you have to pay an additional $200. The option of in-person and live online sessions is relatively costly than Magoosh.

It charges around $1,499 for these options which makes it hard for an average student to buy this course.

FAQs | Magoosh vs Kaplan GRE

👉Is Kaplan or Magoosh better for the GRE preparation?

Magoosh is the safest option if you’re preparing for GRE because it offers a retake option and a money-back guarantee as well. But if you want detailed study material then Kaplan trumps over Magoosh.

🔥Is only Magoosh enough for GRE?

If you’re preparing for GRE then Magoosh is a good option but it is not enough. You have to make your own vocabs, find questions online and prepare with the material provided by Magoosh. You have to do your own research for study materials if you want to clear GRE.

✅Is Magoosh harder than the actual GRE?

Magoosh is actually a little bit harder than actual GRE. The math videos and questions are difficult than the actual test. But if you’re solving questions like that then definitely your GRE score will improve in reality.

✌Is Kaplan harder than GRE?

Practice tests provided by Kaplan are somewhat similar to the actual GRE test and some questions are a bit harder than the GRE test.

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Conclusion-Magoosh vs Kaplan GRE: Which course is better? 2021

In my opinion, the Magoosh course is the safest and most economical GRE prep course. But in the area of study materials, Kaplan has a lot to offer than Magoosh GRE.

To get a better experience on how to score in GRE Kaplan is better than Magoosh because it has a package of in-person and live online sessions which are far better than already recorded questions and videos which will definitely improve your score.

There is no instructor option in Magoosh GRE means you have to take the course all by yourself and there is no-one to guide you through it but Kaplan provides many qualified instructors to guide you through your preparation regarding GRE.

If money is not a concern then Kaplan is the best option for you.

But it doesn’t give you a satisfying money-back guarantee like Magoosh because in Magoosh it guarantees that you will score 5 marks more than your previous official GRE test if not then you’ll get your money refunded.

In the case of Kaplan, it only offers you 1 point of increase in your final score and if you can’t improve your score then they’ll return your money back or you can take the course again but only for 3 months.

If you think retake is a good option instead of refund then you should choose it.

Magoosh also offers a 7-day refund policy in case you don’t think Magoosh is suitable for you and they won’t ask a single question to you but in the case of Kaplan there is no refund policy for you means once you’ve signed up for the course you can not go back from it.

Magoosh also offers free resources like more than 1000 practice questions and Kaplan offers you take a practice test for free other than that you have to pay for it.

At last from all the above topics we covered in this article, I think Magoosh is better than Kaplan for various reasons. We hope this comparison of Magoosh and Kaplan suits your purpose well.

Kaplan provides 7 full-length practice test sets, more practice questions, offline assets, and a GRE prep course plans test channel. Magoosh is one of the best online test preparation platforms and when it comes to tests like GRE, it certainly leaves behind names like Kaplan in terms of its refund policy, practice material, and tests.

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26 thoughts on “Magoosh vs Kaplan GRE: Which Prep Course is Better? (Our Pick)”

  1. Kaplan is one of the best test prep companies to use if you like studying in study hall. If you want other options, choose Kaplan because they have a large inventory of video sessions, practice questions, tests and different materials which a normal student can’t finish every one of them. In the event that you live in many states, Kaplan might be your best choice because they have classes going on in 46 states.

  2. I enrolled in the Kaplan course to prepare for my upcoming SAT exam. I am really pleased with their materials because they are easy to use even without any previous preparation.

  3. I would recommend Kaplan because in one place they have a huge inventory of video sessions, practice questions, tests, and different materials that a normal student can barely finish. The best part is that the prices are very low so you don’t have to worry about pricing when it’s time to move on from an exam prep course.

  4. Kaplan does a phenomenal job of preparing students for their tests, and I can’t recommend it enough! The video lectures are fantastic and so helpful. The practice questions get you ready for what you’ll see on the test. And I love how flexible they are – Kaplan is always available to help me prepare whenever I needed it most. Sure, there was some downtime when I had to wait for them to respond or provide new materials that only came out every few weeks, but overall they were great and did an excellent job helping me beat my math SATs!

  5. Kaplan is the best test prep company because it has a huge inventory of videos, practice questions, tests, and different materials that are enough to keep even the most studious student busy. You can use Kaplan’s video sessions or in-person classes in 46 states if you’re more of an offline kind of person––no matter what your liking will be, Kaplan gives you everything. And with their weekend courses too, they’ve got options for everyone in any time zone.

  6. Most students are looking for a good test prep course that can follow their schedule. Most students are looking for a helpful company who is the best of the best at what they do, works hard to produce quality products, pays attention to detail, and provides top-notch customer service. The most important thing people want in a large business with low prices is quick response time, which Kaplan has an A+ on! I only use Kaplan because of its extensive inventory of video sessions, practice questions, tests and all different materials one student could barely finish every one of them.

  7. Kaplan is the best study hall I’ve been to so far. I am very satisfied with my Kaplan experience and recommend it to all my friends who don’t get enough time for studying on their own. Kaplan provides more than you could ever need in terms of practice tests, videos sessions, and other aids one can use when preparing for an exam. It’s also worth noting that some Kaplan locations offer classes in person like high school classrooms!

  8. Kaplan does an excellent job and provides everything you could want in a study course. It has hours of material, including videos and practice tests. You can take notes or zoom out to get the bigger picture of what’s going on. There are also people giving feedback to your answers which helps you know what points need better studying before the test comes around.

  9. Working full-time in customer service, I was afraid that taking my GRE would force me to take it when I wasn’t at the best mental health for test preparation. The availability of courses 24/7 gave me much needed peace of mind in what is often a nerve-wracking process.

  10. Kaplan is a great online GRE prep software. They have live courses that are available all over the country, in more than 40+ states. You can take your classes on your own or you can be coached by an instructor. There are many options for days and time so to set what works best for you! It was easy to use right away and I increased my scores after every exam.

  11. I took a Kaplan course before and it really worked out for me. I went from a 500 to a 610 on the GRE with only 2 months of studying thanks to this amazing company. If you take your time, do the work assigned by your instructor, and stay focused in class, all while sticking to their study schedule, then you will pass! They offer online courses too so it’s helpful if you don’t have time or money! No matter what there is something that will work well for everyone in this company.

  12. Kaplan GRE prep classes have been a lifesaver for me. It felt so great to finally graduate with my MBA after years of hard study. The Kaplan GRE prep course has taught me so much, really deepening my knowledge in this

  13. I used to be a lot worse at math than I am now, but Magoosh took me from an emotional wreck living in the back of the room to someone who genuinely enjoys teaching and goes out looking for jobs that involve numbers. There were some steps along the way: studying outlines, listening to podcast lectures (The Story Teller is my favorite), and using all their free resources like practice GRE test questions. It’s been well worth it!

  14. Kaplan has everything you need to take care of your GRE test prep! They offer courses with various times and dates that fit into your busy schedule. You can learn on your own or under the mentorship of an academy instructor, Kaplan has it all covered for you!

  15. Kaplan is the perfect test prep solution for anyone who wants to learn on their own time. This course has everything that you need to ace your GRE, like 24/7 instructor availability and lectures designed by experts. Nothing compares with Kaplan!

  16. Kaplan has helped millions of people take that enormous step into the workforce, showing them new doors and sheltering them from chaos. Kaplan GRE test prep helps you on your own time by coming to you in the comfort of your home with live courses.

    Kaplan’s instructors are some of the most experienced in their field which is why they have provided a service for more than 30 years. The Kaplan provides everything you need for this grueling journey so all that is left to do is study!

  17. The GRE is one of these exams that you can’t study for, but according to everyone I know who has studied in this way, nothing beats Magoosh. Sure, the content is still difficult and frustrating, but it’s much more interesting than when I would sit down to go through dry book chapters. The best thing about studying with Magoosh is how convenient it all is – no longer do you have to drive in terrible traffic or waste hours in class at a university far away from home. All you need are your headphones and your laptop!

  18. Magoosh is hands down the best test prep these days and I couldn’t be more happy with my decision. It’s everything you need to know and it’s all laid out for you–the ‘study plan’ tab makes that very easy. The one thing that sets Magoosh apart from other study material is how affordable it is—I just wish I had found this sooner!

  19. I never knew that I would be able to improve my GRE score by 100 points in just a few months. Magoosh is the best place for FREE practice problems, reading comprehension questions, and math help.

  20. Magoosh is the best site to shoot your GRE score through the roof. As somebody who went from 200 to 700, I can assure you that Magoosh has all you need for success: over 500 hours of video lessons, with real instructors and unlimited access. It’s like having my own private tutor and it saved me a ton of money!

  21. Every year, I find myself in the same position: deciding if I should take my chances and go ahead to college without a high score on the SAT or just not apply. Last autumn, that someone recommended Magoosh for retake students like me who want to do whatever is necessary to get their test scores up where they need them before applying.

    Luckily, not only did it work (I got an 1170 math and 1210 verbal!), but I especially loved how much time was saved with this online book– we were able to cover all of our conflicts during these 3 weeks and also still see each other! That way there wasn’t any awkward tension like when you’re hanging out with your girlfriend separately from her group of friends.

  22. Magoosh has really helped me by providing hours of video lessons to help boost my GRE score. The resources are comprehensive, offering everything from vocabulary to math concepts that will make it easy for any student planning on taking the GRE to expand their knowledge base. It’s also great that they offer unlimited access because then there’s no need for worry about running out of material!

  23. Magoosh is the best way to study for your test. I tried everything from eBooks to YouTube videos, but nothing compared to Magoosh hands down. They have amazing video lessons that are explained in detail. The best part is you can access them for free whenever you need help with a problem set or word scramble!

  24. No more crammin’ for exams! Magoosh has everything you need to ace test day with over 500 hours of video lessons and tutor-guided practice sessions, plus access to all content and unlimited tries on practice problems. Magoosh is like a life coach: we step in when you get stuck and help because we know test prep can be tough! And after you use us once, we know it too; every time you log in we’ll add your latest scores so that they’re always at your fingertips―just don’t forget to save them regularly or else that data could vanish forever.

  25. Magoosh is the best platform I’ve found to help me prepare for my GRE! Not only does it have hundreds of hours of video lessons with real instructors, but even when I feel like there’s nothing left to study, Magoosh has plenty more. Plus they offer unlimited access so that I can take my time and really hone in on what you need while studying for this hefty test.

  26. Studying has never been better with Magoosh. The videos and lessons they provide are top of the line and they can teach you everything from vocabulary to algebra in a way that is easy to understand. I would highly recommend Magoosh.

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