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Want to know how good is Mindvalley Be Extraordinary course? Here’s my in-depth review of Mindvalley Be Extraordinary, that will clear all your doubts.

You want to be extraordinary but don’t know how to get there

You’ve been told for years that you can do anything, but you haven’t taken the time to figure out what that means for you

If you find yourself feeling stuck and unfulfilled, we’ve got the perfect thing for you. Introducing Mindvalley Be Extraordinary, an online course designed to help you unleash your full potential and become extraordinary.

If you are looking for a detailed and resourceful review of the Mindvalley Be Extraordinary course by Vishen Lakhiani? You have landed at the right place. 

In this article, I will be discussing everything in my Be Extraordinary Course Review. From the curriculum of the course to how it is laid out and its pros and cons, I have covered everything. 

But before we start getting into the details of the course, let us know about the trainer of this course.

Bottom Line Upfront:

Mindvalley Be Extraordinary is nothing but a leading-edge curriculum, which helps you to achieve anything in your life, by boosting your potential to the next level and become an extraordinary person. Mindvalley provides you lots of courses related to:

Vishen Lakhiani - BE Extraordinary

Mindvalley Be Extraordinary helps you at any stage of life from getting out of your comfort zone and becoming a great leader or any individual who wants to attain his/her goals.

To have the love and support of family and friends, without breaking them.  Get started with Mindvalley Be Extraordinary, join right now.

If you want to know more about Mindvalley then roll over to check our detailed Mindvalley Review.

I will also be answering some of the most commonly asked questions about Mindvalley Be Extraordinary. You might have questions like:

  • Is Mindvalley a con?
  • Is Mindvalley really worth it?
  • Which is the best Mindvalley course?
  • How genuine is Mindvalley?
  • Are Mindvalley courses free?
  • Does MasterClass have a free trial?
  • Is MasterClass worth the money?
  • Does Mindvalley give certificates?

Be Extraordinary Overview: About The Trainer Of The Course

Vishen Lakhiani marks himself as one of the most prominent trainers in the world when it comes to personal growth in this modern world. Vishen was a computer engineer and a very successful entrepreneur.

Now, he has become the founder and CEO of Mindvalley, a company working with a staff of around 200 people, which aims at allowing you to live a healthy, stress-free, and successful life.

Vishen Lakhiani - Founder of Mindvalley

Mindvalley is a digital platform that gives you lessons from some of the world’s best trainers so that you can unlock the true potential of your brain and health.

Apart from being the founder of Mindvalley, he also joins the Transformational Leadership Council as a member and holds up a position at XPRIZE Foundation’s Innovation Board.

Vishen has a clear mission in his mind. He wants to change and improve the global education system, which currently focuses on marks more than anything.

He has already made plans and frameworks for the education system he wants to implement.

Vishen Lakhiani has won many awards for his contribution to the field of education. He has already taught many people worldwide until now, and the number is still rising.

With Mindvalley, he has given over 15 years of changing and helping people through his experience and various techniques.

Vishen’s dedication and hard work in creating Mindvalley resulted in making Mindvalley one of the Fortune 500 companies in the world.

Various Government organizations, reputed colleges, and private companies contact Mindvalley to train their employees and students. Vishen gives multiple speeches and lectures all around the globe daily.

Camilla Hansson Review

Be Extraordinary Quest is its signature course of Vishen. Be Extraordinary reflects his hard work, experience in the field, and his knowledge. With this course, Vishen has helped thousands of people in having a life that they didn’t even imagine.

Apart from these, Vishen has also written a New York Times Bestseller ‘The Code of Extraordinary Mind’.

Now that we know about the trainer of this course, let us take a look at a brief overview in Be Extraordinary Review.  

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Be Extraordinary Review 2023: Is Mindvalley Really Worth It?

You are a student, and you feel that you can improve yourself when it comes to learning and understanding things. Thinking you are not at your full potential?

You are giving it your best but still can’t achieve what you want to achieve.

Despite various efforts, do you think that there is something more that you can achieve in the department of personal growth?

Thinking you are better than what others consider you to be?

If the answer to any of these questions is a yes, then indeed you should check out this Be Extraordinary Quest. This course will take you to a whole different level of self-mastery. 

MindValley Be Extraordinary Review

Numerous students and professionals spend their lives without knowing their full potential and what they could have achieved if they knew their full potential. 

Too many students of personal growth spend their entire lives never genuinely crossing the gap between where they are and where they want to be.

In these cases, people generally start to feel dejected and easily get influenced by the thoughts of others.

However, the Be Extraordinary Quest is there to elevate you from such feelings and give you a complete understanding of what is your true potential.

Be Extraordinary Review- Vishen

This quest will help you determine what you are currently and what you can be. Then it will give all the necessary pathways and tools to become more.

The whole course is divided into multiple levels. I’ll explain the course parts one by one:

Level 1

This is the part to which most people can relate. This level consists of the influence of society, friends, culture, etc. over you.

Level 2

Level 2 is known as the ‘Considerations Create Reality’ stage. This is the place self-awareness dwells.

Here, you begin investigating better approaches for appearing on the planet.

It’s the place you find thoughts like contemplation, speed learning, personal change, and wellness hacking. It’s the point at which you begin rising past what a great many people are doing and getting remarkable.

Level 3

Level 3 is the essential objective of the Be Extraordinary system. At this level, you’ve addressed numerous thoughts of the customary world that you’ve currently ventured into being a ‘Worker To A Higher Calling.’ 

This is the place you’ll discover new capacities begin to rise in you, including a sentiment of connectedness with the entirety of humankind and presence.

A feeling of being totally taken advantage of by your instinct and internal shrewdness. A

sense of quickened creation power, where your considerations become a reality at lightning speed. Also, even a sentiment of association with a Higher Power, as though the Universe itself is pulling for you.

Level 4

This is a degree of uncommon enchanted Oneness with all that is. The vast majority of the Be Extraordinary structure centers around Stages 2 and 3, where the most substantial advantages are anticipated

Nonetheless, through this new and refreshed form of the structure, you’ll figure out how to begin getting to this slippery level just because of what is known as the ‘Combining Technique.’

Now that we have a brief idea about the course, let us get into the details of the curriculum. 

Mindvalley Be Extraordinary Curriculum: 

The Be Extraordinary Quest guides you through a simple-to-follow 30-day educational program.

Every one of these days centers around an exciting part of ascending through the 4 phases of human cognizance – permitting you to develop yourself and develop at a consistent, charming pace. 

MindValley Be Extraordinary Discussion

Through the Quest, you’ll investigate your own frameworks of living and models of the real world. You’ll see your own examples and convictions in an entirely different light.

What’s more, you’ll increase 18 enabling devices you can use to immediately update your inward programming, permitting you to forever change how you think, perform, and appear on the planet. 

When you arrive at the end, you’ll have all the instruments and bits of knowledge you have to begin living from a more elevated level of cognizance.

Lastly, experience the fullest degree of your self-awareness.

Warm Up Content

Before the Be Extraordinary educational program starts, Vishen will manage you through a warm-up grouping intended to set you up for the Quest so that you can appreciate the ideal outcomes.

You’ll find the charming story behind the Be Extraordinary system, and find out about the most significant speculations and ideas canvassed in the Quest. 

As a bonus, You’ll additionally gain admittance to Vishen’s Consciousness Engineering address, a structure for accelerating your development by figuring out how to more readily put in NEW BELIEFS and how to update your DAILY HABITS.

It resembles having the option to reconstruct yourself for quicker development, how you change the settings on your telephone. 

Features include:

  • The 5 different ways society injures our brains with ‘Brules’ (Bullsh*t Rules) – and how tuning in to your spirit rather than what you’re told can assist you with breaking liberated from them. 
  • How mankind’s dependence on language helped us develop (yet additionally made us powerless against intellectual figments that limit our maximum capacity). 
  • Mastering Consciousness Engineering: a strategy for reconstructing your awareness with new convictions, models of the real world, and frameworks for living that drive your advances.

Part 1

The Structures of Consciousness 

MindValley Be Extraordinary Part 1

Your ‘Be Extraordinary’ venture starts with a profound jump into your psychological models, and how to get to higher conditions of human presence.

You’ll get mind hacks, activities, and instruments you can use in a flash check where you’re at, and begin climbing on the stepping stool of human awareness.

MindValley Be Extraordinary Day 1

Features include: 

  • Developing your ROSE (Rate of Self Evolution): two techniques you can use to quickly pick up force and arrive at your own latent capacity maximum furthest. 
  • Culture Hacking: How to get away from negative programming that may have been modified into you through your way of life, religion, or customs. 
  • The Psychology of Transformation: how to develop yourself and your comprehension of the world so quickly, your companions who haven’t stayed in contact should become more acquainted with all of you once more. 
  • Why enduring and torment occurs and how to grow new mental models to transform enduring into an instructor and a healer. As Victor Frankl said, “When importance is given to affliction, it stops languishing.” You will figure out how to mend the torment of your past, so you can proceed onward, bolder, more grounded, and more shrewd.

Part 2:

The Ultimate State of Human Existence 

Figure out how to explore human feelings to guarantee you’re continually feeling and performing at your pinnacle potential. You’ll figure out how to move to a state where you can undoubtedly make synchronicities and enchantment in your life on autopilot. 

Be Extraordinary Part 2 Day 5

Features include: 

  • Instructions to hack your joy, so you’re in a positive, passionate state on practically all occasions – regardless of what’s happening around you.
  • The greatest lie about otherworldliness: what it truly intends to be ‘profound,’ and how you can tackle this quality to touch off change in yourself and your general surroundings.
  • Breaking the Happiness Paradox: how to bring Vision and Bliss into your life, so you can have BIG objectives (even though your joy is not, at this point attached to the fulfillment of these objectives, you’re cheerful NOW and your joy powers your development towards the purpose). 
  • The most effective method to conquer the shortage is otherworldly reasoning. Figure out how to be otherworldly yet, in addition, unique, affluent, and affect the world. Otherworldly individuals should run the world, rather so many end up broke. It’s an ideal opportunity to bust the profound blame around accumulating cash and force.

Part 3

The Art of Blissipline 

To some extent 3, you’ll learn the authority of passionate states.

Your feelings are a definitive, ultimate objective: each objective is extremely about feeling better. In any case, an excessive number of us do not influence our passionate states.

Here you will figure out how to saddle the intensity of feeling to feel blissful all the more regularly and to utilize enthusiastic forms to impact the truth around you. 

Be Extraordinary Part 3 Day 7

Features include: 

  • One everyday propensity for supercharging your bliss, prosperity, enthusiastic knowledge, and to try and rest better (it’s not contemplation, and it just takes minutes daily). 
  • How Happiness Happens: the study of brain science you can apply in your life to be more glad, all the more regularly. 
  • Step-by-step instructions to be so restrained about your enthusiastic states, that passionate prosperity and joy come to you on autopilot – which this way carries euphoria to everybody around you. 

Part 4

A Vision For Your Future 

Objective setting in the western world can be perilous, because we so regularly set objectives not from our spirit, yet dependent on what media, publicizing, and culture pushes us towards.

To a limited extent 4, you’ll figure out how to set objectives that originate from your most profound center – so you’re satisfying your spirit reason while likewise making an outstanding show-stopper of life for yourself and an ideal world for humankind.

Be Extraordinary - Part 4

Features include: 

  • Why a conventional objective setting isn’t merely broken, it’s risky (and what you ought to do instead to turn into a relentless objective getter). 
  • You’ll ask yourself the 3 Most Important Inquiries: a surprising activity that gives you laser-concentrated clearness on what you truly need to accomplish throughout everyday life. Consolidate this with your up-and-coming authority of higher conditions of cognizance, and you’ll be reviving your wants quickly. 
  • Understanding your exceptional commitment to the world: find how to locate your impressive endowments, and guarantee your blessings to the world, don’t go ungiven. This implies finding your edge and making it so ground-breaking, you carry on with a satisfying life that fills in, for instance, to other people. 

Part 5

Becoming Unf*ckwithable 

Here you’ll begin puncturing the cloak of the real world, as you get familiar with the numerous ways cultural programming has nailed down your fullest human potential.

Also, why regularly do something contrary to what everybody – including your own psyche – lets you know, will lead you to inconceivable results?

As you do this, you will be censured. What’s more, this is the place you figure out how to get safe to analyze and applaud – you become unf*ckwithable. 

Be Extraordinary - Part 5

Features include: 

  • Step-by-step instructions to be unf*ckwithable: a tricky uncommon condition of being the place nothing can (or would even set out to) keep you away from your self-articulation and dreams. 
  • Making disappointment your companion: one basic strategy that permits you to divert the vitality of any disappointment, towards your outstanding achievement. 
  • Self-Fueled Goals: how to set objectives that change your condition so nobody or no situation can play with you.

Part 6

Becoming Bold 

An excessive number of us live far below our latent capacity.

To some extent 6, you’ll figure out how to amplify your objectives and vision, so you carry on with an existence of no second thoughts and ultimately get the chance to encounter all the miracles of this human experience. 

Be Extraordinary - Part 6

Features include: 

  • Instructions to rethink disappointment, so you’re currently resistant to disappointment and dread. Disappointment as a psychological build can be totally expelled from your life, permitting you to live strikingly. 
  • Instructions to Find your Mission by grasping your previous torment. At times the hurt from our past can be utilized as breadcrumbs to assist us with finding our future. 
  • Why authenticity isn’t for you. Instructions to be ridiculous and define objectives that conventional people would not consider. 
  • Step-by-step instructions to make a move on your objectives, so they come to you quicker. 

Part 7

Tapping Into Intuition 

As you set broad objectives, the inquiry turns out to be: how would you get to them?

Here you figure out how to take advantage of changed conditions of cognizance to outfit instinct – and use it to discover the appropriate responses that move you towards your vision. 

Be Extraordinary - Part 7

Features include: 

  • The study of instinct and why you have to saddle this aptitude. The initial step is figuring out how to utilize instinct as a direction framework, so you settle on the correct choices throughout everyday life: who to date, what occupation to take, etc. 
  • Step-by-step instructions to make a mark on the planet by tackling instinct as a wellspring of inventiveness and motivation – so you can produce groundbreaking thoughts, new organizations, and even new developments on the fly. 
  • Step-by-step instructions to make undetectable advocates: mental and profound builds that permit you to converse with higher knowledge and get shrewdness and motivation on request. 

Part 8

Bending Reality 

You’ll get another arrangement of cutting-edge devices and psyche shifts for moving results in support of yourself.

The outcome: you’ll be enabled to twist reality itself, and grasp your most noteworthy reason for living.

What you realize here will forever change how you see yourself and how you appear on the planet. 

Be Extraordinary - Part 8

Features include: 

  • The Law of Resonance: find why the Universe doesn’t depend on your wants, yet on what your identity is (and how you can work with this wonder to structure your ideal reality). 
  • The logical method to utilize your brain to mend and ensure your body. This implies having the option to recuperate from ailment quicker, and in any event, hindering maturing. 
  • The most effective method to get extraordinary lucidity on what you need so you can be laser-centered around showing your fantasies. 

Part 9

Embracing Your Call 

In the last piece of Be Extraordinary, you’ll figure out how to comprehend your spirit’s motivation on this planet.

Also, how to combine your spirit with any result you need (as long as it’s adjusted) so you can twist the texture of the real world and move to your objectives quicker and without breaking a sweat. 

Be Extraordinary - Part 9

Features include: 

  • The Merging Technique: the most progressive apparatus in this Quest. You’ll figure out how to shape the vitality of any result you need, so you can resolve any issue or wreck in your life and apparently ‘impact reality’ to make any result or objective come to you effortlessly. 
  • Turning into a worker to a higher calling: you’ll figure out how to structure your objectives, so what you’re looking for is in arrangement with what is best for humankind and Earth. 
  • The Power of Surrender: you’ll figure out how to move into a condition of giving up where objectives don’t make a difference any longer, because the Universe demonstrates through you.

Continue reading to know more about all that you can learn in this course. 

Mindvalley Be Extraordinary Learnings: What Will You Learn? 

Mindvalley Be Extraordinary Levels

More important Self-Love: 

By finding and grasping your actual calling, you’ll increase a newly discovered love and regard for the remarkable and boundless being you are. Your decisions, propensities, and feelings will likewise improve, as they’re driven by this equivalent feeling of self-esteem. 

More noteworthy Confidence: 

You’ll build up a feeling of lucidity of direction and association with the Universe itself – which thus fills you with certainty to accomplish and develop in uncommon manners. The idea of disappointment will no longer keep you down. 

Opportunity From Overwhelm: 

You’ll figure out how to channel your full nearness and center into the current second, making you unquestionably more gainful and quiet – even in the most testing circumstances. 

Lucidity Of Purpose: 

You’ll increase a completely clear vision of your great reason, and how to structure a rousing life that is in ideal arrangement with it. Contemplations like “is this the correct way for me?” will never again be an issue. 

Quickened Goal Achievement: 

Regardless of whether it’s a chance you need to find on the planet, a difficulty you need to explain, or even an ailment you need to recuperate from – you’ll discover how to transform your contemplations into reality at a quickened pace.

More profound Compassion: 

You’ll figure out how to not separate anymore or judge individuals dependent on religion, culture, or race. To you, each paying little mind to conviction or foundation will be a piece of a similar aggregate cognizance. 

Genuine Forgiveness: 

You’ll find how to transcend unimportant contrasts and misconceptions, and practice valid, true pardoning – both for yourself as well as other people. Your connections will significantly improve accordingly. 

Intensified Intuition: 

You’ll figure out how to sharpen your premonitions, so you’re continually directing yourself toward the most ideal decisions and choices. Vulnerability and self-uncertainty will become ancient remnants of the past for you.

Up next, we will be talking about the pros and cons of this course.


Pros And Cons | Be Extraordinary Review

Positives of Be Extraordinary

I’ve just spoken about the ideas I gained from this course, so I’ll be speedy with the encouraging points here before I get into the course’s constraints: 

  1. There are numerous significant exercises to move your point of view

As I referenced above, you will learn novel thoughts and ideas that challenge your present reasoning.  

  1. Vishen conveys unmistakably 

While some self-improvement masters utilize complex language to make it difficult to comprehend their thoughts, Vishen’s isn’t this way. 

Vishen can make complex thoughts straightforward. 

You’ll leave away with an “ah, obviously, that bodes well” from a large portion of the recordings in the course. 

  1. You get the chance to do this course with others 

While you can do it solo, you can likewise do the course on a similar date as others.

This is an additional advantage since you can speak with others in a conversation gathering.

  1. There are sufficient instruments and data

There is a ton of data to process in this course, so you don’t need to stress over not having the vital devices available to you.  

Be that as it may, it is dependent upon you to incorporate it.

Cons of Be Extraordinary

  1. The recordings are in some cases excessively short 

The recordings you get access to just go for around 5-20 minutes in length. 

While they’re creative and handy, at times, I wish he developed the points further. 

  1. You have to submit intellectually 

While the recordings may just go for around 5-20 minutes in length, they’re exercises that you have to finish. 

You likewise need to peruse a portion of the plans to take in the message completely. As I would like to think, you have to have in any event 30-an hours daily to process the exercise and complete the activities. 

It would be best if you additionally resolved to get profit by this course intellectually. 

  1. You should be happy to change 

If you haven’t got a receptive outlook, and you’re not ready to change, at that point, this course may not be for you.

Vishen’s course is tied in with helping you create positive change in your life. However, to do that, you have to think and act unexpectedly. 

His instructions may go up against some of the time, so you can’t deter and be irritated.

If you’re satisfied with your present life and don’t have any desire to change, at that point, this course may not be for you.

Mindvalley Extraordinary Pricing & Details:  

Mindvalley Be Extraordinary Review-Course Details

Number Of Days: 30 Days

Total Number Of Hours Of Training: 8.2 Hours


Digital Access: $399, or you can also pay three installments of $149 for a total of $447.

You can try it for 10 Days Risk-Free. 

Quick Links :

FAQs: Be Extraordinary Review 2023

What makes Be Extraordinary a course to look out for?

Be Extraordinary is made by Vishen, a mastermind when it comes to training people to unlock their potentials and the founder of Mindvalley. His lists of achievements are long enough to answer this question.

What if I do not like to Be Extraordinary course?

Well, you are entirely free to leave the course if you do not like it. The course has a money-back guarantee of 10 Days if you want to revert your decision to take this course.

Do I really need Mindvalley's Be Extraordinary course?

Taking Be Extraordinary course is a subjective thing and a personal choice. However, you should definitely take Vishen’s demo class first so that you can understand the meaning and importance of this course. This will help you determine better.

Final Thoughts: Mindvalley Extraordinary Review 2023

Is this course for you?

To be honest, you will surely get good value for money with the Mindvalley Extraordinary Course.


Mindvalley Be Extraordinary is an extraordinary leading-edge curriculum that helps you to achieve anything in your life, by boosting your potential to the next level and becoming a more extraordinary person.

The courses at Mindvalley provide you with knowledge related to mental health and growth as well as many other topics.

If this sounds like something you’re interested in exploring further, check out our website today or contact us for more information on how we can help make your dreams come true!

Ranveer Allahbadla Review

All things considered, Vishen’s large center is stripping back the restricting contemplations society has set on a significant number of us, and afterward placed in the work to methodically alter your perspective and disposition.

It’s not actually simple. 

Specifically, I accept this course can be helpful for you if: 

  1. You tend to self-harm or shut down and need to control these foolish propensities.
  2. You are profoundly delicate to the analysis and assessments of others. 
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  1. Mindvalley is a saving grace for anyone in the throes of mental health and seeking answers.

    There are so many individuals out there who don’t have access to professional care, and this makes them suffer on their own without any support from friends or family. Mindvalley has become a huge resource for these people.

  2. I’m terrible at coming up with original thoughts. Things I say tend to just be rephrasing whatever someone else has already said or sounds like a cookie cutter phrase that everyone says. When my best friend decided she was going to start this course and found out I would too, she hooked me up with Mindvalley Be Extraordinary because it uses technology which you get connected and work on different courses alongside other people from all over the world! Learning is fun again after another mental health session when all you want to do is make yourself seem ‘woke’ by sharing what the person next to you shared during their mental break time LOL.

  3. I’ve lived such a boring life before, but when I started following the Mindvalley way of life, wow. They give you access to courses that allow you to transform yourself into something different. I’m so glad I found this place on my own without their advertising or promotions -random person

    You can’t fake it til you make it with Mindvalley, they’ll guide you every step of the way through this journey.

  4. I love Mindvalley! I use to be so mad all the time at bad drivers. But after taking their course “Mindset and Behavior Change,” my anger just disappeared. Seriously, life feels a hundred times better now that I’m not spazzin’ out on people anymore.

  5. Mindvalley gives you all the courses that helps with your mental health and growth, it is a very hands-on experience. It’s great!

  6. The course was incredible because it helped me to grow my skills and knowledge in various topics which can be applied to my professional and personal life. The instructors for this module are smart, funny, interesting people who really could develop a deep connection with their students. Unsurprisingly I didn’t have any problems completing the course or submitting assignments.

  7. “This is the best thing I’ve ever done for myself.” Their programs are engaging, life-changing, and empowering. If you’re looking to take it up a notch in all areas of your life, this may be just what you need!

  8. I just want to express my utmost gratitude and complete satisfaction with Mindvalley Be Extraordinary. I’m not exaggerating when I say that this is literally the best thing that has ever happened in my life! Seriously, it’s changed everything for me!”

  9. I’m a high school student, and this mental-training program has been the most mind-blowing experience I’ve ever had. Before I took it, I felt happy but not great about myself. But these courses were the fast track to the inner peace that was always there–I feel like a new person now. They make every challenge seem surmountable!

  10. Mindvalley BE Extraordinary is nothing but a leading-edge curriculum, which helps you do anything in your life, by boosting your potential to the next level and become an extraordinary person. It contains all that you need, both in terms of self-discovery and skills that you can put into practice right away to achieve success.

  11. Congratulations! You’ve taken the first step to becoming extraordinary. The secret is out, you CAN achieve your dreams. I was never into success stories that are written about in magazines or shown on TV, but this program completely changed my perspective by teaching me how to go after what matters most in life. The Mindvalley Be Extraordinary curriculum has taught me so much more than just skills needed for SEO reviews — it’s made me better at thinking creatively and analytically about different topics including marketing strategies, writing blog content, self-awareness exercises, emotional intelligence techniques … etc…. they even helped prepare me for interviews with potential employers once I graduate college!

  12. Mindvalley Be Extraordinary is not just a course; it’s an experience. It’s like nothing I’ve ever read before and frankly, my mind is blown! I’m in awe of the wisdom this material contains to help me becoming extraordinary – really something else….it changed my whole point of view and increase my understanding level !

  13. Imagine a magical world that will push you confidently towards success. A world where nobody needs to be shy or hesitant about their abilities. Imagine a place where anybody can become an irresistible enterprise, and count on unlimited free assistance from Mindvalley’s mentors who are some of the most known figures in modern business–world class coaches and entrepreneurs….it will provide the every required class for growth !

  14. One of the best decisions I’ve made in life was to get this course. It’s through the art of meditation and understanding myself, that I was able to thrive in my business by not struggling with so many fears or doubts. Now I’m out there living my dreams–whatever they may be–as an extraordinary woman!

  15. If you’re looking for a curriculum that’s going to help take your potential to the next level, then Mindvalley Be Extraordinary is exactly what you need. I love going through this program because it always leaves me feeling more special and intelligent than before.

  16. It would be best if you could get a refund.
    I was scammed into this and it turns out that the meditation recordings are barely any time at all and there’s no workbook. There’s also only one recording. You can’t complete anything other than look at the exercises on your phone which defeats the whole point of meditation for me.

  17. Vishen is amazing at teaching methods that are fun and simple enough for anyone to learn. He inspires you while showing you the best ways to get creative with your brain. I’m able to sharpen my focus, concentrate on tasks more intently, be kinder in my thoughts towards others, break bad habits – all because of Vishen Sivadas’ teachings!

  18. Mindvalley helps people, like me! Who feel so unextraordinary because of our brain’s limitations, to unlock the true potential of your mind and health. I was struggling with mental health issues when Mindvalley helped me put everything together.

  19. Mindvalley Be Extraordinary is for anyone who’s interested in self-development and want to take their life to the next level. I’m really into it.

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