Mindvalley Quests Review 2021: Should You Go For It?

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Are you looking for more information on Mindvalley Quests? Then go through our Mindvalley quests review to get in-depth knowledge about this.

If you are amongst those who are looking forward to joining Mindvalley, I am sure your conscience might have come across some obvious questions, such as :

  • Is subscribing to Mindvalley worth the money you will be paying?
  • Is this a complete all-in-one platform for developing one’s skills?
  • Can we have lifetime access to its contents through a one-off purchase of its subscription?

If these are some queries hitting your head every now and then, trust me, you are at the perfect place. As we will drift further in this article, all your doubts and questions about Mindvalley will be resolved straight up. You will get to know what Mindvalley is all about, plus what all new and existing quests (online courses) it has to offer to its users.

If you have questions about Mindvalley then check out our detailed Mindvalley Review.

Almost all the attributes of Mindvalley can be explored through its paid subscription. With this thing in hand, you can load your arsenal of knowledge to extreme levels. Each quest will be followed by a tangible incentive (free certificate) to be given to all users who complete the quest.

Bottom Line Upfront: Mindvalley Quests is nothing but a leading-edge curriculum, including a series of topics, each with videos of two to ten hours duration, divided into various chapters. Mindvalley provides you lots of courses related to your mental health and your growth.

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What exactly is Mindvalley Academy?

For all-round development of personality, Mindvalley carves its name in the list of most reliable and effective online courses providers worldwide. An upper edge that Mindvalley enjoys is that its courses have more real-life applications than those offered by platforms like eDX, Udemy, Coursera, etc.

Mindvalley Academy-Overview

The central theme around which revolves the prime objective of this program is the concept of ‘ Personal Development.’ After pursuing this course, the learner can boost his/her morale and confidence and also increase his horizons of learning and acquiring knowledge. Currently, it offers over thirty programs, comprising several micro-courses, which you can choose as per your preference.

This leading-edge curriculum of self-development courses includes topics from longevity and health, to spirituality and delivering your optimum performance.  This curriculum has gained over 10 million subscribers from different countries across the world.

These courses are taught by the leading faculties, who are experts in their field.

Some of the well-known names involved are Marisa Peer, Britain’s number 1 hypnotherapist,  learning coach Jim Kwik, motivational speaker Lisa Nichols, a world-renowned expert on attraction laws Michael S.Beckwith, and a league of other famous authors and experts.  

Mindvalley Quest Review 2021: A Brief Insight

Quest is nothing but a leading-edge curriculum, including a series of topics, each with videos of two to ten hours duration, divided into various chapters. Each video lesson has some assignments and engaging exercises and activities which the learner has to perform.

These activities and tasks stretched over one and a half months can be done alone or along with friends and family members. This thing can be done easily with the existing skill set if you are a creative person. Clearly mentioned instructions are given in every chapter. Go through them thoroughly and carefully follow your trainer. 

Mindvalley Quest-Brief Insight

However, some things must be noted before jumping on to these video sessions. To start with, don’t exit your login portal zone and don’t click on the sales advertisement page that pops up. If done, you have to login again, but you cannot go back to the same window where you left.

Mindvalley is known for providing premium quality content to its users. It has invested a significant amount of money in developing and delivering these courses. However, it is only for those who have purchased their ‘all-access’ pass. Thus, you will not get access to a high-quality content course by merely enrolling and subscribing to an average package.

One fantastic feature that Mindvalley provides is that you can skip or speed up your video, which is usually absent in other platforms.

What type of people will be compatible with Mindvalley?

This platform strives to teach such content that would leave an affirmative impact on the mind. It would fuel the aspects of productivity, religious attachment, self-development, and physiological and psychological well-being. This program will train your brain in such a way that you will be able to utilize the energy around you to maintain an equilibrium in your thought process and physical/mental approach.

Consider the following prospects of Mindvalley to know if it is your catch or not :

  • This will enhance your learning of those skills which have an inevitable use in real-life.
  • You can find your grey areas through their courses and accordingly work to cement them for future endeavors.
  • The curriculum considers impactful topics like self-growth, subconscious mind, Yoga, laws in play when you are attracted to another person, etc. 

Millions of people across the world are witnessing an effectual transition in their thought processes after completing Mindvalley’s courses. You will start looking at things in your life from a different point of view and implement your learning in a practical sense.

All programs of Mindvalley can be reached after subscribing to its elite ‘All-access’ pass.

What, according to you, is the finest quest that Mindvalley provides?

Mindvalley has got some amazingly enthralling courses. We have enlisted  some of our preferred ones here:

  • Emily Fletcher’s ‘The M Word’
  • Srikumar Rao’s ‘The Quest for Personal Mastery’ 
  • Marisa Peer’s  ‘Uncompromised Life’

In her course, Emily Fitcher acquaints you with some techniques to calm your body and soul. You can kick off your day with these meditation tacts by practicing them early every morning. Just focussing on completing work and not worrying about the result will be taught to you by Sir Srikumar Rao in his videos. 

Marisa Peer will teach you how, using hypnotherapy, how someone’s mind-set can be changed to develop a positive outlook. It will also give you an insightful lesson on how can a changed vision and perception could transform you to live a healthy and tranquil life.

Mindvalley’s quests have resulted in a fruitful gain to many people all over the world, be it boosting the confidence or refining the new and existing skills. These videos have finely worked well in filtering negative emotions and filling it with positive vibes. It makes the mind and hearts peaceful at the very core.

What are the Quests that you will come across at Mindvalley?

  • We have bulleted all the quests which you can access through the elite pass of Mindvalley. These are :
  • Feng Shui For the Life by Marie Diamond
  • Life Visionary Mastery by Michael Beckwith
  • Superbrain by Jim Kwik
  • The Psychology of Winning by Denis Waitley
  • Super Reading by Jim kwik
  • The Quest for the Personal Mastery by Srikumar Rao
  • The Mastery of Sleep by Michael Breu
  • 4 Conscious Uncoupling by Katherine Woodward 
  • The Longevity Blueprint by Ben Greenfield
  • The Silva Ultramind System by Vishen Lakhiani
  • The Habit of the Ferocity by Steven Kotler
  • Awaken Species by Neale Donald Walsch 
  • Live By Your Own Rules by Kristina Mand-Lakhiani
  • Total Transformation by Christine Bullock
  • Chakra Healing by Anodea Judith
  • Uncompromised Life by Marisa Peer
  • Hero, Genius, and Legend by Robin Sharm
  • Be Extraordinary by Vishen Lakhiani
  • M Word by Emily Fletcher
  • Money EQ by Ken Honda
  • Transformational Hypnotherapy by Marisa Peer
  • Speak & Inspire by Lisa Nichols
  • Duality by Jefrey Allen
  • Unlocking Transcendence by Jeffrey Allan
  • The Yoga Quest by Cecelia Sardeo
  • Energy Medicine by Donna Eden
  • Conscious Parenting Mastery by Dr. Shefali Tsabary

A fresh range of courses is also about to be included. Some of them are: 

  • Superhuman at Work by Vishen Lakhiani
  • Ultimate Leaderships by Keith Ferraz
  • Become Stress-Proof by Paul McKenna
  • 10X Fitness by Lorenzo Delano
  • Energies of Love by Donna Eden
  • Integral Theory by Ken Wilber
  • The Power of Boldness by Naveen Jain
  • Mastering the Authentic Networking by the Keith Ferrazi
  • The Alan Watts Quests by Alan Watts

What exactly is an ‘all-access’ pass that Mindvalley always excites about?

In simple words, this pass is an annual paid subscription through which you can access almost all the programs which are provided by Mindvalley throughout the year.

With this pass come numerous privileges. Following are the prominent ones :

  • You do not have to pay individually for each quest. Access to all the existing and forthcoming quests at Mindvalley is given for the whole year.
  • A twenty-minute Q&A session will be provided to let you know your strengths and weaknesses so that you can accordingly ready yourself to achieve all your life goals.
  • You will be a part of Mindvalley community groups on various social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, etc. where you can post videos and photos.
  • The user will get to know and learn things in a more personalized environment. Your tutors will connect with you over live calls and motivate you in every way possible. 
  • Once you complete a quest, you will be awarded a shareable and downloadable E-Certificate, which you can attach with your social media handles as an impressive credential.
  • This platform can be easily accessed through android phones and also through desktop, iPad, or Apple TV.

However, if you are not satisfied with these privileges and want to get a refund of your subscription money, you can do that within ten-fifteen days without any conditions. A separate portal is made for this purpose.

A significant drawback with this pass is that the gateway to some material is not given to pass holders, and you have to pay separately to access them. This exclusion disgusts quite a few people around. These excluded courses are:

  • Unlimited Abundance 
  • Online Lifebook
  • Wildfit 

How much does this premium pass costs?

The money you will be spending to buy this package is worth every penny. The annual price of this subscription is $599. All the costly quests, both existing and new ones, will be accessible to you by this single-term investment.

Masterclasses with a price tag of over a thousand dollars will be accessible to you at a fraction of the original price. To make this investment cost-effective, you will be required to enrol in 3-4 courses. However, as discussed above, some of the courses like wildfit and online Lifebook will not be available with an all-access pass. Separate payment has to be made to avail them.

What are the Pros and Cons of this ‘All-access’ pass?

Every product has dual aspects – good and bad ones. For one to purchase a product, it becomes imperative that both these aspects must be thoroughly dealt with to make an optimal buying decision. The same is the case here. A prudent person should look into both merits and demerits of ‘All-access’ pass and accordingly come up with the decision whether to buy it or not.


Quests of Mindvalley are named in some of the world’s most popular courses for personal growth. With the privileges that its annual subscription, its benefit grew manifolds, making it an ideal platform for many. They have been summed up below. 

  • An affordable package that gives users access to almost all guests.
  • High-grade content of lessons
  • Personalized attention and insightful knowledge from professionals.
  • You are instructed by the best faculties of the world, which would undoubtedly impact your lives to new extremes. 
  • These quests will boost confidence, spiritualism, self-love, and personal development.


  • Utmost patience is required. The changes will not appear immediately. One needs to accept that this practice will bear fruits slowly over time.
  • Although the video content is luring and engaging, its duration is short. This makes one lose interest in learning.
  • It will require a daily commitment of around an hour to cement the concept. Following this, you have to read instructions and complete exercises, which increases the gross time required.

How to access Mindvalley?

This platform can be reached through an Android/ios supported application on your mobile phone (even laptops and computers). Hence, you can be in touch with this any and every time.

Mobile Application of Mindvalley

You can reach Mindvalley in a few simple steps. Download its application from the relevant AppStore on your android smartphone. On the sign-up portal, enter details, verify them, and you are in. If you already have an account, fill in the login credentials, and continue learning with your subscribed course.

Community App of Mindvalley

To have a more in-depth insight into what Mindvalley is about, you can download their community app. This app connects you to people who are doing or have done similar quests with Mindvalley. You can catch up with them through meetings, recent events, etc.

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FAQs: Mindvalley Quests Review

☞ Is separate payment required to access Mindvalley’s programs after subscribing to its annual pass?

☞No, it is a one-time investment. Theron, you can access all the existing and upcoming quests for free. However, certain courses are excluded in this pass.

☞What is the nature of the certificate that Mindvalley provides?

☞A softcopy of downloadable and shareable certificates is given to people who complete the course. You can display this on your social media handles

☞Does Mindvalley have a Customer care service on board?

☞Yes, the customer support cell of Mindvalley is a committed forum, active round the clock. It is backed with a dedicated team of employees who will always be up to resolve all your queries.

Conclusion: Mindvalley Quests Review 2021

A niche has been carved by Mindvalley in impacting the lives of millions of people by optimizing their thinking skills while acquainting them with their true authentic selves. It builds one personally and socially.

Their league of more than thirty courses also lets you build a robust social network, as it allows you to be a part of their active community groups, where you can also share your stories, photos, and videos as regards your experience with Mindvalley quests. All these courses can be availed for the next 12 months with a subscription that is a very economical bet. Otherwise, you’ll have to pay separately for each quest you enroll with.

Mindvalley has always been a savior for many people out there who lack confidence in themselves and could not appreciate things around them. Their high-grade lessons encourage you to embed self-love, spiritualism, and self-confidence deep and permanent in your ideas of living.

Here comes the end of this review. We hope that we were able to segregate all your mental disputes regarding Mindvalley’s quests in black and white. Consider all the points mentioned above and accordingly decide to enroll with the one.

Best wishes. This is the template text that will be posted at your cursor location.

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