Mindvalley Silva Method Review 2023: Does This Method Work?

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You can utilise Silva Ultramind to enhance your mental abilities through meditation. According to popular belief, there are four distinct levels of awareness, and this method is designed to teach you more about each one while also teaching you how to put them to work for you. It also aids in mental development, allowing you to reach higher levels of insight and spirituality.

Price:$ 399

I’m on a spiritual journey. When I meditate, read spiritual texts, and think about as many different ways to help myself, actualize, and be spiritual as I can think of.

That’s why I came across Mindvalley’s Silva Ultramind System. I wanted to keep moving forward on my journey to becoming a fully realized person.

It says that it will help you use your mind to make your dreams come true in real life. Sounds good to me. For that reason, I signed up for the four-week course. I’ll let you know how it goes.

The answer is: It all depends on what you want.

Mindvalley Silva Method Review: What is Silva Ultramind?

This system, called Silva Ultramind, is based on meditation and is used to make your mind more powerful.

Site: “Optimized framework for unlocking the full potential of the mind.” My understanding of what it meant wasn’t totally clear, so I decided to research it a little more.

There are four supposed levels of consciousness, and this process is supposed to help you learn about them and learn how to use them for different things. It also helps you improve your mind so that you can develop different levels of understanding and spirituality.

Mindvalley Silva Method Review

Silva Ultramind caught my eye while I was on Mindvalley. I signed up for the service, too. When you look at Mindvalley’s sales pitch, it doesn’t seem like it should be there. There is a new company called Mindvalley, too.

Who teaches Silva method? 

Vishen Lakhani himself teaches the Silva ultramind course.

Mindvalley runs a number of online courses that teach people how to improve their own lives and become more enlightened. Over 30 of these courses run for about 4 weeks each, and they last about that long (more on the cost later).

Vishen Lakhiani is Teaching Silva Ultramind

Lakhiani says that he used meditation to improve his vision after he had a bad Lasik surgery. He also says that people can improve their vision by meditating and using lenses with less power.

Brainstorm is a great company, and the founder is also a teacher, so it’s interesting that they work together. It’s said that Lakhiani’s success has been partly due to the Silva System.

Let’s see what that means.

How Much Does Silva Ultramind Cost?

Courses on Silva Ultramind can be found on Mindvalley, which sells it. People who want to take courses at Mindvalley have two options: They can pay for a single course or all 30+ courses.

Ultramind alone costs $399 or Mindvalley with 30+ classes costs $599. So, for an extra $200, you could get 30x as much content.

How is Silva Ultramind Structured?

The class is spread out over four weeks. We use meditation techniques each week to help you improve your mind’s ability to control the four levels of consciousness.

How long does the class last? It’s spread out over 28 days with 12 hours of instruction. Most of the videos last about 15 to 30 minutes.

They’re pretty simple to put together: When Vishen talks to you one on one, he tells you about the technique he wants to show you.

How is Silva Ultramind Structured

He walks you through the basics of it and then asks you to look into it more on your own through the different audio resources that are out there for you.

These audio resources are used by Vishen to help you move between different states of consciousness during your meditation. They help you stimulate different brain waves.

What can you learn from Silva Ultramind?

I tried Silver Ultramind and found some of the amazing things to learn:

  • Multiply Your Power to Make Things Happen. As you think and act, you make your dreams come true.
  • Develop Clear Intuition. Use your subconscious to make smarter decisions, like when you buy a new car.
  • Growth in your job. The more you use altered states of consciousness in your work, the better you can solve problems and be more creative.
  • Find out what your goal is and do your best to achieve it. Find out why you were put on this earth, and start living a fulfilling life that connects you to that goal every single day.
  • Holistic medicine. The ability of the mind to help with physical healing has been well-researched. Find out how you can use your mind to speed up healing and make your wellness practices even better.

Some strong claims there. I took these claims right from Mindvalley. I made a few changes, but I wanted you to get a sense of what Silva Ultramind claims to be able to do for you, so I did.

The following claims stand out from the rest. “Achieve inner peace” is an easier concept to grasp than “multiply your manifestation power” but both are important.

When you look at the second one, it doesn’t say much more than that you need to match what you do with what you think so that you can get what you want.

When it comes to science and spirituality, I think it’s important to think about three general groups of people:

  1. If something isn’t backed up by science, they think it doesn’t make sense and is a waste of time.
  2. These claims will be taken at face value by people who are 100% sure that they are true. They will embrace them if they make them feel better.
  3. Between: People who believe in the value of science but also know that there are many things that science can’t yet explain.

It’s not for you if you’re in the first group. You won’t like Silva Ultramind. It’s time to stop reading now and pick up a science magazine for your pleasure now.

So if you’re one of the third types of people, like I am, then I think it’s important to let go of your doubt about Silva Ultramind.

Scientific claims that are hard to prove are made by people who have a lot of faith in them. I’ll get to these in a while.

In other words, there’s the strength that comes from fully accepting another point of view, but it’s not always easy. I think you should spend a lot of time with Silva Ultramind and let it work for a while before you see results in your life.

I think it’s great if it has a good effect. At least you tried something new.


In Silva Ultramind, this is one of the things that you can do to get better at it. To start, let’s look at the projection.

In week two, Vishen wants you to put your thoughts on metals. A metal object is in your hand, then on your forehead, and you focus your mind on the object to learn more about it. You can learn about its properties and its history.

You then do the same thing with leaves, and eventually with your own body.

You can get information from inanimate objects (not “what is this made of,” but “who used to own it”) by simply focusing your brainpower on the object. This isn’t about “what is this made of,” but rather “who used to own it.”

It is called psychometry when you can read the history of something.

My review on Silver Ultramind Method: 

I’ve always been interested in personal development and self-improvement so when I heard about The Silva Ultramind System, I knew I had to check it out.

And I wasn’t disappointed. After doing the exercises, I immediately felt more relaxed and positive. The guided meditations and positive affirmations really work to help you change your thoughts and mindset for the better.

I would definitely recommend this course for anyone looking for a way to improve their mental well being and outlook on life.

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Conclusion: Mindvalley Silva Method Review 2023

Courses by Mindvalley can be very educational or even mind-changing, like The Silva Method, which is very interesting.

The Ultramind is the most recent version that can be found on the platform right now. Mental peace and stability are important if you want to stay excited and happy

This program is very important if you want to be more focused and smart. The Silva method program removes negative thoughts from your mind and improves your ability to think more quickly.

It helps you understand more people, animals, and things that are near you. It’s open to anyone who needs it. This program will help you understand what is going on in your mind and help you win the fight against negativity in your life.

Many people like to take these classes because they can relax their minds and see things in a new way. If you want to make the best decisions for your life, this book gives you enough information to help you do so.

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