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Looking for a detailed Mindvalley Three Core Concepts Review? I have got you covered, in this article I have shared everything you need to know about Mindvalley Three Core Concepts, and help you conclude if it is worth it.

Many people are not aware of the fact that they can make a quantum leap in their lives.

If you want to take your life to the next level, then you need to learn how to apply these three core concepts.

Mindvalley Three Core Concepts will help you understand what it takes for you to become successful and achieve your goals. You’ll discover how easy it is for anyone who wants it badly enough!

Bottom Line Upfront: 

Mindvalley is a company that helps people take “Quantum Leaps” in their lives.

They’ve been around for over 10 years and have helped millions of people live happier, healthier, more successful lives. And they’re not slowing down anytime soon.

Mindvalley 3 Core Concept Testimonials

You can learn from the best teachers in the world on topics like personal growth, spirituality, and entrepreneurship – all without ever leaving your home or breaking the bank. It’s time to start living your life to its fullest potential today!

Click here right now and sign up for Mindvalley!

About Mindvalley: A Quick Overview

Mindvalley is a company dedicated to  wisdom and ideas that promote personal physical and mental growth. 

What does the Mindvalley mentoring program do?

Mindvalley Mentoring is a personal growth accelerator membership program featuring high-impact coaching with Vishen Lakhiani and his mentors.

Mindvalley academy

As a member of this program, you get private access to their growing vault of training videos, workshops, films, and interviews with a curated selection of the world’s top performers and personal growth teachers.

And, you also get to connect with their inner circle community through live and virtual meetups.

This is the most advanced and transformational growth platform in the Mindvalley ecosystem. And the only place to access it is in Mindvalley Mentoring.

Mindvalley courses help people navigate the ups and downs of life and help them embrace a complete transformation. We have already posted a detailed Mindvalley Review which you can check out.

In this particular Mindvalley podcast, Srikumar Rao aims to make listeners achieve what is known as a quantum leap.

He does this by sharing with us the life lessons he had learned along the way. This particular presentation by Mindvalley is packed with his life lessons and anecdotes. 

Throughout this article, we will explore Mindvalley 3 core concepts that are meant to help you “take a quantum leap,” so that “taking the long path.” won’t be necessary. 

What Courses Does Mindvalley Offer?  

The courses here are accessible to users from anywhere in the world and are taught entirely by experts on the topics. So, as a result, the quality tends to be excellent.

MindValley Courses

But in general, Mindvalley courses walk us through fascinating topics that we can bury ourselves into. The experts that are teaching classes at Mindvalley aim to provide us with their insider knowledge of life. 

In their Mindvalley Courses, they share their life experiences and many other fun-filled anecdotes that will keep us entertained. 

About Srikumar Rao: The Mastermind behind the Quantum Leap

Srikumar Rao -Mindvalley Quantum Leap Podcast

Mr. Rao took his first breath in 1951. He completed his schooling in Delhi, Mumbai being his birthplace, moving forward with his graduation in West Bengal.

He had held the position of a physics major in the prestigious St. Stephen’s College, which is located in Delhi. Subsequently, obtaining his MBA in Ahmedabad.

Srikumar Rao is not only an established author and speaker but also a former professor who specialized in Personal Mastery and Creativity.

You can read articles from Srikumar Rao on inc.com here.

The Mindvalley Podcast: Mindvalley Three Core Concepts- Quantum Leap

This particular podcast by Mindvalley is designed to promote personal growth, as are most other Mindvalley courses. 

To take such a “Quantum Leap”, you must know how to apply the basic core principles mentioned in this podcast. 

Below we have explained a bit more about these core principles:

1st Core Concept- Anchoring Feelings

What is a quantum leap? Money? Fame? Business growth? Well, a quantum leap is not always about that. In this course, listeners will explore the possibility of growth.

The growth can be seen in as little as a week or two if you do it successfully. 

Srikumar Rao invites all of his listeners to think once again. He shows you that money is not something you are after. 

Level Up

Perhaps, the feeling money offers? The feeling you get when you are more luxurious and have more money?

No, that is wrong! You need to go through introspection, but keep in mind that life and success are two very different things, and they should be kept different to avoid any unnecessary mess.

What you all originally want is to feel alive, to feel radiantly alive! If you desire to attain a purpose and live a fulfilling life.

You want to anchor yourself into a feeling of well-being. You want assurance. You want the confidence that you are doing okay. You want the impression that everything will always be alright.

In this podcast, listeners have posed the notion that humanity is a predicament. It should be established that specific issues are bound to come up.

The only thing you have to commit to experiencing a great day is to wake up in the morning and decide that today is going to be a great day.

Why do most of us have a not-so-great day?

There is a one-word answer, mindset. We tend to mix things up. A great day is not when everything you want to happen can just be put in front of you.

A great day cannot be decided based on the confused notion of what we want to happen and the desire that it is not fulfilled by what is not happening. Problems can be a part of your great day! Perhaps it is great because you have overcome it?

Once you change your mindset and realize that problems are also a part of life, you can thus contribute a part to your great day. You must learn to anchor your feelings to take this quantum leap.

Quantum Leap - 3 Core Concepts

In this Mindvalley podcast, you’ll learn to take a Quantum Leap based on how you experience life by no one else but Srikumar Rao himself! He opens up ways in which you can add slight amendments to your thought processes.

Most of us are flying around trapped in a glass jar in the dark, unable to figure out where we are going, where we need to learn to fly away into the sunlight and freedom! We are being held captive by our mindset.

Thus, we are the only ones stopping ourselves from making this quantum leap.

This is only a small part of the higher philosophy offered to listeners of this Mindvalley Podcast. Listeners are sure to be hooked just after listening to Core Concept 1. Then they eagerly wait to absorb all the concepts and take a quantum leap boosting their lifestyle

2nd Core Concept–  Is Control an Illusion?

We all plan our days, decide how it is supposed to go, what we should eat, drink and wear, what tasks should be accomplished, the most plausible outcomes for every job, and somewhere we have a near estimate about how much we have gained from the day.

But how many times is our objective fulfilled? Haven’t we all had important events in our lives that turned out as a show bomb and made a real mess that took more effort for cleaning?

We all have become a part of a rat race, and the only question that remains is how we win it? But can you recall a time in which you had a plan and for when things didn’t turn out as planned?

The major problem with our lifestyle is, we don’t want to see the other side of the coin. We fear to flip the coin and to explore what’s new. Maybe life may surprise us with either hell or heaven.

Life is not a puppet that every movement of theirs can be monitored and pre-planned. It is more like rolling of the dice, random, uncertain, and adventurous with every new step.

Every day our daily to-do list motivates us to fulfill our due course of action. But to believe that our day will go exactly as we want, will only bring us stress, sadness, and a sense of insecurity, in the case it falls apart.

Illusion of control - Quantum Leap

Why can’t we, for once, think of it in a new way?

If the project we are endeavoring to finish happens precisely as we had intended for it to, then maybe all those millions of things that could have gone wrong would not occur; though if something went wrong, then we would always have room for something unexpected, that is, we are prepared for it mentally.

The Illusion of control is bound to break. It should be used as a necessary evil, but with caution. We can not always exert control over most of our internal and external environments. 

We can eliminate the unnecessary pressure strain and brain work by only stopping trying to control and accept the impromptu.

We cannot calculate the outcome, but we can always do our best to walk towards that direction. We can read our perception. We can always alter our way of thinking so that we can deal with a wide range of situations.

For developing a significant view about any situation, we have to learn to channel our thoughts in a more efficient manner. Our ideas should be unique and out of the box. 

All the people who have brought a change in this world perceived it as an opportunity. To them, society was like a set of building blocks, small bits, and joined together. But what they did was, they experimented with these blocks, brought new ideas, and combined their skills and knowledge to amaze the world. 

We all know about Swami Vivekananda, the scholar, and philosopher, who made a historical speech at the World’s  Parliament of Religion. He represented India and Hinduism.

But his speech was so eccentric that within the first 10 seconds of the delivery he received a standing ovation for about 10 minutes. All this happened because he was different and unique from all the speeches made that day. 

Being different is not easy. It demands effort and confidence for execution. Even the results are uncertain. But here is where the illusion breaks, and you theoretically lose control. 

3rd Core Concept  – Mental chatter

The concept of your mind speaking to you throughout the day is known as mental chatter.

When do you start listening to the words in your own head? From exactly the moment we open our eyes, all this mental chatter starts. (You would do well to remember that your mind won’t stop talking even though you are fast asleep. The only difference is you are distracted to ease up on your body.)

It’s almost like that annoying younger sibling of yours talking to you continuously while you keep ignoring them despite their efforts to get you talking. We try to ignore them, go around them, and continue until they get tired or just leave. 

Mindvalley 3rd principal

But how many times has this ever been helpful to you? Once? Twice? Until you end up in a fistfight? Never? Well, that’s only because your life is kind of bonded with them.

They were your siblings then, and they are now. Your life is partially dependent on them. Your parents may have unwittingly made some life decisions that impact you as a result of them.  

That is precisely how mental chatter has been your all-time, clingy friend, and your biggest dependent factor in life decisions, plans, and ideas. 

When it comes to our lives, we all think we live in the real world, but guess what? You don’t. It’s a world created by your mind, for your entire life, also anyone else involved in your existence, and that’s for everyone that has a little, annoying sibling-like, chatterbox. 

Now, wouldn’t it hurt if your sibling punches you in the shoulder?

It will. Now, would they go ahead and punch it exactly there again.

You’d feel even more hurt and will eventually have negative thoughts or thoughts that produce sadness and tears when they were not the reason you got sad in the first place.

This is precisely the way in which the second punch works. Our mind somehow loves to add excess baggage to our already down selves.

But we also need to realize that we keep landing punches repeatedly in the same place or create new places to hit or hit the almost healed wounds.

All these punches (that are not required, by the way.) are to be blamed on your annoying sibling, aka, your mental chatter. 

Remember the little paragraph where I told you about how we are dependent on mental chatter?

Well, you will also remember the part after that, that is, our whole life is based on chatter. Now, let us name these ideas, plans, decisions, etc. we will call it a model. 

So, these models are basically how we see everything and how we would like to believe how everything works and take out a procedure to do as per the model’s requirements.

But the mistake isn’t in doubting your models. Why? Because every model is correct up to a certain level, and every model is bound to crumple accordingly. 

Henceforth, your models are bound to change and keep changing until your mind stops his chatter. 

Can Mindvalley Three Core Concepts Change Your Perspective on Life?

The three core principles explained in this course open a new perspective, a perspective that lives without. A view most are blind to. This course provides you the opportunity to open your eyes to a much better world.

It basically consists of things we miss out on a daily basis, that is, our views, other’s views, and the truth since our views might clash with others and opinions themselves might conflict with the facts.

Mindvalley 3 Core Concepts To Help You

The three different core principles shed light on how we need to change our mindset, and how we need to rethink the very idea of the quantum leap. How money and fame are not the core benefits of making the quantum leap.

If you think about it, the only thing required to have a good time is to have a great mindset. 

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Mindvalley and the Three Core Concepts: Pros and Cons

There is no course that is absolutely perfect. Everything has both positive and negative factors that are required to be considered. The same stands true with these Mindvalley Podcasts.

We have already spoken a lot about the positives of Mindvalley and the three core principles, so we will just paraphrase it all here for your convenience and talk about Mindvalley in general. 


  • The content offered by Mindvalley is of outstanding quality, backed up with a lot of personal experience, research, and expertise.
  • Rather than just flooding their audience with lots of random thoughts and advice, Mindvalley experts do a good job of providing actionable information.
  • If one has a willingness to learn and is open to new thoughts and ideas, these courses could change their lives. 
  • It is often tough to find excellent self-improvement courses that aid with your development, but Mindvalley does a superb service bringing all of this content together.
  • The unique material and courses found here cannot be found anywhere else. 
  • People would likely prefer the all-access pack affordable compared to paying for each class.


  • The videos and podcasts offered on Mindvalley are often too short. Although the provided videos are beneficial and provide great insights, they could go a lot more into detail. 
  • To reap the full benefits of the courses available here, you must commit! You must be willing to put in around 30-60 minutes aside from your daily schedule to digest their teachings fully. 
  • You must also have the will to complete the assignments that they request you to complete with an open mind. 
  • The willingness to change must come from your inner self. Must be willing to put aside your previous views and understand their teachings with an open mind. 
  • For those who are not willing to rethink their ideologies and beliefs based on these Mindvalley Podcasts or course teachings, this may not be the right fit for you.

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FAQs: Mindvalley Three Core Concepts

Can I interact directly with the instructors at Mindvalley?

Unfortunately, this cannot be done as Mindvalley courses are pre-recorded podcasts or video courses. So if you want some sort of hands-on contact, then Mindvalley may not be the place for you. But even if they do not interact with you in a direct manner, these courses were well-designed and taught by experts, so you would still gain an extremely fulfilling experience

Are Mindvalley Courses Worth my time?

The answer is quite simple. Do you want to invest time in yourself and your personal development? If so, the answer is, without a doubt, yes, it is worth your time. If you do not have time for your self-development, the answer is no, as you would not like to invest time into yourself.

Why are Mindvalley courses priced so high?

Can we put a price tag on our self-development? Can we define how much these Mindvalley podcasts can help through the test of time? No. But the Mindvalley team had decided upon prices that they thought were fair as for the time and effort that has gone into the Mindvalley courses designed for your personal development and possibly made that quantum leap!

Conclusion: What do I take away with Mindvalley’s Three Core Concept?

The Mindvalley courses are designed by experts in the field. Due to its emphasis on personal mastery, rather than any other field of life. If one can bring about a change in their own life, they can bring minuscule changes to society.

We have always been filling our brains with knowledge and acquiring skills, but this session guides us to explore the internal rivals and tackle them brilliantly.  Our own mind is our greatest friend and worst enemy.

Should we not use this powerful tool for our benefit? 

To master the brain and learn the actual purpose of life is the biggest achievement of life that only a handful of people could achieve, because we are stuck in this never ending loop of aspirations and desire, and thus we never feel fulfilled in our life.

So we wish you the best of luck as hope you can take a quantum leap towards fulfillment. 

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    You never feel lost or alone with what’s going on, and it gives me such a sense of purpose and guidance when it comes down to doing any daily struggles I might have: there’s always someone who knows exactly what you’re feeling. If anyone is looking for some help or affirmation that no matter how hard things are at times there’s always light at the end of the tunnel, then definitely take advantage of this opportunity

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  9. I signed up for the Mindvalley 3 Core Concepts after hearing about it from a close friend. I was skeptical at first, but now that I’ve read through some of the material and watched some of the lectures, thanks to this membership, I feel more informed on topics like personal growth, spirituality, entrepreneurship. This really opened my eyes to new perspectives and helped me change how I view myself as well as various other things in my life. Definitely recommend it!

  10. I was skeptical that this would work at first, but I mean come ON! I’ve learned about marketing insights from Zig Ziglar, eCommerce tips from Chris Guillebeau, and everything in between with just a few minutes of my time. Mindvalley does an awesome job of tailoring the experience to your own interests and learning style – it’s like they can read your mind.

    The site is easy to navigate too – you’re catered a list of subjects tailored to who you are specifically. So enjoy learning with all these awesome teachers without ever having to leave home or spend more than a couple hours on the great value courses!

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  12. I’m a huge fan of Mindvalley! I love how it’s like having my own personal guru in my home, and it’s such a budget-friendly option. The only thing that could make this any better would be if the courses were live – then I’d be all set!

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