Mindvalley Unlimited Abundance Review 2023: Is The Course Worth It?

Mindvalley Unlimited Abundance Review
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Want to know if Mindvalley Unlimited Abundance is any good? I am here to help you out with my in-depth review of Mindvalley Unlimited Abundance. Keep reading to know if it is worth your time and money.

Financial concerns can be debilitating. But what if you could finally feel at ease with money, to the point where it is no longer a source of anxiety, but rather a tool for your happiness?

Do you ever feel like you’re not good enough, or that you’re not good enough for those around you?

If this describes you, you should take Mindvalley Unlimited Abundance. It will assist you in discovering your authentic self and removing the negative energy associated with money.

In this Mindvalley Unlimited Abundance Course review, we will go over the details of Christie Marie’s Unlimited Abundance Course.

Before that, please tell us a little bit about the course’s trainer, Christie Marie.

Bottom Line Upfront:

Mindvalley Ultimate Abundance is for you if you are looking to achieve the ultimate abundance and expand your mind, body and spirit.

Mindvalley Unlimited Abundance Reviw

You will learn the techniques that are used in attracting money, inner peace, great health, freedom from stress and much more by using Mindvalley Unlimited Abundance.

Increase your wealth and prosperity by learning how to use Mindvalley Unlimited Abundance.

To get all benefits of Mindvalley Ultimate Abundance Join Right Now.

You might have questions about Mindvalley Ultimate Abundance, and I will be answering the most popular questions like:

– Does the course Unlimited Abundance by Mindvalley work?

– How much does it cost to join Mindvalley?

– Is Unlimited Abundance included in Mindvalley all access?

– Is Mindvalley Unlimited Abundance All Access worthwhile?

If you have time and want to know more about Mindvalley then check out our detailed Mindvalley Review.

Knowing More About the Trainer: Who is Christie Marie Sheldon?

Christie Marie Sheldon is a well-known energy healer, a fantastic life coach, a well-known author, and one of Mindvalley’s top transformational instructors.

Christie has a unique and auspicious way of reading and working with energy. She has been working in this industry for over 20 years.

Her motivation is to assist many people in eliminating negative energy, raising their senses and positive energy, and assisting them in discovering their true identities.

Mindvalley Unlimited Abundance Creator

Christie has become a fixture on the stage as a result of her numerous speeches and media appearances. She has over 30,000 private consultations under her belt. Many well-known businessmen, political leaders, and celebrities are among her clients.

Christie’s goal is to help people enjoy the happy, stress-free life that everyone desires by empowering them with the positive energy they hold inside.

Wealth is one of the most important concerns and sources of stress in everyone’s life. All of their struggle, hard work, and sacrifices are linked to money.

Luckily, The Unlimited Abundance program is aimed at using Christie’s learnings on how to use your energy and will to handle this concern properly.

Christie Marie Sheldon Experience

In her experience of more than 20 years working in this field, she has successfully managed to do her energy work on her clients no matter what they do and where they belong. She has even worked with Nobel Prize winners in her long list of famous clients.

In the Mindvalley system, she has garnered more than 200K students worldwide.

So now that we know about the trainer let us dive deeper and know more about the course. 

Christie Sheldon Mindvalley

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Mindvalley Unlimited Abundance Review 2023: What is Unlimited Abundance?

You may wonder if you are not earning as much as you should or if your efforts are being wasted. You may believe that you are not living up to your full potential.

Going after any opportunity can make you feel unsure or hesitant.

Talking and thinking about money makes you feel untrustworthy and self-destructive. Even the thought of money can make you feel uneasy.

Unlimited Abundance Course-Overview

“Abundance Blocks” is the condition you are going through if your answer is yes to the previous questions. Christie defines Abundance Blocks as pieces in our subconscious mind that are responsible for sabotaging our natural-born ability to attract and retain wealth.

In our subconscious mind, there are a total of 24 Abundance Blocks. They could be inherited or acquired from your parents, friends, mentors, or even social media.

If left alone, these Abundance Blocks will be present for the rest of your life. These roadblocks can leave you unhappy, sad, and impoverished.

Jeff Maziarek About Christie Sheldon

As you will go through this Unlimited Abundance program, you will experience that you have acquired everything which is required to break these Abundance Blocks. Christie will show you how to obtain these tools and use them to break these Abundance Blocks.

So, how do you permanently eliminate these Abundance Blocks?

Do you intend to remove your Abundance Blocks on your own, without the assistance of others? That would just be a waste of time. You may be the only one who fully understands your mind and decide to remove your Abundance Blocks.

However, your consciousness and existing energy will hold you back and bring you back to where you started. One of your biggest mistakes could be attempting to remove those blocks on your own.

The thing holding you back, the segment of your energy is called your Abundance Frequency.

Flowing with energy

Christie Marie Sheldon is an expert when it comes to curbing your Abundance Frequency. She can crack into other people’s energy fields and access their Abundance Frequency and remove all the blocks holding your imagination and capabilities.

Mindvalley Unlimited Abundance Modules:

Since there are a total of 24 Abundance Blocks holding you down, there are a total of 24 audio sessions each uniquely focusing on a particular block.

Mindvalley Unlimited Abundance Review-Course Intro

The journey begins with an Online Abundance Block Diagnosis Test. This is a self-evaluation process that simulates a one-on-one session with Christie. The questions are straightforward, and you must answer them truthfully.

This will assist Christie in identifying the Abundance Block you are experiencing and determining which blocks to work on first. Every session includes a new PDF manual in which you can take notes on the event.

Abundance Blocks are removed one at a time. Christie will install helpful frequency taps, and by the end of the course, you will be able to access your subconscious mind.

Dr. Doug Lehrer about Christie

Part 1: Clearing Resistance (Intro Session)

The intro section starts with The Resistance Abundance Block. This section affects every individual to varying degrees. The intro will introduce you to your Unlimited Abundance journey. You will experience yourself opening up to a positive change in your life.

Part 2: Clearing The Abundance Blocks Based On Fear (5 Sessions)

Fear is one of the primary causes of the most damaging Abundance Blocks. Overcoming fear can lead to your greatest achievements in life. This session will assist you in overcoming your fear.

This session is divided into several sections. The first is called Clearing Doubt. It removes self-doubt and allows you to make decisions without hesitation. The next step is to overcome your fear of change.

It assists you in embracing, changing, and releasing patterns that no longer serve you. Clearing your fear of rejection includes embracing your fear of rejection and using it as a stepping stone to success.

Money is a demand which can never be fulfilled. Clearing this fear is also included in this section.

Part 3: Clearing The Abundance Blocks That Make You Feel Stuck (4 Sessions)

Some of the Abundance Blocks make you feel trapped in a loop, and you feel unable to leave that loop any way you like. This part will help you clear them all so you can create a path full of prosperity for yourself.

You will discover how you can explain decisions that zap money by learning about the mistakes you make each day unknowingly.

This part will guide you towards clearing the fear regarding success and growth by embracing it and reconnecting with your energy source so you can discover your actual potential.

Lastly, this part will teach you to adopt habits and actions that can create positive momentum in life, so you don’t feel stuck. 

Part 4: Clearing The Abundance That Clouds Your Clarity (5 Sessions)

When there are clouds on your clarity, you face trouble in seeing or even planning for your future. In this particular part, with five sessions, you will be trained to regain a strong vision to understand and prepare for what is ahead.

You will learn to clear your indecisiveness and turn these tendencies into incredible instincts so you can take fast and fearless actions. 

Following that, you will learn how to let go of values that disempower you and realign with your true purpose. This module discusses creating a future vision by using psychic abilities as well as perceiving the future. You will learn how to clear the clutter by cleaning up your energetic mess and disorganization, which clogs abundance.

Lastly, this module emphasizes aligning all aspects of your life with abundance. 

Part 5: Clearing The Abundance Blocks That Weaken Your Sense Of Personal Ownership And Truth (4 Sessions)

Having Abundance Blocks that weaken the sense of personal ownership and truth can lead you to disconnect from the most profound facts, realities, and also your purchase in your life choices.

This part helps you overcome these blocks. This part talks about everything from clearing your family blocks by dissolving any sort of negative energies that are passed forward by members of your family to making sense of blame by taking complete charge of your choices and life.

You also learn to access your best self by trading your old self for the best form of you. Next, you learn to clear your path toward your future by discovering how you can awaken your true self of yours.

Lastly, this part works towards making your shortfall of self-worthiness by releasing your childhood and past experiences which are to date holding you hostage. 

Part 6: Clearing Career And Money Abundance Blocks (4 Sessions)

This section discusses removing Abundance Blocks from your financial and professional life. Here, you are taught to begin by earning your worth and then to perform to your full potential.

You learn to break through profit barriers by releasing the patterns that cause money to bleed at work. This module also assists you in removing your self-sabotaging self by reshaping the karmic debt and guiding your soul to the path of self-love.

This part also talks about how you can clear your financial mess by shifting your finance from disorder and chaos to harmony. Lastly, you also learn to make your economic illusion. 

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Things You Should Keep In Mind About Unlimited Abundance

Before you enroll for this course, we are listing a few important things that you should keep in your mind:

1. Unlike other classes that are offered by MindValley, this course of Unlimited Abundance consists of only audio and has no videos. 

2. It is straightforward to download the course material. You can download all 24 audio files and workbooks with just one click. 

3. You should get a notebook for yourself to write down all that you want to learn from this course. 

4. In this course, you also have to join a Facebook Group as you begin with it. The Facebook Group is pretty active. You also get to ask questions, get clarification, and also learn from other people. This space is pretty lovely, with helpful and judgment-free people. 

5. You can also wait for the next live session for the course to begin, which happens only a couple of times every year. You get a real-time course instead of a pre-recorded one when you opt for a live program. 

What You Will Get To Learn:

1. In this course, you will learn to elevate abundance in every aspect of your life. 

It is all about breaking those abundance blocks which silently sabotage your wealth, health, relationships, and also your career.

This way, you realize your potential and dreams that matter the most to you.

2. Next, you learn how you can save and grow your wealth.

This course will help you discover and explore how you can stop money from slipping out of your hands and also how to multiply and retain all that you earn. Saving and also investing in the right place will come to you naturally.

Unlimited Abuntance Testimonial 1

3. In this course, you will also learn how you can begin to achieve the dreams and goals you were struggling all this while to make. Everything will seem possible after this.

4. The most important thing you will get to learn is strengthening a positive mindset.

You will explore how you can reprogram your energetic blueprint and mind with limitless positivity and possibilities.

You will also get rid of your old programming that all this while keeping you in a state of fear.

5. This course will guide you in improving the quality of your life.

You will gain the freedom, clarity, and also time you want to create a lifestyle that is based on authentic desires and passions.

Settling or even struggling for the second-best will no longer be your thing.

6. You will also learn how you can go free from the clasp of debts.

It is possible to get out of suffocating and mounting debt by rising above the potential and energetic pattern that keeps you stuck.

7. Next, you will also learn about achieving success financially by overcoming the patterns and beliefs that limit you from knowing what your worth is and earning it to your full potential.

You will see new opportunities, raises, and promotions coming your way with greater ease. 

8. The course will also help you to create career success at an incredible level.

You will learn to get into an ideal energetic and mental space, making you a class performer.

You will also discover how you can solve more significant challenges, increase your productivity and attract incredible clients. 

Unlimited Abuntance Testimonial 3

Things Which I Found Best About Unlimited Abundance:

Christie Marie Sheldon Experience

You Get Over Beliefs That Limit You

Limiting beliefs prevent you from doing what you want and need to do. This causes you to be hesitant, unsure and scared in your daily life. It can also keep you from making any positive changes in your life.

This course introduces you to various aspects of life while also assisting you in confronting the beliefs that limit you and hold you back.

You will find something to relate to or an abundance block of inconsistent success, personal growth, values, family, change, finances, or self-worth in every session.

You might not be aware of things that limit you, but these sessions and incredible teaching style of Christie can raise curtains over your awareness. 

You Will Find Improvement In Your Energy

Christie emphasizes energy throughout the course and encourages you to harness your power. Her focus is on teaching you how to get into a flow state where everything comes easily to you. Her tools and techniques will also assist you in clearing all stale energy within yourself.

You, Will, Explore On How You Can Get Out From Your Head And Take An Action 

When you are in the clasp of low-level energy vibrations you fail to see opportunities and possibilities around you. 

Details Of This Course: 

  • Total Hours Of Training: 8.5 Hours

Mindvalley Unlimited Abundance Course Details

Mindvalley Unlimited Abundance Pricing: 

  • Digital Access: $349 or you can also pay three installments of $129 each to total $387.

Unlimited Abundance Pricing

FAQs About Unlimited Abundance Review

What makes Christie so incredible in unlocking and controlling my energy?

She was born with the ability to harness the energy within and control it for experiencing peace and success in life.

Are Abundance Blocks present in me too?

They are generally found in everybody. They are acquired when you face any grief, fear or anything like. There is a high chance that you might also have that.

What if I don’t like Unlimited Abundance course?

As with all the other Mindvalley courses, you will get a money-back guarantee for 30 days which you can claim if you think that the course is not improving anything in you.

Mindvalley Unlimited Abundance Review Conclusion: Is It Any Good? 

This course covers everything from increasing your income and performing better to changing your relationship with money, helping people you care about, and getting out of debt.

This course will also show you how to overcome habits that stand in the way of your abundance, create a healthy life and work balance, and live out your passion. With this course, the abundance of roadblocks that have been impeding your ability to achieve the results you desire will appear to vanish.

Unlimited Abuntance Testimonial 2

This series of 24 energy-cleansing audios along with a handy pdf, will clear your Abundance blocks. The Diagnosis Test will also help you in figuring out the blocks that hold you back, and you can use the energy-cleansing sessions that correspond to the neighborhood. 

What makes the process so amazing is that you can feel and see results almost immediately because it works in your energy field.

When the block is removed, no negative thoughts will approach you. You only need to relax and follow simple instructions, regardless of your background or experience.

This program is designed in such a way that you can experience it at your own pace. So, even if you’re busy, you can take a break and resume where you left off.

There is no specific deadline. It is critical to finish everything on the curriculum. All you need to do to get the most out of the course is to stick with it.

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  2. Mindvalley Abundance is a great program and it really does work. The exercises in the manual are surprisingly light, but also incredibly powerful. I took this course for myself over the last few weeks to see what would happen, since my life has been a little less than perfect lately, and let me tell you – things have improved! All sorts of opportunities come my way now and I’m more confident and happy too!

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  4. With 116 of the world’s leading experts on mindfulness and personal development, and a curated selection of over 100 carefully-selected courses by these experts, Unlimited Abundance is the place to find peace in any specific area you want. Unbiased reviews from real members will give you additional information about what Unlimited Abundance can offer for your money.

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  31. This product is for anyone that wants to achieve everything they’ve never thought possible. When you are ready for success, this product does all the work. I have been using it and have had an extreme increase in productivity since my use of Mindvalley’s Ultimate Abundance Full Kit. I am now more confident, carefree and successful because of this.

  32. If you are looking to propel your abundance with transcendental meditation, mindfulness practices, and spiritual teachings, this is the book for you. Mindvalley Ultimate Abundance will show you how to expand your mind so that all is possible and increase happiness through spiritual knowledge. The book teaches readers at their own pace; including informal lectures on spirituality and consciousness. You can’t go wrong with this ultimate guide!

  33. “I have found the deepest peace and happiness from this course. I have been able to create more of what I am asking for come my way.” “Mindvalley has a long history of providing transformative innovation in personal development.”

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