Mindvalley Yoga App Review 2021: Is This Zenward Quest Worth Try?

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Though people carried out a lot of activities in order to remain fit not everyone included yoga as a part of the exercise. A lot of questions remain unanswered for those who do not include yoga in their daily routine of exercise.

But before we forward this post, if you have any queries regarding Mindvalley then you can check out our detailed Mindvalley Review.

They wonder about the fitness and slimness of the people who perform yoga, they wonder about their flexibility and discipline, and about the peace of mind and of life. 

These are the common questions that arise in the mind of others as fitness cannot be achieved by any single exercise. For long term and better results, you can tie your knots with Yoga practices.

It will definitely boost your spiritual energy, will keep your inner-self peaceful, it will give you strength, boost your confidence, will make you disciplined, etc. 

Bottom Line Upfront: The Mindvalley Yoga App app includes a 21 days yoga quest. It helps you to make you fit no matter if you are too busy. Mindvalley provides you lots of courses related to your mental health and your growth. To get all benefits of the Mindvalley Yoga App Join Right Now.

Mindvalley Yoga App Review 2021 | Is This App Worth The Hype?

Zenward - Mindvalley Yoga App Review 

The Mindvalley Yoga App app includes a 21 days yoga quest. Even if you are busy, or unfit, you can achieve your fitness goals with the use of the Zenward app.

Your body and mind remain balanced when you do yoga, it is not merely an exercise it can be defined as a blend of mental, physical, and spiritual practices that keeps your conscience balanced.

Mindvalley Yoga quest can prove to be a kick start for your mental and physical health.

Mindvalley Yoga Quest Review

How Yoga from Mindvalley Yoga App Benefits You? 

Yoga helps you in maintaining balance over your mental and physical being which cannot be achieved by any other kind of exercise. A good number of people who are satisfied by the results can be witnessed switching over to yoga instead of normal exercises. 

With the help of normal exercises, you can be physically fit but Yoga promises you mental fitness along with physical fitness.

Your good physique may be of no use if your mind is not peaceful or you can not concentrate on what you are doing. Spiritual exercises are preferred by the people along with the normal regular fitness practices. You can improve your mental strength with yoga and can compete with others with stability. 

Mindvalley Yoga Quest Reviews
Mindvalley Yoga Quest User Reviews On Community

Yoga can be described as a combo pack that helps you in becoming mentally, physically, and emotionally fit in comparison to others. It includes the following things, which can help you at every step of your life:

You can retrieve much more information about yourself by doing self-inspection. Your senses can be improved and which will further help you in making better life decisions.

You can maintain your body posture as it improves muscle strength and flexibility. Unlike regular exercises, your age is not the decisive factor in starting Yoga, whenever you need you can start doing yoga.

With the help of yoga, your anger can be controlled and inner peace can be achieved and ultimately, it will help you in maintaining good relations.

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How Yoga Affects the Functioning of Our Body?

Health conditions can be adversely affected by stress, and yoga is considered to be the most comprehensive approach to combat stress. It is said to be the safest and effective stress-reduction method.

Our nervous system controls the whole body, it is the controlling section. It analyses the signals for further reactions. All the functions of the body such as breathing, digestion, and other functions of several organs are regulated by the nervous system. 

Further, we have different sections of nervous systems in our body i.e., central, peripheral, enteric, and autonomous. All these systems are composed of nerves that transmit electrical messages all over the body with systems having different roles to perform; yoga affects each system in a totally different and separate way.

Taking autonomous nervous systems as an example, it is classified into sympathetic and parasympathetic systems. The sympathetic nervous system is responsible for any kind of stress caused on the body, while a parasympathetic nervous system overrides the stress caused and produces a calming effect. 

Due to the modern life schedule, the issues of stresses and pressure which is having the tendency to a much more alarming situation of fight and flight response, in other words, a sympathetic nervous system dominates over the parasympathetic system.

Factors like unhealthy living, struggles in daily life are the determining factors in making a sympathetic system dominative over a parasympathetic system.


In such a situation, yoga catalyzes the functioning of the parasympathetic nervous system and affects the calming equation in the mind. The most effective yoga exercise is controlling breath through asana or pranayama, etc.

Thus, yoga improves and eliminates the disturbance so created by stress and other anxiety-driven tools; it also helps in maintaining balance both physically and mentally and further, leads you to live a peaceful life by bringing you back from trauma. 

What is Zenward?

Zenward yoga app by Mindvalley review

Kenward is a unique yoga platform that is launched by Mindvalley, with the sole purpose of helping people in improving their physical and mental health through various yoga exercises provided in the app. It suits people of all age groups, mindset, fitness level, and body types.

High-quality instructors are hired by Mindvalley Yoga app to help you with the most suitable yoga exercise according to your need. Various yoga techniques are taught and guided by these instructors which help you in transforming your bodies. Ideas and experiences are shared by a renowned group of high-qualified yogis.

You will be guided by these renowned yogis daily and they give you different yoga challenges to be completed daily. They will let you transform your mind and body by pushing you towards your goals.

What are the Features Offered by Zenward?

features of mindvalley yoga app- Zenward

The App possesses incredible features which help people in understanding excellent techniques of yoga, few features are as follows:

1. Help in Increasing Wellness of Body as Well as Soul:

Not only the wellness of your body but the wellness of your soul and mind are also made a point of focus by Zenward app. You can create an outstanding journey of balanced soul and body with the help of the instructors of Zenward.

2. Helps in Creating One’s Journey:

Apart from the balance of soul and mind, you can also create various private adventures in your life with the guidance of experienced yoga instructors.

3. Saves Money and Time:

Zenward provides you a flexible time slot in which you can comply with your ease. It provides the slots ranging from 10 minutes to an hour, which can be worked at any point of time irrespective of the place you are, be it in the office or in the park, home, etc.

This way you can save your time as well as your money, you need not present at a particular place to perform yoga to be guided by the instructors instead, yoga sessions can be carried anywhere in your mobile ad laptops.

4. Never Feel Alone:

This program can be taken and started with anyone you want i.e., your yoga fellows can be your family members, your teammates, colleagues, etc. Zenward guarantees you will not be alone in your journey of yoga at the app. It even provides you the facility of sharing your videos and photos on social media websites.

5. Available at Affordable Prices:

World-class yoga sessions by the renowned yoga instructors are provided by the app at very nominal prices in comparison to others which can easily be affordable by anyone desired to.

6. Get a Perfect Guide: 

The app is designed with the objective to provide expert yoga guidance, experiences, and ideas to its potential users.

The Co-founder of this app has personally supervised its creation and keeps an eye on arranging yoga instructors with excellent records in order to develop your personal growth exponentially.

7. 7-day Yoga Journey:

This app also has incorporated a week-long program in order to help you balance your body and mental strength. You will be more focused and calmer after taking up this program.


What Does Mindvalley Yoga App Offer?

The yoga program of Mindvalley offers various special features after you secure enrolment for the program:

1. Helps to Build a Daily Routine of Doing Yoga in No Time:  

Yoga Beyond the Mat

There is a team of experienced yoga instructors working for Zenward, where you can choose the instructor of your choice.

To refresh the minds of beginners, Co-founder Cecilia has introduced this one-week long yoga challenge. After going through a one-week long yoga journey, people are convinced to add yoga into their daily life routine.

You will feel motivated, energized, and relaxed after doing these yoga exercises. Additionally, the exercises instructed by the Zenward yoga instructors will release your body tension and will improve breathing skills.

2. Several Ways to Learn and a Guide is Provided to Help Throughout the Journey:

You will receive the help of the instructors throughout your yoga journey or challenge. It is left to you to choose whether you opt for the one-week yoga challenge or a month-long yoga journey.

3. Get Full Access to the Zenward Community Growing Day by Day:

You will be provided full access to all the features of Zenward community, once you got enrolment. You can form various discussion forums and study groups after learning various useful insights.

There are a lot of things about various courses that you need to know that will encourage you during your month-long yoga journey. You can establish new relations with the real world, with mind and soul, and most importantly, with yourself.

4. Customizable Yoga Courses:

The yoga programs which you have opted can easily be customized.

Additionally, you can replace your current yoga instructor with another available instructor, in case you got bored or you want to learn new yoga exercises, as each of the instructors is specialized in different yoga styles.

You can select the instructor of your choice from the available list of instructors. 

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What is the Pricing Plans for Using Zenward?

Mindvalley Yoga App Pricing

For subscription, there are two affordable pricing plans offered by Zenward, which are discussed below:

Monthly: In case you go for a monthly subscription, you have to pay $14 the day you are subscribing which can be renewed at the beginning of each month. This monthly plan will offer you a 30% discount at the time of subscription.

Yearly: Yearly plan will cost you $119, which can also be paid monthly in the instalments of $10 per month. Additionally, you will be given a 50% discount at the time of subscription.

Who is the Founder of Mindvalley Yoga Program?

Zenward founder Cecilia Sardeo

Zenward is founded by Cecilia Sardeo, who herself is a yogi and co-founder of both Zenward and Mindvalley.

Alongside co-founder, she also hosts the Zenward app and formed a community of those who love doing yoga. With each day passing by, new members are adding in the Zenward community. She manages the yoga instructors and also holds training sessions for them. 

The art of maintaining mental and bodily fitness has been introduced by Cecilia. In order to make this world a better and fit place through various peaceful and easy exercises, she has opted to go ahead with yoga instead of regular exercises.

At the age of 28, she found herself gaining unwanted body weight and an unbalanced life due to stress. To cope up with this problem, she decided to maintain herself by practicing yoga.

With her experience of practicing yoga quite well, she has been awarded a 500-hour yoga teacher certificate in Bali. Later on, she has introduced a yoga app.

While undergoing yoga practices, she has discovered many powerful yoga techniques that helped her in balancing her life and losing her increased weight. After much experience, she has now herself become a well-certified yoga instructor who is helping others in learning the ancient art of remaining fit.

Mindvalley Yoga App Team members

Why has Mindvalley Created Zenward?

Mindvalley is determined with the aim of the well-being of humanity, it further promotes a happy and healthy life. Mindvalley focuses on instigating the people to realize their incredible potential and with its help, in achieving their life goals.

Mindvalley Yoga Quest User Reviews
Mindvalley Yoga Quest User Reviews

Mindvalley further emphasizes on the education of the general public as a whole, especially those associated with it. In order to enable people to live their life to the fullest, Mindvalley provides knowledge and innovative ideas of every possible level.  

A yoga app called Zenward has been created by Mindvalley to promote health and fitness among humans.

Various techniques and tools have been published at the app which helps the community to grow. It helps them to rejuvenate the mind with positive and peaceful thought and helps in eliminating negative thoughts.

Who is Going to Deliver Yoga Sessions to the People?

Zenward Mindvalley- teachers

To provide useful and effective yoga sessions to its users, Zenward has created a community of experienced yoga instructors of top level. The list of instructors is below:

Tymi Howard: Howard is a holistic health coach and yoga practice’ teacher who is certified by the international community. She guides you with the unique combo of Yin Yoga and Vinyasa, through which you can awaken your freedom, inner strength and further helps in healing both mentally and physically.

Richard Schultz: Schultz is also an experienced and recognized teacher of Vinyasa Yoga. You will be guided by him in the selection of the most suitable yoga practice for you.

Delamav Devi: She is one of the most senior teachers of Vinyasa yoga practice. She will guide you in learning how to medicinally use your body movements and further teach you the use of human cycles for existence.

Erin Motz: Motz, the funniest bad yoga instructor of our community. He also teaches Vinyasa yoga, he is free of judgment and an independent yogi.

Dashama Gordon: Gordon is famously known as ‘Anthony Robins’ of yoga. He is experienced in various yoga practices and will be teaching all these yoga styles. He will provide help in lifting up your consciousness and how to heal yourself through yoga. 

Aaron Kleinerman: Kleinerman is experienced and specialised in Acro-vinyasa whereby yoga is performed from earth to air. How yoga excites the human body, how to make yourself calm, all these bright sides of yoga will be shown to you by Aaron.

Lindsay Sukornyk: Lindsay is an experienced vinyasa and leadership teacher. She possesses special knowledge which will help you in enhancing personal growth by doing yoga.

Bryan Kremer: He is a teacher of hatha yoga style. Bryan will help you in learning the method of freeing your energy through practising meditation. 

How Is It Helping People in Improving Their Daily Life?

A significant role is being played by this unique technology-based yoga app in the lives of those who are seeking fitness. Along with Mindvalley yoga quest, Zenward has been launched with the aim of helping people in maintaining their mind, soul and body balance.

Zenward User Testimonials
Zenward User Testimonials

A large sum of money has been invested by Mindvalley in order to provide the incredible yoga services on this digital platform. This app has promoted the digital learning concept by enhancing the user experience.

This application has been introduced first by Mindvalley academy. In 2012, they came up with a meditation app known as Omyana which eventually became famous in around 35 countries.

Later on, another app called Dormio was launched to help people with sleeping problems. A lot of apps are designed by Mindvalley for the welfare of people.

Mindvalley emphasizes the conceptual education of the people and the innovative ways in which the life of the people can be made easier and healthy.

They are constantly improving their approaches and providing various programs through which one can make himself peaceful and healthier in the direct guidance of experts.

What are the Pros and Cons of the Yoga Quest Program?

Everything which exists has its positive and negative aspects, so does yoga. Let’s discuss a few of them: 


1. Improves Flexibility: The most obvious and first benefit of doing yoga is the improved flexibility. In the beginning, touching your toes may be a hard bit for you, but if you remain stuck on it you will witness that impossible has become possible. 

2. Increases Strength: You look much better with strong muscles. Several conditions such as back pain and arthritis can be avoided and protected with muscle strength. Unlike regular exercises, you achieve flexibility along with the muscle strength b performing yoga. 

3. Improves Posture: Your posture will be improved by practising different yoga poses daily. It will keep your head, neck and spine in balance and protect you from fatigue and muscle strain.

4. Relieving Stress: Doing yoga helps you in overcoming the stress caused by your daily life pressures, it overrides the fight and flight response caused by the sympathetic nervous system. 

5. Helps in Weight Loss: You can improve your metabolism and can develop your muscle tone by practising yoga. Even though restorative yoga is not particularly physical yoga, it helps you in losing weight.

6. Emotional Wellbeing: A regular practice of yoga helps you in increasing spiritual and emotional health. It strengthens you both physically and mentally.

7. Reduces Chronic Pain: Your pain is eased by yoga. Your arthritis issues, back pain and other chronic issues can be resolved by performing yoga and meditation regularly. 


Along with various positive aspects and pros of yoga, yoga also has its cons. 

1. Expensive: Yoga classes can be quite expensive for you. Each yoga class can cost you a good amount of money which may be more than the fees charged by the regular gyms.

2. Risk of Injuries: Anything yields a good result when done in the proper and right manner. Injuries can be sustained by the person performing yoga if he has low muscle strength or any other kind of physical disability or weakness. Quick movements in yoga and poses which require neck extension or stretches can cause brain injuries. 

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FAQs: Mindvalley Yoga App Review

👉 Can Yoga be Practised at Office?

Of course, yes, if your mobile has Zenward, the Mindvalley’s yoga app. Then you can take it wherever you desire to with the help of your mobile.

⚡ Should Our Children Take Yoga Classes?

Yes, yoga is necessary for one and all, and anyone irrespective of age can perform yoga to stay fit both mentally and physically.

🔥 Who is the well-qualified instructor at Zenward?

Zenward has the best and highly-trained yoga teachers. The choice is on you, you may choose the best teacher as per your preference.

Mindvalley Yoga App Review 2021 | Is Zenward Worth The Hype? 

We have conducted a study on a yoga app Zenward, which is introduced by Mindvalley. It is gaining popularity throughout the world with each passing day.

It has paved a way for the people seeking fitness to the spiritual exercise i.e., yoga practices. It has a collection of yoga experts who helps people at every step of their yoga session.

This app provides its user with an opportunity to feel better by connecting with various people around the globe, his teammates, colleagues, and also, various experienced yoga trainers.

In addition to all these features, the most attractive feature is that it is available at affordable prices and further, you can choose the instructor of your choice.

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