Rapid Transformational Therapy Review 2022 : Is It The Best Technique For Life Learnings And Progress?

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  • RTT course will give you confidence.
  • With RTT you will receive a library of recorded sessions.
  • Mentoring in private and group settings are available.
  • RTT Rewiring Sessions helps you in catching the freedom.
  • Practical Advice and Lifetime Access are available.


  • Can be considered as little costly.

RTT teaches you how to communicate with your own mind: how to have a mind that supports you, is your closest friend, your most caring parent, and your most dependable ally. Taking her RTT course will provide you with all of the knowledge you need to make a significant difference in the lives of others and yourself.

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Are you here in search of  Rapid Transformational Therapy Review? If yes then stay tuned with us till end to know everything about it.

According to Maria Peer, if you’re considering a career change, why not do something that will change the lives of others?

You might even learn something about yourself! Hypnotherapy is her recommendation. In particular, her Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT). It’s possible to help others, work from home, choose your own hours, and charge what you like.

Can you tell me how legit this course is? Do you know the price? Continue reading for my review.

Do I Recommend Rapid Transformational Therapy?


What is Rapid Transformational Therapy?

What does RTT actually mean? The Rapid Transformational Therapy technique was invented by Marisa in order to rival NLP. It can be thought of as a form of practical neuroscience.

Marisa explained, “If you use repetitive phrases and a certain voice, and if you get the brainwave to correspond to a specific brainwave, you can bring about rapid changes.” “I treat people as detectives, I find the cause of their problems.”

“There is always a reason for everything. Fears, phobias, and addictions aren’t inborn in babies. Their self-esteem is certainly not lacking.

Their confidence is also not lacking. These are qualities that we can all acquire. Therefore, RTT begins with finding out why. ‘What makes you tick?’ 

Rapid Transformational Therapy -  Rapid Transformational Therapy Review

Where did you get to be like this? We’re now performing extractions, which is a bit like being a dentist.

Our goal is to remove all that stuff and put people back together again. Lastly, a recording and hard-wiring of the changes are given to the client, because it is a form of practical neuroscience.”

RTT changes those neuroplastic pathways so that you go from where you were and what you believed about yourself once, to what you are now.

RTT teaches you how to talk with yourself: how to have a mind that cheers you on, is your best friend, your most caring parent, and your most loyal ally.

Rapid Transformational Therapy is really 33 years of personal experience, learning what works, and what does not, and bringing it to you in a very precise manner so that you can’t fail.

Taking her RTT course will equip you with all the information you need to make a profound impact on the lives of others and yourself.

In addition to three days of live training with Marisa and her team, you will receive a library of recorded sessions, FAQs, and masterclasses, mentoring in private and group settings, and two live seminars with Marisa Peer.

How does Rapid Transformational Therapy Work?

Rapid Transformational therapy also uses “cognitive deconstruction.” Kantor explains cognitive deconstruction as follows:

“The client thinks about an image connected to their trauma, while the therapist guides them to change their thoughts by challenging negative self-beliefs activated by the traumatic image… The goal is to get clients to experience new processing, where they can see themselves acting more effectively in stressful situations.

While this method might be effective in dealing with certain aspects of PTSD symptoms, critics have suggested that traumas such as incest or molestation may require a longer period of time to resolve.

In contrast, proponents say that RTT is equally effective with a range of different traumas.

What Worked For Me?

I was a pretty good student, as I mentioned. My mistake wasn’t mentioning how much I love to learn (especially when it comes to subjects I care about) and how much I enjoyed this Quest.

Below are some things I loved:

Rapid Transformational Coaching

1. The Platform

Whatever your learning style, this program will provide you with many tools for success.

Different people process information differently, so giving them options on how to consume it, and reinforcing the information from various perspectives, makes the experience feel more customized.

Various types of learners are provided with a very well-rounded learning experience with the workbook, audio and video lessons, and the community.

2. Regressions through Rapid Transformational Therapy

My regressions brought to the surface long-forgotten, painful memories. After spending time with myself, I was able to address the pain of those memories, recognize how they contributed to my current viewpoint, and let it go.

I had never anticipated these sessions would provide me with emotional releases. Those younger me sent her support and love when I didn’t know better. It healed me quite a bit.

3. RTT Rewiring Sessions

I have always been interested in hypnotherapy, so I was totally game for training my brain in this way. Having these positive suggestions repeated over and over allowed them to begin to sink in and replace previous negative thoughts.

4. Small Wins

By accomplishing small, manageable tasks every day, I felt motivated and accomplished.

It was satisfying to have short and specific tasks to complete, and then a checkmark to select once they were completed. Despite being a little overwhelming, the lessons offered each day were substantial enough to dive into.

5. Practical Advice

This course provided many good reminders about how to handle life’s challenges, especially when it pertains to how we are perceived by others and how much we allow that information in.

6. Lifetime Access

This is a major plus. I am grateful to have continued access to the RTT sessions, which have become part of my nightly routine.

What Didn’t Work for Me? 

Even if a program works for everyone else, there are always aspects that may not resonate with individuals. My thoughts are as follows:

1. Community (Referred to as “Tribes”)  

In this process, many find profound nourishment and motivation in the support of a community. However, I largely avoided the group setting as these realizations were deeply personal to me, and I felt uncomfortable discussing them with strangers

2. Mindset Isn’t Everything

Is all it takes to live the life of our dreams a shift in our beliefs? It is important, but I think we must also consider other factors.

Self-development programs as a whole should address systemic inequity in marginalized communities and how brain research can contribute to this.

The limited personal resources available for mindset training will have to be directed towards survival if the physiological basic needs in Maslow’s hierarchy of needs aren’t met.

Is Marisa Peer legit?

The benefits of taking this course are numerous, and I’m glad I took it. Whether you decide to dive in or not, you should be willing to commit to the following in order to get the best results:

1. Time 

I am glad that I invested time in this course. Daily RTT sessions should be followed and you must dedicate 20-40 minutes to the course work.

It’s been a busy 35 days for me, which has led to a couple of missed lessons, and catching up has been difficult.

Because I was too focused on staying on track with the class, I didn’t get as much out of those two sessions.

If this occurs, I would recommend catching up one day at a time. It’s OK if you fall behind. In addition to absorbing the information and answering the daily questions, it is important that you get the most out of each lesson.

2. Money 

 To get lifetime digital access, you’ll need to pay $349, but that’s much less than it would cost to meet with Marisa Peer one-on-one.

Be sure that you will fully commit to your self-development by understanding why you are doing it and holding yourself accountable.

Since we see things we intentionally invest in as having more value than a free course, we often exert more effort into them. If you’re not prepared for some possible major shifts, don’t take this Quest.

If you don’t know what direction you’d like to take, Mindvalley offers many free courses and master classes. Experience a Rapid Transformational Therapy Session for yourself by taking a free master class with Marisa Peer.

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Conclusion: Rapid Transformational Therapy Review 2022

A final segment of the course consisted of an exit survey that measured several aspects of where I was at the beginning of the 35 days versus where I was at the end.

My confidence, increased self-love, and greater productivity are all improvements from this period, and I definitely see that as a win.

By uncovering my limiting beliefs, healing memories I had long forgotten (but whose impact lingered with me), and becoming aware of the blocks that show up every day, I gained some very useful and surprising insights.

In real time, I am able to recognize limiting behavior and choose to think about a better, more empowering idea instead.

Despite the fact that my life has been transformed by this work more gradually than quickly, I still see it as transformative.

At the very least, I suspect that the time and effort spent on this course have accelerated the process and set the groundwork for long-term change.

While none of my self-development work has yielded instant results, I have experienced many significant shifts in my life that have made a positive difference.

Since I feel I’ve only touched the surface of what this work has to offer, I plan to revisit it repeatedly, integrating and implementing it as I go in order to release all of its potential.

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