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Are you looking for a new way to learn?

Thinkful is an online educational platform that allows you to take courses from some of the world’s best teachers. You can choose from over 100,000+ programs and courses on topics like design, marketing, music production, photography, web development and more. Plus with our intuitive search engine and easy-to-use interface, it’s never been easier to find what you need.

You can learn at your own pace and on your own time without having to worry about commuting or dealing with long commutes. Learn as much as you like when it suits you best – whether that’s during the day or late into the night after work!

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What is Thinkful? 


Like many other MOOC providers, Thinkful offers online courses. Massive Open Online Courses are commonly known as MOOCs. Thinkful provides students with an online platform that allows them to learn their desired skills. Does it differ from other sites?

As a first step, most MOOC providers you’ll see online offer dozens (if not hundreds) of courses, all of which are based on different topics. However, Thinkful has fewer programs.

Furthermore, the site does not offer the option of receiving a “degree” (something that is very common among e-learning sites) – rather, Thinkful’s business model revolves around the students receiving a job immediately after finishing a course.

Thinkful Review: Ease of Use

People often have a problem with online course providers because their interfaces are rather confusing and difficult to understand. Easy-to-use features and an appealing visual side are both essential for an online education platform.

This aspect is undoubtedly less important than other aspects, but a lack of good design leads to thoughts such as “is Thinkful worth my money?”. As a result, we’re going to start with a Thinkful review of ease of use.

Let’s start by looking at the home page. When visitors search for Thinkful online, the home page is the first thing they see, making it essential both from a marketing and informational standpoint.

grads get hired

You are immediately welcomed by an “interactive slogan,” with constant updates of success stories. If you scroll down, you will see information about the company, a list of all the programs the site provides (it’s a short list), a section called “Outcomes” and partner details.

The layout of the page is quite simple. It was actually pretty good – there was no sense of being overwhelmed with information or various pop-ups (none were there), everything was laid out clearly and comfortably.

Many Thinkful reviews do not mention the site’s easy to use UI. It is true that the company chose to go with the simplest structure available, but that doesn’t mean that it is wrong!

The basic, simple design and layout is more appealing to most people than a fancy, difficult-to-use platform.

When you visit the course page (or ‘program’ page in Thinkful’s case), you can pick a topic from a dropdown menu or choose one from the list of the courses I mentioned above. Even so, you’re in for a surprise if you’re used to viewing lists with hundreds of courses.

Thirteen different programs are available on the site – yes, THIRTEEN.


Thinkful really does have unique course landing pages, though – they truly stand out from the crowd. Makes sense, right? The landing pages of each company’s thirteen programs can be quite unique and interesting if the company hosts only thirteen programs.

The program I reviewed for this review was “Full Stack Flexible.”. When I opened the review’s homepage, I was greeted with a similar layout, apart from the fact that it was solely dedicated to the review’s subject. The information about the program was presented very clearly and concisely.

The course syllabus, however, can only be accessed by giving the platform your email (which shouldn’t surprise anyone). You won’t be tricked. Once you enter your email address, you’ll have access to the entire syllabus. You can check out individual lessons to see exactly what you’ll be learning.

There are numerous benefits to choosing the specific program that are highlighted further on the page. Thinkful left an overall good impression on me in terms of design and usability. The platform is fun to use and visually pleasing. I am impressed!

Thinkful Content Quality

A learning platform’s content quality is probably the most important aspect of its reputation and success, even though it is likely obvious.

Many online education websites display a “quantity card” – offering many courses, but in most cases, their quality is very poor. Check out the Thinkful reviews for more information about the platform.

As for the quality of the content provided by Thinkful, online reviews are somewhat mixed. In general, students say the site is great – the mentors are fantastic, the curriculum is great, the pace is perfect, and so on.


However, it was interesting to me that the negative reviews disputed these same claims.

According to one review, the mentor of an e-learning program was a joke – he just directed the student to google information, without providing any additional information.

Moreover, a Thinkful review emphasizes that the lessons themselves are tragic – apparently, they are simply made up of random articles and excerpts. I was actually shocked at the number of negative reviews compared to positive ones.

The customer support was, however, a point that both happy and dissatisfied students complained about, regardless of their satisfaction with the content quality. The majority of Thinkful reviews were very negative in this regard.

It’s almost impossible for students to get a problem resolved because the administration of the site is unhelpful. Take this into consideration going forward.

So that you know, these problems are not related to other, well-known learning platforms, such as edX, Coursera and Udacity

Features of Thinkful 

In terms of its business model, Thinkful is quite original among e-learning platforms. In contrast to most MOOC sites, Thinkful has only thirteen programs available, as opposed to most MOOC sites that host as many as they can.

Students who complete such programs are guaranteed a job or they will receive a refund. The company states that it will only refund students who have “worked hard” on their assignments (whatever it means).

how we work

Many Thinkful reviews mention the “one-on-one” mentorship as a most advertised and acclaimed feature. A personal mentor will help you throughout the course of the program once you enroll.

My first experience with such a website was through this one. The company has over 500 mentors who assist students in their lessons, as mentioned earlier.

In general, Thinkful’s idea is truly original. It is possible to learn a lot at Thinkful if one of the thirty courses they offer (that include programming, engineering, data science and so on) appeals to you.

Pricing of Thinkful 

It is also very important for an online learning platform to maintain a growing and stable business when it comes to pricing. There are a variety of payment options for different platforms, but the majority of them sell individual courses. Thinkful is a platform that sells individual courses.

Each program can be purchased at your convenience on the website. While offering these programs, the company makes it clear how serious they believe they are – the prices start from $9500 USD and can go as high as $16,000 USD! That’s an impressive sum of money!

There are different pricing plans available on the site (another thing that isn’t that common). Some courses are also eligible for scholarships. The amounts are still quite high, however.

Strangely, I haven’t really come across too many reviews complaining about the pricing for Thinkful. Most students complain about the support or course materials, but very few comment on whether Thinkful is worth it from a pricing perspective.

Learning Experience at Thinkful 

Student Outcomes

To wrap things up, let’s speak about what a person might experience if he or she chooses to learn at Thinkful.

In terms of analyzing this point, it is surely the most subjective (how can you assess learning experience? You could measure it on the platform’s side of things, but different people may still experience it differently). Despite that, we should still look into it.

Reviewers seem to be in disagreement about how to describe a learning experience on Thinkful Bootcamp, as most of the reviews are conflicting.

The majority of students leave on Thinkful positive reviews that claim that it is an excellent learning platform and that it can lead to a stable job, but there are still a few issues that cloud the overall experience.

Thinkful offers a good opportunity for in-depth study of specific subjects based on the majority of its reviews online.

If you ever need to contact customer support, you should be aware that not all mentors are as motivated or proficient as they should be.


Pros & Cons of Thinkful 


  • Easily navigable and easy to use
  • A one-on-one learning model
  • Positions that are guaranteed


  • Support that is unhelpful
  • Pricing is high
  • Mentors are sometimes incompetent

Quick Links 

FAQs : Thinkful Review 

🤷‍♀️Is Thinkful good for beginners?

A great coding course for beginners is offered by Thinkful. With Thinkful, you can still learn to code despite unpredictable schedules. Several flexible coding programs are available for beginners, such as full-stack, data science, data analytics, and product design.

😯 Does Thinkful have a job guarantee?

Coding boot camps with a job guarantee are offered by Thinkful in Los Angeles. Thinkful offers flexible, immersive, evening and weekend schedules. Job placement statistics are excellent, and the program is rated #1 on Course Report.

😳Is Thinkful accredited?

Thinkful, Inc.'s accreditation is not recognized by the U.S. Department of Education. Thinkful, Inc. does not offer unaccredited degree programs and has not been granted a provisional approval.

🤔Does Thinkful really work?

In many ways,Thinkful is worth it. The courses are flexible for students' schedules and offer student-centric learning at an affordable price. You can always get help from the company if you need it, and they are transparent about their job placement statistics. Thinkful places emphasis on honesty and communication, which is unusual for tech schools.

Conclusions : Thinkful Review 2022

Our Thinkful Bootcamp review has come to an end. Would you recommend it? I’m not sure. It depends on many factors, such as your financial situation, how you manage your expectations, how much free time you have to learn the subject, etc.

From an overall perspective, it seems like the platform has a good reputation. Nonetheless, you would probably do well to keep certain aspects in mind, namely the quality of the administrative support for the website and the competency of some of the mentors (you never know who might be chosen as your mentor).

I recommend checking out Udemy, edX, and Udacity if you want to explore other online learning platforms. Every platform offers something different. 

As such, I hope this Thinkful review clarified what Thinkful is and what the company does.

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